Monday, May 31, 2010

~Happy Memorial Day~

Good morning my crafty friends,
Happy Memorial Day to you and your families.

I love to step back on Memorial Day and remember
history, freedom and thank our military.

Yesterday we visited a Healing Field of flags

This living display of heroism will fly as a temporary patriotic tribute to the strength and unity of Americans, currently serving men and women, veterans and will honor our fallen
servicemen & women.
Amazing and powerful.
These are a few shots I took.
It was nice to have the tribute local.
I managed to sneak a shot of half the field anyways.
This is my Father in law coming out of the field.
This is the website for the Healing Fields

For all those who serve every day
to give us a better life, I thank you.
We pray for you and love you for all you do.
You are not forgotten.

Stay tuned crafters! Tomorrow is REVEAL DAY!
*Be prepared for powerful layouts,
as SFTIO theme this month is ANGER!*

~Have a great Memorial Day~

Sunday, May 30, 2010

~Happy Sunday~

Good morning my friends!
I am posting packages today so I don't have to wait until
Saturday to mail them, so anyone who has a prize coming
it is on it's way!

I sat down last night and scrapped this page.
I have been in such a flurry with kits, kids, in laws, and working
I felt like I was drowning, so I pulled out some Sass
and my pictures and just played for fun.
There really is nothing I miss about Oregon at all,
except the beaches! And if we were closer to a beach here
then it would not matter! hehe
This was in Virginia Beach a couple years ago and
I do miss the beaches.
Alot of texture and small fun stuff in this.
I was playing with my Helmar liquid Scrapdots *YEA*
It was late and I was just fussin' with it LOL
It's all OLD paper to but I love it anyways!

Today I am out with the in laws and packing up for
the kids. It's been a BUSY week I am ready for June!

~Have a beautiful Memorial Day Weekend y'all~
~Thanks for popping by~

Saturday, May 29, 2010

~Very blessed Saturday~

What a great Saturday this has been.
I had my class in Lebanon and it was so wonderful,
the gals there were so sweet and kind.
It was a great morning.

Here is their take on my acrylic sign design.
You know it is so exciting to see everyone's take
on something I designed. I LOVE seeing
the different styles.Here is Kelly, she is a sweetheart!Here is the Imaginisce i-rock in action!
The girls LOVED it! I love this tool, it's so fun!
That is not the end of this sweet day.
Yesterday hubby called and he said "Honey, do we
have room for a game table?" I told him we could figure
it out, and his boss had this brand new Air Hockey table in his garage.
He decided that it was just sitting there getting dirty,
and if Andrew wanted to clean it up, then
we could have it!
OMG talk about excited boys! I think they have played 7 hours now!
Holy moly they are happy and on Justice's birthday too!
*Flood update*
We bought shoes this week and tonight we
go down and buy pajamas with donations I have.
I have ANOTHER car full of clothing new and old
to give, we will be delivering on Monday and Saturday
is the hope :) So thank you all!!

~Have a beautiful day!~

Friday, May 28, 2010

~Giveaway WINNER & quick update~

Good morning my friends!

It is my son's 8th birthday today and
of course the report card pick up day.

My 6 yr old was so funny he squealed all the way home
"YES! I made it to 1st grade! She passed me mom I get
to go to first grade!!!!!"
So funny because there was no doubt LOL I guess he
was just so delighted.

Many tears today....of happiness of course.
It is the last year at this school and because we moved,
we will be changing schools. I have so loved this year.

OK ok , no scrap stuff today...I am scrapbooking but all for the
reveals in June.

Let's get down to the important part!


Blogger chignon said...

Okay, why so many trips to school in one day? Hope it was for happy things (I am a teacher and today a child went home sick, not a happy trip for Mom I am sure!). Well happy thoughts for the birthday boy! I love reading your blog and seeing all the great ideas and YES please do a video! I love your ideas and creative spirit! TFS all your fun (and extra kits!)

Tuesday, May 25, 2010


Blogger nanapuddin said...

I have a home for them! Love your sample layouts. Happy birthday to your son! TFS!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Just email me your addys and I will get them to ya! :)

Just remember I have company and am on vacation,
so they will not be mailed for a week or so :)
Thanks for popping by,
wish I had more crafty goodness to share today
but I am swamped knee deep in company and kids!

