Saturday, July 31, 2010

~BIG Announcement & Stamp GIVEAWAY Day!!~

Good morning....
I am finally home and I came home to
a wonderful surprise.
All new storage for my scrap goodies and a clean
scrap room to boot!!

I wanted to share for those of you whom
have emailed me and asked and congratulated.
Yes, it's TRUE! I am on the New CRICUT CIRCLE Design Team
I was so honored to be asked and am very excited
with this new fantastic endeavor!
Thanks for all the emails, I was surprised it was public LOL

I have a couple shout outs to my friends at CHA.
They touched my heart...
this is what Betsy and Merlene
made for me and brought to me while
I was working, they were so sweet.

And this is what Karen *LadyDoc* did.
She was telling me about the Scrapbooking Royalty
Charity (we love them) and she told me
if I donated 1.00 I would get all the pins...
a while later she came back and had donated 1.00 in my
name and I received all the pins...*AWWWW*
I went back to donate the gesture was so sweet!

On the last night of CHA I met some amazing
people, do you know Katie Cotton??
She is the owner of Paper Makeup Stamps
*How cute is that name?!!*

Oh she is not only adorable but so kind and
she passed me some stamps to giveaway!

They are unmounted rubber stamps that are so cute!

SOOOO be sure to check her out
Leave a comment for HER then
leave a comment here...and I will randomly choose 2 winners!

I have some Monsters & Aliens, Fairies, and Moody Girls to give away
If you win you will receive 2 stamps!!!!!

*Yea* for amazing new friends who are in the same
mindset as I am "It is more fun to give then to receive"

I will be honest with ya, I have more
giveaways I could go for another week,
but tomorrow I will begin drawing names and
we will begin WINNER week before we hit
more giveaways :)

~Thanks for popping by~
~I am so truly blessed with friends like you~
~Have a wonderful day~

Friday, July 30, 2010

~Yet another GIVEAWAY! *Prize photos*~

Good morning!
I apologize for the lack of CHA photos, but I have
been so busy working I have not had time.

I wanted to take a picture of some of the goodies
that I am sharing this week, so I thought
I would spread them out on the couch in the hotel and
snap a picture, *sorry it's so bad*
Yesterday is the Making Memories green and white bag
with a lanyard inside *HERE*

You can see the PINK apron from THIS POST

The Little Yellow Bicycle Bag inside the
Creative Options Canvas bag.....
it is Kay's Surprise GIVEAWAY *HERE*

Don't forget the Nikki Sivils Paper pads
on THIS POST*not pictured*

And the APPLE CIDER *Imaginisce* Collection

The Cricut Cartridge giveway was *HERE*

And today I am going back for more...but I have 3 prizes up
The Purple Canvas Creative Options bag and someone
else will win the ZVA Creative Bag, also
a DVD VIDEO Use Your Gypsy A TO Z

So leave a comment. Also in the comment please
say which prize you prefer *FROM TODAY*, then when I draw names
first prize will get first pick, second prize will get first or second pick :)
and so on, and so on LOL
I have been collecting for y'all! hehe

There is still time to sign up for every prize package
I won't draw winners until after I get home.

~Thanks for popping by~
~I will TRY to get pictures up this weekend!~

Thursday, July 29, 2010

~CHA GIVEAWAY and information on the apron!~

*Make and Take with PINKY BOOTH #1417 Imaginisce 11:00am*

I wanted to take a minute to share a couple pictures
from the Cricut Gala I went to on Tuesday night.
They hired David Garibaldi to perform and he was
so inspiring, Cricut is absolutely amazing.
They inspired me to be more creative

And they unveiled the new Cricut Imagine and
guess who got one?? ME! They gave me a coupon for one.
I feel like the giveaways this week are not enough LOL
I thought I would extend it to 7 days!!!!

BTW the apron give away from
this post
Is still OPEN and it is a NEW PINK SLICE APRON
with HEARTS! Made at CHA!!!

