Saturday, October 30, 2010

~Hello Saturday, Have You Been Enchanted Yet?!~

Good morning!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
It's the wee-kend, hello my wee-kend, it's my happy dance!

Today we are off to help a friend move *good times*
It is so fun when a friend moves closer to ya.

Ok I am MORE than excited this week.
You know I am not a girly girl scrapper but I have been looking
forward to the new line from Imaginisce "Enchanted"....
I was struggling then I got to thinking...why not make a page
for my own book? I have a great album for this.
My friend Dolores had a huge heart on her page the other day
so I called her up and said "I am stealing your idea for a page,
it goes perfectly with my new PINK line of paper"
of course she was super cool about it.
I even grabbed my sewing machine to play some more with it.
This layout is not only soft and subtle but I can see it for any girl!
Oh and the journaling? It is the border stickers cut up!
LOVE those border stickers, so versatile!

Oh and quick tip for my tulle...I used the Ribbon Adhesive from
Glue Arts and it was a snap! I have had issues with my ribbon
and glue bleeding through and yellowing later on, so I tried the Glue
Arts ribbon glue and it worked PERFECTLY!
*no they did not pay me to say it LOL I just love it*

Supplies Used:
Glue Arts Extreme Glue & Ribbon Adhesive
Glue Arts Glue Glider Pro
Tulle with white dots (1.99 at Hobby lobby)
Sewing machine with white thread
Thickers (American Crafts)
Stickles *many colors*
Cricut for the PERFECT heart!

That is it for me today, I am off to watch people move heavy boxes LOL
I am not totally useless though, I did bake and get food ready. *wink*

~Happy Saturday everyone!~
~Have a great day and THANK YOU for stopping by~

Friday, October 29, 2010

~Happy Friday + Winner!~

Good morning my amazingly talented crafty friends.
It sure is getting colder out there, I cannot believe it was 80
the other day and it is 30 this morning!
Bring out the Hello Kitty fleece PJ pants!

I have been playing alot with different mediums lately
and this was a new experiment for me.
I made what was supposed to be a fabric mini album
cover but ended up being a wall hanging.
I will have a full video tutorial up on November 8th
at a very fun site! *will share later*
Anyways I found out that if you want to glitter Mod Podge
a fabric sheet on chipboard, it's a great idea to do it BEFORE you sew
it on and not after LOL Or at least underneath and let it dry before,
if you don't it will really try to warp from the moisture.
Crafty lesson #658 hahaha

Also when cutting fabric with your Cricut, a regular blade works fine
but a deep blade works better! :)

I LOVE crafting!!!!!! Love it! It makes me smile every single day.

Ok on to the Ba Da Bing BLING winner....
Blogger Tabitha said...

What a cool product would love to get my hands on one in every color! LOL Check out the site and liked on FB, and I now follow Clear Acrylic- love those albums, very cute idea.
Thanks for a chance to win so awesome candy as always,
tabitha4cm at yahoo dot com

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Now for the Clear Scraps Mixable album
you still have time to win, I will throw a random winner
out on Sunday!!!!!!!!!
The post is here

I am off to bake bread today, I made 2 lasagnas
last night, it's that time of year again ♥♥♥

~Happy Friday Y'all~
~Thanks for popping by~

Thursday, October 28, 2010

~Hello Thursday-Halloween Album Cover *Nikki Sivils*~

Good morning!

I finally was able to sit down and finish my Halloween album cover.
I made this Nikki Sivils collage layout a couple months ago with
the intent to make an album cover, but it took me this long
to go buy an actual album LOL
Lately I am finding myself heading back to the original trustworthy
glues and sealants as I have had projects falling apart left and right.
*Very embarrassing*
Mod Podge is always 100% dependable for me...I mean hello
I think my mother even used it! LOL

I love the newer Mod Podge that is Shimmer and Glitter.
You can see I tested a shimmer spot, then decided to go with the
gold glitter, I liked the shimmer but thought the gold would
look better with this projects. I love that it not only glues but
also seals in one coat, no gluing then sealing.
First I coated the whole album in glitter Mod Podge,
then I stuck the collage layout down.