I forgot to tell y'all...I have delivered 2 van loads now of clothing
and cleaning supplies to Nashville.
Locally I have 1 more van coming and a car full!
To everyone who donated, OMG you rock!
Amazing amazing!!!! I am going to buy pots and pans today!!

Thanks for remembering the Middle TN Flood Victims!!
Scrapbookers have the biggest hearts

~Have a great Memorial Day Weekend!~

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

~New video tutorial, easy layout by Pinky~

Hi it's me again...back to the land of blogging!
So happy because today was the last day of school!!!!!

I took my beautiful boys out to lunch and for ice cream,
then off to the Co-op and we got chicken feed LOL
Oh and don't forget their library trip too,
they have been begging since last week.

Ok I promised a video for this LO
and here it is.
It is a VERY condensed version...I tried to go as quick as possible
and my kids were knocking on the door LOL

Now off to create some more..I will be
back in tow!
~Thanks for popping by~
~Have a great week!~

Oh don't forget you can win one of these LO kits...
yesterday's blog post has 2 of them for a GIVEAWAY!!!!

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

~Back to blogging with a fun GIVEAWAY too~

That's right she is back from the dead!
Well sort of anyways....

I am still exhausted, when I got home Sunday we ran
all day long with my in laws.
Monday I got up at 6am and baked cupcakes for my son's
class (It's his birthday) and ran to school 5 all ended at 3:30
with making dinner and mowing the lawn...
but today I sat...and sat...and fell asleep sitting LOL

I thought I would share a couple more pictures from the
Imaginisce/Purple Cows class in Kentucky.
This was pre-class... with the Imaginisce Punches
Here was the class room before the first class!
So much bigger than I anticipated
Here is my fabulous assistant Aymee,
with the fabulous i-top.
She was a God-send for sure.
Oh and what is this??? A leftover KIT you say???
Well I guess it is?? Now where would this find a good home??
HMMM I wonder?!!AND I have enough to give away TWO!!!!!
Each kit will make 2 layouts as shown below!
I might even be able to swing a step by step
video on how to make these? What do ya think?

Just leave a comment below and be a follower!~
I am ALMOST at 550, I am TRYING to hit 600!! WOOOHOOO!
I am so hoping you have a great week!

~Thanks for popping by~

Sunday, May 23, 2010

~Home from Kentucky, Happy Sunday my friends~

Good morning my crafty friends...
I am so happy to be home after this whirlwind trip to Kentucky!
We hit a washed out bridge and a 40 mile detour,
but made it safely and had a ball!

Everyone was so excited and kind in our class,
we had so much fun.
I promised everyone in class (all 200) that
I would take pictures and post the layouts we did
so they could make more, or finish theirs if they needed to.

This was the first layout.
We did 2 in class but Aymee and I made 4 copies
and it was a good thing because we walked that class 600 times
showing the examples.
Here is the one Aymee made and we shared.

Here is one version (double sided paper)
Here is the first version I madeAnd here is the second one with the other
side of patterned paper.

We had a stress free, no measuring class and
everyone laughed and talked the whole time!

Miss Aymee was amazing, we had a ball.
We left at 3am this morning for the airport and home.
I am worn out but happy and fulfilled.

Thank you everyone from Scrapbook Village for bringing
CLOTHING DONATIONS for the flood victims.

I came home with a carload FULL of donations.
Thank you Imaginisce who so generously donated all the supplies
and Purple Cows who made it all possible.
Good people I tell ya!

Now after I unpack I just might have a couple kits left to GIVEAWAY
so let me get unpacked and come to my senses and I will
see what I have left tomorrow for a RAK! :)

~Thanks for popping by~
~Have a great Sunday~

Saturday, May 22, 2010

~Good friends, good paper, good news~

Good morning my crafty friends,
I am fortunate enough in life to have some amazing friends
and meet more amazing people every day.
Especially in crafting.

I wanted to take a minute to share my weekend with you all,
even though I am in Kentucky right now.

