Sunday, September 30, 2012

~I Am Thankful For You- October Stamp Set~

Good morning my crafty friends, 
Are you ready for fun with the October Stamp Set from Avocado Arts?
I love this Gobble Till You Wobble stamp set! Fun stuff!!
I bent the leaf stamp on my acrylic black and created garland.
Then added the tags. I do love fall!
The entire crew has projects today- head over to check them out!

  • Ashley Harris
  • Becky Oehlers
  • Vera Yates
  • Latisha Yoast
  • Avocado Arts

  • Until tomorrow, Happy Sunday my friends~


    Saturday, September 29, 2012

    ~Umm...Hello FUN!~

    Good morning! 
    I know I have been a bad blogger this last couple weeks. 
    Personal issues- sorry. Anyways I did get to craft a little this week. 
    I made this card using the brand new line coming soon to Michaels!


    I love how adult it is as well as kid friendly. 
    I LOVE LOVE LOVE the kraft paper background too! 

    Fun stuff...tomorrow and the next day I will be posting the Avocado Arts posts,
    then Tuesday a Hello Kitty giveaway so stay tuned! I promise to blog again! :) 
    Have a beautiful weekend my friends!!


    Wednesday, September 26, 2012

    ~Hello Happy Mail!~

    Good morning my crafty friends, 

    For those of you who know me, you know I love me some Hello Kitty!
    Yesterday I received a package from Fed Ex chalked full of amazing 
    Hello Kitty goodness! The new line of Hello Kitty Scrapbooking
    supplies that is headed to Michael's! How cool is this?
    I LOVE that it's Kraft and has that retro feel. 
    I love that it feels adult too!
     Love the tapes...
     Love the pockets and pens!
     Love LOVE how it feels like a Smash Book! :) 
     LOVE the die cuts!
     LOVE it all!
    I cannot wait to play PLUS they gave me permission for a GIVEAWAY! 
    So stay tuned...I'll be posting the giveaway soon!

    I can't wait to share these fun little goodies with yall!


    Tuesday, September 25, 2012

    ~So Proud & Family's Are Sometimes MADE Not Born!~

     Good morning my friends, 

    Oh I see it's been nearly a week since I blogged last? Where
    does the time go these days? I had a wonderful party this weekend
    for my boys and so much going on, it just slipped my mind!

    We did have a great week with family and friends though
    so it was totally worth it. :)
    Crusher story below project....⇓⇓⇓⇓

    But first I created this fun little card, for no DT nothing, just me. :) 
    I used a mix of old Scraptastic Club Kits, and SRM Stickers.
    I really just went with the paper design. I loved the circles and just hand cut 
    some circles and distressed them, then I stitched them on the sewing machine.  
    Added Washi Tape from the kits, and a bunch of embellishment stickers. 
    Just a fun little card. :) 

    This weekend we had a lovely weekend with friends. 
    Before I start I should preface this story with the fact that we have been
    with the same Crushers team for 3 years now. And our coach Kevin is
    a fun time! He genuinely cares about our kids. 
    We definitely have a misfit team all over the board- we have wonderful children 
    some with disabilities, some without but he plays them all the same.
    No one sits on the bench the entire game like some other teams do.
    They all play and they all get to shine even if they are not the best, 
    he pushes them to try it and go for it! 
    He reminds me of my husband when he coached. 
    Anyways all the parents respect him and we all donated money
    for him to get a team logo tattoo.

    So after the party hubs and I took him and his wife to get his new tattoo!
    Here is my gal Renee tattoo-ing him. I love her. 
     Here it is all done. 
    It's so much more than just a baseball tattoo. Just like my Crusher "C" logo. 
    It was a lovely evening, the only missing piece was our favorite couple 
    Shauna & David. :) Besides that? Totally perfect!