Today's GIVEAWAY is a brand new Making Memories SHOULDER BAG
and LANYARD! I wish I had photos. But trust me
it's super awesome! You need to be a follower to win
and leave a comment here!!!

Remember this weekend when I get home
I will be drawing 7 winners! Including yesterday's
Cricut Cartridge giveaway!!!!!!!

OK I am off to work!
Love ya, thanks for stopping by.
Please pass the word along,
the more this blog grows, the more manufacturers give me
prizes to give away, that means we all
WIN!!! Everything I am getting at CHA
goes to my blog friends :) *except the Imagine LOL*

~Have a great Thursday~

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

~What's this?? Another GIVEAWAY?!!! YEA from CHA~

I have a HUGE giveaway today!

But there is a catch!

LIVE FROM CHA it's PINKY and the Rock Princess cartridge!!!!!

I have this in my hot little hands and yes, I am passing
it on to you all! But I need to see 100 comments so start passing
the word along my friends....

You know I love giving away my CHA goodies...
I have more fun coming tomorrow!!!!!!!!

I also wanted to share this awesome picture of
Karen, Eva, Karen, Shirley, Karrie, Me and Shelly.

It was so fun!!!!

I will be back tomorrow with more goodies I have
CHA BAGS!!!!!!!!!!!

~Thanks for popping by~

Tuesday, July 27, 2010

~Live...from CHA it's Kay's Surprise Giveaway!~

Good morning!!!

This is my new friend Kay, isn't she adorable.
She is my adopted mom for my trip to Chicago.
I just adore her, she is too cute and fun.
She is my PRIZE SCOUT today and
she is going to go find a FABULOUS surprise prize
for me to give away to YOU!

So sign up here and shout it out to everyone you know.
You know when I get home I will draw 5 prizes
for 5 lucky people and if I come up with more prizes,
then I will give away even more!

OK I am off to work it!
~Thanks for popping by~
~Have a great day~

~Shout out from Chicago!~

Hey crafty friends...due to internet issues and
busy travels I am running behind on my blogs.
I have no CHA pictures yet...becaue it all begins tomorow!

But I have bumped into Pink Paislee, October Afternoon,
Sizzix and of course Imaginisce.
Its buzzing with creativity!

I had to make a shout out to my Fiskateer peeps!Check out this makeup case my fiend Shelly had.
It had Fiskateer written all over it!
As a true scrapbooker I had to take a picture of it in the hall
of the hotel on a white towel for clarity LOL
And I wanted to share one of my and Shelly at Navy Pier,
she is just as cool in person as online...having a great time.
will get back to prizes tomorrow I promise!

I have prize scuts out at CHA as I type LOL
Have a great night, I start CHA booth tomorrow.
Thanks for popping by

Hi crafty friends!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

~Sunday on a jet plane...Dirty Scraps Makeover! *GIVEAWAY*~

Hopefully right now I am sitting in
an airplane on my way to Chicago!

I wanted to make sure to remind you that
the new Dirty Scraps Challenge is up!
I thought since we had some new DT girls,
we needed a new here it is.Here is the new Blinkie too!
Don't forget to check out the new challenge,
there is a 50.00 PRIZE!

Today's giveaway is 2 yes TWO
Nikki Sivils 6X6 Tablets of paper! WOOHOO!
Great for cards and heck yes who doesn't love Nikki Sivils?!

Make sure you don't forget about the last giveaway

I won't be drawing winners until I return,
so pass the word along please.
I won't be here to post on Fiskateers,, twopeas...but you can! :)

I know I am not a manufacturer but
I have some fun goodies and the more people we
get over here the more goodies the companies
let me give away. That rocks!!!!

Pass the word along, and leave a comment.
~Happy Sunday y'all!~
~Thanks for popping by~

Saturday, July 24, 2010

~Saturday giveaway update and bling'in it up with my i-rock!~

Good morning!!!!
Today I am packing but I set this to post
while I was away baking and such.

