Tuesday, May 31, 2011

~ Prayer Request, Acrylic Album & New Kit~

Good morning my crafty friends,
before I begin I wanted to take a minute to ask for prayer.

It was a very long weekend full of fun and sadness in our home.
A dear friend of mine lost her mother this weekend, please
say a little prayer for my friend even though you don't know her.
She lives in Florida and this is a painful time for her.
Her family can use all the uplifting and prayer she can get.

Ok on to crafting....
It is packed full of amazing crafty goodness,
The pre-order sold out, and I can see why...I wish I had more time to play
with it! They also have a special, IF YOU are a NEW buyer or REFER a new
buyer for this kit, you will get a 5.00 GIFT CARD to Tally! :)
If you have not joined Tally, you should, it's a great place to play and
share your projects, plus they have great challenges and prizes! :)
It's the only forum I actually visit and play in when I have time.
Go get your kit! You know you wanna! LOL

Did you happen to catch this Clear Scraps acrylic/chipboard
mixed album I created last week?
I will share the entire album tomorrow, but I wanted to give a sneak
peek because I had some emails about it.
I guess it was on the Imaginisce blog already! :)
Anyways I had fun creating it. You can get any WORD custom made
for your project in either Clear Scraps acrylic, or chipboard OR mixed
like this album. On the Clear Scraps website.

I feel like an infomercial today but honestly people (alot of fans)
ask me how and where I get my goodies....so I try to make sure y'all know.

Ok I am off to the eye doctor for my son today, he is getting perm.
contact lenses and you would think he was learning to fly! LOL


Sunday, May 29, 2011

~Memorial Weekend Fun **PIcture Heavy**~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I have been busy this weekend with family and friends, so I thought
I would share just a snippet of the pictures I took this weekend so far.

Most of these are from the aquarium visit we took to Chattanooga...
I was very disappointed with my camera this weekend...so no judging LOL
Poor beat up butterflies, it is supposed to be a sanctuary but man
the wired windows beat them to a pulp.
Beautiful plants.

Gage looking at the alligators.
I like Tut-les...hehehe
Hey Frog....I like you too!
Justice loves hi fish! Where's my pole mom??!

The boys graciously posing
Done yet mom??
Starfish rocks!
The boys posing yet again....they love me!
Climbing on the water art outside the aquarium.

Where we were in the first pictures...

The ONLY otters I got to see :(
I love otters but they were sleeping.
We had a good time :)
Happy Memorial Day Weekend everyone!


Saturday, May 28, 2011

**Giveaway & More Vacation Fun**

Good morning from beautiful TN!

I have one more project to share from the Happy Camper/Imaginisce line.
Ok you know me too well, I actually have a tucked away project for next week,
BUT for now I will share this card I made using the Clear Scraps Expression
(small size) I painted the back and glittered the front.
It was a fun and unique way to use the Happy Camper line.
Yesterday Clear Scraps POSTED A GIVEAWAY!!
An album of you choice (Your word) in either acrylic or chipboard
or MIXED!!!! GO HURRY enter now! Last week they only had 10 comments
so you could totally WIN!!!

Also don't forget you might have a few hours left to enter
to win the brand new Happy Camper line from Imaginisce!
Good luck and have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend!

Yesterday we hit Chattanooga for the TN Aquarium, it was fun
and today I am hitting the road to find fresh strawberries and make
home made freezer jam! :) I am very excited, I have missed
making it since we moved away from Oregon.

Happy Saturday....


Friday, May 27, 2011

~Yea Blogging!! More Happy Camper Fun~

Good morning!!!!

Yea for blogger working!! I just had to switch browsers, I don't know why
I did not think of that last night at 10pm when I wanted to blog.
Oh well better late than never right??:)
For those not able to comment or post, try a new browser,
I am working in Google Chrome.

I have another Happy Camper project today, a wall hanging.
I used the new Roly Flowers from Imaginisce,
and the brand new Happy Camper line.
I made this for a friend who just built a cabin, if nothing else she can put it
in her bathroom or kitchen maybe??
I love the colors in this line and it's cute but also has a more subtle side to it.
HURRY over to Imaginisce, they are hosting a GIVEAWAY with this line
again! Don't miss out! http://www.imaginisceblog.com/

I am off to Chattanooga today to have some fun with the family~
See y'all tomorrow *if blogger works* haha


Thursday, May 26, 2011

~Happy Camper Reveal **GIVEAWAY TOO**!~

Good morning my crafty friends!!!!

