Thursday, December 31, 2009

~Life is full of POSSIBILITY! Happy New Year's Eve~

Wow what a journey 2009 has been and one of
those pivotal moments for me has been finding
the Scrapbooking From The Inside Out Forum/kit club
This is the FIRST kit club I have ever found that thinks just like I do.
All the kits are based on a specific emotion.
This month's kit emotion is "POSSIBILITY"
Everyone is VERY nice and they believe it is ok to scrap ANYTHING
just like I do. I love the compassionate attitude that sort of thinking
holds, and is dear to my heart. That scrapping is about what you want to
create/do, and not about rules and regulations! :)

Today I am going to share 2 of the layouts I made with the kit
I made 5, I will post the rest tomorrow
It's hard to explain to someone who has never been abused
just how precious the gift of security can be.
Knowing that I will never ever be hit again by someone who says the love me.
But you my dear, have given me back the feeling that anything is possible.
If I found someone who loves me unconditionally ]
and sees me with eyes I do not understand, then YES!! Anything is possible.
I Love You.
Time To See Journaling
It IS Possible:
To have friends who do not use and abuse you and to expect that.
To be kind to yourself and still be a good person
To stay faithful and surround yourself w/ others who are as well
To stand strong and be gentle at the same time
To respect yourself even after being abused and battered for a lifetime
I am beginning to see that I am repeating the same pattern
of abuse in my friends that I used to have with men in my life.
I have decided if I can break the cycle with men, I can break the cycle
with my friends as well, so for 2010 my goal is to find good
sweet honest friends who care for life and respect others like I do.
Isn't this kit beautiful?
If you have not checked out SFTIO please do.
I stop in there to chat at least once a day.
The girls there are KIND, compassionate and very understanding.
Kindred spirits.

OK I am off to take my sweet boys shopping and
get ready for this amazing New Year full of POSSIBILITY!
~Have a great New Year's Eve~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Wednesday, December 30, 2009

~Scooter's Vacation?! How fun!~

It's a late night post for me, I am gearing up
for tomorrow and the REVEAL for Scrapbooking From The Inside Out!
I have some cool pages to share from that kit...
in the mean time, I have had SO MUCH FUN
playing with the new Imaginisce kit...

Now I will be the first to admit I had to reroute my thinking
when it comes to the more themed paper, but
I am so happy I have! I love the fun cute pages I have been creating.
I always have fun pictures I love but they have no particular
emotional heavy meaning, just fun family travel pictures
So this was a great way to scrap the fun stuff!

Everything here except for the Thickers/Jenni Bowlin Title
is the Scooter's Vacation line form Imaginisce! LOVE IT!
I took this picture last fall in TN on the back roads
in Nashville. I love the fall here and taking those back roads
always leave me nostalgic for country drives hubby used to take
me on while I was 9 months pregnant. :)

More news...
I have decided to begin a new challenge blog...
there will be more news to come on this one! :)
I hope you stay tuned!

~Have a great last day of 2009~
~I appreciate every last one of you~

Tuesday, December 29, 2009

~The New year is coming, time for my FAVE 5!~

I got this idea from a friend, to blog
my favorite Layouts from 2009 and I thought...
"what a great idea!! I am going to do it!"
I would love to see your favorite 5 of 2009 as well!
If you post them on your blog please let me know,
I want to see what you created too!

This one will forever be a fave for me.
A complete labor of love, this sweet baby passed on this year.
I made it for her mother after we raised some money to help
with costs and anything else.
Honestly I cried and cried the entire time, totally worth it!
I picked this LO because it was so painful to make
but so therapeutic as well.
Complete raw honesty, I was really proud of myself that
I just sucked it up and did it without worrying what people
would think of how I was a freeing moment for sure.
I picked this one because I really feel like I
caught the emotion in it, we had taken Gage on his first train ride
it was such a passionate moment for him and
I adored this picture...I was just gushing while I scrapped it.
And this one...OMG LOL such a funny story in Texas
with a bunch of scrap was hilarious and just one
of those moments you want to remember forever.
I had to include this one because it just reminds me of a GREAT year!
And how scrapbooking has changed my life for the better
how crafting has fostered lifelong beautiful kind friends.

And last but far from least, my favorite photo of the year!
My beautiful father and son shot.
The layout is not overly done, but it was one of my first published
works and I almost cry when I look at it.
They are only young once....
Honestly I think I could have done TEN, I have so many favorites
not because they are the best pages ever but because of the amazing
memories they bring to light.
That is what scrapping and crafting is all about.
Not having the biggest and best, not spending the most or
being published the most, but looking back with tears of joy, pain, anger,
or comfort and remember that journey....the entire road behind you.
I cannot wait for a fresh 2010!

