Monday, January 31, 2011

~Happy Monday "Love In Paris" Layout & WINNER~

Good morning my crafty friends!!!

I am so excited today because tomorrow my very first
Tally Kit "Love In Paris" is all in order and ready to be
placed in the store on Tally!!

I made this LO using the kit and actually I really
don't care for this layout. LOL But you know I am always
too honest about things!! haha!!
I love the kit and I so wanted to scrap the pictures I took of my
grandmother's jewelry box (blogged about it a couple weeks ago)
In reality you know I will scrap these pictures at least
4 or 5 more times, cause I roll like that LOL
The kit was just amazing to work with, even better than I
had imagined it could be. It was so fun designing it!
Of course I also used my Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro for the entire page.
It was really nice for the delicate paper lace ruffles.
It's going to be 26.00 and it goes up at 8:30 AM tomorrow♥
This is the KIT


I finished the design for the March Kit, and it's called

They are on Pre-Order and they have already sold! :)
I am thrilled about that! Now I need to go order it LOL

And don't forget there is still time to sign up for the Stash to Treasure
February Class!!! It is ONLY 5.00!!!
That class begins tomorrow!

I have ONE WINNER of the subscription...
Drayia said...

WOOT 2 giveaways in a week...You are the best PINKY! First Blog I check in the off to check out the links.

Please email me your email addy so I can send it to Stash to Treasure!
On Wednesday I will draw another winner....
be sure to enter HERE

Ok that is it for me today...
~Have a wonderful Monday~
~Thank YOU for popping by~

Saturday, January 29, 2011

~♥Oh La La Is Right♥~

HAPPY SATURDAY my crafty friends!!!!!!

I have always said I am not a card maker but man oh man
lately I have been feeling it. I think I was just missing
one component, the Cricut Imagine!!!!!!! It totally makes
me want to make cards like crazy!!!!

Today I used the Samantha Walker Oh La La line which is right
up my alley. I don't know how I missed this?? It was buried beneath
the cowboy papers. I found it and almost squealed!
And wait until you see her new lines...I am dying...I hope I get them all LOL
I felt like this card would be perfect to welcome a new baby girl, or
a baby shower for a the mother, or even a great girlfriend card~
I used the French Manor cartridge and the shape is from the Imagine
shapes already on the machine. I also used the Glue Arts UCUT foam
adhesive which was perfect because of the dress form shape.
ALL of the paper is the Oh La La Line (Samantha Walker)
Anyways I just wanted to share my new love,
I was so proud to share this card with you ♥

I am off to spend the day with my family today and
hopefully hit up the library!! :) My second love....

~Have a wonderful day~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Friday, January 28, 2011

~New Giveaway...Then Back To Scrapping!~

Good morning my crafty friends!
I had the most wonderful emails yesterday about
the Cricut Circle and the giveaway, thank everyone!

I have a prize know that new Clock Class
I am teaching online (It's only 5.00 to join)
Well I have 2 subscriptions to giveaway!!!!!!! WOOT!
The cool thing about this class can apply the techniques to
any of you stash of supplies, it doesn't have to be my supplies.
Stash-To-Treasure Logo
And it's a fun class with videos and pictures.
I think I made some crazy amount like 8 or 9 videos
and insane amount of photos too!
This is the scrap site
Go check it out.

Go join if you can and if not then at least leave a comment here
for a chance to win one of the 2 subscriptions!

Tomorrow I will be back to scrapping, I have a stack of
items I have made sitting here waiting to be photographed.

Oh and go check out Clear Scraps today! MORE GIVEAWAYS!!!!

OK I am off to scrap
~Happy Friday!!!~
~Leave a comment!~

Thursday, January 27, 2011

~Cricut Cartridge GIVEAWAY from the Cricut Circle!!~

♥Good morning my crafty friends♥

I told you it was coming and it's here!!!!
As many of you know I am fortunate enough to design for
Provocraft with the Cricut Circle.
You can see my work in their magazine every single month,
I am sort of the unofficial YuDu chick LOL

They host many events for the Circle Members and
it's a fun club. They are always sending me special prizes
(remember the Gypsy giveaways?)to give away and this is one of them...
A BRAND NEW H20 Cartridge from the Fall collection!!
If you already have it, then enter and give it to a friend! :)
A Cricut cartridge gift is a great gift!

Any company who gives me giveaways makes me happy!!

All you have to do to enter is
Leave A Comment
& Be A Follower....
It would be AWESOME if you share on Facebook
or on your blogs but you don't have to. I love giveaways and
don't like to have alot of restrictions :)

As soon as the comments hit 200 which should be soon
I hope!! LOL Then I will RANDOMLY choose a winner
with and someone will be a very happy crafter!


