Friday, July 31, 2009

~Freakishly busy Friday! RAK DAY...again hehe~

Ok, just a quick update today...
sorry, just too busy preparing for my classes/demos
today and tomorrow!

If you are in TN! I will be at Sassy Scrappers tonight doing my Purple Cows Demo!
Yea so excited!

IF you live in Kentucky!!!
COME to Scrapbook Village
@ 10:00 AM
or 1:00PM
I will be hosting 2 classes and they are FREE!!!
Just come on by!
If you need more information just let me know...
I would LOVE to meet you!

Now this LO....
Tomorrow is REVEAL DAY on Treasured Scrapbooking
this is my month for Kit #1! And it was so fun!
This is just one of 4 Lo's and an altered project and a card
I made! LOL I was in love with this kit!!
If you have not checked out the new CHALLENGE BLOG
ScrapFit, you should!
I am using this LO as an entry,
the challenge this week s WATER and INK!

Ok off to the kids and get everyone set for tonight!
You know I love you all and thank you for stopping by!

Oh...oh...wait....Hmmm.....I think I have a RAK today!!!!!!!!
I am in such a great it is!
Please send your friends over!This RAK is a word book, BLING and a set of stamps.
It is worth over 30.00.

You know my motto is all about SHARING THE CRAFTY LOVE!
I totally live by that!
I share my techniques, my ideas, my's all about
doing it from the heart.
It's a great RAK I love my readers!
I will pick a winner on Sunday!

~Thank you for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful day~

Thursday, July 30, 2009

~Thirsty Thursday is here at last!~

I got my scrap on yesterday and today.
I cannot share all of my work but I can share this one...
This is...a SCRAPLIFT!
I cannot share who or why yet (but I will next week)
I can tell you it is for a special challenge
for a crop at Treasured Scrapbooking that is coming up!

I hope you join me and play along if you have time.
It will be beginning on the 10th of August.

I am SUPER excited about my purple Cows Demo tomorrow
at Sassy Scrappers in Murfreesboro! YEA!
I am raring to go!
I don't have alot to share today, it's Thursday and I am
trying to spend the day with the boys.
I am thankful today for....
good friends who put up with me!
great family who support me....
a lovely place to live that hubby works for...
opportunities to teach and demo and meet new people who
share my passion and love of crafting!

~Have a beautiful day~

Wednesday, July 29, 2009

~Middle of the week Award~

OK first of all I was so excited to receive this award from a reader.
I have received awards before but I always thought I was being
obnoxious by posting them, but I have since changed my mind
So anyone who has given me one, I apologize for not posting it.
And thank YOU Katie for sending me the award~
I love my fellow bloggers/readers!
I should nominate some awesome blogs too! Right?

This award is called the "Eye Like Your Style" from Janis at Pause, Dream, Enjoy. This beautiful award was created by her daughter.

The rules are easy....
1) by accepting this award you recognize that the giver "likes your style."
2)you agree to proudly display this award on your blog and post a link back to the giver.
3)you will share this award with those whose styles you like...because there are so many wonderful blogs out there!

Here are a just a few of the blogs (in no particular order) in which I love their styles & give me inspiration:
1) Jocelyn at
2) Jennifer French, I heart this girl!

Now on to fun things!
A very sweet cool friend from the Tally rally...
MARTY posted her pictures and she snapped these!
This one is of Dorothy, an amazing sweet woman who inspires me to stay strong
and she is so strong herself. I am blessed to have met her!

And this is Marty, I had no clue who she was at first but this woman was the
sweetest kindest most non-judgmental girl I have ever met!
I fell in love with her, she was just my kind of girl!
I can tell she fights the good fight!

So no scrap items today (sorry)
But I have been scrapbooking, in between sewing and caring for the kids LOL
I promise I will have something to share tomorrow!