New adventures, new travels...
This year I plan on going to Kentucky to teach at a convention
I plan on going to Chicago!! yes that's right I am
planning the big one CHA!
And hopefully a trip to Chattanooga, and maybe even Florida...
Should be a great year!

Thanks for sharing in my journey this year!
~Have a beautiful last Tuesday of 2009~

Monday, December 28, 2009

~NEW Deadline for PC Contest and NEW RAK!~

Good afternoon all you amazing crafters!
Hubby stopped me in the middle of crafting lastnight
and reminded me I needed to make a
birthday card for his dad...
let me tell you, I got STUCK, downright STUCK!
I pulled it out at the last minute but man I am so not happy with it LOLOk down to BUSINESS! :)
I have some FUN Great news!
The Purple Cows Contest has been extended!
You now have until January 17th to get your submissions in!

Also the DT Contest has been extended!

I would REALLY appreciate help to win....
The DT only contest is to get the MOST referrals
by January 17th for Facebook HERE
and or Blogspot HERE
I know I have asked before but PLEASE stop by and become a fan
or follower, and let them know PINKY SENT YOU!

You can let them knwo anywhere on the Facebook Page OR the blogspot posts.
It can help me to win 2000.00 and honestly who can't use 2000.00?!

And I have some incentive...
IF I can get 25 MORE Followers. I will offer up another HUGE RAK
But in the mean time...if you know ANYONE
who has not signed up PLEASE
post to your message boards and facebooks for me
This is the RAKOR This one!Both are jam packed with goodies! Well worth
just a few minutes to let your friends know! :)

I just received some sweet Thank you notes from the last RAK winners
I really want to pull this out and WIN if possible
Thanks for all your help...

Anyone who gets at least 5 people to follow and say PINKY sent ya,
I will send you a special RAK as well as enter you for the BIG RAKS!

~Have a great day!~
~Thanks for always stopping by~

Sunday, December 27, 2009

~Christmas is over, time to get crafty!~

Good evening all my crafty friends...
I spent yesterday recovering from a 6am wake up call
on Christmas was DARK and the boys
were raring to go!

I really have nothing crafty to share today.
Yes, it's true I did SCRAP all day!
I finished a special project for Purple Cows,
I made my FIL a birthday card,
I finished 4 pages...
and a full tutorial,
but you will just have to wait until I can reveal! :)

Meanwhile...I wanted to share a little bit of personal schtuff!
(Sorry was a no makeup night for me LOL)
If you know me at all you know my most favorite thing
in the world is HELLO KITTY!
Hubby is sweet enough to indulge my little girly whims
by making sure I receive many Hello Kitty goodies each year.
Besides they are cheaper then the big girl toys I usually want LOL
Also my Pink DS is great for those 30 minute school waits every day!
So this was a fun Christmas Eve gift...

And normally I don't expect or ask for expensive gifts,
I was so hapy to get utensils and what not for Christmas morning
but then hubby brought in a BIG was UGGS!
OMG I have wanted these for years now, I am so pleased!
Nice warm feet for years to come, what could be better!
And isn't this fat jolly fella fun?
I found Cracker Barrel for 50% off!
He was my one little Christmas decor splurge this year!
I think he is so fun and the boys will enjoy him for many years!

Ok that's a wrap up for our quaint, sweet and very peaceful Christmas.
We had a wonderful time with the boys, honestly I could
not ask for a more beautiful Christmas!
I had a few dear close "root" friends call.
That brought tears to my eyes...
I hope you all have a beautiful holiday as well....

~Love and joy to you all~
~Best Wishes, let's bring on the New Year!~

Thursday, December 24, 2009

~Merry Christmas to all and to all a good crafty night!~

I am posting my Christmas Day post a little bit early...
so I can spend the day with my sweet family.

Merry Christmas to my crafty friends!
I have a special link for you today, a link to a GIVEAWAY!
You do NOT want to miss this one! It is a FULL
SFIO KIT! And I have this kit, it's my first one...
it ROCKS!Here are a couple snippets of what I have in store from the kit
in January! I do hope you join SFTIO and if not please look into the kits.
They are jam packed full and really make you think.
It will inspire you and make you want to use your creativity.

Ok and the other project I have is an Imaginisce Layout!
My last Christmas LO of the year...I think? LOLI love LOVE the Polar Expressions Line! It is so fun to play with,
if you think Imaginisce is ONLY themed paper, think again!
Their paper is double sided so any scrapper can make it work,
I am amazed at how much I love them.
Oh and is someone waiting for the STAMP RAK WINNER??
It was #2 so the winner is...
Blogger Dayna said...