After that I coated the entire project in glitter Mod Podge
and set aside to dry.
You can see the glittery goodness, this gold glitter Mod Podge
is very holographic and it rocks! Yes Mod Podge Rocks! LOL
Of course I used my handy dandy i-rock for the gems, I know they will
be on this cover FOREVER! LOL
I am thinking I will customize all my albums now.

Sorry no chicken pictures this morning
(I know they have been requested and I am working on it.)
Today I am helping a friend move, or rather watching the boys
and hubby help them move LOL
My back has been to bad to help, maybe I can bring a meal~

That's all for me today ♥♥
~Thanks for stopping by and chatting at me~
♥Every day I sot down and read every comment♥
~Have an amazing Thursday~
~See y'all tomorrow~

Wednesday, October 27, 2010

~Happy Crafty Hump Day & Fun Giveaways Too!~

Good morning all my fun crafty friends,
I am so happy to be here today!!!

Can you believe I almost missed the Dirty Scraps challenge
this week? *phew* with the blog hop I plum forgot,
but yesterday morning I sat down and made my layout.
The challenge is MOVING ON UP
Moving On Up-
We all have life experiences that define us whether they be good or bad.
Even the bad experiences help us to grow and move on.
I have to say I have had my share of so called friends who
just use me for one reason or another, whether it be money,
childcare, to get ahead, for know, we have all had
people in our lives like this. Then they treat you like garbage.
Lately I have had my share. :)
Sometimes you just finally see it one day, and have to move on.
This is my take on the challenge.
Turning it all into art.
Can you believe only one person entered last time?
We have all these great prizes, you should totally do the challenge!

Ok enough of my chattering...I have a FUNNNNNN FUN
GIVEAWAY! I think I have shared recently a company
that makes shimmery mist named a mist after me
It is this crazy fun friend of mine who just opened a store
in Missouri. She sent me some samples and they are so cool,
but my favorite part? They are the same size as the regular shimmer
mists companies but ONLY 3.99!!!!!!!!!!! Hello 3.99!!!!!!
My kind of Shimmer Mist, and its called Ba Da Bing Bling.

I LOVE it, it is way more shimmery then some other brands.

Anyways she sent me 2 bottles to GIVEAWAY!
*YES one is Hot Pink Momma!*
Here is the website where they sell it.
Here is the Facebook page.
Leave a comment here letting me know you checked them out
and I will enter you in for a random drawing....
someone will win 2 bottles!
*I would LOVE for you to "LIKE" them*
Because the more you like companies and follow them
the more goodies they give me to give to you!

And just wait...I have one more GIVEAWAY
Clear Scraps is having a Halloween contest...
why have you not entered??
I think that you should go FOLLOW their blog
and come back here and tell me, and I will
enter you in for a special Clear Scraps GIVEAWAY!
An acrylic/chipboard Mixable album!
I bet we can even get a couple sheets of 12X12 Clear Scraps pages
thrown in, what do you think? I love my acrylic!
Just in time for the holidays.
I am teaching a class on this album in November at the
Scrap Room in Mt. Juliet TN. You will LOVE this album!

So, two FUN giveaways, shimmer mists and acrylic WOOT!
I hear tell I will be giving away alot more of the
Clear Scraps is the turn out is good...just sayin'.
So make it good!!!! :)

I am off to rest today, yesterday was so crazy with the
horrid weather and they even called us to pick up the kids from school.
~Happy Hump Day my friends~
~Thanks for popping by to say hello~

Monday, October 25, 2010

~Glittery Fun Pumpkin Decorating Tutorial Using Cricut~

Good morning my amazingly talented crafty friends.

