Saturday, October 31, 2009

~Happy Halloween RAK Winner & another small RAK~

Happy Halloween my friends!
It's-a-gonna be a busy day in this house!
Not only for Halloween but still packing up.
They pushed our closing back 10 days so next week is the magic number,
I am soooo ready to move and be done with all of this.

Next weekend (Saturday) I am travelling to Kentucky for a private
demo for Scrapbook Village at one of their scrap retreats, I am so excited!

I thought today I could share a couple quick pictures of the boys costumes
this year....I know I know, not the usual elaborate style Pinky makes.
But the boys were amazing this year.
They knew we were moving, and I had my hands full, so they told me...
"Mom, we all figured it out, it won't be hard to make either all of use want to be puppies!"
So puppies it is!
Worked GREAT for the school book parade too,
I mean we have like 600 books on dogs and puppies LOL
Plus my 6 yr old loves red and wanted to be a RED dog...
Heeelllloo!! Clifford! LOL *Shhh* don't tell him I said that,
he keeps saying "I am NOT CLIFFORD! I am a red dog!"

I am a little surprised the 14 yr old wants to dress up
but hey, your only a child once so I am tickled pink he is dressing up.

Also another fun venture for me...
You know how I always make those crazy quirky videos?
Well, guess what? Purple Cows picked them up and put them on their blog!
Check it out!!
Also I have a card featured today
Another secret I cannot share until next month...
another scrap venture...involving me LOL

If your interested there is a sale at Treasured since it just changed hands
they are calling it a chachachange sale.

And one last thing!!!!!!!
I have been HUNTING and waiting to find a GOOD advent calendar
since last year, one that I can really alter and use for years to come!
Guess what? My awesome friend Dolores found me one!
I AM SOOOO HAPPY!!!!!!!!!!!!
It is on it's way this week in the mail!
I cannot wait to use it this year for Christmas!

OK the Rain Dots winner....
The number that came up was 11!!

Melissa said...

Happy Belated Birthday!! Love to follow your blog. Your so cute! -Melissa

I also have a new small RAK today....I think they run like 4.00 so nothing HUGE
But still fun!
Just leave a comment, be a follower you know the drill :)
I will randomly choose winner on Monday! WOOHOO!

Well that's all for me today everyone! Thanks for
bearing with me on this long post!
Have a great Halloween, no matter how you celebrate today!
~Thanks for popping by~

Thursday, October 29, 2009

~Almost that time...Halloween is near! & a small RAK~

Every day is one day closer to Halloween!
I am so excited to take the kids out trick or treating this year,
we always make Halloween just a day for all of us to spend together
as a family, dressing up, laughing, cooking and having fun.
This year should be fun because we are going trick or treating
with some friends, our last Halloween in this neighborhood.
I baked some cupcakes last night,
and these days I barely have time to frost them before they are long gone!
These are the lucky survivors LOL

When I was a little girl, I always dreamed of
having sons and baking, and cooking for them.
Some days I look at my life and just think to myself
"I am one blessed momma."

So you know those Rain Dots they don't make anymore?
Well guess what I came across yesterday while packing?
Yea, that's right some RAIN DOTS!~
I also came acropss some other goodies I will be sharing...
today is a small (easy to mail) RAK.
Just leave ma a comment and say something!
I will randomly draw a winner on Saturday!

Many blessings to you today.
~Thank you for popping by~
~Have a beautiful day~

Wednesday, October 28, 2009

~Happy goody from Purple Cows & Video!!~

Check out my newest goody from Purple Cows!!
At first I was not sure I would use it, but now...
Oh yea I love it!
Just like the laminator, I have found great uses for this bad boy!
I am so lucky that Purple Cows sends me these fun products to try out and create with!
I just wanted to share my excitement with you because if ANYONE would understand
the joy of a new tool, it is other crafters! :)

Don't forget about the HUGE CONTEST with 9000.00 in prizes
please tell them Pinky sent ya!

OK back to finishing the costumes for the boys on this Rainy day!
~Thanks for popping by~
~Have a great Hum Day~

Tuesday, October 27, 2009

~Happy Tuesday ..Puppies Galore...Woohoo I hit 200!!~

Good morning bloggers!
I was able to sit down last night and begin working on
the boys costumes...they were so sweet this year.
I told them we were moving and I was not going to be able to make the elaborate
costumes I usually make for the entire family, so they
sat together and voted on being puppies this year!
Easy enough right? Some fleece, some sweat pants and a beanie!
Warm, easy and functional!Plus my sweet boys are tickled about the hats!

