Monday, March 30, 2009

~This Woman's Work~ RAK Monday!~


And it feels like it!
The boys are on the mend but not all the way yet.
I am over this 2 weeks sick spell.

OK now about this LO
I had a challenge to do a LO using a SONG about a friend,
so I chose Dolores, and LauraJean,
Dolores is one of those women I totally respect.
She is strong, she is family oriented and she is a no BS kind of gal.
I can trust her to tell me the truth about a LO
or about anything else.

She has a handicapped son and she loves him so much, I feel her
love through everything she says and does.
I am so honored to know her.
These type of people get me through the week!

~Have a beautiful Monday~

Oh OHHHHH I know....I have some Cosmo Cricket Rub-ons!!!
Leave a comment here , let me know how your Monday was and I will put your name in
for a chance at the rub-ons!

Sunday, March 29, 2009

~Fiskateer Pride~

Everyone knows I am an avid Fiskateer!
I love being a Fiskateer and I often joke about bringing the PINK
to the very ORANGE Fiskateers.
Well this week they asked us to take a picture in orange to
say Bon Voyage to Angela, so I edited a picture of me
and turned my hair orange!
Just for fun, but I like it!
I think if Fiskars will hire me, I will color my hair orange!!!! hahaha

Now this is not my usual style LO
and frankly I don't really like it.
BUT it makes me smile and I love the edited picture. hehehe

If you have not become a Fiskateer, let me tell you that you should!
Being a Fiskateer means, having input on new tools (your opinion counts!)
Sharing your craftiness with other friendly down home crafters.
Great crops and fun easy projects.
Everything from sewing to paper crafting is covered, and these girls are friendly!
email one of the leads, I have met Wendy Jo and Rebecca in person.
They are sweethearts!

It is one of my favorite places to play.
~Have a beautiful day~

Friday, March 27, 2009

~Scrap Happy Friday~

Good morning fellow scrappers!
I got my scrap on yesterday and managed to finish 2 Lo's
Not too bad.
I have a couple more to work on today but wanted to get the fun ones
done first for my Survivor contest! This is my second Survivor LO
Keep your fingers crossed for me!

It is a picture BEFORE digi cameras, you know....when
it was on film and if you got a bad blurry shot, well too damn bad! LOL
You sucked it up and used your imagination!
My baby was 3 months old and he was hugging my 1 yr old.
It was the sweetest moment.
It just reminded me that Love Never Blurs, because the moment
was PERFECT but my picture sucked! LOL

~Hope you have a beautiful day~
Tomorrow I have some blog candy for ya!
So be sure to check back might just involved Cosmo Cricket Rub-ons!

Thursday, March 26, 2009

~Winner and New LO~

I will get to the WINNER First
Let me tell you it took me 30 minutes to get everyone's name into then make sure I got the referral names in
and the blog sharing names in! WOW Thank you all for cheering up my day!
I wish I had 50 boxes to share instead of one!!!

Now onto Scrapping,
I decided to get on my LO challenge today since I have 2 Lo's to complete.
And this is what I came up with for my Dream Job challenge.I sat down and really thought about what my “Dream Job”
would be, when it came down to it, I would love to be paid to
travel place to place speaking out against childhood sexual
and physical abuse….No, it’s not the typical multi million dollar
job on the beaches of some Tropical Isle , but it does
Make A Difference and in the end I do not want to be
remembered for how much money I had, But for who my
children grew up to be and the legacy of turning
rape and molestation into a valuable tool for healing
and recovery. So this is my dream job, making a difference.

~So have a beautiful day~
I will be seeing you tomorrow I am sure.
~Thank you for stopping by my blog!~

~So much FUN~

My son is not better, in fact I was up all night with him.
But I am having so much fun this week!
I am a member of Tally Scrappers, and I am in a Survivor Contest.
I joined just for kicks and have placed in the top 4 every week for 6 weeks now!
I cannot believe it!
This is the LO that got me #1 this week.
I know I have posted it but let's recap.
To top it off today....*snicker* They decided I would be the Office Whore and put me on both teams! bwhahaha
The theme of this Survivor is the TV show "The Office".
I am having so much fun!

