Saturday, January 31, 2009

~Feb. 1st already!!~

And I finally get to share what I have been working on the last two weeks.
That has been the hardest part of being on a DT.
I usually work on a page/project then share it on my blog.
Now I have to save them, BUT it's soooo worth it!.

Oh and on a side note DO NOT FORGET the Treasured Scrapbooking
! It begins today!

You totally should check out the monthly sketch challenge in
Treasured Scrapbooking this month!
Why you may ask? Well because I made the sketch! LOL And it's gonna rock!
I had so much fun playing with Photoshop to make this happen.
I am loving the Cosmo Cricket Chemistry line way more than I thought I would.

If your a football fan, Have a great Super Bowl!
And if not then just have a great Sunday!
I am sure I will be watching off and on.
Probably rooting for the Steelers.
But I do not follow closely enough for it to break my heart.
The boys will enjoy the cooking I have to do LOL
Off to mom land

Friday, January 30, 2009

~Feverish Friday~

Well, I had some GREAT news today!
I am the Newest Designer for Scrapbook Supplies Direct!
I just found out today! I had almost forgotten I applied! LOL
WOOHOO! More goodies I get to create with, I am so excited!
Now come visit me!

Still 5 kits left for the alcohol ink KIT Class.
I thought I would share more of the pages,
now yours do not have to be like these
but you can see the entire 6X6 album is very pretty.
B&W pictures just make this thing rock!
You can see it has BLING and plenty of ribbon
and enough for at least an 8 to 12 page album.

If your interested at all here is the LINK
No pressure.
Have a great Friday!
I will be back tomorrow with some scrappy goodness.
I started a couple pages for a friend.

Thursday, January 29, 2009

~The week is almost over!

I finally did some scrapping today. It was recipe cards for a swap in Just Scrappin'.
I always get stumped when it comes to recipe cards.
I can do one kick ass project but make me do an assembly line and I freak!
So I did very simple just fun funky cards.
I got the recipe from a felow Freak on Scrapfreak! YUMMY!

Ok and on to the random draw winner...

it was NUMBER 15
which is Alyssa!!!!

I included all 19 comments so no one was late.

Send me your address Alyssa!

Have a beautiful Day Y'all!

Wednesday, January 28, 2009


It's bee a while since I have done a fun RAK so I thought today I would so a giveaway!
So I have this Cosmo Cricket Blackboard RAK off!
Just leave me a comment telling me your favorite new line for CHA this time and I will randomly choose a winner tomorrow!
USA and Canada Only please. Thank you.
I have always done international but the shipping is kicking my butt! hehe

Oh and last but not least I was Photo Tagged BY Adrienne
Now I know many of you have tagged me but I do not
do them usually because I would be doing them every day.
And some of you have left me awards too but I feel like I am bragging.
So I thank YOU all so much but please understand.

So this Photo tag is to take the 6th folder from my picture folder,
find the 6th picture, and post with explanation.
Well, mine is not that exciting I tell you what LOL

It is my middle son, a few years ago in Oregon on a summer day
I bought the boys a FROG hat and a DUCK hat.
He was tired of the sun hitting his eyes and I took 20 shots and
this was just one.

Now I tag

I will not be offended if ya don't!
Cause I totally understand!

Have a great HUMP DAY!

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

~Tuesday is flying by~

Well, I have good news, the little one is slowly recovering, which means, I might be able to get out of the livingroom for more than 5 minutes today! And I might be able to sleep without him and a puke bucket tomorrow!~ hehehe

Here is my finished coupon book.
Now remember I am married and it is semi-adult. (it's not really that bad LOL)
I think it is a super FUN idea and I bet hubby will love it!
Plus it gets me out of buying him something! Bwhahaha!

And I also finished my videos for the class
So if your so inclined the class is UP for SALE
right HERE
It is 22.99
and includes everything you need for a 8 to 10 page 6X6 Album
with Alcohol Inks that will in all honesty, make at least 10 more full 12X12 pages!
That little tray lasts forever! I have done 6 pages so far with it.

Ok on to other things...mainly LIFE!
Have a great Tuesday!

And I have had an over whelming response to the sewing caddy.
So I will be giving one away very soon.
~Much love~

Monday, January 26, 2009

~Monday Blues~

It has been a LONG weekend and an even longer Monday so far LOL
I did however complete my class project today and it will go up for sale this week.
Here is the finished photo.
I sure had fun playing with alcohol inks and acrylics.
I did the class in half video and half pictures this time for those on Dial up.
I like the end result, so I am happy with it overall.
Not as embellished as I am used to but I think it really does show the acrylic ink art.

Have a beautiful Monday, Back to my sick boy.