I also wanted to scrap yesterday but not for anyone but myself,
so I sat down with My Little Shoebox and Cosmo Cricket...
dear friends of mine LOL
and made this page....
I wish it had been sunny and not pouring rain so I could have captured a better
shot of it! It's so much prettier in person!

And one more little thing!!!!!
I got the email from Purple Cows saying that in one week,
woot woot!!!!!!!
So I qualify for the 2000.00 prize....
I still need comments but the qualification part is over! WOOHOO!
Remember I am giving this PRIZE AWAY! so don't forget to
comment and pass it on to friends....
On the Purple Cows Blog today I have a layout project!
And the full instructions can be found as well!
So be sure to check it out!

And a little sneak peek for tomorrow's blog?
I have a little video I am working on...a NEW release from Purple Cows....
From the last CHA!
I cannot wait to share, so be sure to pop back by tomorrow!

~THANK YOU all for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful Tuesday~

Saturday, October 24, 2009

~Stamp RAK WINNER! Good morning Saturday NEW RAK!!~

I did not blog yesterday because my son fell ill
and I was in the Clinic trying to figure out what to do,
so I had my hands full! :)

First thing today...
THANK YOU ALL for the amazing amount of Birthday wishes!!!!
You all are so kind to me, I have received a flood on my facebook
and on the message boards I play on!
THANK YOU so much!

Secondly....I am about 60 comments from 200 on the Purple Cows
Blog OR Facebook Page (the comment only counts in one or the other)
So PLEASE keep passing the word along!
2000.00 is a great prize!
PLEASE don't forget to leave a comment here and tell them PINKY
or CRISTAL sent you!
If you do not have a blogger account...
You can go to Facebook FAN PAGE HERE that a word? Thirdly?? LOL
The WINNER of the STAMPS!!!!!
drum roll please..


Blogger Kim said...

Love the Card! You're just AWESOME! I will be taking the 3 older grand kids trick or treating! The youngest will just be shy of 2 months so don't think he would really enjoy it!
Will probably be only Trick or Treating this year, as I will have to work that night! BOO HOO!! Thanks again for giving away goodies! Persistence will pay one of these days! LOL!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Thanks for all the comments and I have a NEW RAK today!

The FIRST one to get 10 NEW people to sign up and leave a comment on the Purple Cows Contest telling them PINKY or Cristal sent them! AND leave a comment here and tell me that YOU sent them!!!

Only one or the other place counts...either Facebook OR the blog!
If you do not have a blogger account...
You can go to Facebook FAN PAGE HERE
And send them here to let me know....
Will WIN a 10.00 Gift card and a package of stamps! So there it is!! SPREAD the crafty LOVE! :) IF I get more than 50 comments I will give away TWO GIFT CARDS!! You can still win the scrapbooking packages on the top post as well, you can win as much as you play! :) Thank YOU all for posting and helping me. I am getting closer.

I am off to have a birthday dinner with friends and see a horror movie!

~Have a beautiful weekend~


Thursday, October 22, 2009

~BOO! Card and Happy Halloween RAK~

Morning fellow bloggers!
Thanks to all of you for helping promote me all over
I do not want to be one of those crazy crafters who asks for nothing
but votes and hounds you to death! So today is ADVERTISEMENT FREE!

And guess what? I have a cute RAK here!

This is a card I made using more Imaginisce.
I just love Halloween, I thought this would be great for my in laws.How about a FUN just for Halloween
and my fellow rockin' bloggers RAK!
Here is a sheet of Heidi Grace Stamps!
18 stamps in all and how dang cute are these???

Leave me a comment and let me know
what Halloween fun you have planned.
What Halloween items you craft!
On Saturday I will choose a winner randomly!
Spread the word, and spread the crafty LOVE!

~Have a beautiful day~

Wednesday, October 21, 2009

~Hump Day again...scrapping under pressure, can you do it?~

Oh I do love when hubby asks me to make cards on a deadline and
suddenly all creativity FREEZES up and I get stumped for 2 days! LOL
He needed these cards Monday, I just finished them 10 minutes ago...
and I am not real fond of them to boot LOL

Do you ever find yourself LOCKING UP when you are in a time crunch
or pressured?? I know I do!

