Tuesday, April 30, 2013

~Facebook Humor With Stamps!~

Hey there-good morning my friends,

I have been doing alot of humor projects lately and this is no different...
I mean seriously..Viva Las VegaStamps has opened up a whole new world
of stamping humor for my crafts! :) 

I created this for my son...because he is ALWAYS on his phone LOL
How fun is this quote and face? I love it!
You can find a step by step instruction sheet on the VLVS blog post here:

I don't think I will be telling Pink Paislee I used their beautiful papers for this one! LOL

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Monday, April 29, 2013

~Awkward Moments Card #3- Thanks For Parking.....

Hey there, good morning, Happy Monday! :) 

So this weekend we were totally rained in and games were cancelled,
it was the perfect time to get creative. 

My gf Shauna came up with this card idea...
 It starts out as a beautiful card with roses...that says "Hey there"...
 then inside it says this.....
 Come on I know you all need one of these! LOL
For those people who park sideways or take up 3 spaces...it happens 
to me all the time. People park while I am in the store then I am blocked in.

I added the car rub-ons for fun! :) 
 I am thinking someone will be emailing me today for this card! LOL
It's happening people! LOL
 Awkward Cards by Pinky- Custom cards made for those delicate "awkward" situations in life. 

So happy Monday! I hope it started of with some giggles!
Have a wonderful day. 
Don't forget!!!

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I am using Clear Scraps acrylic and Avocado Arts stamps!

Thursday, April 25, 2013

~Just Felt Like Sharing~

Hey there, just felt like sharing my smiles for the week...

My amazing family and the precious new addition to the home...
Baby Toffee. This is Daffodil our baby and our newest adopted baby Toffee. 
 BOTH dogs were abandoned and set for the pound. We love them.

And of course baseball season is in full swing,
I have taken over 4000 photos already.....I am super proud of my boys this year!
Justice is hanging in there with his injuries....both permanent feet injuries and stitches. 

 Gage is playing on an amazing special needs baseball team! **LOVES**
 And my oldest son Brad who is volunteering his time
for the special needs team. Such a proud momma this week. 

 Where does the time go? 
I know it won't be long until all of these moments disappear into
full grown adulthood and families of their own...
I better enjoy them while I can because I feel them slipping away...

Thanks for sharing with me today----much love to you. 

Wednesday, April 24, 2013

~Awkward Moments Card #2~

Good morning and happy hump day!!! :) 

Yes I am still on this "Awkward Moments" card kick...I mean seriously
I am just laughing and having fun this week with it. 

I have had many texts about ideas....and I had a text from Shauna 
yesterday with this hilarious Llama! LOL 
 Awkward Cards by Pinky- Custom cards made for those delicate "awkward" situations in life. 

You know that friend who get the worst haircut but you LOVE them
and don't want to embarrass them but you are also a good enough
friend to mention it...but you're a chicken? 
Yea, thats when you email me! I got your back! :) 
I just think it's too cute and too fun! 
Any other "Awkward" ideas out there? I would love to hear them.
Want a card made for your Awkward Moment? 

Holler at me! I will make you one! 
Hope you giggled like I did...have a wonderfully crafty hump day. 

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

~Awkward Card #1~

Good morning my friends, 

Sometimes I just get a wild hair and decided to craft for giggles and
fun. I was chatting with some friends this week and we seem to find
universal problems without a delicate way to handle them....
then the idea came to me...
a series of "Awkward Cards" by ME! haha

Funny sweet ways to handle delicate situations with a sense of humor
and definitely a modern twist...one huge issue several of my friends have
is dogs from the neighbors who are friends wandering into their yards 
and pooping...so why not send a beautiful card to your neighbor?