Sunday, January 25, 2009


Well I tweaked on it a bit more and this is the final take.
I think I will make a matching PIN cushion to attach to the top.
But I am happy with it! I even added one of those flowers from the last tutorial that I did!

So what are you working on today??
Have a beautiful Sunday

Saturday, January 24, 2009

~A Sewing Saturday!

I am so excited. You know there is a little sewing "club" on Fiskateers/Fiskars and they ask people to make projects and do tutorials on them so they can post them.
Well, it took me a couple weeks but I finally finished one of the projects!
Now this is BEFORE I put a cute flower on it and finished it.
But it is a sewing caddy/mat.
It goes under your machine and you can set your scissors in it or whatever you might need.
I will let you know when the full tutorial will be up
and I will also post it here!
It's cute aye???It's easy to make too! It only took like 1 hour.
Perfect for the shortcut sewer like me!

I like it!

Friday, January 23, 2009

~Freaky Friday is right!!~

Boy, today I have been chasing my son with a bowl LOL
Poor little guy, I cannot wait until they are old enough to just go be sick in the bathroom.
Ok OK I know you are saying TMI Pinky TMI!!!!
Just show us some scrap work! hehehe

OK here is what I have been working on.
I am only sharing the front because I will use it as a challenge in TS in February. But I have indeed been scrapping. This is a Valentine's Day Coupon Book...see the Tickets inside?? Bwhahaha, you will have to tune in to TS this month to find out what the inside says.

OK back to Puky and the gang!

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

~Busy with a sick keiki, now two sick ones~

My babies have been sick this week, so my poor blog has been neglected.
So far we have had a trip to the hospital and Asthma Attacks and Bronchitis.
Here's to hoping next week is better!

I do have a sneak peek of my scrapping this week.
This is for Treasured Scrapbooking, for FEB. Kit #2
You know me, I am not color biased so yes this is an ALL PINK Boy Page!
That's right ALL PINK! LOL
And this is part of the Alcohol INK Acrylic Album Class I am working on.
Should be done tomorrow.

So in between running for the boys and dispensing breathing treatments and meds
I sneak off and scrap (not really, I do it when hubby is home)
Have a beautiful Wednesday

Monday, January 19, 2009

~My new Class~

Well I have been asked to do another class!
This time it is working with Acrylics, (of course, my favorite) aaannnnddd.....
Alcohol INKS! How fun!

It will be available in just a couple days.
Here is a little sneak peak and an intro video.
This one was fun for me. Just playing around with inks and colors.
Very relaxing.

Have a great Monday!

Oh and BTW the new Bella BLVD sneak peeks are up for CHA
I have a puking sick boy and I have been up all night, so this is short and sweet today!

Sunday, January 18, 2009

~Sunday's WINNER~

I went online and found those stamps and rubber stickers,
and let me just say I got a DEAL on them!
I found them at Joann's for 2.00 and 1.00 and I found them online for 16.99 and 5.39!
That makes me happy and this next paragraph will make one lucky blog friend happy too!
Now I went down the list and number 25 was...

Blogger Ann said...

Scrapbooking is my "Me" time. It helps me remember so much. I use to forget the "little things" that matter so much in life. Now when I scrap it is documented and the moment is set in my memory when I complete a page.

I am one of your followers. I might not comment on every entry, but I enjoy coming to your blog whenever you have an update. You always have something exciting to read. And your work is simply gorgeous!

January 17, 2009 3:13 PM

Thank you everyone who comes to visit me, I love

blogging and love sharing my creations and ideas.

It is good to see that scrapbooking has created a happy place for all of you too.

Have a great Sunday


Oh and Ann email me your addy please!

Friday, January 16, 2009

~Let's celebrate my friends~

I think these handsome crazy men are the future crafters of America!
As you can see they each have a beautiful new pair of
FLAME rocking MANLY Fiskars Scissors!
Now I wanted to reflect a little bit today.
If you would have asked me a year ago if I liked Scrapbooking, I would have said NO
If you would have asked me if I was going to keep on scrapping, I would have said NO
I would have told you it was an expensive frustrating hobby for
people who never got to craft as children.
But then about 5 months later....I found my niche.
I found that for me, I use scrapping as a voice to share
my joy, my pain, my anger, my love, and my family.
And most of all I use my scrapbooking to spread the word about
being an abused child and an adult SURVIVOR
and how it is OK to share your story and share your life!
It does help and it helps others to open and heal.

Never in a million years did I think I would have friends and followers
in this industry but once again i was proven wrong and yesterday I hit 51 Followers of my humble LITTLE blog!!!!!