Thank you for all the inspiration you give me every week with your wonderful creations!! Merry Christmas!

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Thanks everyone for your great comments and continued support!

I love crafting so much and I love the people it brings into my life!
I hope to see some of you in May in KENTUCKY!!
~Merry Christmas~
~Hope your day is as beautiful as your hearts~

Wednesday, December 23, 2009

~Merry Christmas Eve to everyone, lights are shining bright!~

Merry Christmas Eve my friends,
I thought I would share not only a Christmas Project with you
but also this is our first owned home in Tennessee.That was a huge step for us this year and we love our cozy little country home.
It is such a nice feeling to go home knowing it's yours.
We worked so hard for it and it's nice to know we did something
good with all that time and hard work and saving we did, it did not all go to waste.
This year has been such a blessing.
Though we just moved in, I had
my boys and hubby outside hanging lights!
They are so good to me! I am so blessed to have
a husband and family who love and respect me.

OK on to Crafty goodness!
I made this project yesterday,
I have had it in the works for 2 weeks but never finished it!
This is handmade Garland, that is a card hanger for your wall at Christmas,
you could use it on the tree with cards OR on the wall with cards!
I love how versatile Imaginisce Polar Expressions line is!
~Merry Christmas to you~
~I would love to see if you make some garland!~
~Have a beautiful day~

~Day before Christmas Eve let the holiday craziness begins~

Good morning all you awesome crafters!
You know how I scrap by now, I scrap life
the bad, the good and the ugly.
I even touch on abuse and my past many times.
This week I learned a great lesson or two.#1 If you don't give a person anything to speak ill of you about,
they will start lying in the attempt to bring you down.
To make themselves look or feel better, even my
momma told me when I was a baby, that lying about people to
bring yourself up only makes you fall harder.
#2 I have to learn to not let those lies get to me and
realize it is just their insecurity and unhappiness pushing them forward.
Stay at peace with my great family and friends and let them bad ones go.
#3 I need to be more aware of how abusive friends are
I broke the cycle of abusive men in my life but for some reason
I still struggle with the fact that I allow "friends" to abuse me.I know some of you have been there and I am really blessed because I am
not alone, I have not only a great supportive family
and husband but awesome friends from here in TN to New Zealand who look out for me!Of all the places to be inspired I was inspired on YOUTUBE
Rita sent this video to me (pointed it out anyways)
and it totally inspired me to scrap this LO!
The journaling on the picture, it is a quote from Madea's play:
I put everybody that come in my life in the category of a tree. Some people are like leaves on a tree. The wind blows, they over there. They unstable. Blows the other way, they over here. Seasons change, they wither and die, they gone. That's alright. Most people in the world are like that. They just there to take from the tree. They there to take and give shade every now and then. That's all they can do. But don't get mad at em, that's who they are. Some people are like a branch on that tree. You gotta be careful with them branches too cause they'll fool you. They'll get there and make you think they a good friend and real strong, but the minute you step out there on em, they'll break and leave you high and dry. But if you find you two or three people in your life that's like the roots at the bottom of the tree, you are blessed. They're the kind of people that ain't goin nowhere. They ain't worried about bein seen, don't nobody have to know that they know you, they ain't got to know what they doin for you. But if them roots wasn't there that tree couldn't live. You understand? When you get you some roots hold on to em. But the rest of it you let it go. Just let folks go.

~Ain't nobody said it was gonna be easy but it'll get easy when you learn how to love yourself. If you tell somebody that "what you doin is hurtin me and I need you to stop" and then they keep doin it, they don't care, move on, let em go. No matter how much it hurts, let em go. And it'll get easier I promise you. Every day it'll get easier and easier and easier. You just gotta make it through.

If you have had any of those so called "friends" and we all have!
I encourage you to watch this video
It might give you some peace.
And thank you again Rita for passing this along....
(She is one of the DT on Scrapbooking From The Inside Out)

Happy Holidays! :)
My son has an ear infection so I am off to the Dr. all day
I hope they get me through quick!
On Christmas Day I will be choosing a random winner of the STAMP RAK
so be sure to check back!

~Thanks for stopping by~
~Your support as always is appreciated~
~Have a great Wednesday!~

Tuesday, December 22, 2009

~Merry Christmas from me to you and a fun RAK too~

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas
to all of my blog readers,
I began this blog because I wanted to share what I do and
make sure if anyone wanted to copy/lift/and snag ideas from
what I create, it would be available!
I know how it felt to be a new scrapper and no one wanted
to share ideas with me (now I know I was hanging with the wrong scrappers)
Thanks to you all, my blog had flourished
and I am more motivated then ever to create and share!