~Don't forget! Friday at Sassy Scrappers in Murfreesboro!~
I will be there!
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

~Scrap-worthy Tuesday~

I have a ton of fun hosting 2 challenges at Fiskateers yesterday,
and I did scrap (and sew of course) but it was all for DT work!
Here are the sneak peeks of my DT work at Treasured Scrapbooking
This is using August Kit #1.
This kit was so fun to work with!
I know I say that every time LOL
But I mean it!
This one was scrap worthy of boys or girls!
I love that!
Also, I chatted with Denise, and Meghan at the big Fiskars bash
yesterday, I am so sad to have missed it BUT
a little birdie told me that Stephenie herself wore
the orange polka dotted dress I made for her, to the BIG BASH!
I am not so patiently awaiting pictures LOL
ANNNDDD, guess what?
Carol Duvall was there too!
Just think...she saw my dress! How fun is that?
When I get pictures I will definitely share!
I know it is silly but I am so gosh darn excited!
~Have a great Tuesday~
~Thanks for sharing in the fun today~

Monday, July 27, 2009

~Just another FUN-FILLED Monday!~

Oh I am excited today!
Not only am I able to share the pictures I took of the Store Front Mesh.
Here are a couple shots with my floral dress in the window.
They added some cute handmade jewelry to the mannequin and I think
it turned out really cute, I am just Tickled Pink!

Also today....the Fiskateers are having a HUGE CROP!
Because most of us were not able to make it to Orlando for the huge Birthday Bash,
since we are at home wishing we were there, they thought we should have a
birthday party of our own ONLINE!
And I get to play along being one of the hostess's!
So it should be a pretty fun filled Monday!
Thank you for stopping by...
~Have a beautiful Monday~

Sunday, July 26, 2009

~Sunday, and some fun news~

Some of you knew I had the appointment at the local shop MESH
right here in Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
It went well and I will be bringing more of
my dresses down this week and next week.
The fun part is....I have a dress on a mannequin in their WINDOW!
So, I am blogging right now, before I head out the door to go take some pictures!
How fun is that?

They are a small newer store but it will be fun to sell locally.
Here is a dress they did not want but guess what?
It sold right away yesterday so no worries there,
I am just excited to go take pictures of the front window!
The shop is very Green they use almost exclusively local artists and
they have so many handmade products, and recycled products,
it's very earth friendly.
I love that, even if I do not sell a ton,
I don't care because it is a good store and fun.
I always have my own online business that does well.

Here is a little Bo Bunny Card I made this weekend
I am so mad at myself, I totally want to be on the Bo Bunny DT
and I was so excited, I shot the email off with my Layout box and
did not add the Layout or the Card! UGH
I keep accidentally killing my chances!
So frustrated with myself today.
OK off to take some pictures and share...
and you know I will!
~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful Sunday~

Friday, July 24, 2009

~Fun News/Class and RAK winner!

August 1st
Scrapbook Village
FREE Class/Training
with Pinkie at the Village!

Two sessions 10:00AM & 1:00PM
Call Store to sign up 270-678-7171

Sorry I have been MIA,
but a local store has contacted me about carrying my dresses to sell,
it is a cute little handmade shop and that has pretty
much kept me chained to my sewing machine for a couple days.

No scrapbooking here just sewing and tending the kids!

Oh and the Sewing Machine CADDY WINNER!!!
#15 came up on the random number generator which
just happens to be
Blogger Jocelyn said...

OH My Gravy....this is soooooo cute!!!! Just my colors too!!!! You are going to laugh at me...but my bobbin fell out and the pieces came apart and I cannot find the manual to tell me how to put it back together!!!! Hey the sewing machine sounds like my house....Humpty Dumpty!!!!!!! I adore this and thanks for the tutorial!!!! :)

Wednesday, July 22, 2009

So Jocelyn send me your addy and I will mail it out next week!

Thanks everyone for coming to comment, I had 50 comments, can you believe it??

I was tickled PINK and Black Polka dot! LOL

~Have a great day and if you are in Kentucky please come by!~

Just email me for more information! I would LOVE to see ya!~


Wednesday, July 22, 2009

~Sewing Caddy Tutorial and RAK~

I originally made this for Fiskateers, but they never used it,

so I made it for Tally and now they are closing or changing hands...

so now it is MINE all MINE! LOL mwhahahah!