I already have almost 90 comments on Purple Cows, between the BLOG and the Facebook
Fan Page...SO I want to THANK YOU ALL for spreading the word!
PLEASE continue, for every person who let's me know they are commenting
and spreading the word, you will be entered into a drawing for one of the 3 prizes,
a Michaels GIFT CARD, and I will be adding prizes in the next 3 weeks!
I need as many comments as possible.

Just these 2 things...
FOLLOW the Blog or become a fan on facebook
(in facebook search type in Purple Cows and look for the purple cows logo)
letting them know PINKY SENT YOU!
Then come here and let me know you did just that!

OK I promise this will not be a daily post LOL
Just trying to get everyone I know on board!
I am sure anyone could use the 2000.00 right now!
And have you seen the 5000.00
and 1000.00 prizes they are giving to YOU???

~Have a great day~

Tuesday, October 20, 2009

~More on the HUGE Purple Cows CONTEST! Over 10K in prizes! + RAK RAK RAK!~

Alright fellow crafters, you know I design for PURPLE COWS,
they are having a HUGE contest you can find info here

That is going to be just ONE of the prizes for the CRAFTY ENTRIES
(I am not able to win that one but YOU are!!)
But the DT have a seperate contest and the grand prize is
2000.00!!!! How do I win? I have to send
the MOST people over to FOLLOW this blog
OR Their new facebook fan page
Type in PURPLE COWS in the search of Facebook, then
then comment PINKY SENT ME!

Now you don't think I would ask you to help without
RAK-ing do you??????
I have THREE Raks to begin with and believe me I will be RAK-ing all month long!

The first 3 RAKS are....
2 complete scrapbook ALBUM KITS INCLUDING ALBUMS!
So even if the kits are not your's a FREE album!
and a Package including a Page Kit, a Freestyle Mouse (Purple Cows) and a Corner PUNCH!
Each prize valued over 30.00!!!!

All you have to do is PIMP me out!!!!
Post on your Facebook page!
Your Friends, Your Family!!!!
Just send them right here to leave a comment...
The one who gets the most comments will receive a 10.00 Michael's gift card plus a prize here
then 2 others will randomly receive one of the prizes!!!!!
This FIRST set runs through November 10th!!!!!!

I rarely ask for help like this, but since this is only between 10 girls, I have
a real chance, so please help me as much as possible!
I appreciate it so much!

~Have a great day!~
Back to regular scrapbooking tomorrow

Monday, October 19, 2009

~GOOD MORNING Monday!! YEA some fun NEWS!~

Good morning fellow bloggers!
I woke up this morning to 202 followers! How exciting!!!!
I think, we need a really BIG and FUN RAK! What do you think?
I will work on it today and get it all set up to celebrate this week!

Since we are moving this year we never made it to the Pumpkin Patch
so I grabbed old pictures because I was in the FALL Scrapping mood!
This is mostly Imaginisce and Bazzill.
I am lucky enough to work with Imaginisce products since they are corporate
partners with Purple Cows! WOOHOO!

There is BIG NEWS on the Purple Cow front as well!
Beggining tomorrow, not only the Design Team but the consumer/crafter
will have a chance to win prizes!
I have to have YOUR HELP to win....
I will be giving a HUGE PRIZE fact TWO!
OK ladies...PLEASE Help me win and also enter for yourselves!

If you become a Follower on Blogspot...or a fan of the New Purple Cows Facebook Fan page (opens tomorrow)

You have to tell them PINKY SENT YOU!
I could win 2000.00! If I can get enough people following and facebooking!

and you have a BIG Chance to their DESIGN CONTEST!!!!!!
Which will be up tomorrow.
You will be sending in photos using their product and the end project for a chance to win....tons of Purple Cows Product and iCubes!
and there will be not ONE not TWO..But FIVE winners!

4 runners up win 1000.00 in product and the grand prize winner wins...
5000.00 in Product!!!!!!!!!

PLEASE become a follower

And leave a comment telling them PINKY SENT YOU!