Not every day is a scrap day and this week I will be working
on some fun Halloween projects.
My son's teacher asked me to decorate a class
pumpkin for a contest.
The theme was Just Say BOO To Drugs
and this is what I came up with.
Of course you could use any theme you like :)

First of all I painted a BIG 10" spot of orange
Extreme Glitter on the front. Now if I had added another coat it would
have been PURE glitter, but I wanted it to be more subtle and less
feminine for the class room. This Extreme GlitterPaint is amazing!Set Pumpkin aside to dry, then using your Cricut and some Cricut vinyl
Cut your desired shape (I used cut (skull) at 8" Pumpkin Carving Cartridge)
Adhere Cricut cut shaped vinyl to from of pumpkin making sure
to pinch excess vinyl together (since a pumpkin is pretty bumpy).
Now you have 2 options, if you want a solid paint use
Folk Art Acrylic Paint, but I wanted a spooky shadowy effect
so I used a cheap can of spray paint.
I began thinking I wanted it fully painted black,
however when I saw the spooky shadow effect I decided to
leave it like this, I loved the look of it in the end.
Spritz paint lightly coating 3 times (LIGHTLY)
set aside to dry.
After I set the pumpkin aside to dry I went into my craft room
and created these tags, they were all from the Pumpkin Carving Cartridge.
I used Bazzill Glazed cardstock, and on the glittery ones I
painted them with the matching Extreme Glitter Orange Paint.
I used Thickers, and my Elmers scalloped scissors.Then I took a wire hanger, I cut the ends off.
I made sure to double cut all tags, I used Beacon Zip Dry to adhere
them to the hanger and cover the back with the second cut.
I know the Beacon Zip Dry will last and not fall apart.
That's it! Easy right? And no carving :)
If you decide to make one I would love to see your version!!!

~Happy Halloween!~
~Have a wonderful day today~
~Thank you for popping by and saying hey'~

~Happy Monday, thank you all~

Happy Monday my friends,
thank you all for the amazing birthday wishes,
I had a wonderful birthday

It began with this...
From my friend Adrienne and her hubby *YEA*

Then we went to....

And had dinner with Adrienne, Aron, Melissa...
great conversation, many laughs and fun!

Then we went to see A's new house...*YEA* awesome
house and great fun!
Then we went to see this....
I love horror it was awesome!

Then the boys woke me up to PINK plastic plates and cups and
this CD.....*♥*

They were so excited to have wrapped their own gifts....

Then hubby took me to this...

and we had a lot of fun target shooting,

then the boys came in with this (which hubs made)
and sang Happy Birthday with a candle on top.

Then my friend Marci sent me this *go look*

And 2 dear friend sent me something special
Thanks Rhonda, and Liz, I am so blessed to know you!

Oh and let's not forget the 290 comments on Facebook that
said Happy Birthday! It was a VERY, VERY good day.
Probably the best birthday I have had in a very long time.

So sorry, no craftiness today,
I just wanted to savor and share the birthday this fine Monday.
Thanks so much to all my friends and all my support.
You ALL make it a wonderful life and I LOVE you for it!
Have a great Monday...
I know I will ♥♥♥

Sunday, October 24, 2010

~Sunday Punch WINNER & i-rock Fun~

Good morning my amazing crafty friend,
I am always so excited to wake up and blog.

You know I love scrap paper manufacturers and
Echo Park is so much fun! I shooshed everyone out
of my room this morning so I could make this card.
You can see I used my handy dandy Imaginisce i-rock for the spider strand
I love that I always have little gems on hand for this!
We had an amazing night last night,
my son's teacher has an annual Halloween Party for the children in
first grade and she has 15 acres and a hay ride, so it
was such fun! I made chili and cookies, the chili was a huge hit.
The only bad thing was I forgot my camera *Ouch*

This morning I woke up and the boys brought me
a pile of presents and breakfast, it was so sweet.
Included in there was the new Eminem CD ♥♥
It's a great Sunday! I am off to the shooting range this morning
for some hubby and wife time *YEA*

Ok enough of my chattering. hehehe
I know you are here for the Corner Border Punch WINNER
right?? *Drum Roll*

Blogger Andrea said...

LOVE LOVE LOVE that border punch!!! Thanks for a super fun blog hop!! I am now a follower!

Saturday, October 23, 2010

Please email me your addy so I can get this out to ya!
For everyone else please check the Dirty Scraps Blog to see who won!

Ok I am off to spend the day with the family.
~Happy Sunday y'all!~
~ Thanks for popping by~

Saturday, October 23, 2010

~Dirty Scraps BLOG HOP with fun Prizes too!~

Good morning my amazing crafty-licious friends!