And I am GIVING away this CADDY!!!!!! The one you see here could be yours!

How to make a cuper cute, super fun, super useful SEWING CADDY!

This is SO easy to make. You can get fancy if your a great quilter and want to iron it and make it perfect...that is great! But I will show you my easy peasy shortcut sewer version. I suggest making the pockets slightly more shallow, but I like my deep pocktes, because I hate scissors falling out and I have some big scissors!

First you will need 1 yard of fabric (If you are doing 2 different colors, then 1/2 yard of each) and a large remnant of fleece.(around 20" by 30") Or some batting.

Step 1. Cut your fabric into 20" by 30" pieces
I love using my old fleece remnants for this. I used some old Halloween fleece I had used a few years ago (I got it for 1.00 a yard!)
I cute the fleece slightly smaller.

Step 2. Piece it together inside out and sew the sides and bottom together leaving the top wide open.

You CAN put the fleece/batting in after and quilt it. OR if your like me, I just put it in and sew it in to the seams, but be careful to only sew the fleece in a tiny bit because you don't want bulky seams.

Step 3. Turn right side sew a 1/8 inch seam along sides and bottom (Stop 1/2 inch short on both sides of the top so you have room to fold in and close the top)

Step 4. Close the top and sew it shut matching the 1/8" seam you made along the sides and bottom.

(If you would like to quilt this, now is the time to put your cool quilt designs on it.)

Step 5. Fold bottom up from 4" to 7" and pin, you CAN make this shorter if you want....even 3" is enough. But I like to put my handy dandy Sewing scissors inside so I like mine deep.

Step 6. Pin where you would like the pockets and sew your pocket seams.

Step 7....EMBELLISH!
Now you have a fun easy functional sewing caddy! It took me approx. 1 hour to make start to finish.

Do you want to win this caddy?

Well leave a comment and I will randomly draw a name on Friday!

~Have a great hump day~

~Thank you for stopping by...spread the word!~


Tuesday, July 21, 2009

~Crafty Tuesday~

Wow, I actually crafted 2 days in a row this week! LOL
I have a Purple Cows Demonstration coming up on the 31st.
Right here in Murfreesboro at Sassy Scrapper!

Just remember Friday, the 31st (July)! Around 7 or so PM
Here is the number to call to sign up for the FREE CROP!
I will be raffling off a great prize from Purple Cows!
So it's worth a shot and it's a FREE CROP!

Since Purple Cows Smart Trimmer has a special ANGLE blade
I made a house pocket card to show it off.
Now i know it is very simple, and not my usual style,
but for the demo I thought this would be easier to
make and share a how to.
And it's cute, so I am good with that.
Plus, who does not LOVE Cosmo Cricket!
And that is about all from me today!
I know I am a walking billboard lately seems like...
but I so love meeting my friends in real life!
I know I have nothing planned yet but I cannot wait until my next trip!!

~Have a great day~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Monday, July 20, 2009

~Scrap-Happy Monday~

Good morning!!
It is a beautiful 57 this morning...apparently a record low
for Tennessee in July! But I love it!

This is what I spent yesterday making....
a BO Bunny Layout cube...
I like how it came out, I decided to enter it in the DT call
I know I do not have a chance because at least
500 will apply, but hey, it was fun to make, and I LOVE Bo Bunny stuff anyways!
And I got a cute cube done! So I am happy!

So....what are you working on today?
I need to clean and sew...oh the joys of a housewife/crafter LOL
Just a quick note today...the boys are wanting momma!
~Have a beautiful day~

Sunday, July 19, 2009

~Felt Flowers Tutorial ~

I hope that you subscribed to the
Treasured Scrapbooking Newsletter this month!
And if you did not, here is just one item you missed, from ME!!!

Fun Felt Flowers by Pinky By: Cristal Hobbs
I love felt and am always looking for creative ways to use incorporate it into my scrapbooking,these fun felt flowers are not only easy but save you time and money. Plus they are cute to boot!
You can make about 10 for 1.00 maybe even 15.