I REALLY wanted to play more with my i-rock,
so I decided to BLING up my Yellow Box shoes for CHA
They were lime green polka dot with pink and white, which
I liked but they did not match anything I owned LOL
So I decided to BLING them up and make them more
neutral. You should have seen hubby LOL
His exact words were "Oh &^*% she has a be-dazzler!!"
I was cracking up!!!!!!

I also wanted to show you who are headed to CHA
what to look for! :) ME!
I made 2 aprons, this is one and you saw the other.
I am so excited to meet everyone.
I will be there from Sunday at12pm
until Friday at 5am, I fly out Friday.
So please do track me down!!!!
I have a horrible memory so bear with me.
Just remind me who you are ok?

First thing I am headed to do at CHA
Mission #1 will be finding an APRON
to give away!!!!!

So stay tuned for 5 days of giveaways!
When I get home I will draw names,
so keep on commenting and sharing with your friends.
Each referral is another entry just ask Sandy! :)

~Happy Saturday y'all~

Friday, July 23, 2010

~Happy Friday! Time for some fun and a CHA TRIP Giveaway!!!!!~

Happy FRIDAY!!!!! I am so excited,
I leave on Sunday for Chicago!!!!
I know you must be sick of hearing about it LOL

Yesterday someone asked me about this flower
I made so I thought I would post it.
The flower is some sort of Prima Flower and I WRAPPED
this Webster's Pages Bloomer's Ribbon.
Then I used my irock to place a clear gemstone on
the button. That's it.

Because I am genuinely crazy, I decided
at the last minute to play in a challenge on
Tally Scrapper.It's called "So You Think You Can Scrap"
I am not playing to win.
I am just playing to have some fun.
If I win I am sending the box of goodies to my
friend Denise. Who has slipped off the face
of the scrap world LOL
Anyways, I just thought I would have fun.
The first challenge was to scrap a 8.5X11 PURPLE PAGE
that says "So you think you can...?"
I chose Judge Me?
I had to use twine, and a wallet sized photo.
Oh and an all purple page...(yes this
is purple, it's the Whitewash Color Core'dinations purple paper)
Not because I am angry but it's funny how people
judge me because of my pink hair.
They think I am a punk, or goth, or a crazy drunk.
In reality, I am such a soccer mom it hurts LOL

Anyways, just some scrap fun.

Now for the beginning of my CHA giveaways! :)
I have some chipboard and papers
from the new Imaginisce Apple Cider Collection
*just a few*I was not supposed to get the extras but
a cross over in shipping time and another DT
gave me some so I am passing them along.

Be sure to leave a comment here and
pass the word along!!! It's going to be a fun week!

Stay tuned this week because I have a big one
by the end of CHA and I plan on giving
away most of the goodies I get at the show!

You won't want to miss it!

Ok I am off to pack and go to the PO!

~Thanks for popping by~
~Happy Friday Y'all~

Thursday, July 22, 2010

~Back to scrapping & CHA Sneak Peek~

Good morning!
I have been eying this Cosmo Cricket Paper on my
desk for weeks and I finally got to sit
down to make a layout just for me with no pressure!

I decided to grab the *Brand new* release
from Clear Scraps, their
new XL Shaped Acrylic pages
I am in love with this Cosmo Cricket line
the Material Girl line , once again it's perfect for me LOL
I also ran the batteries DEAD in my i-rock LOL
Because of so much blinging!!
Of course the whole LO was Helmar 450 Quick Dry.
Like it would be anything else LOL

This is probably my last scrappy post
for a week or so, I will be posting new blogs
and pictures straight from CHA!!!
Also I have a giveaway coming up and it's HUGE!!!!

So stay tuned, don't forget me while I am gone.
~Thanks for popping by~
~Have a beautiful day~


Wednesday, July 21, 2010

~HaPpY hUmP dAy! HaPpY cRaFtInG~

I spent yesterday lounging at the pool,
I always feel bad for doing that when I have work to do
but the kids, they just love it and it was their last time!