So I HOPE you will PIMP me out and help me win,
and in turn I will help YOU win!
It all begins tomorrow so please check back
You can follow blogspot now though!
~Thanks for popping by~

Sunday, October 18, 2009

~Super Sunday!!~

I am so blessed with the opportunity to work with products I would not normally have
because of my Purple Cows Design Team work!
They are corporate partners with over 14 other companies...
Imaginisce & Clear Scraps being just 2 of many!I was able to sit down on Thursday and create with their products and
OHHH so much fun!
This is a little sneaky peek of what is coming on the Purple Cows blog shortly...
from ME!!!! :)

It's a very chilly weekend of staying home,packing, and relaxing
after 3 very busy weeks!
To all of you who pop by...
Happy Sunday!
Thanks for popping by so often!
~Happy Crafting~

Saturday, October 17, 2009

~Fun Saturday & Rak Winner too...Celebrate with me!!!~

I wa sso busy Friday I never got a chance to blog...
We went to a HOCKEY GAME in Nashville!
And yes, I even made it onto the Jumbo-Tron much to my dismay.
I was not thrilled LOL
We had seats in the stadium behind the goalie and also access to the company
box seats so we went back and forth and the boys had a ball!
Hubby's company made sure we were treated very well, including
all food and beverages. It was the easiest night ever with 3 active boys!

Gage above in the all inclusive restaraunt:
In the Box with all 3 boys
Pictures from the top of the hockey players:
OK, ok, enough of my personal life! LOL
Has anyone noticed....?
That I am ALMOST at 200 Blog followers!!!
I am SO EXCITED! I hope to hit 250 by the end of November...
so I will be going out and purchasing an ENTIRE SCRAPBOOK KIT
to giveaway in celebration of 200 followers!
Thanks so much to everyone who stops by...
And not 1 but TWO lucky winners will be coming very soon....

ohhh and the RAK winner from last week??

Blogger Shannon Marie said...

very cool video and the RAK prizes look awesome!

Shannon please email me your address and I will get this RAK and
the last RAK out this week!
Thanks for popping by!
~Have a beautiful Saturday!~

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Thursday, October 15, 2009

~YEA it's the 15th and BIG NEWS too~!

Morning all you crafty peeps!
I have some FUN, GREAT news today...
I have been asked to join the DreamGirls Design Team!
I am officially a Dream Girls Diva now!
This is my DreamGirls layout for the challenge this week,
is the negative on punches or die cuts in a creative was on a LO
I used a flourish I cut with my Sizzix and used it like a mask.
I also stitched not only the title but the edge of the die cut paper I made.
This weeks challenge is so much fun, I hope you go check it out!

And more fun news?
It is the 15th! You know what that means?
My Treasured Scrapbooking Reveals!
I shared the Witch Hats (BOO Project) a day early,
so I just have this Layout to share today...
this kit was so great! The papers and fall colors...I LOVED IT!
OK off to the boys, and we have a Predator Hockey Game to go to tonight.
The boss insisted we go, so off to Nashville at 7pm...
~Thank you for popping by~
~Have a great Thursday~

Tuesday, October 13, 2009

~Witchy Wednesday Babay *Video & Rak*~

Morning to all, I am a day early in my reveal with these,
but I simply could not wait a second longer!
I wanted to show that you could make these
in fall colors and patterned paper,
and they would make a fun decoration too!
I think the word FALL would be fun as well
and even stringing them on some tulle as a banner!
I used the OCTOBER KIT from Treasured on these,
and Leslie is the best at coordinating the papers to
make any project fun. I have like 7 sheets of paper left
and so far I have made 2 cards,
3 Layouts,
and these 3 witch hats! I am sure I will get at least
3 more Layouts and 4 more cards.

So, am I a dork or what? I think I am obsessed with witch hats LOL
Off to my wet and witchy Wednesday.

Ohhh OHHH wait one second!
I have one more announcement!
PURPLE COWS contacted me yesterday...
guess what?
They are gearing up to host a HUGE contest!!!!!!
I hear the Prize will be HUGE!
and they are being so secretive that I am getting a packet in the mail about it!
I promise to share as soon as I know!
And to celebrate their BIG CONTEST,

I made this quick video...
you can tell I am tired because my mind was very jumbled this morning LOL

and am sharing this RAK
If you watch the video you will know why I am giving away some rub-ons
And it all ties into Purple Cows!
So if you are not a follower become one, and leave a comment.
If you are a follower, bless you I love ya! Leave me a comment.
You keep me making these silly videos and having fun with crafting!
When I began crafting I was with a group of ladies who never shared
how to or anything, they were so mean!
As a result, I LOVE to share projects and ideas! I mean why not
be crafty, creative AND help others to enjoy the same art?