If you have not joined Tally, it is a fun diverse place to play.
I LOVE that fact that I can post any LO I make and everything crafted is appreciated.
There are only a few places online I call home, and Tally Scrappers is definitely in the top two.

I did not scrap yesterday but I will be today,
so I will choose a winner and post my work later on this evening.
~Have a GREAT Day~

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

~Gloomy Day Wednesday RAK~

I have been dealing with sick kids all week, and it is SPRING BREAK to top it off!
So no scrapping for me...
plus it is raining cats and dogs...what can I do to cheer myself up??
Hmmm...I know! Give away a BOX of Chipboard Alphas!
I have a cigar box of Cosmo Cricket Souvenirs Alphas sitting right here on my desk!
Now they are not exactly the same colors as above but the box is worth 12.99!
So it is a GREAT RAK!
Who can pass up a RAK??!

You know the drill!
Leave a comment, send a friend is ya can.
Heck, put my blog link on your blog and I will enter you twice!
For every friend you send I will enter you again as well.
I love my blog readers and I love to play.

~Have a beautiful day~

Monday, March 23, 2009

~Monday Madness~

It is officially SPRING BREAK at my house.
But I love it, its great to have the kids home!
I originally did this Layout this weekend for a DT call ...
but I did not feel it was worthy in the end so I just used it for a fun challenge.

I love me some Sassafras Lass!

Do you ever have those shots, you wish would show a bit more?
This shot is when I am like 6 months pregnant
but my belly is cut off! haha
Oh well, I made it for my son and I bet he will love it when he gets older!
Have a great Monday!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

~Long weekend & Winner!~

Sorry I have been MIA this weekend, Usually I am ON TOP of the blogging.
My son has been very ill and I have been chasing him all weekend.

I created this LO this weekend,
I really wanted the picture to speak for itself here
and I am pleased with the result.
Sometimes, a big fancy title is not needed.

OH and a WINNER!
ZIGGYEOR!!!!! You have won the thickers and flowers

Of course your name went int he pot more because of so many referrals! Damn girl you have been busy! Thanks for sending your buddies by and everyone for saying hi!
I appreciate every person who visits and you keep me
blogging every day!

Have a blessed weekend and beautiful Monday

~I will be back tomorrow morning!~

Friday, March 20, 2009

~Cropping Friday!~

Well, it is that time again,
time for another fun crop at Treasured scrapbooking!
Just Click Here

I scrapped this page lastnight. I love the new Prima (Mommy and Me) papers!
They are to die for!!
They come pre glittered but I glittered the hell out of this page anyways! hahaha

Now, I did get permission from one of my best friends in the world Aymee,
to post this LO.
I had to share.
She and I are akin because we both really express not only
our happiness, but our stress, pain, and sorrow in our pages.
I have watched her blossom as a scrapper.
Heck we have grown together in scrapping and it is an amazing journey.
I just adore this page and the journaling is absolutely amazing.
So heartfelt, it makes me want to cry just reading it.

I had to share it with my blog readers because I know
some of you had to have gone through this,
or know someone who can benefit from seeing
they are NOT ALONE!
These feelings are valid and normal, and it's ok to be upset.
Thanks for sharing your life Aymee, I love your honesty.

Have a great Friday y'all!

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

~Thirsty Thursday...or should I say RAK Thursday!~

Boy it has been a while since I have RAK'd,
in fact I just mailed out the last RAK yesterday!.
But I could not pass up these Thickers on Clearance
at Hobby Lobby yesterday. WOOHOO!

So, leave me a comment and send a friend over to say hey,
I will randomly choose a winner tomorrow night.