This is a Brand new set of clear stamps 4"X8"
just a small RAK for Christmas...
I just finished mailing off the rest of the RAK's won last week.
I am ready to head to the PO again!

Thanks for sticking by me all year long!
I just love seeing all your creations and appreciate your support
on this crazy crafty journey of mine!
Honestly you all have helped me become a DT member and
helped me stay focused!

~Merry Christmas to you all~
~Happy Tuesday~
~Have a beautiful day~

Monday, December 21, 2009

~Holidays are for sharing and caring~

I am so blessed to have great friends in my life
and beautiful people that surround me all year round.
Just one of those amazing people did something
special today, she sent me one of her amazing handmade cards.

Some days really make you appreciate true and kind friends.
Eva, I am going to share your card here (she has no idea)
and brag on you a little bit girl!

When you find a good friendship that is not unkind and
people genuinely care and are loving, you have to make the most of it!
Eva is one of those kindred spirits who I totally
admire and appreciate!
You have to check out her amazing work please!
It will be worth a look!
When she says heartfelt, she means it.
She is so loving and kind, I cannot even begin
to express the GENUINE nature she has, you will love her.

~Merry Christmas~
~Have a great Monday~

Saturday, December 19, 2009

~The holidays are made for a-baking! Magnet Recipe Card Holders~

Afternoon all your beautiful crafty people!
Thanksgiving through Christmas, it tis the season for recipe sharing!
Here is another cute gift idea...
Magnetic Recipe Card Holders
with Recipe Cards OR your own secret recipes to share!
Of course I used COSMO CRICKET for these
I am always inspired by Cosmo Cricket and they go hand in hand
with Purple Cows.
I also used the LAMINATOR! from Purple Cows
These make great personalized hand made gifts, that are not terribly
expensive and are cute all year round.
I made these to stick right on the fridge and keep those quick and special recipes handy.

If you would like step by step instructions,
please stop by the Purple Cows Blog and print off your
that way you can put it on your scrap or crafty desk and make
them on your own for your friends!
I had so much fun making them I hope you enjoy them
or find inspiration to make your own!

~Off to finish preparing for Christmas~
~Thank you for popping by~
~Happy Holiday to you!~

Friday, December 18, 2009

~Going Green For Christmas~

We all want to recycle, upcycle, and re-use...
When Purple Cows asked me to come up with quick
holidays ideas, I went back to when I first begin scrapbooking
I love covering old CD's, remember when all the internet
companies sent out millions? They don't as much anymore but
I still have tons of old CD's to recycle.
They make GREAT gift card holders to hang on the tree.If you want the step by step on these, check out
the Project Sheets on the Purple Cows blog!
You can easily make these for yourself!
I am using mine for the teachers this year,
sticking gift cards in for photo developing or anything
else the class might need.
~Thank you for stopping by today!~
~Happy HOLIDAYS to you and yours~
I wish I could bake you all goodies and mail them out
Today I begin the platters I make for all the neighbors,
fudge, sugar cookies, snicker doodles, chocolate chip cookies,
rice crispy treats, and possibly home made bread too!
Oh and the ever present Banana bread as well...
I love Christmas and the baking!

~Have a great Friday~
~Love to all~

Thursday, December 17, 2009

~Purple Cows Great Holiday Ideas Blog Hop Right HERE!!!!!~

You don't want to miss the Purple Cows Blog Hop!
It begins at 10:00AM CST!

My idea is to make that loved one (the little ones) a ROOM SIGN!
I made this for a very adorable 9 year old who LOVES animals,
I thought she could hang it in her bedroom!
It is not only cute & personal, but easy and inexpensive to make,
and let's face it, we all need those kind of gifts this year.The Purple Cows Blog has MANY Project sheets, any project
we make as the DT, we chronicle step by step so you can make them too!
So be sure to check out the Purple Cows Blog as well!
Here or Here
Oh and I used the Purple Cows 6040 FREESTYLE mouse
to make this sign!

~Thanks for stopping by here on the blog hop~
And the next blog is....

~Have a beautiful day~

Wednesday, December 16, 2009

~Creating for those you love & the RAK winner~

Good afternoon!
I am a day late but I finally got my Treasured Scrapbooking DT work
for the 15th done! :) I had kit #1 this month.
This is the plaque I made for a friend.
I want her to be able to look at it and remember that she is strong.
This was not the usual Christmas kit but I found some fun uses for it!
I love loved the pearls!
Oh and remember tomorrow is the PURPLE COWS BLOG HOP! so stay tuned!