I will have a very special CHA GIVEAWAY later
this week, so stay tuned! It's a good one!

I did manage to get home in time to finish this apron for CHA
I am going to wear it at the Helmar Booth,
what do ya think??
I also made another one very similar for
Imaginisce, they sent me a special apron
with a logo on it. I need to see if I can get permission to
share it with y'all.

Anyways I used my i-rock tool for my name.
The P is PINK and the rest is clear.
I love that tool!!
I had so much fun with it.
So look for the crazy pink haired zebra girl at CHA! :)

OK I am off to bake a cake, edit photos
for Scrapbooking From The Inside Out August Kit,
sew 3 dresses, and maybe nap! LOL

~Have a great Wednesday~
~Thanks for popping by~

Tuesday, July 20, 2010

~Tuesday is for creating....*I think*~

Good morning my friends,
it looks to be a wonderful day *I hope* LOL

Yesterday I had the most wonderful surprise in the mail.
From Canada with no NAME??!!It was a Keeping Chickens book and
I love it so much. We had looked for books in the library
but they are all out and have been since we
began. To whomever surprised me with this book...

I was making aprons yesterday and I wanted to share
but my battery for my camera went dead,
so I guess it will keep until tomorrow :)

Meanwhile I did finish my wall hanging
with the new Imaginisce Apple Cider Line.
This week I had some Cricut cartridges sent to me and
the Sentimentals was in the pack. I knew right away
that I wanted OWLS on the hanging.
Now I feel like it is complete.
OK I am off to play with the boys today...
I have a couple dresses to finish, and an apron to
photograph. But the boys need mom today!!

~Have a wonderful day~
~Thank you for stopping by and saying hi~
I sit down every night and read the comments....
thank you all


Monday, July 19, 2010

~Happy Monday y'all!~

Good morning!!

This morning I am working on cards
and layouts for upcoming classes.
I always struggle with these because I am so freestyle.
I fly by the seat of my pants LOL

I wanted to keep it simple but prettyWhat do you think?
I am thinking that Imaginisce and Cricut make a GREAT PAIR!
I was hoping this would be a great way
to teach the irock and simple enough to get done
with time for a layout.
For this card I used the Imaginisce To Love & Cherish Line
and the Cricut Home Decor Cartridge
for the word LOVE.
I am LOVING the Home Decor cartridge for sure.
And of course the almighty Helmar 450 Quick Dry LOL
Don't forget the Helmar Contest!!!!

Also some fun news...
I received a wonderful email this morning
from a company down under...
They are going to send me some GIVEAWAYS!
I will keep y'all posted :)

Things will be slow this week, as
I am packing up for CHA.
I am going to miss my babies for sure...

Just 6 more days until I head to Chicago!
I will be at CHA from Monday toThursday night.
Hope to see you there!

~Have a great Monday~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Friday, July 16, 2010

~Yea, it's Friday!!~

Happy Friday everyone!!!!
I am so happy the weekend is sliding in to play.

I am ready for some down time this weekend.
Some weeks you feel like you run all week with no
end in sight....

I have one more Apple Cider project I made
this week. I wanted to make a wall hanging for Fall.
So I grabbed the Apple Cider collection, the irock,
my Helmar 450 Quick Dry, and my Cricut.I used the Home Decor cartridge and cut the frame around the
clear panel that says "GIVE THANKS"
I like it but I feel like I want to add something,
maybe a bird or something, not sure yet...
so this will go into my "work in progress" file LOL

You know I just realized I have not made a video
in forever! Man things are slipping into the cracks
with my boys home all summer.
I guess I am ready for them to go back.
I have not had an alone day in a long time LOL

OK, I am off to sew today...and track down
a new sewing pedal. I am so upset...last night my sewing
pedal *which has always given me problems* BROKE!!
I was in tears...I sew every single day.
Today I have to track one down and order it.