Step #1 cut graduating sizes out of felt (squares OR circles) 4 or more work best.Step #2 layer cut pieces largest to smallest (I like to turn each square piece for more depth and affect)
Step #3 Sew a few stitches preferably in a fun different color by machine or hand making criss crosses (the more wonky the better!)
Step #4 add a pearl (I bought my pink pearl from Treasured Scrapbooking) or any bling, or punch a small hole and add a brad.
Now go on and sign up for the TS Newsletter!
All the DT have fun tips and ideas every single month!
Just go here
scroll down and enter your email!

If you want the complete newsletter from this month,
which includes photography editing tips from Abbie Torrel,
product Reviews, Gallery Standouts, and Sketch challenges
then email me your email and I will forward this month's Newsletter to you!
Now go make some fun Felt flowers!

~Have a beautiful Sunday~

Saturday, July 18, 2009

~Super fun Saturday RAK WINNER!~

Oh I have not forgotten you all today! I was just so busy sewing,
and playing with my boys that I neglected my blog this morning!
One of the girls from Fiskars contacted me about making her a dress...
and i have to admit I was so leary when she sent me Orange Polka dotted fabric!
LOL But guess what? I LOVE IT!!!!!!!!!!!
So I whipped it up and mailed it off Priority!
I hope some of my Fisk-a-friends get to see her in her dress soon!

Also I have fallen in love with a little girl whom I have never met!
My friend's daughter, she is so sweet and cute, I made her a dress
a while back and every time I call she is looking for it or wearing it,
Now how could I resist making her another one!?
I love making little girl dresses because they just take remnants of fabric!
Less waste and gets rid of my stash.

Now i had to ask who the Pink girl was because I have no girls lOL
Her mommy had to tell me it was Sleeping Beauty!

Ok and on for the RAK winner!
Blogger Erin Glee said...

I'll bet you could have taught the altered wood workshop... well at least you have a positive outlook and something cool to hang up on your wall!
Love those printed Primas!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

OK chick, I love your comment but you were a completely random winner!
So email me your addy ok?

And icecheeks I will be mailing off your goody this week,
I am still settling in from Texas,
I tell you what, God has been giving me a blessing for not cussing
about the sizzling weather in Texas and He has given me
a nice cool week in TN! I mean we have had record lows of 60 at night!
Heck ya babay! I needed to cool off LOL

OK off to bed my friends
~Thanks for always checking in with me~
I love you all~

Friday, July 17, 2009

~Round Robin Friday~

If you have not played "Scrap0booking Round Robin"
Let me tell you...YOU MUST!!!
hehehe, it was so much fun.
I did NOT scrap this Layout, I started with a picture (which I hate) LOL
and a piece of paper, and I passed it around to
the next person at my table who had ONLY 2 MINUTES
to scrap the page, then they passed it on to the next... and so on.
When it came back to me, it was DONE!

Now how fun is that???!
I thought it was so sweet they put Sugar on it,
it was so nice because they were all friends of mine.
You should have seen all the cool pages that got done!

You have to check this out!
Treasured Scrapbooking is having a HUGE contest!
The prize is 250.00 in scrap supplies and a 50.00 gift card!

It's here - our biggest contest of the year - The Treasured Hunt!
This will be a six week contest. To enter, upload your very best layout into the Treasured Hunt gallery-Eligibility Entries category by 9pm (EST) Friday July 31st. The Design Team will vote and the top 25 entries will move on to compete in the contest. Following is the timeline of the contest:

Eligibility Round - deadline Friday, July 31th - 9pm (EST)
Sun Aug 2 - 25 contestants announced

1st round
Tues Aug 4- 1st challenge announced
Mon Aug 10 - deadline to upload entries (9pm EST)

2nd round
Tue Aug 11 - announcement of 20 contestants moving on/2nd challenge posted
Mon Aug 17 - deadline to upload entries (9pm EST)

3rd round
Tue Aug 18 - announcement of 15 contestants moving on/3rd challenge posted
Mon Aug 24 - deadline to upload entries (9pm EST)

4th round
Tue Aug 25 - announcement of 10 contestants moving on/4th challenge posted
Mon Aug 31 - deadline to upload entries (9pm EST)