So in celebration I have a FUN RAK today!
So Celebrate with me....50! And the love continues!
These are KI Memories Stamps
and Soft Spots
Both super cute!
Just leave me a message about what Scrapping/crafting has done for you
How it has enriched your life and I will put your name in for this RAK!

Have a great day

Thursday, January 15, 2009

~Downright ~FRIGID~ Thursday~

Oh man is it COLD today and tomorrow is going to be even chillier! They say -5? and a high of like 15?? EEK! I know I do not have it as bad as MN but right now it's damn cold!

These are my Kit #1 -15th reveals from Treasured Scrapbooking. I just LOVED this kit and that sheer Polka dot paper made my toes curl literally! So much fun working with yellows, blues and greys in the middle of winter!
With the Sweet Glances LO I printed up a Sepia version and a
full color version of the picture and laid them on each other.
I like the affect, I might so it again.
With this notebook, I am always struggling to keep everything organized and
keep up with DT work and other stuff so I figured what a better time then the New Year
to make my own PRETTY notebook to play in.

Well that's all for today. Thanks for stopping by and saying hi!
Have a beautiful day in your heart and mind~

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

~Happy Hump Day~

This is a sneak peek of what I did for Scrap'N'Art next month....and I might add
it will feature a full tutorial on how to make your own! WOOHOO~!

Man this has been one crazy week.
First Sasha get attacked like crazy online,
which is so wrong and sad it's not even funny.
Then Greta, who has put in tireless hours and effort into a project
out of the goodness of her heart and other people get credit for it publicly in print.
Then a close friend, has a break down week.
And another site went down under and lost all it's DT and members!
It is something in the air I swear!

Sometimes I wonder if online scrapping is worth it! I love it, and
do not have friends close to me locally so it's a great scrapping outlet for me,
but there is always some ugliness when you can hide online behind a screen.

So I thought I would share this today.....

Big hugs to everyone this week and try to stay positive.
I know it's hard and easier said then done.
But Pinky Loves ya!

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

~CHA is coming~

I know I should not be this excited because I will not be able to afford even 1/100 of this but I LOVE thew new My Mind's eye Lone by Penny Lane,
and yes, I know owls have been done to death but I LOVE Them so who cares! Bwhahaha
I will buy 6 sheet and cut them out and make my own embellies.

Another one I am really loving is this on from My Minds Eye
BellaBella "Bellezo" Paper Kit
Since My Mind's Eye is double sided heavy duty paper, I will be hunting this one down!
It's not too busy so I can work with it.
I LOVED Websters pages last year but when it came down to working with it, it was so
busy I did not like it at all. Lesson learned.

Now let's just hope it gets into stores and I have a scrappy lottery then! LOL
If you have a sneak peek you love please share it! I would love to see!
Have a great day

Monday, January 12, 2009

~Just another Manic Monday!

OK I was busy scrapping all day BUT nothing i can share just yet LOL
So sorry, but it is a project I am working on for the next issue if Scrap'N'Art magazine.
Did you happen to catch the last issue?? It is FREE.

But here is a sneak peek of my 15th reveal for Treasured Scrapbooking,
The kits this month are amazing!
The full reveal will be on Thursday.
Right now I am working on a special Valentine Day project.
Something I have not seen quite like this!
I love papercrafting because you can go crazy in your mind with ideas, and never run out.

Well back to the grindstone. I have a cute little man at home who is sick.
And 2 others praying for just ONE snow day LOL
So we will see what tomorrow brings!
~Have a beautiful Day~

Sunday, January 11, 2009

~Serene Sunday~

It's a mellow day here, yesterday it rained all day so not much going on.
I was not feeling well so it was a lazy day.
Hopefully today I will get the kids to the park if it clears up!
I did call into the Tally Radio show last night and listened to the
delay from the phone to the radio LOL

I am NOT a card maker, nor do I claim to be but I did make this one.

Now, I am a HUGE Graphic 45 fan...the LO I did last week with all the clocks?
That was Graphic 45 paper. I LOVE using their paper as embellishments because
they have so many cool elements to cut out and POP UP!
I just found this sneak peek of their NEW CHA release (Thanks Michelle)
and I will be buying it.


I love they kept with the clocks!
Now on another note, I just received some new Crate Paper
from a swap and the new stuff?? NOT the same texture or thickness as the old lines??
What the heck?? Its MUCH thinner and almost have a veneer or
slight plastic feel to it?
Just an odd observation. Cause I love me some Crate Paper.

Have a great day
~The Dirty Scrapper Pinky~

Saturday, January 10, 2009

~Fluffy Saturday~

If you tuned in yesterday, you know I was wanting to do a fluff LO of fun and smiles,
so I did last night...and I did a SUMMER LO of all things, Thanks to Tally challenges! hehe.

