Saturday, December 31, 2011

~Just Have Fun With It~

Good morning my friends and Happy New Year!

I was scrapping a little bit yesterday, going over photos
and friends, trying to decide what to post, then it hit me.
Just go out with a bang girl! Have fun......
I decided my last day of 2011 I would go digital.
Just have fun and be silly....I am so very blessed with an AMAZING
family, incredible true friendships, and so much more.
Yes I struggle like everyone else sometimes it gets pretty hard.
BUT overall I have peace in my heart and I know I am on the right path.
I am excited about the fresh changes ahead in 2012 and ready
for this year to be a new adventure!

Thanks to my sweet wonderful boys and hubby who are unconditionally
in my life, and all the sweet families that surround me.
Plus all my amazing supportive crafty nation of friends,
I love you all and wish you all a VERY Happy 2012! MUAH!

Products Used: Samantha Walker Digital Kits- Day By Day Paper Pack, Cuckoo 4 U Chocolate Melon, Cuckoo 4 U Chocolate Paper- you can find all her digi kits here

Friday, December 30, 2011

~Hiding In My Craft Room Playing With Paper~

Good morning my crafty-licious friends~

I have been having fun hiding away in my craft room this week.
I am still working on CHA projects and a couple extra projects.
I am working on new releases from Clear Scraps, and a page for a friend.
While I was waiting for the pictures from Lindy, I scrapped this page.
I am trying to make a few "friends" pages. I found this paper from
Momenta and knew I had to make this page right away.
I love the printed quotes paper how it says
"Circle Of Friends" & "Always There" I decided to use
that as the title instead of adding my own.
I have been making ALOT of 8X8 pages lately, I guess I need to grab
an 8X8 album soon! haha You know I never think about the size of my pages
I just grab whatever and start working on them.
Do you have a page size preference?
And why?
I am finding myself moving away from 12X12 more and more
and doing alot of 8X8, 8.5X11, but then again I do slip in
the occasional 12X12. Since crafting is a pleasure thing
for me, I tend to be very waffly and craft on a whim. LOL


Thursday, December 29, 2011

~Pocketful Of Memories~

Good morning my friends,

I told y'all I have been crafting this week and one of my projects
is for a friend of mine (Lindy), who is an amazing inspiration to me,
as is her daughter who has helped her mom from the first day.
I have only known her about a year but she has really touched my life.
When Lindy asked me to make a page for her sister in law of course I said YES.
Lindy is a Cancer survivor and she is full of life.
I am always amazed by the people I meet. Those who show you what
is really important in life and just how much surviving really means.
I think that must be our common bond: survival.
She was featured in the Martina McBride video, you can read her
amazing story here: Lindy's Story
It's always hard to figure out what to do on a page you make for someone else
but I had an idea of exactly what I wanted to do for this special page.
Lindy is full is spunk and amazing love...I wanted to make it a heartfelt page
full of bling and pearls. The pocket is filled with photos and newspaper
clippings, there were so many I wanted a nice place to put them
without making 6 or 7 actual pages so I came up with the pocket.
As I approach 40 I am meeting the most amazing people.
This was another way crafting has helped me to reach out
to people who really make a difference in this world~
For this project I used:
Clear Scraps 12X12 acrylic sheet, KanBan Crafts, Beacon 3N1, Viva Decor Pearl Pens,
Momenta alphas, Clearsnap Smooch Spritz on the alphas, vintage lace, stickles.


Wednesday, December 28, 2011

~Highlights Of 2011~

Good morning my sweet crafty friends,

Man has 2011 flown by or what?
I decided this week to make tribute or collage pages to the best
of 2011 times we had. I definitely think the highlights of our 2011
were all the amazing families we were able to spend time with.
All of the sweet faces of the children we spent time with, and
all the amazing parents we met. This has been a very blessed year
as far as meeting good down to earth country people who value
our family as much as we value theirs. So I thought I would take several of the
snapshots I took and collage them on layouts.
This is just the first one, I printed them in 1.5X1.5 size
and looking at it now I realize I doubled up on my sweet Gage LOL
Anyways, after I am done I will have a few pages so the
kids can look back (and of course mom and dad) like a yearbook for 2011.
They can see the faces as they grow through the years and show their
children too. For this page I used Momenta and Clear Scraps products
Oh and the Twinery twine too! (Love that stuff).
I might just make an entire book of faces, including adults and
then put 2011 on the cover....Oh the ideas are rolling now!


