Wednesday, June 30, 2010

~It's a Part-ay! GIVEAWAY and more!~

Good morning!
I am so VERY excited to be the Guest Blogger on Imaginisce
today!!! It's a PARTY over there, go check it out!

Go now GO NOW!
There is a giveaway straight from Imaginisce,
it is amazing!

Here are a couple snippets of what I posted over there.
I won't share the entire post because that would
ruin the surprise! But trust me, you don't want to miss it!
Share with your friends....
What a great day!

Happy Hump Day my friends,
~Thanks for popping by~

Tuesday, June 29, 2010

~Big surprise and fun coming up!!!!!~

Good morning!!!!!
I was too busy to scrap yesterday *after 7am anyways*
so I thought I would share a fun surprise with y'all this morning!!

Remember I was telling you about a special
Birthday Bash GIVEAWAY??

See the awesome Imaginisce Birthday Bash goodies

Make a Wish Paper Candles
Make a Wish Paper Candles
It's a Party - 12x12 Paper (25 pk.)
It's a Party - 12x12 Paper (25 pk.)
Hip Hip Hooray - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Hip Hip Hooray - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Birthday Banners - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Birthday Banners - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Wish Big! - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Wish Big! - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Confetti - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Confetti - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Surprise - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Surprise - 12x12 paper (25 pk)
Birthday Bash Paper Pack
Birthday Bash Paper Pack
Birthday Streamers Ribbon
Birthday Streamers Ribbon
Let's Celebrate Paper Ribbons
Let's Celebrate Paper Ribbons
Happy Birthday Paper Ribbons

Well....guess what??
and yes they will be giving away a set of Birthday Bash goodies!

Be sure to go to the Imaginisce Blog tomorrow


I will have some projects up and they will be
giving away a package!
I love giveaways and I love guest blogging!!

~Have a great Tuesday~
~Thanks for sharing in the fun~

Monday, June 28, 2010

~Monday...really? Time to scrap!~

Morning! :)

Is it really Monday?
Man it seems like the weekend just flew by.
Hubby worked all weekend, and I stayed by
the sewing machine and scrap paper!

This morning I woke up and made some Snickerdoodles,
then decided to scrap a page for fun.
These are the pictures hubby said...
"Those are keepers honey, save them for his
dating years!" hahaha
You know, no pressure, no commitments
just fun! For me and the boys.
While I was in Kentucky teaching, the Little Yellow Bicycle
teacher came over and gave me some papers in a kit.
We traded! And I loved it!
So I decided to finally use those papers.
This is some of the first LYB paper I have had and
I LOVE THEM!!!!! OMG the texture and the colors make
me swoon. I am SOOOOO getting more!
I hope they are at CHA in Chicago next month, so I
cane see them in person!

Back to baking I go.
I hope you have a great Monday,
thanks for popping by to say hi.

Sunday, June 27, 2010

~Hello Sunday, hello sunshine....~

Good morning friends :)

It's Sunday and I am knee deep this week in sewing.
But I took a break to make this layout.This is a 100% Helmar 450 Quick Dry Adhesive LO!~
I hope you can see it, I dug out my tattered angels glimmer mist spray
and used it to coat the chipboard, it's so shimmery and pretty.
Helmar partnered with Scrap-tastic again this month
and this is a LO I created with come of the products she sent over.
Most of the papers are Pink Paislee.
I had considered making it into a door hanger, but
at the last minute I went with the layout instead.

This is why I have been quiet this week,
for those of you who don't know I keep
a full time sewing business running through the year
Spring/summer is my busy time
I have been making sundresses like this one....
AND swimwear like this one.
I love this polka dot swim dress top.
If you know anyone XL-1/2X who might want it, let me know.

It's funny, I wasn't always a scrapbooker,
but I always have been a seamstress.
They go hand in hand, but sometimes time
is not on my side with the sewing AND scrapping! LOL

Hubby is working today and getting us some OT! WOOHOO!
That's going to pay for my trip to CHA!

