Thursday, May 31, 2012

~The Story Layout & Strawberry Picking~

Good morning my friends, 
IF ever there was a day I regretted not remembering my camera
yesterday was that day!! I could have kicked myself!

I drove the boys to the farm in Wartrace, TN (right by Bell Buckle)
and sent them to the field to pick strawberries.
I was very careful to instruct them on not fighting and all that
because it was the first time they were going alone, I could
not make it to the field myself and no wheelchair path. 

God bless them, they made it all the way and did not fight once!
Plus my youngest even HELPED! haha A miracle in the strawberry
field for sure! I was so proud, they even grabbed some blueberries.
We made jam last night, and I baked all day.
We made 2 batches of muffins, 4 batches of jam, home made bread
chili, sweet cornbread muffins, and more.  

I wanted to share one of my last digital layouts with you for that
digtal scrap booking race. Can you believe I made it all the way through?
Digital scrap booking has always been fun but not my 
main form of playing, so this was a wonderful challenge. 

This page had to be all about me, so I did a page on how people
see me and what they expect me to be able to handle. 
My close friends know I have a tender heart though.♡♡
 I used a kit from Ginger Scraps on this page. Summer Lovin'. 
I really enjoyed the race, I might enter another contest if I find one. 

Oh and here is a picture of the strawberries after I got home. 
I really am proud of these boys of mine. They are all growing
up so fast and it's clear they will be fine young men. 
Well that's it for me today, short and quick. 
I am working on several projects right now, and trying to adjust to the boys 
being home all the time!!! AHHHH LOL 

I have a big announcement coming soon, plus I was at Sam's Club
last week and saw some of my publication work on packaging, so
that was pretty fun. I never know where I will see my projects. LOL

See y'all tomorrow!

Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Vintage Style Card- Tutorial w/ Burlap

Good morning my friends, 

I have a fun project and mini tutorial to share today
after a good 4 day weekend! :) I spent the weekend with friends and
of course family, we had a lovely party at a friend's home then
we laid rock and celebrated my son's 10th birthday.
Very busy but so wonderful. We finally have a wonderful group
of families to spend time with and it is always so relaxing. 
Ok I wanted to share how to make this frame/lock and key set
vintage style card. I used the fun new Globecraft Memories products for this one. 
First I dabbed all of the vintage chipboard pieces from Globecraft Memories
with the Piccola Enamel Powder Adhesive. 

 Then I coated each one with the 24K Gold Enamel Powder.
 I used my tweezers to hold them while I heat set them with my heat gun.
 After I used enamel powder on them I coated them in Glastique
Gloss and set them to dry for an hour or so. 
 Then I just layered the card. 
I really am enjoying using these Globecraft products! 
Not my usual style but a style I am completely comfortable with!
Happy Wednesday my friends!

 Products Used:

Saturday, May 26, 2012

~Just Because "INK" Mini Album~

Good morning my crafty friends, 

I have a fun project to share today, this is a mini album I created
for one of my girlfriends. I used all those little camera phone photos
I got from her trip to the tattoo shop. 

We had so much fun I just wanted a way for her to remember it and
thought it would be fun to make a little album with my Zutter Bind It All.
 I used my Momenta papers and embellishments from the Chloe's Garden line. 
 And wrapped the O-Wire binding with vintage lace. 

 This was my favorite photo LOL It did not hurt but she 
was making funny faces just  because, I felt like Lucille Ball
was in the room with us! haha

I know it is quite taboo to scrapbook tattoos, and all the "rebel" moments in life, 
but this is my life, plain and simple so I decided to scrapbook it anyways! :) 
I love my new Bind-It-All I love how easy it makes binding and creating. 

Have a beautiful day~


Friday, May 25, 2012

~Crystal Beaded Card~

Good morning my amazing crafty friends,

I created this fun card to share because I have the privilege
of working with Connie Crystals and amazing crystal company.
Perfect for adding to my projects, I love the unique touch it adds. 
 This is a card I made using the 
 SRM Stickers, canvas triangle from Canvas Corp, My Mind's Eye & 7Gypsies
paper plus some vintage lace and twine. 
 I stamped right on the canvas using StazOn ink, then stamped a 
matching butterfly and cut it out. 
 I used Beacon Zip Dry adhesive for the entire card adding my own lace. 
I truly love this card it's so pretty in person too! 
Cannot wait to send it off to my girlyfriend!

They will have a new website up soon with full instructions too!
Have a wonderful Memorial Day weekend~

Thursday, May 24, 2012

~Bullying Sucks- Aftermath Layout~

Good morning my crafty friends,

Since I seem to be in a therapeutic mood this week I have spent alot 
of time in my craft room sorting out feelings of helplessness and extreme pain.

I was appreciative of the kind hearts that responded to my 
Faith No More layout, everyone was ver understanding and to put it simply
this is a horribly difficult time to watch my son in pain. 

This is sort of part 2. 
Watching my son go through this and having people tell me that 
it's fine and he is old enough to deal with it. Now you know why I have
been quite lately and struggling to get by. 