Wednesday, January 26, 2011

~♥Altered Clocks, More Classes♥~

Good morning my crafty friends♥
It has been a crazy few days but I am happy to say
I have filled all the old Tally Scrapper orders and am finally
catching up! :)

I have a couple of upcoming is online and only 5.00
it is a super FUN altered CLOCK! Oh I love vintage/retro!
Here is the online class site
You can see what the class will be like, it has step by step videos and
pictures to guide you along the way ♥
The second class is in Mt. Juliet, TN LIVE in person on
Feb 20th from 2pm to 4pm
It is a Tri-fold album/frame (the new cast acrylic ones not even OUT yet!)
with Imaginisce Garden Party!!!!! :) at The Scrap Room!!
It will be 25.00....

I would LOVE to meet you!!!! Come out and say hi
she is opening the store just for this class!
ALL new CHA products no store has yet!!! :)

Ok I am back to inventory and creating, I have a video due
and some fun projects coming up!!

If you know anyone in TN please pass the word along, I love
teaching these classes and it helps out the family♥
~Happy Wednesday~
~Happy Crafting~

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

~When Crafting Goes Bad~ hehe

Good morning my crafty friends!

That's right...sometimes crafting goes bad LOL

I was working on this project with my YuDu this week and
adding some flowers and flourishes with white in and
wouldn't you know it???
Not only was the screen bad (from using it so much) and it left a mark
but also the white ink bottle broke in my hand!! LOL
I am happy I took pictures before I ruined it....OI!
I really have to stop being so hard on myself and just let it go...
I thought I would share with you the pre-mess outfit!! :)

Anyways, I am knee deep in inventory for Tally Scrapper
it all came yesterday and I am working to fill old orders.
Then off to Fed Ex and the PO. They are calling for snow tomorrow
and it looks like possibly 4" so I better get done now!

I hope you have better luck with your crafting today!!
~Have a wonderful Tuesday~

Monday, January 24, 2011

~Not All Cards Have To Be Folded...Right?! haha~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I missed blogging yesterday because I spent the day
Saturday out with friends and watching Black Swan which
was fantastic! I love horror movies, movies with suspense and movies
with a Hitchcock feel and I was totally wowed! It was a lovely day.

Ok back to crafting right? :)
I made this card using the Love in Paris Tally Scrapper Kit
for February and I love that it has a sheet of acrylic in it!
Everything except the buttons were from the kit....
This is the back for writing.
You know it is RARE that I say I LOVE one of my cards
but I genuinely love this card, it's so funky~
The acrylic is from Clear Scraps of course...and I love the acrylic
from Clear Scraps, it makes me smile ♥
Oh and I used my Glue Arts Perma Tac on the card too.
I was testing it out on the acrylic with paper and it worked perfectly!
I had trouble with other glues burning the acrylic and
also I lost 10 acrylic projects alone last year from yellowing and cracking
but this Perma Tac worked, so I might have to try it some more.

Ok I am off to finish projects and hit the Fed Ex office!!
Have a beautiful Monday everyone!
OHHHH this week I have a Cricut Cartridge GIVEAWAY coming up
so please stay tuned! WOOHOO!!!!!

Saturday, January 22, 2011

~Happy Crafty Saturday~

Boy it has been a busy week!
Good morning my crafty friends :)

I have been so busy creating this week and with the kids home half
the time....OY! :)

You know I took over Tally Scrapper and when I did
it meant I would be designing the kits for Tally this is going to
be my very first's called Love In Paris.

Since I have first dibs * Since it comes to my house LOL*
I was able to create with it first :)

Not a very romantic LO I know, but I have wanted to scrap the
pictures of my son and his Asthma for so long. I hate his
breathing issues and how often he is sick and on his machine.
It's such a HUGE part of our life and I wanted to document it
you know I document everything. I have to admit it was
hard to scrap this page, I cried alot. This picture I took was
heart wrenching. It was right after her had fallen out of the 2 story
window and survived....we had just gotten him back to normal
then the Asthma began. I was so thankful to have him alive and so
upset he was in pain yet again.
Anyways....the kit is beautiful right? LOL
Guess what it has in it???
ACRYLIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOOT!
It goes up for sale February 1st.

That's it for me today, I am off to have lunch with a friend♥
Happy Saturday everyone!

Friday, January 21, 2011

~More Cricut Fun, Special Cards~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I have a few projects piling up here I have to share...
today I have a Cricut Card I made using the Summer In Paris
Cartridge, and one of the old Tally Scrapper kits.
It is my friend's birthday on Sunday and we had lunch this week
she loves wine so I thought this would be perfect for her.
You know it genuinely is a pleasure to give a card to someone who
truly appreciates it and when you are my friend you can expect to
hear "Save that card, I might need it back I am submitting it!" LOL
Thankfully I have friends who laugh it off and know I am serious!
I am very blessed in the friends department for sure!
I am also so blessed to have access to my Cricut and Cricut cartridges!
You know my Cricut Imagine has turned me into a card maker!
You will never hear me say *again* that I am not a card maker
because it is not true now! :) *YEA*

Ok I am off to check the snow report and see if my kids
are going to be home again...I mean we do have 1 inch of snow ROFL!
Oh TN I love you but seriously, we need to have a chat about snow days.