OH and for anyone interested I will be posting pictures during
CHA this year!!!!!! A fun new edition to the blog.

~Have a beautiful Sunday~
~Thanks for popping by~

Friday, June 25, 2010

~Friday is here and are my *special* Dirty Scraps!~

Good morning!!!!! I have a special treat today
*shhhhh* don't tell the bosses! LOL

Dirty Scraps has their new challenge up and it's all about
"If I had Known"
I love it and it went hand in hand with my layout
for Scrapbooking From The Inside Out and their kit this month
I knew exactly what I wanted to do right away, so
I asked permission to share this early on Dirty Scraps
because the kit was so perfect for this challenge!
I love that SFTIO "gets" my scrapbooking.
I love that people are so excited about Dirty Scraps,
it has been an amazing adventure so far!
This is muy layout, it's about leaving my "family"behind
and how I was so much stronger than I thought.
I wish I had known years ago that
I did not need to take that abuse and did not
have to be with and please all those abusive family
members, I could have left sooner and I would have been OK.

It would not be my personal blog if
I did not give a shout out to my AMAZING HUBBY!
Who is 35 today and has a birthday!!
The man who is not afraid to stand strong
who works hard, who is a loving father and a kind man.
The man who sees past all my BS and somehow sees a
beautiful woman with a kind heart.
The man who looks at me every day and says
"You are so beautiful, I love you"
The man who tells each boy every night, "I love you"
as he tucks them in no matter what day it is.

Love ya honey, you make me who I am today!
I have tremendous respect for my husband and
I hope I am half the man he is when I grow up! :)

~Happy Friday y'all~
~Have a great day~

Thursday, June 24, 2010

~Handmade baby shower gifts and a little more chat~

Good morning my crafty friends!
It's another wonderful hot day inTN.

Purple Cows asked me to make a project
that involved a gift for a baby shower.
I am the first to admit I was stumped.
Then I got to thinking, what if we re-invented the wheel a bit?
EVERY new mom wants to share baby pictures.
I remember being a new mom with a wallet full of photos.
That lead me to think about how to make it more fun!
How to make it more crafty!
But also durable.
Then it came to me...HELLO Laminator! :)
I can make a mini book for all those first pictures...
but also make an awesome HOLDER for it!
So any mom could slip it into her purse or diaper bag
and not worry about it being ruined.
That's how I ended up with this project.
A mini album with a laminated wallet/pocket for the
mini album, that you could take anywhere.
What do ya think? Cute right? I like it :)
Of course I used my handy dandy Helmar
Adhesive Runner and 450 Quick Dry!
*I always do* LOL
Sometime soon Purple Cows will have the full tutorial and step
by step on how to make your own.
That's my project for the day. I am
pleased with the end to find a new mom
who needs a baby book! LOL

~Have a GREAT Thursday~
I am going to bake cakes today for hubsters!
We are going to surprise him with a cake and ballooons
at work for his birthday. Oh he is going to kill me LOL

~Thanks for popping by~

Tuesday, June 22, 2010

~Blog hopping fun and more card making....

Good morning all you multi-talented crafters out there.
Happy SUMMER! It is so hot this week in TN.
We have had a heat index anywhere from 100 to 114.

Yesterday I posted about the Clear Scraps Blog Hop
and the question about me is on my chickens
I thought I would give you a clue.
The post on my chickens is just a few posts down :)

Since I received my Cricut Expression I've been playing
alot with it and it's official, I LOVE my Cricut!Here is another card I made this week
using my Cricut and the Accent Essentials Cartridge
that came with it.
And of course my handy dandy Helmar ZAPDOTS! hehe
You didn't think I would make a card without the Helmar did ya?
The card is simple I know but I cannot seem to get past the
simple cards. Any suggestions for me on making fancy
elegant cards?? I get stumped and stick with simple.
Not sure why?

Don't get me wrong I like the card and the little girl
I gave it to loved it (well her mom did LOL)
But I want to make fancy cards!