Journaling says:
This is my son who has been told for 2+ weeks now every day
You don't belong here in TN” “You don't belong here in MY school!”
Move back to Oregon where you belong” “You should just go away”
I hate you” “Your friend is a wimp” “Your friend hates you”
No one likes you” “Your a bad person” “You need to leave”
Your dad sucks” “Your family should be in jail” “You are not wanted here”
Your mom is fat” “Your mom is MEAN” “You are not allowed to talk
to my friends” “Stay away from my friends” “You suck at baseball”
Your a terrible pitcher” “You shouldn't be allowed to play ball”
You don't belong in this school” “You need to go away”
I instructed my son to walk away, every day for 3 weeks he has
walked away. He does not respond only walks away.
I explain to him that this child will tire of yelling at him and if he walks
away it will pass. I tell him to just stay away from him.
Every witness in school admits he walked away. The last time
AFTER 3 weeks he stood up and said “SHUT UP” he did not hurt the child,
but after he kept taunting he put his hand up in a stop motion and
his fingers lightly brushed (principals words were 2 fingers lightly
touched) the bullies cheek. No damage done but I certainly reprimanded
my son letting him know I do not condone any physical contact.
Every day for 3 weeks he comes home with tears in his eyes. Every day
he wakes in the middle of the night. He is 10. Other physical symptoms
begin to appear.

The principal tells me this is NOT bullying and he is a big boy.
The principal tells me that the other boy “feels” bullied so it's ok.
The principal tells me she is more concerned about if I speak out
publicly on Facebook about him being bullied then if he is being
permanently damaged by the actual “NON- bullying”.

The other boys parents tell me that he has every right to speak to my
son this way because he has every right to speak his own opinion.
They do not care my son is being injured, only saving face.

If this were your child, what would you do?
Would you sit silent and show your child it's ok to sit in the corner and
let it happen? How would you feel with your hands tied?

I was told I am not allowed to speak out publicly about my son being
bullied because the bully is simply being bossy not bullying.
Is this being bossy??

My other son who is 2 years younger has been approached by the
boy they claim is not bullying, he was told “Your mom is mean”
I hate your mom” “Your mom is fat”.
My son came home telling me that an older child hates me.

Is this not bullying? When I approached the principal I was told
Well I don't know how that happened” nothing was done. NOTHING
is being done.
The bully was rewarded with attendance to big parties at school while
my sons we punished with Dr.'s visits and missing the last few days of
school on Dr.'s orders because of physical and emotional issues.

My hands are tied, I am instructed not to speak publicly, I am instructed
that I have no rights and my children need to just deal with it.
I am to just “Deal with it and stay quiet” I am promised if I remain silent
this issue will go away.

Are they going to come to my home and comfort my children for the next
few years as they deal with not being bullied? I have no rights, I have no voice.
It reminds me of my childhood being raped and abused.

I regret telling him to walk away and not removing him from school sooner.
I regret my sons must suffer 3 more years in this school where no one cares.
I regret that they will be punished because I speak out. But I won't be silenced anymore!

Anyways, things will get better I am sure as we are out of school for now.
I worry for his safety and health later. But for now we take it day by day.

This is the best for of therapy for me to deal with these feelings, by 
expressing it through my art. No one can tell me I cannot express
myself through my artistic ability, it really is the USA and I do have that right. 

Have a wonderful day....say prayers for my children this week please.....

Products Used: Tally Scrapper May Kit

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

~Half & Half~


I am in this digital contest with my friend Kelly, 
I have mentioned it before, it's at
This challenge was to create a layout, well half a layout...
then your partner creates the other half. 

I created the pedicure side....and sweet Kelly created the racing side. 
Was a fun challenge and idea. 