~Happy Friday!~
~ Thank you for stopping by, I love ya for it!~


Thursday, January 20, 2011

~New GIVEAWAY & Video Tutorial w/ Animal Crackers!l!!!!~

Good morning my talented crafty friends♥

I have a special post to share today....
when I received my Animal Crackers line from Imaginisce
I knew I wanted to make a family project, so I decided
on a "Movie/Game Night" set up. I made popcorn cones
to go along with it....the boys were tickled about these!
*you can see the full view on the Imaginisce Blog today*
I made this quick video tutorial to go along with it
and ANYONE can make these! :) In fact Imaginisce
will be sharing my project that was on TV!!!!! WOOHOO! I am so excited!

And guess what else??? THERE IS A GIVEAWAY!!!!
If you go check out the Imaginisce Blog or vice versa
you could win BIG!!!! :) The entire line of Animal Crackers!!

Go check out the TV spot and be sure to leave comments.
It's a great day today!!!! :) I am smiling ear to ear!

Oh and by the way I have a Cricut Cartridge
GIVEAWAY coming up soon too, stay tuned ♥

~Thank YOU for stopping by!~
~Have a wonderful day~

Wednesday, January 19, 2011


Good morning!!!!!
*Stay tuned tomorrow for Video Tutorial!*

I have a FUN GIVEAWAY today! :)
But first.....

This is another one of the amazing NEW products from
Clear Scraps....Scalloped Tri-Fold Frames.
I decided when I get the boys school photos back,
I will add them and send it to Grandma and Grandpa...cute right?
I used the kit from Scraptastic Club...Old School
it's on clearance for 10.00! I love this kit! :)
I also used my handy dandy Extreme Tac Glue from Glue Arts.

♥Ok on to the GIVEAWAY♥
You might know or maybe not, that Clear Scraps promoted me
to the Blog Editor in Chief, which means I get to GIVE stuff
away and organize the blog...♥ it!

EVERY Friday there is a NEW giveaway on the Clear Scraps blog
so here is my GIVEAWAY this week....
as soon as we hit 100 more followers I will giveaway a 10.00 Michaels
GIFT CARD from me to you...because I am drumming up the biz...
and if we get 200 more I will give away a 25.00 Gift Card! :)
If for some reason we get 300 more I will give out a 50.00 GC!!!

I am keeping count and we currently have 8 more than yesterday!
All you have to do is FOLLOW and let me know on Facebook
or right here on this post. Please spread the word to everyone! :)

I have a Michaels right here and if you do not have a Michaels
I will get one for your store in your area!!!!

Ok I am off to a special lunch today...
~Happy Hump Day my friends~

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

~Happy Tuesday, More Animal Crackers Fun~

Hey all my scraptastic friends!

Before anything I wanted to share a fun 6X12 layout
I made with the new Animal Crackers line from Imaginisce.
GO check out their blog because they are giving it away all week!

Here is my funky layout, I know it's not circus theme but
I never feel you have to stick with the theme of the paper.
We all had such a great time at Dinosaur World in KY
I thought it would go perfectly with the Animal Crackers line
because to me it represented FUN! :)
Remember that Gypsy I gave away a while ago?
The winner sent me this Martha Stewart Punch and I used it
on this LO for the journaling strips. Thanks Chris~ :)
The entire layout is Animal Crackers, Glue Arts Extreme Glue, Thickers.
If you have not tried the 6X12 size, you should...they are addicting!

I had a great day yesterday with my boys at the 1.50 theater,
we watched MegaMind and they boys had fun♥

Then to end the evening I had ANOTHER pub email!
I cannot tell you how tickled I am! It must be my month!

Then right after that the new Tallyscrapper kit came in the
mail the one I designed for my new position on Tally♥

I am off to make a preview video for the "Love in Paris" Kit
and finish up a couple projects for Cricut :)
See you all tomorrow and don't forget Thursday a new VIDEO tutorial
and more Animal Crackers Fun!

~THANK YOU for stopping by~
~I sit down every night and read comments and bless you~

Sunday, January 16, 2011

~Happy Monday W/New Releases this week!~

Good morning! I have my babies home today
for MLK holiday so it's going to be a mom day :)

A few things coming up this week...
First of all the BRAND NEW Animal Crackers Line
from Imaginisce is coming out and a HUGE release
party as well ALL WEEK which means BIG prizes!
Animal Crackers
This was a super fun line to work with and here is a sneak peek
of my project coming out on Wednesday on their blog
with a classic video tutorial "Pinky style" hehe
Also have you seen the new Core'donations GIVEAWAY?
Go enter to win! You know I am always using Core'dinations
love that paper and the new lines OMG to die for!

