Saturday, May 30, 2009

~Happy Saturday~

Happy Saturday y'all!
I am so happy it is the weekend
Just wanted to share this fun all occasion card.
Dontcha just love the Prima Lollipop flowers?
I love making them on my own and buying them
(when I find a sale because Prima is SOOOO expensive!)

Thank you for stopping by and yes
Mary, I will make more photoshop videos.
I thought many would criticize because I am not
a pro or a teacher but the response was pretty good.
So I will probably make 1 or 2 more just to cover other basics.Here is another sneak peek to that project I was working on.
It will all be revealed on the 1st and 15th.

~Hope you have a beautiful weekend...~

Friday, May 29, 2009

~Friday on the road!~

I set this blog to pop up on Friday, because I am
That's right, off to pick up Report cards then off to the
Pickwick Belle for a fun adventure riding on a paddle boat!
I hope it is going as well as it sounds! LOL
I have my laptop so I will check in if I find a hotspot.

I made this card for a challenge I am going to do next month in Treasured.
Once again *disclaimer* I am NOT a card maker! LOL
I only do basic simple cards!
But the kit from TS in June #2 was
so cute I had to make cards with it!
Dontcha just love the rub-on??

OK I am ooooouut of here! have a great weekend!

Thursday, May 28, 2009

~Happy Birthday to a brand new 7 yr old!~

I cannot believe my little baby boy is
7 years old today!
Yesterday was the last day of school,
and he celebrated with his classmates.
Today I am amazed at how beautiful, graceful and smart he is.
He has the most gentle soul, he has patience, love, and understanding
that knows no bounds, just like his father.
He is my first born child
and I discovered LOVE when he came into my life.

And no it is not just because I am his mother.
He genuinely is an amazing person inside.
What a blessing I am celebrating today.
A blessing of HIM!

Here is a little sneaky peek of what I worked on this week
for the Kit #1 at Treasured Scrapbooking!
I have a very unusual fun altered project to share this month!
Hopefully I will make a few more and draw out instructions as well.
~Have a great Thursday~
~thank you for sharing in my joys~

Wednesday, May 27, 2009

~Making Sketches on your computer~

I made this quick video today
It just shows a couple quick easy techniques on
hot to begin making sketches with your photoshop.
It is NOT professional, it is just my opinion and some
easy tricks I've learned.
Nothing advanced and no special things,
just custom shape tools, layering, and brushes.
This is the VERY SIMPLE sketch I made.I know there are many more advanced sketches
others make and I have made, but this was strictly for the beginner.
Hope you or someone you know gets some use out of it.
Pass it on!

Friday I am going to pick up report cards and
head out to Mississippi for the first time.
I am VERY excited!
School is out and I have my babies for the summer!
Plus we will have fun for 2 days in Pickwick TN and playing
on the lake and in the pool!
~Thank you for stopping by, I LOVE my blog readers!~

~The new "do"~

Yes, it is that time of year again,
time for dad to take the boys and shave their heads!
It always makes me smile and signifies that summer is here!

Trying to get one shot with all of them posed is like trying
to nail Jell-o to a tree!
But I love trying and I laugh at the candid shots!
I hope they always keep me hopping!

I am on the mend, slowly but surely,
I have been very sick the last week.
In bed 3 days and still fighting a bad cough
and the ears are pretty bad too.
Hopefully it all ends soon.

Also on Friday I leave for a camping getaway in Pickwick, so I will be scarce!
~Have a great hum day~
~Thank you for visiting me~

Monday, May 25, 2009

~Cherry POP Dress...back to sewing for me!~

Here is a dress I made today.
Sorry ladies this one SOLD right away.

~Have a beautiful Memorial Day~

Saturday, May 23, 2009

~DreamGirls DT Call~

I know I posted this LO before but I had to add some
turquoise stamping to it to qualify for the Dreamgirls challenge.
The Dreamgirls challenge this week is so fun!
It is to....

Prompt: the quote "Live, Love, Laugh" - use these words somewhere on your creation.

Products: We want to see a piece of fabric (at least 3x3 in size) AND the colors RED, TURQUOISE, BLACK & WHITE

Technique: Cut up some patterned paper and use that cutout to embellish your project
For this challenge we wanted you to be inspired by the famous quote "Live, Love, Laugh"

And guess what time it is??? Time for the Dreamgirls DT call again!
Who would not want to be a Dream Girl Diva?
You can find all the information right here!

I know the girls are super talented and fun to work with!
Go for it!!!!