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

~Faith No More- Inner Struggles Layout

Good morning my friends, 
You know when I began scrapbooking I broke all the rules and scrapbooked
my inner most thoughts and feelings, I scrapbooked about my life
as it really was, not what everyone thought it should be. 
My pain, my thoughts, my fears. The struggles I have faced being abused
and trying to recover from child abuse, rape and so much more. 
I have not done it in quite a while due to obligations and being more at
peace and feeling more healed than I ever have been...but we have struggled this year quite
a bit, and in true Pinky form the only way for me to cope is with my 
scrapbook therapy.
I apologize if this layout offends anyone, it is not meant to offend but to be therapeutic 
and help me cope and work through my person struggles.
Life is full of struggles and I am sure I am not the only
to face this struggle, so I appreciate your understanding and
being gentle with your words as this is a hard time in my life.
Journaling on photo:
I never have doubted my faith, not in times of abuse and pain, not those nights in the hospital wondering if I would be able to escape my husband alive. 
Not even in those days of abuse in my childhood. 
Now that I am nearing 40 as I thought my faith was strong
and unshakeable I have finally found those doubts. 
We trusted a family who seemed like the perfect Christian family, they seemed
truly dedicated to faith and helping bring others to faith. 
I took them at face value, believing they were faithful and servants of God. 
As we became closer it became very clear that it was all lies. 
I thought we would join as forces to strengthen our faith while instead we were just pawns to make them “feel” like they could fool yet another family with their false faith and perfect family. 
I understand not wanting to air your dirty laundry but lying day after day to so many while pretending to be a teacher of God’s word was overwhelming to me and I feel like a complete fool and how was I so blind? I bought the entire story. 
We even thought it was just a mis-step in faith and we could help them, but it was clear they had no desire to change only the desire to keep on fooling people into thinking they had great faith and solid values. 
While they pretended to be full of faith and love, there was drug abuse, infidelity, porn addiction and so
much  more. Teaching God’s word one evening and getting high the same night. And all the time covering it all up with lies and more lies pretending to be faithful Christians. 
When it all came apart it and we saw them clearly it made me really think....most the Christians I have met from childhood on...they have all been like these people. 
Pretending to be Christians while lying and decieving others into thinking they are good people. 
In fact for 30+ years I have seen nothing but this, people interested in the “facade” of being good then actually working on their true faith and being a a strong representation of the Bible.
It has made me realize that I no longer know if there really are people of true “faith” out there.
I grew up in churches where my family pretended to be a faithful family of God, 
then went home to abuse their children. I don’t know why I was so naive to think that this was
abnormal because clearly it is the “normal” and I have been living in baseless hope for sometime.
So  now I stand at the crossroad, realizing that in fact maybe what I have believed my entire life is false and it’s more likely that faith does not exist and it is just a big charade to cover up being a drug user, or having control when you feel none. 
So I stand at the crossroads looking both ways...wondering if it’s worth believing anymore. 
I question if I should let yet another incident shake my faith but I have no choice but to really look both 
ways and decide for myself which path I will choose. 

I think it's really easy to stand from anywhere else and say 
"Just have faith" or see it simply but sometimes it's not so easy when it 
comes to your front door. 
This is not my life's decision but simply a therapeutic way to 
deal with the stress and emotion, so don't freak out on me LOL :)
Not saying everyone is like this, just saying that the people
I have dealt with over the years the ones that seem most faithful
and dedicated are like this, and I am not sure I have much hope anymore.


Monday, May 21, 2012

~Sweet Frosted Cupcake Mini Album~

Good morning my friends, 

What a busy weekend! Hope you all enjoyed yours. 
Sunday we were able to sleep in for the first time in 6 weeks!WOOHOO!

I did sit down and create this weekend, I have alot going
on right now and need to create for therapy, I have some
personal layouts coming up, I hope to be able to sit down
and journal on the pages. 
In the mean time I created this cute acrylic cupcake mini album
from Clear Scraps and used the SRM stickers I won! :) 
I set aside a couple pages because I LOVE the cover and want to
make some cards with it, so I saved 2 pages for that. 
I used the Purple Cows Wind It to create the swirl from wire
then I coated it with Liquid pearls. 
 I had fun with it, these are photos from our friends party- the Taylors. 
Andrew got to play and hold Payton for like an hour, he was in heaven! :) 

Now has anyone been sucked into Downton Abbey? I am really addicted! LOL
I have been trying to tear myself away but set it up in my craft room so I 
can watch it while I am crafting. 

Happy Monday my friends MUAH ♡♡♡♡

Friday, May 18, 2012

~Recipe For Disaster! Oh Boy!!~

Good morning my crafty friends, 
We had such a fun night last night at the ball field just watching friends games.
Was nice not to play but just watch.  

Ok, you know I scrap the good, bad, and the here goes.
While I love my tattoos, going through a tattoo experience with my 
very indecisive husband...well it was a true nightmare. LOL

When the NDSIB's challenge was to create a recipe I knew exactly
what I wanted to do. Part pretty and fun, part crazy~
I love my hubby but so help me, he gets any other tattoos on his own. 
I had my girl Renee fix his, I will stick to my girl and he can do whatever he needs LOL
This is the picture of him having it fixed, and also him having it done the first time. 
The man just had no luck...LOL

to create this layout, and I am so happy she has such fun lines to work with. 


Thursday, May 17, 2012

~Mother's Love Mixed Media Canvas~

Good morning my crafty friends, 

I almost forgot to share this Mother's Love Mixed Media canvas! *gasp*
I worked so hard on it too! I made this canvas for Mother's Day
and set it aside and just forgot. It's my first mixed media canvas, I have
never done one before I I LOVE IT! *if I do say so myself*:) 
 I used Buttons Galore & More buttons, Clearsnap Smooch Spritz,
Clearsnap ColorBox Inks
Kaiser Craft doilies, Pink Paislee Press-ons, Plaid Crafts paint. 
 You can find the full instructions on the Buttons Galore Blog right here
 I think I am addicted now, I have visions of altered canvases 
running through  my brain! :) 
 My friend Dolores often makes canvases and now I know why. 
Don't forget to enter the drawing for a Cricut cartridge it was
posted yesterday! :) Tell your friends....

I am off to enjoy the day in the pool I hope....ok maybe not but
a girl can wish right? Then off to watch some baseball. We have
no games but I am going to watch friends (much more fun).