5th round
Tue Sep 1 - announcement of 5 contestants moving on/5th challenge posted
Mon Sep 7- deadline to upload entries (9pm EST)

6th round
Tue Sep 8 - announcement of 3 contestants moving on/6th and final challenge posted
Mon Sep 14- deadline to upload entries (9pm EST)

WINNER ANNOUNCED - on or before September 17

Last time I promise! LOL

So, don't forget to check it out!
~Have a beautiful day~

Thursday, July 16, 2009

~Out of my Creative Box & RAK today!~

Good morning fellow bloggers (or readers)
I hopped on out of my regular scrappy box this last weekend
and took an altered canvas class
Now it turned out NOT to be an altered canvas but instead
a sheet of wood, so I still need to work on actual canvas, but
this is what I came up with.
I pretty much just let my imagination flow, and mine
looked NOTHING like the teacher or the other
students, but then again that is exactly what I wanted.
I wanted it to be mine and from my head.
I will probably do more, I was already using paint and oil pastels,
so I did not learn anything new, but it was fun seeing someone
else's view on altering items.
I will definitely hang it in my scrap room.

I did this page at the Rally in like 20 minutes about the Texas Trip.
I had alot of fun, I definitely and so happy to have made some lifelong friendships.
It was so nice meeting people I had spoken to for so long on the phone.
And meet a few new good friends too. I hope to hook back up
with some of them again!

Now I have a FUN little RAK today!
A package of BRAND NEW PRIMA Flowers!!
So leave a comment here and I will randomly choose someone on Saturday!

OHHH and a quick advertisement!
TREASURED SCRAPBOOKING is going to have their annual
It is the BIGGEST contest of the year...
GRAND PRIZE: Prize Package worth over $250 of scrapbooking supplies and a $50 gift certificate to the Treasured Scrapbooking store!!

2nd prize: $40 Treasured Scrapbooking Gift Certificate

3rd prize: $25 Treasured Scrapbooking Gift Certificate

SOO PLEASE JOIN TODAY and please tell them PINKY sent ya!

Also they are having a promotion for us DT
IF I get someone to subscribe to their Kits, I earn a prize.
SOOOO if by chance you subscribe to a kit please refer me when you do.
Honestly their kits are fun and easy to work with plus
she makes sure each kits has some new yummy goodness in it.

~Ok I am done advertising~
The contest is FREE
~Thanks for stopping by and don't forget to pass the RAK word along~

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

~Wow it is Wednesday!~

Already?? Can you believe how fast this week is flying by?
It is already the 15th which means today
is my DT Reveal day for Treasured Scrapbooking!

These are items using July Kit #2
Such a fun kit...I know, I know, you are saying...It's fun because you are
the DT! LOL I do not is a great kit! You can
tell, it is very diverse!!
This is a picture of the whole family on the Pickwick Belle in TN
How fun that trip was!
And here are a couple cards I made from the kit.
I did not alter anything this month because I did that tutorial
with the felt flowers for the TS Newsletter!
Don't forget comes out today or tomorrow!
Thank you for stopping by!
I will have some fresh work tomorrow!
~Have a beautiful week~

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

~Corn Cob Road Texas!~

Now I know y'all wanna know what Corn Cob Road is...
so for those of you who are offended by language, you betta just
close this page right now! LOL But you will be missing the story!

Friday 4 of us sista's decided to take a little trip to Wally World
to help out with drinks, picking up water, pop etc....
So we head on out and stop at Micheal's first like every good
and true scrapbooker does!! I mean DUH hehehe

We get done at Micheal's and ask for directions inside and
I cannot explain to you how FUNNY the check out lady was...
she would lean in to you over the counter and very quietly and
calmly try to explain where to go in a very monotone voice..
"now you just head south on this road and when you come to the light
you turn left then you turn right"
And not a one of us could actually HEAR HER! LOL
So we head out on our merry way and find ourselves at least 10
miles out in the middle of bumfuck Texas,
with nothing around for miles but straw looking corn and dust devils!
So when we see a gas station, of course we decide to stop
and I say to Dolores...
"want me to go in and ask for directions?"
She said "Yea send the PINK haired girl in maybe
they will like what they see and give us the right directions"
So I pop on in with my swirly dress and fat dark sunglasses
(yea i k now hot right?) LOL