~Welcome to Purple Cows!~

Purple Cows finally introduced me as a designer on their blog this week!
How fun is it to see your own name and face on a manufacturers blog?!
I am pretty excited!


Nothing to share today as I have been sick the last two days.
On the floor sick, thankfully hubby is home today and
I am able to chug nyquil and sleep.
I just had to pop in and say hi to all my blog peeps!
I will be back full force when this bug goes away.
If you have any suggestions for a quick recovery
please do share because I am a walking zombie right now!

Oh and next week I head off for a 3 day getaway in Pickwick TN!
YEEHAW! If you live near there give me a holler!

Have a great Memorial Day Weekend.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

~Thursday is upon us...time to party! LOL~

Not really but it sounds good right?
Well, I survived the Survivor Contest at Tally Scrappers.
This is my LAST entry!
13 weeks and in mid stream they put me on both teams,
so I have been making 2 Lo's a week for I don't know how long.
And this week they threw in an extra challenge.

This challenge was to put many pictures into a shape.
Something I have not done before.

You had to choose from star, heart, letter, etc....
I wanted to do a key but it was not on the list so I chose heart.
I also chose to use several pictures all of my
boys and hubby's eyes.
It is not my usual style but I love the soft colors and
I think it portrays love.
It was a FUN contest!

OK off to prepare for the weekend!.
~Thank you for stopping by~

Wednesday, May 20, 2009

~RAK winner and I actually scrapped!~

If you are not a member in Treasured Scrapbooking
you missed the party Laurajean and I threw lastnight!
a 1 hour Sketch contest! And we rocked it too!
I think we had 13 participants? Maybe 14?
We gave away a KIT and 2 gift cards!

This was my 1 hour LO

I know I know, not my usual style but I was in a rush,
I have in laws coming tonight so yesterday I was in a tizzy
plus 2 boys at home sick.
It was glue first ask questions later! LOL

This is the winner of the RAK
and it is packaged and ready to go!

Blogger Gail said...

Looks like a fun RAK!
My weekend is not over.....we woke up to SNOW!

So Gail email me your addy! Let me know ASAP and I will get your goodies to ya!

~Have a great Hump Day~

~Thank you for stopping by~


Monday, May 18, 2009

~All pinked up and busy week!

Lastnight hubby PINK'd me! LOL
He always "Pinks" me.
He says he has alot invested in how I look so who better to trust to
do my hair than the man who has to look at it every day!

I also got 5" or so chopped last week and had not had time to share.

Also I am so very proud. BOTH of the boys have award ceremonies this week
Justice received 2 awards in his first year of school and
I am not sure about Brad yet but he is due on Thursday.
So we spent the evening at school.That is my little man in the very back in the grey and red shirt!
Handsome fella! Sorry I left the picture small for the privacy of his school.

And last but not least....
TOMORROW!!! Yes Tuesday night.
Treasured Scrapbooking is having a Just Add Scraps
1 hour Sketch Contest!
And your very own PINKY and LAURAJEAN
are the hosts!
SO if you have a chance, get your butts in there and pick up
one of these super cool BLINKIES and some scrap!


IF you have not joined Treasured, you do not know
what you are missing!
You know I am very selective about my scrap playgrounds and
TS is one of the best for sure!
Besides that, I play every day there!! Come join and tell them I sent ya!

OHH and am I missing something?
Maybe a RAK winner?
Werll, I decided to wait one more day and blog it tomorrow.
So you will just have to wait and see!

Thanks for stopping by
~Have a beautiful day~

Sunday, May 17, 2009

~Weekends are for FUN!~**RAK**

This weekend had literally been a blur.
Nothing but rain,lightning, shopping, and sick kids!
And today I am cleaning out!
We have company coming so I better get this house in shape man!
So, no fun scrapbooking for me....however,
I did not forget my faithful blog friends.

I have oodles of fun name brand goodies
from K&CO, Teresa Collins, Karen Foster and more!
So leave me a comment here and let me know
how your weekday went!
Monday morning....the blah Monday
I will send this package out to one
lucky scrapbooker!

Oh and Tifany, your package is on it's way!

~Have a great day!~

Saturday, May 16, 2009

~Oh sweet Saturday!~ RAK winner...

Oh sweet sweet Saturday, I woke up with a sick boy
but also a hot breakfast from hubby too!
I love the weekend!