I promise this LO is not an angry LO
It looks that way but really it is just sad.
I mourn the loss of family and my childhood sometimes.
I move past it but occasionally a photograph reminds me

~Have a great RAK day~

~Paint-a-liscious Wednesday~

I got down with my dirty self and went Paint Crazay Monday night.
My new favorite combo? Cardboard and paint!
This is a picture I took on the North Shore in Oahu early one morning in February.
I loved the picture and not to brag on myself but I love this LO too!
I think I may just hang it on the wall in my bedroom to remind me
of that beautiful morning.

Thanks you Lisa for the beautiful Felt stickers from the new Forest Friendly Line.
I love them so much!
I felt like the title took away from the LO too much
so I painted it to match. I love the end result.

I cannot believe next week is Spring Break here.
I am excited to sleep in for a week to be honest! Haha
I have been playing at night when the kids are asleep and
getting up at 6:30am to cook breakfast makes for long tired days.

~Hope you have a beautiful day~
~Thanks for stopping by and visiting me~

Monday, March 16, 2009

~Happy St Patty's Day!

I made this Glittery GREEN card yesterday and I have to say I LOVE
Lime Green stickles! hehehe

I will share a little story about this LO I made this weekend.
I was making the LO and I cried almost the entire time
nothing would sit perfectly and the whole day one
nagging question was in my mind.
I finally gave up and decided to journal it that way.

I remember this day like it was yesterday, I can remember the feeling.
I remember thinking to myself on this day in February.
Feb. 9th 1998 to be exact, I remember thinking,
I am happy, for the first time in years, I am happy.
I am smiling and having fun and I am happy.

That may not sound very unusual but if you knew the story behind it.
It was right at the end of a 7 year relationship with my ex husband.
I had just gotten out of the hospital I was in for weeks.
Several weeks earlier Bill had thrown me into the bathtub,
knocking me unconscious, then he drug me into the bedroom and
proceeded to beat me so badly he broke
(well he dislocated) pieces in my back in 3 places.
As I laid on the floor, he kicked me for so long
it took me about 3 months to walk again.

But I remember this day....because...I felt happy and grateful to be alive.
This was an important turning point for me.
I left Bill a few weeks later for good.

So always remember, while she may not remember your name, that one day that you spend with a friend, could make the biggest difference in her life and you may never know it.

I may never remember her name but she helped change my life.
~Have a great St Pattys' Day~

~Monday...yes it is MONDAY~ **Adult Content**

Monday's oh boy what can you say?
So let's call this BITCH MONDAY! bwhaha!

I still cannot believe what a total Bitch you are,
telling ME because I am a SAHM I don't really work.
Well, I have 3 kids who get 3 hot home cooked meals a day and
I run a full time sewing biz from home.
Plus I do charity work and take care of a hubby 2.
While you have NO KIDS work 1 job,
have an unemployed hubby and just BITCH!
~Under Picture Journaling~
So you think you have the right to tell me I don't REALLY Work. Fuck U!!

Let me first say, I am having a BALL at the Punk Rock Scrappers
It is not only freeing but I feel like a naughty child.
A while ago in a forum 2 women attacked me personally
they kept going for days and days about how I must
have all the time in the world to scrap, because, simply put...
I do not have a real job!
Well, I left that site hurt and and very sad.
I discovered there are some pretty mean
vicious scrap-bookers.
Since then I have discovered the good outweighs the bad 10 X's over.
This challenge really helped me get it all out

I am looking at it with a light heart now!!
I have to say I feel TONS better!

Hope you are not too offended but we have all met these "kind" of women!
~Have a beautiful day~

Sunday, March 15, 2009

~Super Sunday Reveals~

Oh my goodness, so many reveals today,
I think I will save a couple for tomorrow....let's see,
I will do the Treasured Scrapbooking Reveals today!
Check out this ADORABLE little mini book I made with Kit #1

This book is full of envelopes, so what I did was
decorate every envelope and I slid a little note in
that each of my boys had written through the year last year.
I put in 3 from each boy.
It might have been a drawing, or a special school page, or a note.
I am going to send it to their grandmother, so she can set it on her work desk.
I hope she likes it!