Ok one more's official!
I am going to SUMMER CHA in Chicago!!!!
I am so excited, hubby took the time off work yesterday and
we are booking the tickets this week!
So look for me, I will be there from Monday to Thursday.
I hope to see you there!!!!!
I will be at the Helmar booth of course, and
I think guest DT spot at the Imaginisce booth.
And possibly at the Clear Scraps booth as well.

Now, I am off to clean, bake and try to stay cool today.
These boys, I love them so much but they are driving me
batty! LOL Let's hope it cools next week!

~Thanks for popping by, I love seeing your comments,
I smile every time!~
~Have a great Tuesday~

Monday, June 21, 2010

~More Paris Creativity Fun and a BLOG HOP!~

Good morning!

I finished my Travel Flip Book
this weekend for my girlfriend.
Like I said before she is a Hello Kitty loving,
fashion fun, trendy friend so I thought this
would be perfect for her.

This is the back cover.
This is the inside back cover page (my favorite)

This is the front cover
I used so much tulle for glitzy glamour.
More pages
Not my favorite but I wanted to leave room
for her pictures :)
All pink and girly!
Hard to believe this is how the
book began!! I know I want to make more
in vintage and other styles.
There were a couple more pages but
I wanted to leave room to share the Clear Scraps
Scavenger Hunt Blog Hop
with y'all today!!!!!! Be sure to check into the blog hop!

Clear Scraps will have great prizes for this one!

Yesterday was a lovely day at home.
Watching Andrew and the boys work on the
nesting boxes for the chickens and
the boys found some frogs in the pool! hehe
We stayed home and enjoyed relaxing,
it was a nice change.
This week is hubby's birthday so we
will be back in full swing!

Have a great Monday!
~THANK YOU for popping by!~

Saturday, June 19, 2010

~Card making time again?~

Good morning, Happy Saturday!!!!
I took a blog break yesterday to spend
the day with my boys at the pool.
Wow I am a toasted marshmallow LOL

I love buying the full paper packs from Cosmo Cricket
because the front sheet of paper
the one that shows what's inside, it perfect for
making cards! All those delicious scraps.
If you know me you know I dread the card making,
I always feel like they are not quite good enough.
And this month is a double whammy for me
Not only 2 Father's Day cards but also hubby has
a birthday and we had 4 parties to attend!
I might have to start making cards from sketches
to save myself some pain! LOL

Here is the front page of the Cosmo Cricket Crafting Kits
see those strips of paper? How I used them on the Father's Day
card? and the long strips of squares I used on hubby's
birthday card? Perfect for cards!!! It's like a FREE sheet of paper!

That's all for me today, I need to get baking for
Father's Day and we have a birthday party
plus hubby is signing up for softball tonight!

I hope you have a great summer...
*fingers crossed my Imaginisce box comes today!*
If it does I will have a giveaway tomorrow!

~Thank YOU for stopping by to say hi~
~Every night I sit down and read your comments~
~Have a great day~

Thursday, June 17, 2010

~A little birdie told me.....

Good morning!!!!
I am so excited this morning....
I got an email from a little birdie last night
that told me I have a BOX coming from Imaginisce
AND.....*here's the fun part*

It is going to have some GOODIES for me to give
away on my blog!!!!!!!!!!!

From the NEW Birthday Bash Collection!!!!

I don't know what exactly yet...but this is a preview of
the super fun line! I am so excited!!!!!!
Plus what could be better then a GIVEAWAY TOO!!!!!
So stay tuned and head over to the Imaginisce Blog

Because today they are GIVING away the entire collection
*I think* or most of it anyways to some lucky readers!!!

I am so excited because this line looks so fun!
*Hope the mailman comes today!*
So I can take photos and figure out what I
am giving away this week!!!!! WOOHOO!

Thanks Imaginisce!

Oh and here is their blog for their giveaway too!

~I am off to tend to my pink nose LOL
I had a little sun yesterday.
It's funny, I am a baseball mom and should be fine
but yesterday it caught me anyways.

~Have a great day everyone!~
I hope one of my readers wins!!!!!!!