Tuesday, December 27, 2011

~More Fun Photo Props~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I hope your Christmas was wonderful.
Ours was simple but one of the best holidays we have had
in Tennessee. Wonderful family and friend time.
We delivered our annual plates of goodies, and Hayley gave us some Rum Cake
(I had never had rum cake before). Then we had pop in company
on Christmas Eve, and our friends came over for karaoke on
Christmas Day. It was so nice to relax and spend time with everyone.

I have been sneaking into my craft room all week and trying to
sneak in projects one by one. This is a requested Cake Prop I made.
The last cake I made was one layer, but after it was shown on
my blog I had a request for a 2 layer cake, so I made one! :)
I just realized I photographed this cake backwards LOL
I grabbed myself a #1 from the store and coated it in glitter,
then snapped pictures before shipping it off. LOL
These photo props are so much fun!
Oh and this is 100% Momenta too. I wanted to put a bunch of flowers
all around but ran out of time, I think the next paper cake
will be covered in flowers. Does anyone want to come make 40 for me? hahaha


Saturday, December 24, 2011

~Merry Christmas & Happy Holidays To You~

From my heart to yours, I want to wish you all a
VERY Merry Christmas and a beautiful holiday season.
I am grateful everyday for every single one of you.
Have a wonderful holiday weekend my friends.

Friday, December 23, 2011

~Cricut Cartridge Winner!!~

Good morning my friends....

I did get to sit down this week and play with paper.
In between the boys and baking, I cannot believe how grown up my boys are!
They have all made their own lunches all week.

Ok on to my projects....this is one of my sweet friend's daughter.
All Momenta of course :)
I just adore her and in fact she might look familiar...
in a few months you might see her face in a store near you!
I will keep you updated. :)
I am trying to finish off all these "friend" pages for my friends before
the New Year, I have several done and I am excited to put hanging
ribbons on them for everyone!

Just a quick personal update: My son's Dr. app was rescheduled suddenly.
They called at 8am and rescheduled it. I will keep ya'll updated.
I wanted to thank those of you who sent me cards and email of support,
I really appreciate the uplifting prayers and support, it is much needed.
I am very blessed with phenomenal people in my life.
Thanks especially for the extra calls this week.♡♡
It's been an extremely stressful week I feel very grateful.

Ok on to the cartridge WINNER.....
Blogger Brenda said...

ohhhh Pinky I love love love your photos!!!
Wishing you and your family a very Merry Christmas!!

Friday, December 16, 2011

Please email or Facebook me with your info.
I am a little slow with the mailing these last two times due to
the crazy holidays but everything will go out by January 1st.

Merry Christmas my friends~

Thursday, December 22, 2011

~Hot Chocolate Friends~

Good morning my crafty friends,

I was able to sit down this week and play a little
bit with the beautiful KanBan Crafts.
It's no secret I love my Hot Cocoa and Butterscotch Schnapps
and when I saw this Hot Chocolate Friends label, I nearly fell over! LOL
I knew exactly who it as for right away!
I have some amazing "hot chocolate" friends LOL :)
I layered the cup on top, it looks like layered die cuts.
I just love how easy Kanban is! :)
Ok I am off to spend these last few hours with the boys before
the whirlwind of Gage's Dr. app. comes on and everything
else falls in my lap LOL Oh the holiday season...