OK off to make a sympathy card and finish a Purple Cows Dt Project!
Have a great day fellow crafters!
~Thank YOU for popping by~

~Tuesday with a RAK Winner ~

Good afternoon sweet bloggers!
This is a quick card I made with the Treasured Scrapbooking October Kit.
The 15th is coming and I have a project and a layout to share...
Oh and on the 15th some BIG NEWS!

I put all the comments into the random number generator and #2 came up
so the winner of the PINK PAISLEE alphas??
Blogger Lauren said...

Hey Pinky!

Wow! Great rak! The funnest Halloween tradition we have... Well, all of us go trick or treating. yes ALL of us being kids and adults alike. One of our friend's daughter dressed up as a bush last year! (It actually worked out and was funny!)

Congrats Lauren, please send me your addy and I will mail them out!
~Thank you for stopping by~
~Have a great week!~

Saturday, October 10, 2009

~Saturday & Halloween quickly approaches!~ *RAK ALERT*

Halloween is on it's way and this year is different for us in the Hobbs house.
We are moving this year, I am not sure if I will be able to make all of our costumes
in the middle of packing and moving!
Feeling nostalgic and reflective, I decided to make a no photo
layout about out traditions for Halloween and why
they are so important to me and out family too.

Basically I have either NO memories for Halloween or really
BAD memories of Halloween growing up.
We only celebrated one Halloween where we dressed up after we
left the compound/cult and it was odd and weird.
And the other Halloweens we spend in hiding from "the devil"
I never wanted that for my children, I wanted them to think of Halloween as
FUN Family time! So we spend every Halloween as a family just like
Thanksgiving or any other Holiday.
I hope my boys grow up thinking..."Man we had great holidays! It was so much fun!"

OK enough of my speel today LOL
How about a RAK!
See these FUN Pink Paislee alphas??

I just happen to have an extra package!!!!
(They are the wood grain tan alphas on the page)
So if your not a follower become one!
Leave me a comment letting me know you want to win,
and your favorite Halloween tradition...
I will randomly draw a winner on Monday!

~Thanks for popping by and listening to me ramble~
~Have a great weekend!~

Friday, October 9, 2009

~Scary CUTE Friday~

Have you ever had one of those moments you HAD to
snap, even thought it was oh so wrong LOL
This picture is of my beautiful baby boy
when he was 2 and no he was not really picking his nose,
but it looked so darn close LOL
His BIG beautiful blue eyes shining!

I actually got to scrap last night,
I had one of the worst days ever yesterday,
so instead of going to bed I went upstairs at midnight and
made a layout and a card.
Stress relief right? :)
Hope you enjoyed the video yesterday!
Back to the boys (hubby is working 5am to 10pm
every day this week)
I am ready for school to start back up!
~Thanks for popping by~

Wednesday, October 7, 2009

~Middle of the WEEK Halloween Treat Bags~

I have had so many requests for
Halloween Treat Bags this year
and I wanted to come up with something fun & my own design!
SO I got out my Fiskars Ultra Express Shape Cutter
and went to town with it!!
I will be posting a tutorial this week on these,
I have not decided if it will be photo or video.
Since I just designed it last night I need to work
out the kinks yet.
So, what do you think??
You can use them as a candy bowl topper, OR a treat bag!
Oh and the goodies on the hat?
Everything except the cardstock and tulle
is the NEW Tally Scrapper October Kit!
I helped design it and I LOVE IT!
Let me know if you prefer a video or pictures on
this one? It's a long tutorial so I am thinking pictures?

Ok off to take care of the boys,
they are on Fall Break and driving me bananas! hehe
~Have a great day~
~Thanks for stopping by~

Tuesday, October 6, 2009

~Rainy Tuesday and RAK winner!~

Good morning Blllloooggggeers! hehe
It's a rainy day here and I have the kids home on fall break,
you know you don't understand how much of
a break school is for a mom until they are
home on fall break LOL
Now I get it!

Here is a sketch I made this week for the
October sketch in Treasured Scrapbooking.
What a week it has been so far, so many tears
so many stories. I have come to the conclusion
this is the week of healing, sharing, and openess
which is a good thing.