These pictures are my friends who came by
*for nothing but a slice of pizza and some giggles*
This is about 1/3rd of the ribbon
To help me kit up 200 yes TWO HUNDRED kits
for my class in Kentucky this weekend.
This is my girlfriend Aymee who flew in from PA
and my local girlfriend Ziggy with their matching paper cuts LOL
My son REFUSED to look up LOL
But he was right there helping all along!
Imaginisce is an amazing company *very generous*
This is about 1/3rd of the paper! LOL
It took us nearly 5 hours to kit them all up.
That did not include packing.
Also a special thanks to Kelly, someone who I just met who came over to help.
She did not even get pizza!! haha
Ok, now ya'll heard about the "Good friends" and the "Good paper"
I am in Kentucky in my hotel room, tired but so excited
about the "Good News"

Scrapbooking From The Inside Out has
generously agreed to keep me on another term...
but that's not the best part!
AYMEE Miss Southern Belle Scrapper...
My good friend, is going to join me!

We get to work together again!! We have not worked together
since Leslie had us on her amazing DT~

It's a great weekend!!
Hope y'all enjoy your Saturday
~Thanks for stopping by~

Friday, May 21, 2010

~Not good enough for publication but great for my friends!~

Good morning my crafty friends...
This was not quite good enough for publication, but I knew
my crafty friends online would appreciate the efforts :)

I combined my two favorite things...
Glitter and acrylic!!!

A Clear Scraps mini album

The new Imaginisce Love & Cherish Line

and Clearsnaps glitter babay!

Oh and of course Helmar Clear Zapdots! WOOHOO love those things!
I am off to Kentucky today but wanted to post this since
I knew it would not be published now :)

Have a beautiful Friday,
I am up up and away!
Thanks for popping by

Thursday, May 20, 2010

~Helmar & Purple Cows save the day~

Happy Thursday my friends,
you may wonder why in the world Helmar and Purple Cows
saved the day today, so let me share my story.

I got myself into a bit of a pickle this week.
You know I have been crazy swamped...but NEVER
to busy for friends, or the school. When my son's Kindergarten
teacher called and asked me to make some wings,
I was thinking some small problem...just whip them out!

Oh no, she meant like 3 foot wings for a play that fit on the
arms of a child! LOL *uh oh Wonder Woman*

After some thinking and snagging some super huge thick cardstock
I decided to just go crazy with the V2 Glue to hold the
crepe paper on each side, then glue the edges down with
Helmar Premium Craft Glue.
Then for the arm bands I used my Purple Cows Laminator to
laminate the paper after I covered it with crepe paper.
Then I used my Helmar 450 to glue down the edges,
and since you can SEW through the 450, I just used my sewing
machine to stitch on the arm pieces.
I sewed through lamination and all! It worked perfectly,
then I covered the stitching with the decorative crepe paper.

And for the crafter in me, I spritzed it with the Tattered Angels
Midnight Blue mist.
No I won't be on Broadway making costumes, but
for short notice and for the kids, it works :)

OK I am off to get Aymee today,
and give out some fresh Zucchini bread!
I will try to get pictures of the chickens shortly.
~Happy Thursday~
~Thanks for sharing my life, my crafts
and my love~


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

~Happy Hump Day & Glue WINNER~

Good morning my crafty friends...
unfortunately I have nothing to share today.
Due to this extremely busy week, baseball, my class, sewing,
my trip to Kentucky, and more....

Tomorrow I pick up my girlfriend Aymee, and we jaunt
off to lunch in Nashville then to Belk for some
Yellowbox shoes, then home to
kit up 200 yes TWO HUNDRED kits for the class!
Poor Aymee is going to be sick of me!

But I could not forget to post the WINNER of the ZAPDOTS!
Blogger bluecrayons said...

morn'n ms. pinky . i always love reading about you and yours and seeing the fun photo's. i also love reading your crafty blogs, they inspire me. keep up the great work. :O)

Sunday, May 16, 2010

Email me you addy girl! :)

I am crafting today...
it's not scrapbooking, but it is crafty.
My son is in Kindergarten and his teacher asked me to
make some 3 foot butterfly wings...I am hoping to get them
finished today and photographed to share before my trip.
Nothing special just classroom fun.

Also I have been making little girl dresses from fabric scraps.
I have 3 more sitting here to finish.
I won't be around for the next few days and it kills me.
I am so addicted to blogging and sharing those SVG files!

But this mom has to take a break to travel to Kentucky and
teach a scrapbook class. Then the in laws arrive for some family time.
I promise I will be back ASAP

OHHH and my class for Lebanon was postponed to the 29th at 11am!
So sign up if you are around!