 That says "You know I love you.....please keep your dog shit out of my yard"
No it's not the most tactful way but it's meant to be fun for those with a good
sense of humor and if it's a friend she/he will laugh. :) 
Seriously I have a million ideas, maybe I should sell them...
You need this card? You can totally have it for 5.00! :)

Send me a problem I will make a card for it! 
Happy Tuesday, I hope you got a chuckle from today's post!
I would totally show October Afternoon and tag them but 
they probably don't condone a card saying "shit" in it...LOL

Did you see the "NOTES" turned upside down? yes awkward charm 
I totally just pointed out...not awkward right? LOL 

Happy Tuesday my friends! Share my post! It will be a trend!!!

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Monday, April 22, 2013

~Make Your Sports Star Your MVP!~

Good morning, I hope you all had an amazing weekend, 
mine was jam packed - hence to no blogging. 
I was sick last week too and down for the count...

But back to creating right?? Nothing cures the soul like crafting!
Last week I was up on the Viva Las VegaStamps blog with this card
and a step by step.
If you are like me, your child or a relative is in sports about now
so why not make some fun encouraging cards for them! :) 
I love my Viva Las VagaStamps! :)

Happy crafting today, I am off to sew some more and create!
I just finished these dresses this week....

It's time for dress making again! :) 
Happy Monday~

Thursday, April 18, 2013

~Too Fat To Be Photographed??!!~

Good morning my craft friends, 
I thought I would stray of the crafty course this morning and post
about something near and dear to my heart....
being a plus sized mom/woman and maintaining self esteem. 

I really am not sure it's completely possible! LOL
However after reading this article yesterday

I decided I REALLY have to change my view on myself.
I have struggled for YEARS to overcome the fact that I am not a worthless
piece of shit and I am in fact not what my dad always called me "A retard" 
or what I grew up with my mom calling me "A fat whore".
Or what bullies call me "Attention whore" 

I think maybe 50 photos were taken out of 6000 on vacation that were actually
me and 49 of them I think I looked like Shrek. 
It's funny, I made a commitment 10 years ago when my son was
born to STOP thinking of myself as a piece of shit loser who nobody
would ever want. After an entire childhood of being abused then 
 several years as an adult of being beaten and abused. 
My entire goal in life was to stop the feeling that I was a nobody. 
It didn't matter what my weight was, it didn't matter what I looked like
it just mattered that I was the BEST person I could be and the best mom 
I could be, and give my best to the community around me. 
I felt like if I accomplished that it would help me to see I was didn't deserve to be beaten
and abused all my life, I was in fact a worthwhile human being who deserved love
and happiness and a life with a family. 
At the end of the day I was right-I am a decent person who deserves to be loved.
I am not a piece of garbage. I am a good mom and I do contribute good to others lives. 

BUT the one thing that has not changed is seeing myself as UGLY.
Growing up being told you are an ugly whore, fat (at size 8) stupid, retarded, 
disgusting, gross, no one will ever love you, "I don't love you", I have never loved you.
It takes a tremendous toll on your psyche. I don't even know if it is repairable.

Even ten years of being myself and focusing on the positive
apparently can't fix feeling UGLY and ashamed.  
SO today I post these photos, in hopes to remind myself of the wonderful
family and friends I have and how that double chin I don't see in the mirror
is ONLY a camera angle and nobody cares because in fact, they see
that moment I took their daughter to the dock, the moment I laughed with friend,
 the day I touched someone's life who mattered to me. 
The day I began stalking Jenny Lawson- blessing her with my presence!
The day we all laughed so hard I peed. 
My kids don't care if I am not "Skinny" according to American Standards,
my husband doesn't care if I am "FAT" my friends don't care
if I have tattoos and pink hair....so why can't I be in the photo once in a
while and be proud?!

I guess my lightbulb moments have happened in the last
2 weeks when my friend Lori asked why I wasn't in any photos,
then I read this amazing article. SO what if I am the fattest one in my group??
It doesn't mean anything!!....I am still ME, AND I know I never see the weight in my
friends photos, or their flaws because they are amazing humans...and I love them

and you know what...SO AM I!!

Thanks for letting me share my heart with you today. 
I think I am going to hug a friend today and tell her she is beautiful...
how about you??