I had so much fun yesterday...AFTER the stress LOL
In an attempt to help me while I was in KY my husband
put an extra table in my craft room and in the process he
put many items "away" that I need and use.

One of these items was the Happy Camper supplies I needed from Imaginisce.
I looked for 6 hours before he remembered that he had put them in a tote,
put a lid on it, then stacked boxes on it and put it in the corner!

Man oh man...LOL Anyways I still had time to play since I had all my
projects planned out before I began.

The first one is a layout using the brand new Happy Camper line!
I also used a piece of "REAL WOOD" paper because this line makes
me want to break out the s'mores!
This picture was borrowed from my girl Nicole, she is very sassy
so using the "Take a Hike" strips was perfect!
Now that you are done looking at my layout, GO ENTER TO WIN
on Imaginisce!!!!!!
They always have a giveaway with the new releases!

Also I had to share this quick picture of my oldest son Brad.
He just got contacts and this was his first baseball game.
He only got to play once and struck out but he is older so it's just
not as fun as being 8 and getting to play every inning!
None the less it was fun to go to his first game! :)

Alrighty I am off to cook for these boys...they eat me out of house
and home in the summer, so I better start baking now.
Thanks for stopping by!!!!


Wednesday, May 25, 2011

~♡♡Birthday Fun Ahead!!♡♡~

Good morning my crafty friends! :)

I am very excited that my baby boy will be turning 9 on Saturday,
where does the time go??!!
He was my first born (well born to me anyways) and what a proud momma
I am this week. Not only is he a KIND child, he is also very smart
and helpful. What more could a mother ask for?

I make alot of projects for different companies you know.
Some they ask me for but they don't make it into the magazine for
one reason or another. This is one of those projects, so I thought
I would share it with you today!

I used my YUDU to make this shirt. I also used my Cricut.
I even flocked it. Then I added the bling with my i-rock tool!
And on this bag for the shirt I printed and cut everything on my Imagine.
I used the YUDU flocking for the base too!
Now what in the world am I going to do with a girly birthday shirt? LOL

Ok I am off today....hubby ordered me my first wheelchair it's RED.
I am hoping it arrives today so I can "bling it" with my i-rock tool.
Also the boys are done with school today, so I get to do all the summer
prep work, I am thinking a library trip is in order very soon!

Thanks for stopping by to say hello....I love ya for it
and I appreciate all comments!!! :)
Have a fantasticly crafty day!!!


Tuesday, May 24, 2011

~Winner Winer Chicken Dinner!!...WINNERS!~

Morning Morning!!! :)

OK I am dedicating today's post to the WINNER's from all the giveaway last week!

As always the winners are 100% random....I use random.org and
spend about an hour entering all the numbers and counting LOL

The winner of the Cuttlekids machine and Alphabet Dies for the Cuttlebug
Blogger Pammie Kay said...

I am already a follower and will share this on my facebook (I have one that is only my "scrappy" friends, so they will all be delighted! Thanks for the generosity!

Please email or Facebook me your address
and the winner of the 150.00 credit for Cricut.com is....
Blogger JAnnBDesigns said...

Oh Yah! Thanks for the chance to win. I was directed to your blog by a post in the Stuff4Scrapbooking Facebook Group!! Thanks again ~ Judy I'm having a give-a-way too :)

Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Ladies you have one week to get back to me with your information please!!

Please email me your account email and I will get it to Provocraft right away!
Please stay with me, I am always getting calls from companies
for giveaways and I am always buying new goodies to share with my fans!

Do NOT forget the Clear Scraps GIVEAWAY this week right here

AND here is a video with the new Tally kit and me
with a migraine looking pretty shabby LOL

See you tomorrow!! I am off to help these kiddos
this is the next to last day of school!


Monday, May 23, 2011

~Sunny Summer Fun Ahead!!~

Hey there crafty friends!

Are you ready for summer? I know I am!!! :)
I created this layout today which is all about summer.
It was for the Kraft Outlet Challenge this week.
Clean & Simple...I don't know how clean and simple it is but it's fun!
I had so much fun creating the layout based on this rad vintage style
picture I took of our first pool! :)
I used a mix of Kraft Outlet papers,
Tally Scrapper May and June scrap kits...
and misc. goodies I had in my stash.
It feels funky and fun, I am happy with it!
Gotta love the Lunch Bag paper from the Kraft Outlet!
Go check out their challenges! You should enter!!!!
I am off to get ready for the last couple days of school, then back
to summer living with these boys!
MWAH!! Thanks for popping by!! Love ya!!!