Love you all
Thanks for your support!

Monday, May 17, 2010

~Monday already? Cricut fun, more SVG's...

Good morning all you amazing crafters out there.
I am so not ready for Monday let alone the entire week!

I am excited about my class this week in Cave City, KY.
There are still just a few tickets left so if you want to go
snag those tickets now!
I am even more excited for Aymee to come and visit
she is going to help me with my class *yea*.
I wanted to show you that not only do I make the SVG"s I use
them just like you.
This is a picture of one of the "pen" SVG's I put up yesterday,
and how I used the Cri-Kit pens to draw it,
then I clicked SHADOW and cut it out on my Cricut.I am going to glitter it and make it pretty when I have more time.
You can see it's not shaky or anything, those Cri-Kit pens work great!

Ok on to FREE SVG's
This one is for the pens, not cutting...
Just click to download

This one is for cutting only
Ok I am off to sew, and face this week head on!
~Have a GREAT Monday~
~Thank you for popping by~

Don't forget about yesterdays blog post with a RAK/PRIZE!

Sunday, May 16, 2010

~Super Sunday, FREE SVG's, FREE PRIZE, FREE FUN!! ~

Good morning my crafty friends :)
You know it is rare lately that I get to scrap a page just
for fun, with no DT work or kits involved.
I am NOT complaining but last night after my gf
came over and helped me clean off my table, I was
totally inspired to scrap a page, so I sat up until midnight
and made this page.
Of course I used my Helmar Zapdots because I love
dimension, and some old Fancy Pants paper I "found".
I think I was inspired because yesterday was so fun and Gage
insisted I take a picture of him with his team hat.
It was so cute and I so wanted to scrap it.
We had a great day with the party and all.
Justice loved his cake and everyone had so much fun!
Now on to the FREE SVG's.
*click on picture to download*
Music Notes, this one is so fun and cuts into one piece.This Guitar with Wings I suggest you cut it larger
because the details gets blurred if it's too small.

OK on tot he PEN SVG's! These are for your Cri-Kit Pens
or any Cricut pen! Yow know how scarce these files are!
Blossom #2

Blossom #1Ok you stayed with me through all the scrapping and family stuff,
I thought it would be fun to give away a small prize today
A NEW Package of Helmar ZAPDOTS!!!
Woohoo! Everyone loves glue right??
So leave a comment here and Tuesday I will choose a winner
*randomly* if there is alot of comments
I will give away 2 or 3 packages :)
These are cheap on my wallet to ship *yea*

That's about it for me today,
I am off to sew all day...
have a great weekend!
As always THANK YOU for stopping by.
Love your comments and love you!

Saturday, May 15, 2010

~Happy Fun Saturday~

Good morning my crafty friends!~

No scrapbooking for me today, I spent the night baking
a cake for my son. I used to make cakes all the time,
you know the good old Wilton star tipped frosting bags with
royal buttercream frosting and a zillion dots on one cake.
Since we started moving I have not made them any fancy cakes.
But my boy asked for Spongebob so I hopped online to
find ideas and they had great 9X13 cake ideas!
This is the end result.
Many mistakes and definitely not perfect but
he loves it and that's all that counts!

Today we will have our first BIG birthday bash,
we have always just had family over, never invited a class
before, so it should be fun!
I have a pinata, a cake, 2 tubs of ice creams and 2 gallons of Kool-Aid

~Have a great weekend y'all~
I will be back tomorrow with chicken updates,
Free NEW SVG's, and something creative I am sure!

*Oh and pssstt...MY COMPUTER IS FIXED!!!!!
back to SVG making and regular life WOOHOO!

~Thanks for popping by~

Friday, May 14, 2010

~Happy Friday! Scrap-happy Friday~

Good morning my crafty friends,
tomorrow is my son's birthday party and I have
some baking to do today!

I made this card for one of the teachers.
I got to play with my new i-rock tool!It was so fun! I used the new Splash Dance papers too.
I don't know why I have been in a card mood lately.
They are always so simple but I love playing with the papers.
Have you seen the new i-rock tool from Imaginisce?
I know you have been asking about it so I made this video.

Well off to make a Spongebob cake.
So excited for my son tomorrow...
~Happy Friday~
~Have a great day~