*Drum roll for the RAK winner*

And the ALPHA RAK winner is....
Blogger scrapbookmom79 said...

shamelessly possed or not...the layout rocks!!!

Monday, December 14, 2009

Be sure to check in tomorrow!
~Thanks for stopping by~

Tuesday, December 15, 2009

~Tuesday is here and so am I!~

I have felt the need to scrap this week!
This is my Scrap Fit Reveal
Check it out and they have a really great SPONSOR this time,
so YOU could be the winner!! It's fun to play along.

The newest challenge is up and running!

For this scrappy workout, you have to create a word
that is Holiday related to your LO
Mine is BELLS
B-Border Punch (Fiskars Apron Lace)
E- Embelishments
L-Large Photo
S-StampsI love love love this Graphic 45 paper!
Oh and SCRAP FIT is having their DT Call!
You know my friend Kelly is the one who runs this, and I REQUESTED
to be on the team, she was so sweet to oblige.
I really wanted to be on a challenge blog where I could
create what I wanted with what I wanted, so this was perfect.
The challenges are not too difficult, but creatively done.
No matter what your level, she is open to all crafters!
I hope you try out!

Can you believe it it is that time already? It is! We are looking for the February-July 2010 DT!!

The search is from December 16--January 5th, 2010. The announcement will be made on January 10th and your first Workout will be due January 28th.

As a DT member you are required to...
1. Do the 2 Workout's each month
2. Be a member and participate in the ScrapFIT Forum daily
3. Do sneak peaks on your blog about the workouts
4. Post the workouts on your blog the 1st and 15th
5. Have your work emailed to me by the 12th and 28th
6. Spread the word about the ScrapFIT at the places you visit online.
7. Participate in a DT Member Blog Hop.
8. Participate in QOTD, SQOTD, crops and other events at the forum.

What we need from your is your 3 most favorite LO's, 1 Card and 1 altered item. Please tell us about yourself and any other places you design for. Give a link to your blog(s). Email to

As of right now this is a nonpaying gig, but we do send out random prizes to our DT members.

OK off to get these beautiful boys off to school
and I have to head to court for a friend today.

~Have a great day~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Monday, December 14, 2009

~Creative for Christmas this Monday & RAK day~

Good morning!
I had the scrappy bug lastnight, you know I love scrapbooking
during the Christmas season.
Not the pictures of Christmas, but all the vintage unique and beautiful papers!
All the colors and glitter available, just makes me want to SCRAP!
This is the picture I shamelessly posed during out Christmas Tree hunt.
And some of the Graphic 45 Christmas paper.
I am also loving the new Prima Bling! WOOHOO! Love it!

You know...I have not done a RAK in a while have I?
It might be that time again....
How about an Alphabet RAK,
everyone needs more alphas whether you scrapbook or
make cards, or just craft!Some Kaiser Craft Alphas, some October Afternoon Alphas and
some Colorbok Alphas! A great mix!
You know the drill, make sure to be a follower,
make sure to leave a comment...and I will randomly choose a winner on Wednesday!

~Thanks for coming by to say hey~
~Have a great Monday wherever you may be~

Saturday, December 12, 2009

~Happy Saturday~

Good morning to all you amazing crafters!

I received my Tim Holtz Prize yesterday! Some of you asked me to share~
It was NOT this stamp set. But one similar to it, it had the little tree branch
and a Santa, and Postcard and script on it!
I only have one Tim Holtz Stamp so I am happy.
I love his stuff but it is so expensive for my little budget!
I know I won't be buying all of his items anytime soon,
so these will be fun to play with!
So much going on this week, including decorating for Christmas and the kids!
I thought today I would share a couple pictures from the new
house and my Snowman Christmas decor.
I added a train around the tree after we were done.
It's a small quaint house but it works for us, we are just a
simple happy house! :)Until we can afford new couches I covered ours!
Our poor tree that has been knocked down by that little dog LOL
and the kids running all over.
Hubby wants to kill me, making him get to those 12 foot ceilings
took us like 2 hours to complete it all.
The dining room is in silver and blue
And there you have it, a personal tour LOL
As you can tell I wrap all our pictures at Christmas.
It's cheezy but fun and very festive.

OK, I am off to decorate the outside of the house with lights!
No crafty shares today...:)
OHHH and while I am thinking about it...
why haven't you entered the Purple Cows Contest yet??
What are you waiting for!!

Check it out here!
I would love for one of my blog friend to WIN!

~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a great day!!~