~Happy Friday, and have a great day~
~Thank YOU for popping by :)~

Thursday, July 15, 2010

~CHA Sneak Peek...Happy Thursday everyone!~

Good morning everyone!
I have been waiting MONTHS to share this.

As you know this is my first year to have
sneak previews and work on projects for CHA
and it has been a BLAST I tell ya!

This is the brand new Gingerbread Banner from Clear Scraps,
not even released yet, it's coming out for CHA

Of course I used my Helmar 450 Quick Dry because it IS
an acrylic product and I needed the PERFECT glue for it.

Also I used my i-rock tool for all the amazing gems...
and they are stuck on their for good!
I also used a new product *new to me*
VIVA PEARL PENS *swoon* love these things!
See the border on the gingerbread men??
That is Viva and it dries in a snap!
And my handy dandy Helmar clear Zapdots with glitter
because every gingerbread man needs a little BLING!
I wanted to keep it simple and show the acrylic.
I wish I has a special 8 foot studio for photographing these.No matter how hard I tried I could not get
the entire banner in the shot!!!!!
It is 2 snowflakes, 4 gingerbread men, and 1 house...and the house
is like 8-10" it's a great sized banner
It spans my wall with the long lace I added.

So, are you going to CHA??
I hope so...if you are PLEASE come by and say hello.
I will have some projects at the Clear Scraps Booth #1707

My home base will be Helmar Booth #1230

You might also find me at Imaginisce Booth #1417
or a couple other places *wink*

I am getting so excited and there is so much to do...
that same week I have to register the boys
for their new school
You know we moved across town and they are
a little upset about changing schools.
But I know in my heart it is for the best.

~OK I am off the boys need food and
they want to go to the pool today!~
~Have a great day y'all~

~Thanks for popping by~

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

~School time is coming up fast!~

Morning everyone.
Can you believe here we only have 2.5 weeks until
school begins? I am just blown away by how
short summers are now.
When I was a child we had 12 weeks off, now
they barely and I mean BARELY have 8 weeks.

Getting the Apple Cider line from Imaginisce
reminded me that fall is fast approaching, so
I decided to make some back to school cards.
So far I have made 1 LOL
And it took me an hour.
Of course I was playing with my Cricut, and the i-rock tool
while doing it. It was very therapeutic.

I took a wide piece of tulle, I think it was 4" and I
gathered it. Then I glued it down with Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive.
Then I used Helmar Zapdots and put them over the tulle
and added the wood grain paper.
I like the end result with the tulle on both sides.
I used the Plantin Schoolbook cartridge for the words,
and the i-rock tool for all the gems.
That i-rock tool is addicting!!!

I am going to do 2 classes with the i-rock on August 21st.
The class is ONLY 10.00 and I will bring the tool to play with.
If you are anywhere near Kentucky, let me know
the Scrapbook Village is hosting! :)
They are hosting with a PINK dessert too LOL

Well, today is another summer fun day
I feel the library coming on....

~Have a great Wednesday~
~Thanks for popping by~

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

~Wet & rainy Tuesday = baking fun~

Good morning friends.
It is a rainy and VERY wet day here in TN.
I am not complaining because the sunflowers
& gardens need it so badly.

I have been sewing so much, I had not had time
to scrap. I made myself sit down and play last night.
I was feeling off. Even though it is simple
I still like the layout.

I used my Cricut Hello Kitty Font Cartridge for the title.
I love having the Cricut for extras on a page.
*thank you to a friend who sent it to me*
I have to realize not every Layout needs layer after layer
and all the fancy stuff LOL
I made this layout because for me fall represents
an excuse to BAKE and have my friends and family
around with good meals and good times.
All the time inside if perfect for baking and
having parties. I love every season for different reason and
fall is right up there for me! :)

Did you know Imaginisce came out with a new line of paper?
Did you know it is all about fall and giving thanks?
Did you know it is called APPLE CIDER?
Did you know you could IN WIN THIS LINE???
I cannot believe how many giveaways
Imaginisce is holding this month!
HURRY go sign up HERE

That's it for me today....
~Thank you for popping by~
~Have a beautiful day~

Monday, July 12, 2010

~Birthday Bash Winner~

Good morning my crafty friends...
I am running late with this prize announcement,
my weekend was FULL!