I FINALLY found some Scrap mojo last night.
Late last night I sat on the floor and scrapped this page.
This is an old photo from when I first met my hubby.
I felt and still do feel like, this is the first time in my entire life
I finally saw some light in my life.
After so many years of abuse and pain
my husband gave me one gift that no one ever had given to me before
I finally had someone I could trust 100% and know that he would not hurt me.
He is definitely the reason I was able to stand up and become strong.
I was not strong in the beginning, I was weak and full of pain and scared.
But because he was there to hold me up, I was able to find my own
power and strength, and able to stand up against those who
abused me. And stand strong for myself. I will never
be the same and I will stay strong now no matter what happens.
Now that is a real GIFT.

Oh and for the RAK winner...

Blogger .................... said...

That stuff looks lovely! I'd love to play with it.
You know I'll dance for it if I have to :o)

Tifany #5942

This comment cracked me up!

Tif, send me your addy girl, I will mail this off ASAP.

OHHH and did you know??

The new Dreamgirls challenge is up??

I ALMOST was able to use this one, But my fabric is not big enough...

GO check it out!

~Have a great weekend y'all~


Friday, May 15, 2009

~BAD blogger! Hello Friday & RAK!!~

Man, I have been so busy this week that blogging has escaped me!
I need a kick in the pants!
But, the weekend is upon us and now it is time for some FUN!
Next week I will get back into the swing of things for sure!

This is my 15th reveal for Treasured Scrapbooking.
This is an altered 1.00 heart I made for my Mother in Law for Mother's Day.
As far as I know she liked it! LOL
This is one more LO I did with the kit,
I am now OFFICIALLY addicted to Jilly Bean! How cool is this paper?

Oh and this?? well this is an embellishment RAK!
I know I know, it is stickers...but they are cute BIRD cardstock
stickers from Pebbles and I now have 3 packages of them so I thought I would give
some away along with some fabric tape strips...
some cardstock borders, some buttons and a frame.

So leave your name here....
you know the drill...
send a friend....get a second chance!
It is already in the package ready to be mailed tomorrow!!!!

~Have a great Friday~
Thank you always for stopping by!

Tuesday, May 12, 2009

~Too busy Tuesday~

Well, I feel summer a coming on!
It is my rush to sew time!
So instead of scrapbooking I have been sewing this week/weekend.
Check out this fun mother/daughter combo I made yesterday!
I had so much fun making it!

I love sewing through the summer!
I need to go in and find some fun fabric and make myself a Maxi-dress.
Not much else going on this week!
Need to keep on sewing some fun money,
because we will be headed out to a paddle boat and cabin in a few weeks!
I am really excited because Merlene from the Fiskateers is coming to TN
in June and we are all meeting up for Dinner!!
WOOHOO! a mini -event! I love it!

~You have a great day!~

Monday, May 11, 2009

~Good morninnnnggg Monday!!!~

Oh boy, I did NOT want to climb out of bed this morning!
I just wanted to stay inside those warm blankets and sleep another hour!
But I got up and made eggs for the kids....I love being a mom!

These Lo's I did on Saturday with my Tally kit.
"Like a Box of Crayons"
I am not thrilled with this one, but stickers/rub-ons and bright colors
are not my usual style....
but it was fun anyways, thinking outside of my box at least!
This is more of the Collage Press Paper I am IN LOVE WITH!!!
I loved both sides so I measured the scalloped circle ring,
then cut a circle from the base paper
flipped it over and glued it back down and used the ring
to cover the cut. I like how it turned out.
Well, off to the kids and sewing!
~Have a beautiful day~

Sunday, May 10, 2009

~OMG OMG Happy Mother's Day to me!!!!!!~

I am THRILLED to announce that Treasured Scrapbooking announced their Summer DT today and YES YES YES! I am a part of the new Summer DT!!!!!

I was so worried and pacing the floors this week, I am now relieved and relaxed!

On a side note...My girlyfriend Miss Aymee (southernbellescrapper) Made it as well!
Her FIRST board DT, and my friend LauraJean is back again as well....
plus Debbie & Abbie and a few new faces! How fun is that?
I am soooo happy and congrats to all the new DT on Treasured as well.

If you have not been to Treasured Scrapbooking, please stop bye sign up and say hello, tell them Pinky sent you! I promise to play with ya!

~Have a beautiful Mother's Day~

~Happy Mother's Day~

To all those hard working, loving mothers out there
Happy Mother's Day, I hope your day is as special as you are!