I get inside and there are 2 old men, I mean like 98 yrs old
in booths smoking up a storm and I go to the counter and sure as shit
Mr. Hinduwithnoteethandacharoftabaccothe size of Texas!
is standing right there
looking like a rattlesnake walked in fresh off the cement pond!
I asked him where the nearest WalMart is and he says..
"BOY y'all are LOST its way on beck dere'"
He proceeds to tell me we need to go on back where we come from
to the flashing lights
Now this man does not say Flashing lights and let it go
NOOOO this man picks up both his hands and start flashing then in the air!
Because this pink haired girl does not know what flashing lights are
without hand signals! LOL
then he says go left or something...then I will come to
ONE flashing light!
Key word ONE, then he proceeds to flash ONLY ONE HAND! LOL
I tell you what, just watching him, I did not hear a damn thing after
I saw the hands start flashing! LOL
I went out to the car a laughing in my PINK Panties!

And no...that was not all!
Right across the road was a little shop (in the middle of nowhere!)
Called Cowboys and Cowgirls Barn furniture.
Now I am telling you right now...if you
see this place on Corn Cob Road...Keep on DRIVING! LOL
We thought (naturally as scrappers)
How fun and unique lets go look and take pictures!
We started looking and taking shots of the building and
damned if a man did not come out...
face all messed up, covered with Tattoos...yea you know
there was tobacco in that mouth to! I mean it is Texas!
Some scary shit there! LOL
He comes out and says something like
"What are y'all doin' I don't let no people take pictures of my shop"
not nice either , I thought the man was gonna take out a shotgun right dere'! LOL
We kept snapping and said "well we are from out of town and
just admired your store so much"
Oh now...that man was not happy!
He even looked at the rental car license plate to take note
of where we were from, he said "Arizona huh?"
It was sooo funny!!!!
So we jump in the car already laughing...
and giggling about how he had something up his ass...
and I said "I just turned around and saw a CORN COB fall right out his ass!"
We laughed so hard we almost had to pull over...
now moments like that are PRICELESS! and that is
how we named it Corn Cob Road! LOL
I love meeting unique crazy individuals in other places.

Super fun! LOL

~Ok off to my boys!~
~Have a beautiful day~

Monday, July 13, 2009

~Monday morning calm~

Good morning fellow bloggers,
I woke up in my own bed this morning and in a quiet house!
My boys slept they are playing quietly.
It is always fun to go out and play but nice to come home
and feel comfortable and with family.

I promised more Lo's from this weekend and here are a couple
more I did of Dolores's lovely children!
I never get to scrap girls, so I had a FUN time scrapping these dolls!
Isn't she adorable?? Oh my! She is so cute!
This paper I got on clearance at Micheal's, it is the Forest Friendly line.

Now keep in mind both of these Lo's I only had about 20 minutes to do them!
But I had a bal working so fast and with so many creative girls!

I arrived on Thursday night and my flights were delayed so it was
late, one of the sweet girls offered to take my bags upstairs so I did
not have to lug them up the stairs which was so sweet!
I got to hang out for a couple hours then go to bed
I was in the room with the sweetest girls!
I made some NEW friends...
I made some closer old friends (some I had spoken to alot on the phone)
and I found out some people are not as they seem!~
Some are nicer then they seem and some I would avoid but overall
I let it all slide...
and had a great time and I think 95% were amazing and super creative people!
You know some of the small drama might have stressed me out years ago
but now I was really at peace and felt happy,
beautiful and really good the whole time
OH and guess who I met??
The incredible and amazing Staci Compher aka ctflattop!
She has been published everywhere and she was
such a doll~!

Ok more stories tomorrow...
I have a "lost on Corn Cob Road" story to share tomorrow LOL!~
Now time to spend time with my sweet children!

~Have a beautiful Day~