And this is a page I made from Kit #1.
So far I have done 3 pages and the mini album and I still could make
3 or 4 more pages! I was just THRILLED with this kit! I love it.
Leslie has a talent for making Kits that inspire the scrapper!
Now let me tell you a little something about this LO
My son came down one day and showed me 8 beautiful shiny new screws!
I asked him where he got them and he told me he found them.
So naturally I thought he just found them upstairs.
When daddy came home, he said..."I know where these came from"
Well, they had come from the dresser!
My son had removed all the knobs/handles and taken the screws out!
hahaha! I was tickled pink and had to scrap it!

Now, tomorrow....I will reveals my nasty LO's! NO RULES
NO HOLD BARRED! Yes, you guessed it, my PUNK ROCK SCRAPPERS Lo's!
~Have a beautiful Sunday~
Thank you for stopping by

Saturday, March 14, 2009

~Slow Scrapping Saturday~

Good morning Saturday, well no trip to KY for me.
I cried last night, have a moment of selfishness.
But that's ok. I will have another chance to meet the girls.
I got to meet Mindy a couple weeks ago.
And that will have to suffice for now.

While pouting I made this LO
I loved the vintage feel of these papers, I originally bought them
just for cutting out, so I had 2, but I ended up
using them both. So I might need to buy a couple more! ha

~Hope you have a beautiful Saturday~
It is cold and raining here
It will be a good day to spend with my boys and
maybe even bake some more?? hehehe
Bake my cares away!

Friday, March 13, 2009

~Disappointing Day~

Well, I was supposed to be on my way to Kentucky today,
so I packed up and got ready,
then hubby called and informed me he had a choice to work overtime,
and in this economy we snatched it up!
Not sure when he will be home and there is a possibility
that he works tomorrow too, so maybe no fun for me this weekend.
*sniff* sniff*

But I am able to finally show this LO I did
for ScrapFreak and one of their challenges for their birthday crop!
I need to get off my bum and scrap more tonight....
but I was busy baking all day.
I made 2 loaves of Home Made Bread,
3 loaves of banana bread, and chicken gravy, green beans and rice for dinner.
So maybe I will just go to bed and hope for a fun tomorrow!

~Have a beautiful day~
~THANK YOU for stopping by~

Thursday, March 12, 2009

~We have a winner on this cold short Thursday~

I did not forget about the RAK y'all, just got busy with the kids yesterday.
We went from a balmy 80 degrees to a chilly 35
and it makes for grumpy children and an even grumpier mom! hehe

The winner of the Heidi Grace RAK is

Heather said...
I live in southwest Florida so we don't really have spring like other places.

Heather please send me your addy!

I love everyone's comments and I really
appreciate you all stopping by.
You are the ones who make me keep doing the tutorials
and blogging every day!
So thanks to everyone who drops by!

Now let's see what am I working on?
I cannot show until tomorrow but this is a LO I did yesterday.

And tomorrow I am headed up to KENTUCKY
to a friend's house for some play time!
We are going to scrap and maybe do a little scrap shopping!

ScrapFreak is having a big Birthday Bash this weekend!

So if you are a member, stop on by.
OR if you are NOT a member, JOIN and tell them Pinky sent ya!

Next weekend Treasured Scrapbooking is having a crop.
And all month long Just Scrappin' is having a 1 year birthday crop!
So, it is going to be a busy month!
~Have a beautiful day~

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

~Totally Ticking Tuesday~

Do you ever have a LO you totally envision in your head,
then you try to create it, and it flops! HA!
Well, this is mine. I did it for an add challenge at
Dreamgirls and TallyScrappers.
But it ended up nothing like my head said.
Hey, I figure one out of every 10 LO's is not bad though
so I will suck it up and deal with it!
Lots of layers, just like me, and transparency to just like me.
Complicated and always showing through.Journaling
When I saw this ad the first thing that came to mind was
The other thing I wondered is….do you see your glass half empty or half full??
And I am not sure I can answer that.
I often wonder to myself,
Why God chose me to the child who was not only abused
but also molested and forgotten?
But then I go back to the only possible reason I can believe (or go crazy).
That He chose me because I was born strong
enough to handle it and stay focused to overcome the
pain without committing suicide or doing drugs or abusing my own children.
I won’t say thank you to God just yet, but I will hold my Faith.