Yesterday hubby took the kids shopping and left me home with
my brand new May Tally Scrappers Kit
so I played and played, making 4 pages.
Here are two of them.
On this one I took the Jenni Bowlin Paper and cut out the middle then
I replaced it with KI Memories Glitter paper from the kit.
I love the end result.
And this page is almost entirely the BRAND new Collage
Press line that came out! OHHHH I am so
happy that Tally is carrying Collage Press Die Cut papers!
I have been searching for them!
Such a great line of papers. Vintage feel but fun twists.

I did two pages, one for each boy in school this year.
I will reveal the other one tomorrow!

So for now
~Have a beautiful Mother's Day and of you are not a Mother, then don't forget Mom~

Friday, May 8, 2009

~Purple Cows begin....

...their new DT reveal/ showcase plus a new project from Vicki.

Will let you know when they showcase me....
(I Just received the box of Purple Cows goodies this week)

~Friday is my Fun Day~

Ok not really, but it does feel good to know the weekend is fast approaching!
I am STILL in the Survivor Game at Tally Scrappers, and this
week's challenge for Team Schrute was to use NO Patterned Paper,
3 photographs of flowers, and a stamped Flower and the word SPRING in the title.
I think they were trying to kill me LOL
Being the patterned paper whore that I am!
But I had fun and got it done!

Seeing Aymee and her mother this year at the retreat was a life changing experience for me.
It was the very first time in my life I had seen a loving supportive mother, daughter relationship in person.
I was so happy for Aymee but it also made me realize how very sad I am inside having never experienced that for myself. Especially now with Mother’s Day approaching.
Many times as I watched them I had to go away and cry.
Bittersweet to say the least but good to see it is REAL and possible.
Not for me but for others and that makes me thankful.

~Well, have a beautiful day!~

Thursday, May 7, 2009

~Thursday...quick card today~

This is a quick card I made from the kit with the MLS house.
I think I will make the house a recipe box.

I am not a card maker BUT I thought my card was cute with the
little chipboard window and hearts.
I just LOVE My Little Shoebox!!

~Have a beautiful day~

Wednesday, May 6, 2009

~Happy Hump Day!~ RAK Winner too**

Oh my goodness, is it Wednesday already?
I used some of the new Crate Paper to make this
wooden altered heart for my adopted "mom" in Oregon
for Mother's Day. I tell you what, this year
I was clean out of ideas for Mother's Day gifts, so I
just made 2 wooden altered hearts.
Thanks to Denise, who gave them to us
at the Just Scrappin' Getaway.

Today it is POURING so I will be cleaning.
Hooray LOL
And mailing off packages from the last few weeks.
So Taffy, Niki, Adrienne, you all have packages coming.

Now onto one more important matter at hand.
First of all, thank you all for being so supportive!
I always feel like I have 100 close friends when it comes to my blog.
I know I do not get to your blogs daily,
but I do try to stop by when the house is quiet!~

And the randomly drawn winner is....

Blogger Kristin said...

Pinky that box is uber cute!! I love that site :).

Tuesday, May 05, 2009

BTW that kit had plenty left for cards as well.

I am making 2 cards and giving the box as a gift.

Ok I am back to cleaning

~Have a beautiful day~


Tuesday, May 5, 2009

~RAK!! My Little Shoebox Blog hop!

OK I promised a nice RAK this week if you went and
commented on my project on My Little Shoebox.
Well it is UP!
And I also spy an adorable page & Book from my friend Dolores!
So please go here and leave a message,
let them know PINKY sent ya!

I have not 1 but 2 packages of tiny alphas and a few other goodies here!
Some rub-ons, and a mini album too!
It is a GREAT RAK package!

So please tell your friends too!
If you send a friend and you remember to have them comment here and there
you will get an extra entry plus your own.
~Have a RAK'EE day~


~New Crate Paper! & Scrap Freak

Well, I certainly feel like a total ditz this week! LOL
I was asked to be Guest DT at Scrap Freak in early April,
so I did all my work by May 1st,
come to find out my Guest DT stint was in April! ROFL
Of course I had fun anyways!
And I got my grubby little paws on the new Crate Paper!
I love me some Crate Paper!

In case you did not know Scrap Freak has VERY LOW shipping,
That is one reason I love hanging there, I know I will only
pay 5 or 6.00 per order vs 9 to 11 at most places!

In this LO I had to poke fun at myself.
Until I went to Hawaii, I thought that pineapple grew on trees!
I look back and think ????? LOL

~Have a beautiful Tuesday~