I know I know...quit yapping and get to the winner right?
Well #10 came up on
so the winner is...
Blogger Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...

Cute card and thanks for comforting your neighbor. Keeping things bottled up inside never help.
Have a good day at the zoo.
I am becoming a follower.

Email me your addy Karen!

Stay tuned too ladies, I have a couple more goodies sitting here to share! I have been finding some fun deals lately.

~Thank you for stopping by and leaving me words of encouragement~

~I look to those on the bad days~

~Have a great Tuesday~


Sunday, October 4, 2009

~Sleepy Sunday~

Afternoon my beautiful friends,
what a weekend this has been!
We went to the zoo all day yesterday and I will
be the first to admit, I am plum wore out! LOL
But it was fun and the kids really enjoyed it!

I got up extra early yesterday to scrap this page
and the card from yesterday.
I love playing with sewing and ruffles lately.

It is so much fun looking back at my baby when he was 4.
I used to do all those fancy cakes, now we have
been so busy I just make a plain jane cake.
I need to get back into making those fun cakes again!
It's raining today so I am home playing online
and going to go play with paper!
Have a fabulous Sunday!!!!!!!!
Don't forget to check back tomorrow for the Thickers winner!

~Thanks for popping by~

Saturday, October 3, 2009

~Fun Saturday with a fun CROP & Rak too boot~

Good morning all your beautiful Bloggers.
What a long week this has been, I am so thankful it is the weekend.
I am sitting here this morning with my boys at the Dr.
for immunizations (don't worry they are not sick again!)
And reflecting on this week.
As always I am a huge advocate of abuse survivors
and my door is always open for anyone who needs to talk about
that or anything else, and this week came to full head for sure.
In our neighborhood, recently was had a rape of a child (5),
by another child (15)in the neighborhood.
Very disturbing and horrible and sad.
Yesterday I had the opportunity to speak with the mother
of the victim, she was so very sad, lonely
and absolutely devastated of course.
I found myself passing on the knowledge and experience of my
life, trying to comfort her as she was in tears blaming herself.
Letting her know that the entire
neighborhood was standing with her & for her.

As I sit here and share this with you,
I feel the tears welling simply remembering her pain.
I never realized how very isolated she would feel, truly
believing that we all hated her for reporting it.
I would encourage anyone who knows of a
to just take the initiative to step over,
knock on the door and say
"I am here for YOU, we stand with you!"
You don't have to indulge in the details,
you just have to be there.
UNTIL people decide to stand up and
"BE THERE" those secrets and those victims will
remain strong and present.
I see the rapist family bullying and abusing those victims
and it makes me so sad and sick, not only
for the victim but for the child who raped and
the situation of the family.

The immense relief on her face and in her tears pretty much said it all.
I wish I had listened to my instincts 1 month ago
and knocked on her door, and said..."It's OK we are here".
Stupidly I felt like she would want room and privacy
but instead I made her feel like
she was isolated and disliked.
BIG lesson learned yesterday for me.
My big mouth NEEDS to be open more often LOL
I know this is normally a crafty blog but I also share my life and
am open about my abuse and survival.
Hope y'all can handle it :)
I luvs ya!

Ok on to more fun stuff...
TODAY is World Card Making Day (apparently) LOL
So Treasured Scrapbooking is having a MINI CROP
Here is my card and I even have a challenge up!
There is a good prize too!

So come play!

OK on to the RAK I know you are waiting LOL
I have these Thickers in WHITE to give away.

Same as usual, leave a comment
and be a follower and you have a chance!
I will draw a random name on Monday Don't forget to check back,
I have some more goodies setting here. :)\

~Have a great weekend~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Thursday, October 1, 2009

~Thursday Reveal Day~

Afternoon fellow bloggers!
Today is the first and REVEAL day for Treasured Scrapbooking!
#2 I love scrapbooking Fall!!
I also had to do my Survivor LO on Tally so I decided to combine the two.
Kit #1 Right HERE!
It is JAM PACKED! for realz!
I wanted to do something different this month
so I QUILTED the entire LO.
It took me like 40 minutes to sew the entire thing
but I am ok with how it turned out!
Here is the matching Sketch.
FEEL FREE to use any of my sketches,
I would LOVE to hear if you do use them!
Pass them along if you like!
Thanks for stopping by and checking out my work!
I have a RAK coming tomorrow!

~Have a great Thursday~