    And of course hubby couldn't be left out so he got a "C" on his
    ring finger since he cannot wear a wedding ring. That was sweet. :)
    Had another huge special moment happen this weekend that I can't share 
    just yet, but I feel a layout coming on about it for sure.
    Anyways I am off to see a sweet mamacita do her gymnastics. 
    Have a wonderful Tuesday! :) 


    Wednesday, September 19, 2012

    ~Polaroid Card! You Are The Best~

    Good morning and happy hump day my friends! :) 

    I had a fun time yesterday making this card. 
    Just for fun! :) Not DT work or anything just fun card making time. 
     I used part of the new Scraptastic Club "Noted" kit and part
    of the older "Nostalgic Summer" kit to create this card. 
    I also used the fun new stamp set from Pink By Design-
    Capture Life set. FUN Polaroid frame right? I stamped it-
    then I cut it out and stitched it! I love it! :) 

    It felt good to sit down and create for fun yesterday.
    I had a nice day shopping with my girlfriend for my son's birthday (shhh
    I snuck in some mommy shopping too) LOL 

    I have a party to plan for these two boys of mine!
    Happy Hump Day!

    Tuesday, September 18, 2012

    ~Online Holiday Card Class By ME!~

     Good morning my crafty friends, 

    I wanted to share  my latest NEW class this fall- it is
    100% online, and I am currently making videos for each card! 
    (I have several done already) it is 8 cards for the Fall & Winter holidays
    for only 25.00! :) 
     Of course it is at My Creative Classroom. 
    (This is my Christmas money for the boys...I love online classes!)

    Here are two of the 8 cards we will be creating.
    Some are Clear Scraps acrylic and some are paper, 
    you can adapt them to your own  papers and embellishments. 
    I share step by step how to work those clear cards as well as paper!
    Also don't forget this All About Halloween Class I am also helping in! :) 
    2 projects are mine. 
    If you would be so kind as to pass the word along, I really 
    appreciate it! Great for international friends, no shipping, no taxing! :) 
    Just fun classes- step by step. I walk you through each card!


    Monday, September 17, 2012

    ~Tutorial- Creating Your Custom SVG File~

    Good morning my crafty friends, 

    What an amazing weekend at the DEMO DERBY! :) 
    Hope your weekend went well. 

    Sunday we chilled all day and I sat down to make a card for 
    my son's baseball coach and I could not find what I wanted to create, 
    so I decided to just make my own SVG file and cut it on my 
    awesome Silhouette Cameo machine!
    Here is the finished card with our team logo, fun times right?
    While I was creating it I thought I would just take photos and share
    how to make your own SIMPLE SVG from a simple line drawing file. 
    (This is not advanced just a beginners tutorial)

    I began with the team logo (for personal use only) and opened it in 
    INKSCAPE - a free program. 

    I found the JPEG I planned on using (Clogo) and clicked it. 

    Once it popped up on the Inkscape screen I clicked it (selected it)
    and it created a box around it. 

    I then clicked the toolbar "PATH".

    Then clicked "TRACE BITMAP". This grabs the simple line image. 

    After that I selected "UPDATE" this will actually create your cut lines 
    for your SVG. If it is spotty or you have issues you will see it in the update preview. 

    If you have too many spots can play with the OPTIONS and click UPDATE again. 

    When you are satisfied drag the image away and you will 
    see the BLACK cut file and beneath it is the original file. 
    I just delete the original and keep the black one. 

    Then click FILE in the toolbar and SAVE AS.

    Save as PLAIN SVG then you can use it in your Silhouette software. 

    And that's it! :) I cut my card and it's ready to go. 
    Easy peasy right?

    Ok I am off to create today and catch up from the fun weekend. 
    The boys LOVED the Demo Derby and we had ice cream after,
    I can't think of a more amazing time! :) 

    Happy Monday my friends!


    Saturday, September 15, 2012

    ~Stamp Giveaway & NEW Project With Avocado Arts~

    Good morning my crafty friends!!!

    Not only do I have a project to share today but also a GIVEAWAY! :) 

    Avocado Arts has a very FUN random giveaway today...they will
    go to each of our blogs and pick random winners from the 
    COMMENTS on our blogs! 
    You have a chance to win if you comment and even more
    chances to win if you comment on every blog! 
    These are awesome stamp sets!

    This is my card, I giggled the entire time I created it! LOL
    That turkey just cracks me up!
    I used the Scraptastic Kit Club papers from the "Noted" kit 
    and all the stamps are Avocado Arts of course...with a sneak peek for next month :) 

    Now the ENTIRE Pit Crew has their own projects, go check em out!
    I have not worked with nicer more talented ladies, you will love them as much as I do.