It's the VERY first Dirty Scraps BLOG HOP!!!!!

If you arrived on this blog you are on the last stop,
or if you came here first you are ready to begin!
And of course I have a PRIZE!!

My prize you ask???
I have a special prize...
A brand new corner border punch just in time for WINTER!
It is a Snow Bubbles Corner Border Punch

Leave a comment here and be a follower and I will randomly
choose one lucky winner tomorrow!

Here is the first blog on the list

Here is how it works.

You start out here at Dirty Scraps

Leave a comment and make sure that if you aren’t a follower you become one.
You will then go to the Marlene’s Blog

Leave a comment on her blog and become a follower if you want to win her prize.
Marlene will have a link to the next DT member that you will then
hop over to and do the same thing, and so on and so on until you get to the last
blog which is going to be PINKY.
You must leave a comment not only on the Dirty Scraps blog and be a follower,
but you also have to leave a comment on all the DTs blogs as well.
You only have to become a follower of the DT members blog that you
would like to win a prize from. Choose one or choose them all.

Not only will you have a chance to win a cute goodie
from a DT member for visiting their blog,
but you will also have a chance to win one of our
BIG Prizes from our awesome sponsors.

I did not have time to get a project up,
but I know the other DT girls will
inspire the heck out of ya!

Ok that is it for me today...I do love giveaways
and blog hops so get to HOPPING!

~Happy Saturday y'all~
~Thanks for popping by and saying hey~

Thursday, October 21, 2010

~Second GYPSY Winner! & PLAID Fun~

Good morning my craty-licious friends,

I can honestly say it is a bittersweet day today...
because I am SO HAPPY to giveaway a GYPSY
but so sad I don't have 100 more to giveaway!!

To be fair I kept it 100% random, I painstakingly put
every name into this morning and
let it do it's randomizing thing and this was the very first
name (The Winner!)

Blogger NINA said...

I cannot honestly believe I have heard the rave about this all over the place and it's so hard to believe the generousity of Provo Craft and yourself.
You have all these free tutorials and share all kinds of fun things on your blog.
I just became a follower and I hope I win this because I am gonna make someone's holidays the best there is. I hope that is.
It seems like winning the lotto

Good luck to us all

Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Nina, I went to find your name and your comments were
so sweet thank you, please email me you address so I
can get this in the mail today!

I have a little secret for everyone else...
I might have another BIG giveaway coming up...
ok not MIGHT :) I WILL!
So please do stay tuned. I try to keep the blog hopping
and keep the crafty ideas fresh.
If there is anything you would like to see please let me know.

Ok on to crafty know PLAID right?
The makers of Mod Podge?
They gave me a jingle last week and interviewed me for their
website. I would LOVE for y'all to check it out.
It is sort of a proud moment for me :)

I wonder if I should talk to PLAID about another giveaway *wink*
Maybe we should all go over and tell them that Pinky thinks
we should have another GIVEAWAY! What do you think?
Let's go PINK it out! :) hehehe

I have a project I am working on today but it is not it is half done...
I think I am officially obsessed with Halloween decor LOL
The spider is covered in Mod Podge GOLD glitter
See all that Ba Da Bing Bling? I loves it!! ♥♥♥♥

Ok that is all for me today! GO PINK OUT PLAID!
I am so honored and excited!!!!
~Happy Friday y'all!~
~ Thank you for popping by and saying hey~

~Thursday Fun~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I have been overwhelmed with an amazing week,
which happens to be why I am late today LOL

A couple quick reminders...

Tomorrow the GYPSY WINNER will be announced!

Saturday...Dirty Scraps BLOG HOP!
There will be a KIT from SFTIO to be won, some
Spellbinders, papers and other goodies, plus a gift certificate!
PLUS each blog will have a small giveaway, so please tune in!
It will be up at 1am Saturday on my blog and Dirty Scraps!

Tomorrow....I have a special day coming up...
I have been interviewed by a very crafty company and it will
be posted tomorrow! So please check in for a link tomorrow.

Also I wanted to let you all know, I HAVE MY IMAGINE!!!!!!
I see some fun creations coming!

Ok enough jabbering...