I have a quick funny story & pics this morning.
Hubby HATES watermelon, I mean he
hates it. He won't even kiss me when I eat it.
In all the years we have been together he
has never cut watermelon for me,
he always wants me to cut it.
Well that man...that man and his chickens.
He found out they LOVE watermelon,
now that man is a watermelon cutting fool! LOL
I went to the coop and saw he had cut the watermelon
for the boys and gave the rinds to those chickens LOL
It was cute and funny.

I finally got to see Eclipse *very good*
My girlfriend treated, I needed a girls day.

Hubby had baseball lastnight,
it has been so fun watching him play.

Today I will be pulling out my Helmar and
the BRAND NEW LINE from Imaginisce....
I am SO excited!!!

Ok on to the BIRTHDAY BASH WINNER!!!!!!!
#18 which was...

Blogger chignon said...

I just love sunflowers, it fascinates me how their faces follow the sun! :o) I just love the polka dot top - will you be wearing it at CHA? :o)

Friday, July 09, 2010

Please email me your address so I can get this
package of fun out to ya right away!
And to answer your question, no I won't
be wearing that top at CHA, I did make myself some dresses
though and I will be wearing those :)

I promise there will be crafting tomorrow!

~Thanks for popping by to say hello~
~Have a great Monday~

Thursday, July 8, 2010

~A Sunflower-y Friday & Fun GIVEAWAYS too!~

Good morning my crafty friends...
some of you have asked about my sunflowers, the ones
we planted in the beginning of spring.

They have finally began to blossom and they are
so beautiful! The boys are tickled PINK!
They Oooo and Ahhh all the time.
We are growing them not only to cover the chicken
coop a bit but also sunflower seeds are very
good for chickens, so we will be feeding them

to the chickens after they are finished.
I cannot think of a better way to recycle and re-use!
I will also be drying some of the seeds for my sunflower
patch next year.Anyways I just wanted to share a couple of
pictures of the sunflowers at sunset.
It was 105 yesterday and we had horrible thunder storms
in the afternoon so I had to wait until sunset
to snap shots.
And what do I come across while snapping pictures?
Why our neighbor "Little Bear" who came to visit the
chickens apparently LOL
They were none to happy to see him!
But I had fun snapping pictures anyway!

I did NO crafting yesterday, just sewing,
sewing, and more sewing.
Even a special Fiskateer color top! hehehe
How could I resist this fun orange polka dot fabric??!
Ok I know in your head you are saying...
Pinky shut up and get to the GIVEAWAY!
Right?? LOL I know you are!
ok ok...
Remember I told you about the Birthday Bash
goodies I would be getting??
They came in the mail!!!!!!!
I was so tickled to get an amazing box.
Not only my Imaginisce goodies but also my August Kit for
Scrapbooking From The Inside Out
AND a special treat...
A new Cricut cartridge!!!

*Here are the GIVEAWAYS*
SFTIO is partnered with Lily Bee and they are giving
away the July Kit of COURAGE! Hecks ya baby!

The other GIVEAWAY is right here.
Thanks to Imaginisce.
Just leave a comment and I will randomly choose a
winner on SUNDAY!
I would love to have you as a follower, however
since Imaginisce was kind enough to send this my way
It's a FREEBIE! :)

It's awesome when a company is generous enough to give
away prizes and goodies and I am blessed enough to be
able to share in the love of crafting! *YEA*
Have a beautiful weekend!

~Thank you for popping by~