Now I am not normally a Cloud9 Fan in fact I rarely like their products but this year I am changing my mind. I loved their card stock alpha stickers last year and I actually like the funky paper they are making this year, I can see me cutting it to bits and using it as embellishments!

And I will be honest I am not in love with it all BUT these I LOVE!
So I hope the stores get Cloud 9 and other
CHA items fast Cause last year was a long wait! LOL

Have a great Saturday

Friday, January 9, 2009

~Friday....Fridays are made for Scrapping~

OK this one really whooped me, I struggled literally all day with it. BUT Finally did it! After ripping up Lo's!! Thanks Minda....
Why is it when I look in the mirror, I still see nothing but fat? I have survived a childhood of torture and abuse, an adolescence or rape and turmoil and a marriage of life threatening physical abuse and losing a baby to violence. Yet I stand…broken but tall. But every day I wake up to look in the mirror and only see fat and insecurities. I know right now I have to give everything I’ve got to healing and being a good mom because my children deserve that gift. But my one wish is to find the power to look in MY mirror with eyes that see beauty and strength and look past the fat and pain. Whose Eyes See YOU?

OK I think I need a day off from scrapping now LOL
2 deep journaling Lo's in a row, time to make a fluffy fun one! hehehe
Have a beautiful Friday

Thursday, January 8, 2009

~WOOHOO~ CHA Approaches!

Well this is a good day...number one...I scrapped....
Number 2 I got a sneak peak for new border punches ....and
number 3 I came up with a new idea for youtube WEBISODES and a show I want to start making! More to come VERY soon...I need to figure out how to video tape myself and not look like a moron LOL

So I have some good thoughts today.
This is one of my favorite punches...Apron Lace...although I wish they had one is 12" circle size! I need to invent one I tell you what! LOL
This is my second favorite one...Now Granted Stampin' Up came out with one a couple months ago but frankly...I cannot use my coupon on them and I HATE paying 9-10.00 shipping it totally kicks my ass for a punch!
And here is my third favorite! YUMMY is all I have to say...this one is called Effervescence.
Now some lucky bitch on Fiskateers won ALL of the new punches (I think 6??) OMG I keep filling out those surveys and dammit LOL Nah I am kidding I am happy for her , I am totally joking, You all know me better than that!

Oh did I mention I scrapped? Not sure if I like the page or not?? But I did it.

It is sort of a person LO about my step son and how he tends to use
not being kept by his Bio mom as a crutch still and does not notice or see what he
has in front of him at all. Frustrating for me because I feel
I have always given him 180% since I have been around.
And he has always used her giving him up as an excuse.
I know its sensitive subject and I am not trying to offend a
anyone but this is real life for me.

Well back to sewing and scrapping! And cooking and tending kids,
and all that other good schtuff!
Have a great day!

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

OK I did not blog yesterday because I had nothing to show, I have been sewing.
But I thought since I am on the DT at Heaven I better post the crop!
I have a couple Lo's I did yesterday but I need to still take pictures...It is so freaking cold here! BUUURRRRR!!


OHH and beginning tomorrow Tally Scrappers is having a CROP as well!
I have already begun on my layouts for that!

OHHH AND the "WE Love Our Members CONTEST" is coming to Treasured Scrapbooking!
So now you know what I will be busy doing LOL

Have a great day

Oh and FYI all RAKS have been mailed!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Multiple Madness Monday~

I am not a Multiple photo Layout kind of gal. I mean 3 maybe but 10?? NEVER....but I wanted to play along in a couple challenges and everyone in the New Year does a multiple photo challenge so here it is LOL
I am happy with it but mostly relived it is OVER hehehe

Well back to school for the kiddies today and back to reality for mom.
I spent the entire weekend sewing...I successfully completed 4 dresses and have one more pieced and ready to smock! YEA!
I have had so many people wanting the old style I used to make Kimono sleeves so that is what i am doing again. So much fabric and so much time...Oh well...

And guess what?? The RAK I posted yesterday?? well I have 2 packs of TINY ALPHAS, so the first winner will receive the Embossed stickers AND alphas and the second winner will just receive the alphas!
and the winners are....*drumroll*

Blogger Angie P said...

Love the black and white layout. Your lollipop flower turned out SO much better than mine did..and the music paper really makes it stand out!
those stickers are WAY cute...I've enver seen those mini alphas before, I will have to see if my local store has them.

January 4, 2009 11:01 AM


Blogger connie said...

Another awesome LO! I have never seen those alpha's. Thanks for a chance to win. Happy New Year.

January 4, 2009 12:46 PM

Congrats ladies!!
Please email me your address or send me a PM on
Fiskateers or Just Scrappin'
wherever you may be??

~Have a beautiful Monday~