It's no secret to any scrapper, we all have bad crafty days LOL
I have been creating all week for Cricut up to my eyeballs in
paper and glue, when hubby gently reminded me...
"Honey, we have a Fall Class party on Saturday, you need to
make a thank you card in Halloween theme"

OK first of all I shamelessly still buy cards (I know I know)
secondly, I was not expecting to make a card. LOL
I was a deer in headlights.
It's not my best DT work for sure but I hope that
my son's teacher likes it :)
Oh this card I used 100% American Crafts except for the shimmer
cards, I thought they were for card making, they are actually
journaling cards but they make card making EASY! :)

Even crazy pink haired crafters have bad crafty days LOL

~Ok I am off to the library!~
Be sure to stop by tomorrow and this weekend
many prizes to be had!!!!
~Thanks for sayin hey~

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

~Winners Right Here & Great Teen Gifts~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I am very excited to share my latest laminated project,
seems like it has been a while but really I laminate alot LOL
I just forget to share it!
I made an altered notebook, folder, and key chain or
backpack tag in true teen spirit!
I made this Teen School gift set using my
Purple Cows laminator, Cricut Expression, Rock
Princess cartridge, Stickles, Viva Decor Pearl pen,fabric
(love using fabric in the laminator)
I love the Viva Decor Pens...they make it look like chrome on
the outer edges...oh la la~

I thought the zebra fabric and pink tulle added
the perfect touch!~

Ok on to WINNERS from yesterdays blog switch!
For the Mod Podge 50.00 package!!!!
Kim M:

Awesome project, I am definitely following both blogs, what talent!

Kim please email Sarah or I your address so we can get it to Mod Podge

And the winner of the Imaginisce Cottage Christmas package??...
drum roll please.... says....
Blogger skurin said...

Oh wow, I love that zebra print with the pink. It's such a cute bag!

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

Please email me your addy so I can send it off to Imaginisce!
Congrats to the winners, once again I wish I had 100 prizes...

That's all for me today, I am
making special projects this week for the Cricut
Circle and finishing up costume orders!

~Happy Hump Day!~
~Once again as I say every single day
THANK YOU for stopping by, it means the world to me
to have so many amazing crafters stop by and say hello~

~PINK POWER Guest Blogger & Big GIVEAWAY TOO!~

Happy Tuesday everyone!

I'm Sarah from Pink Cricut, and the designer behind Pink by Design Stamps. I love to craft--and I am always trying new tools and techniques. I try to post several videos a week, because as a "retired" teacher- I know that most people are visual learners.

I say "retired" because I stopped working 3 years ago, to stay home with my little girl and boy. My daughter is 5 and my son is 3. They keep me very busy--and they both LOVE to craft with me!

I am so honored to be collaborating with Pinky today,
on this special PINK POWER event
Since we both LOVE pink-- it was MUST that we worked together!
So, today she is posting on my blog, and I on hers.
Be sure to hop over to Pink Cricut to see what Pinky has created for today!

For today's project I have made a fun video using the Imagnisce's AWESOME I-top!

I also made this FUN Sizzix bag, using my favorite pattern/color combination of Pink and Zebra!
I used the Big Shot Pro and the Purse #2 Die. I also used an I-top Brad daddy to decorate the bag.
The sentiment, "Have a Wild Birthday," comes from Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Stamp set from Pink by Design.

All of the accessories fit nicely in the bag! :) Wouldn't this make a perfect gift for a little girl?

Since Pinky and I BOTH love giveaways we decided it would not be a proper guest blog without some prizes.
All you have to do is FOLLOW both blogs, easy right? And leave a comment on each blog post. It will only take a few seconds, then you have a chance at one of these amazing prize packages!

Here are our blog sponsors

Be sure to follow & comment on BOTH blogs.
You could win....a 50.00 Mod Podge package! (1 winner chosen randomly)
OR a Cottage Christmas KIT from Imaginisce!!!! (1 winner from each blog totaling 2 winners) Over 25.00 in Imaginisce supplies to make your Christmas scrapbooking or card making a success!

I hope you enjoyed the guest blog today, be sure to hop over to my blog and check out Pinky's post!