Also the giveaways every Friday on Clear Scraps?
Have you seen them?
You know I always have my eyes peeled for giveaways for y'all! :)

I think that's it for me today...I am waiting on a box to arrive
and it is supposed to have a great BIG giveaway for MY BLOG! :)
So stay many projects this week and so much fun!!
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for stopping by~

~Chugging Into Sunday! New Acrylic Work!~

Good morning!!!

I have another fun acrylic project to share today...
this is also a new sneak peek for CHA from Clear Scraps.
In fact I Fed Ex'd it in so you should be able to see it in person♥

It is a new TRAIN banner....I decided since my youngest is
such a HUGE train fanatic, to make it for him.
I used all Basic Grey papers and embellishments,
with my Glue Arts Extreme Adhesive for the vintage buttons.
Plus on the stars I used Smooch Spritz on the back,
then I sealed it with PYMII and it worked perfectly!
It sealed the Smooch and made it all shine through.
For the wheels I used my Fiskars Punch...I don't remember the name,
I think it might be Seal Of Approval??
My Cricut Imagine to cut the letters from Core'dinations card stock.
Here is a closeup of the sealed Smooch, I used green and blue.
And the half fans I just made myself adhering them with the ibond.
The edges are those Viva Decor Pens, I love those!
It was a FUN project and what the best thing was...Gage was
TICKLED when he saw it! He squealed and said "FOR ME??"

Ok I am off to be with the family today, and work
on my Cricut Circle Projects for the magazine.
I am YuDuing my ass off! LOL

~Happy Sunday~
~ Thanks for popping by~

OHHH all next week is Animal Crackers Release week
on Imaginisce and of course I am going to be there
so be sure to check out the blog and mine :)
I have a new video tutorial coming out on the 19th!

Saturday, January 15, 2011

♥~Hello Saturday, You Are Loved~♥

Good morning my amazingly talented friends,
you are LOVED by me ♥

I wanted to thank you all for the comments yesterday and clear
up a question repeated all day yesterday...
My favorite color LOL
It is not pink but to be perfectly honest, I have no favorite color
I love so many colors...I cannot decide.

I have a fun layout I made this week.
You know I am trying to fill this 8.5X11 album I have
and I do love making this size.

I have had this picture for a while now and have
been dying to scrap it! I RARELY get the opportunity to scrap a girl,
let alone a baby girl! I might have to send this to her mother :) My SIL.
I used Cosmo Cricket Togetherness line
because this is a Purple Cows project.
You just might see it on the Purple Cows site! :)
I also used my Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro...and speaking of
Glue Arts...I did not know they made a Glue Glider Max!
I am going to have to hunt one down and review it,
see how awesome it is?! Has anyone out there used it?
Let me know, I want to hear~

I am so excited this morning....yesterday I sent in my first
official magazine publication project!

They contacted me on Thursday night.
So, if you want to see it in person you can look in the
June/July issue of the new Cricut Magazine
I hope this is the first of many and it does encourage me to submit!
I have to admit I suck at submitting...but that's going to change now!

Oh and I wanted to thank you all for the fun comments yesterday.
I had a ball reading them and it was a fun post, Imaginisce
really makes me so happy!

~I hope you have a wonderful Saturday,
sending beautiful thoughts your way~

Friday, January 14, 2011

10 Things.....You don't know about PINKY! ♥

Good morning my scrappy friends!
Today is a FUN day...Imaginisce has been featuring their designers
all week long and today is my day!

At 12noon they will be posting a piece on me called...

♥10 Things You Don't Know About Pinky♥....bwhahaha
It's really fun and you will love it!
Be sure to check it out, there is a BIG PRIZE! :)

I am so beyond honored to be designing for Imaginisce,
it almost makes me tear up. I have met so many people and been
so very blessed in the scrap industry and Imaginisce is one
of the most amazing companies and they are very kind
and supportive, from the beginning to the end.
I could not be more pleased to be staying on for another year!

I walked down memory lane to bring you some past Imaginisce projects.
This was from July last year a party banner.♥
And I think this one is one of my all time top favorite layouts.

Here is another layout I made into a kit for a class in Kentucky
we had 200 people for that class and what an amazing adventure!
If you check out the Imaginisce blog today there will be a prize for
commenting on THIS blog post and theirs! :)

That's it for me today...I am off to clean this messy house....
who am I kidding LOL I am off to scrap!
~Happy Friday!~