Merry Christmas my friends, I hope your holidays are full
of love and joy with your family. I am looking forward to spending
it with my family and friends.♡♡


Wednesday, December 21, 2011

~Clearsnap Fun Project (Mini Tutorial)~

Good morning my friends,

I have been playing with the fun Clearsnap products lately and
oh I am in LOVE! :) I have always liked their glitters and sprays
but had no idea about their Sparkle fibers!
I am totally in love with them!
For this little border strip I used Beacon Fabri-Tac and ran it on the
edges of a 2 1/4X6 sheet of paper, then I sprinkled on the Sparkle Fiber.
After that I took a slightly smaller strip and applied the
Clearsnap Design Adhesive, then I sprinkled glitter on.
It was so easy, I did a project last year with the Design Adhesives
on GLASS and it was so cool!
After that I just layered the 2 strips together, hand cut out the
ornaments, then added some bling and I was done! :)
Can you believe I made all these cards this year and have not sent
out even one Christmas card this year? I am such a slacker LOL
Between the in laws coming for 2 weeks, kids being sick, hubs being sick,
CHA projects...I am completely out of time LOL
Oh well, such is life...maybe I need to send out New Years cards! :) hahaha

Happy Wednesday my friends...I plan on sitting here all day
playing in my craft room and possibly begging my friends to bring
their kids over for some play time.

Don't forget to enter the giveaways!!! :) A few days ago on my blog
and Friday is the winner announcement!!!
Merry Christmas my friends.


Monday, December 19, 2011

~2 Hot Chicks, Christmas Slow Down~

Good morning my friends,
Boy the holidays surely do take a toll on a body don't they?
Yesterday mine finally gave out on me, my back had enough
and stopped me in my tracks. I think I will have to take it easy
this week and just stay home and craft.

Usually I can get around real well at home but this weekend
I couldn't even do that. So crafty room, here I come!!! haha :)

I know you are looking at this layout thinking
"PINKY what in the world? SPRING? Just let me get past Christmas!!!" LOL
I know I know-you hardly get past Halloween and the Christmas
decor comes out and do you know Old Navy put their swimsuit line
in the online store yesterday??

But we crafty designers always work at least 1-2 season ahead
so you all know what to look forward to in the upcoming months~
Thankfully I always have reserve spring photos on hand,
and these little chicks are pretty much my favorite thing to
scrap besides my boys of course!
These my last few Imaginisce projects to share it is the end of my term.
There are always great opportunities around the corner.

Don't forget about the Cricut cartridge GIVEAWAY
from last week! hurry go sign up~~ :)
Merry Christmas my friends, see y'all tomorrow with a
fun new project!


Saturday, December 17, 2011

~Holiday Fun~

Good morning my crafty friends....
We had a great time last night at the Hobbs home.
We threw a little shindig.
Since we live out in the country and are not really the "cool" kids in town
(not the social-elite or anything) we usually try to have our own little
country Christmas party around this time of year.
We did not think we would be able to have one this year with the
company coming for Thanksgiving and all but we managed to throw
one with a little help from the local families! :)
We did a kids mini party in the back rooms and an adult party
in the front rooms, it was so cute too!
All the moms dressed up and the kids running around. :)
Above are 2 beautiful friends of mine and below my friend
Melissa in her new scarf and festive hat, so cute! :)
We finally finished the house, and had it ready to go
after a day of baking sugar cookies and pies.

Poor Jennifer I caught her in mid chat (sorry Jen) LOL
Everyone had a nice visit until around midnight......
And of course a little White Elephant gift exchange.
Oh and here is Payton...she wanted to go see the birds, and she knew
just who to ask LOL "OH Andrew...." hehehe
Of course he caved and took her in. Her mom said that Andrew would
let her burn down the house and not say a word LOL I think
she is right, he has a soft spot for that child. He always wanted a girl.
Isn't her little outfit to die for?! I love it!!
It was a nice evening, just food, kids, friends, and fun chatter.
I think everyone took a slice of pie or dozen cookies home.
We had 2 friends missing which was sad, but besides that it was fun.

It was nice to see everyone so happy and enjoying the company.
I think it's nice to just enjoy each other sometimes....the only thing
we needed to add was a bonfire! haha

Oh wait, there is still New Years!!!!
Happy Saturday everyone...I am sure I will be sleeping in today!!!