Ok and today I have one more blog candy Giveaway!!
Right here, just jump right over **HERE**and leave a comment,
tell her Pinky sent ya.
Adrienne is a DT on the Punk Rock Scrappers with me.

Well, carry on my friends...
~Have a beautiful day~

Monday, March 9, 2009

~Tutorial, Cornering with your Fiskars Border Punch~

Well, I finally got to it!
Took me half the night to upload for some reason,
but I am happy with it.
I grabbed hubby last night and forced him to
hold the camera above me and shoot this tutorial!
I could not do this one with one hand.
I showed the Threading Water Punch, the Apron Lace Punch,
and the Effervescence Punch.
Hope it helps and if you have questions,
maybe I can do a slower close up video!

Oh and don't forget to go by Tracey's blog!
Check out one of my fellow DT members
Tracey and her awesome work and blog candy!
Go leave a comment and tell her I sent ya!

~Have a beautiful Monday~

Sunday, March 8, 2009

~Spring forward RAK...and other Blog Candy!

**Edited** Check out one of my fellow DT members
Tracey and her awesome work and blog candy!
Go leave a comment and tell her I sent ya!

I am NOT ready to lose one hour of sleep but I am ready for more daylight!
I have one fun RAK left in my stash.
But I am going to leave it open a couple days this time.
It is some fun Heidi Grace Chipboard Shapes and
Flowers with brads.
Love these red and PINK Goodies!
So leave me a comment, and send a friend.
Tell me what you like about Spring!
I am working on a video tutorial that should be done tomorrow.
For a couple of border punches I have.
I know the videos have been done before but
I use them all the time.
My new favorite punch is definitely the APRON LACE Punch
from Fiskars! I love it!
'I would sleep with it if I could.
I love the edge it leaves and it rounds a corner perfectly.
If you only get one border punch this year, this is one of my favorites!
OK off to spend the day with my boys!
~Have a beautiful Sunday~

Friday, March 6, 2009

~Saturday....sickies in the house Saturday~

I am so excited, I sat down yesterday
(after I did the laundry and cleaned the house and made spaghetti for dinner)
and was able to scrap BOTH my Lo's for my new DT gig Punk Rock Scrappers!

There is something freeing about having absolutely
NO RULES and scrapping whatever I want! LOVE IT!
I had so much fun doing it!
I am not sure when these will come out but when I post them here
I will definitely use a disclaimer.
Punk Rock Scrappers, is definitely an adult
themed challenge blog. No holds barred!
But most of my friends know I am already like that.
Of course I don't cuss much in my LO's but I will be in these LOL
Just cuz I can! Bwhahaha

Well, like the title said, I am sick today and I was yesterday too,
so I am going back to bed.
Have a great weekend y'all!

~Come play with me March 28th!!

In Treasured Scrapbooking, Laurajean and I have put together a fun little contest.
It will only be about an hour




That's right it's time for a rumble and crumble (paper that is) in Treasured Scrapbooking!~


So sign up here for Saturday March 28th @ 1:30 PM Eastern Time
12:30 Central 10:30 Pacific

we will split you all into teams!

It will be a race to scrap that Just Add Scraps Sketch!
Each Team will have different Requirements!!

OHHH and BONUS there will be prizes!!!!!!!!!
NOT ONLY an APRIL KIT But also 2- 5.00 Gift Cards!!!!!!

Everyone who participates has a chance!

Get to signing up!!!!!!!
Clear your calendar!

(Just Add Scraps, means a LO using your scraps,
so it is always good to have some coordinating scraps ready)

We thought it would be fun, I am super excited!!!!!!!

~Have a beautiful day~

Oh!! OH!! and Thank you Jocelyn
for this blog award!!