Thursday, April 30, 2009

~Never been to a Ren...haha

Ren as in Renaissance Festival that is.
Ever since the first month we moved here,
we had wondered what this huge castle was near Franklin, TN.
Well, hubby came home lastnight telling me about the brochures
he printed for the Ren Festival that is held at that very Castle!
So I checked it out online at www.tnrenfest.comHoly cow looks at those prices! 18.00 per adult!~
I told him, "It looks like a hoot and I would love to go...BUT 18.00 per person? Plus other costs? no thanks honey too much for our small budget, specially just having guests and that trip, and having your parents coming into town in 4 weeks. Sorry dear."

Well, long story short, he got 2 FREE tickets today!
From his printing job WOOHOO!

Do you think they will call me a witch?? LOL
Or cast stones at me?? hehehe

~Have a lovely day~
Thanks for coming by

Wednesday, April 29, 2009

~Hump Day again? Where did the week go?~

OK, Ok don't shoot me. I have been MIA this week,
but hubby has been working from
6 or 7am every day until 9:30 or 10:30pm!
So, I have been super busy.

Plus I wanted to get all my DT work done early.

SOOO....guess who is having a National Scrapbook Day CROP?
TALLY SCRAPPER that is who!
I was in charge of the digi challenge.
Now be easy on me, I am not a digi scrapper.
But I was happy with the way it turned out.
My challenge was to SCRAP THE SCRAP
Scrap about why you like to scrap or Craft.

I have a friend who is trying to raise money for her doggy.
HERE If you want to help here is the addy.

And here is a sneaky peek into what I did for
ScrapFreak in May as their Guest DT!


I spy some brand new Crate Paper! WOOHOO!
Alrighty then, Back to the kids and cleaning.
~Have a beautiful Day~

Monday, April 27, 2009

~Monday, ohhhhh Monday!

After this weekend of fun and sunshine,
it is hard to return to the weekdays!
Between flying kites, playing at the park, and badminton...
I did manage to scrap some.
BUT I can only show sneak peeks
because it was all DT work!

These are Sneak peeks for the #1 kit at Treasured Scrapbooking for May!
Oh man I love every little morsel of it too!

I ended up doing 3 pages already.

Oh and for the rub-on winner...

Send me your addy sweety!.
I will mail them off this week.

~Thanks for stopping by...
Have a beautiful day~

Saturday, April 25, 2009

~Super-licious Saturday~

Good morning sweet blog viewers!
I am very excited about being the GUEST DT at the Shaker Box next month!
Wait until you see what the Kit I picked out is??
I never have really plugged the Shaker Box yet.
But let me just say, if you are looking for a small,
kind, nice little forum with a cute store.
Then you NEED to check out the Shaker Box!
Tell them Pinky sent ya!

Let me tell you that the Guest DT altered kit next month,
is simply FABULOUS!

This is my other Survivor Team LO.
I love taking drives in the country and exploring old buildings.
As the boys get older we plan on exploring haunted places/buildings.
And only taking pictures of course (leaving everything as found)
But for now, I happily settle for country drives and photography.

OK off to spend the day with my family
~Have a beautiful day~

Thursday, April 23, 2009

~Fantastic Friday...using Kelly's Kits~ Oh..and a RAK!!!!

Oh girls, let me tell you how much fun I had this month.
I was Guest Designer at Kelly's
Kit Card Shop
And these are just 2 of the fun Lo's I made with her kit.
And she does custom kits too!
You have to stop by and tell her Pinky sent ya!
In fact...IF you go on by and leave her a sweet comment...
Here is the article about my work.
and leave a comment here, I will put your name in a drawing for
some Cherry Arte Alpha Rub-ons!!!!
I will draw a name tomorrow...and maybe even 2??
I love LOVE LOVE all the little details she adds, it makes your pages so unique!

Now I just have to find more girly pages to scrap
and do a couple more!! Isn't that fuzzy shoe a HOOT!
And the glasses of wine?
I added stickles for a bubbly effect.

Ok off to spend the day with my beautiful boys
~Have a great day, thanks for stopping by~

~Meaningful Thursday~

This is a sweet girl (Stephanie) I met in a crop, come to find out
she had been following my work online and
decided to share her story with me.
It is the first person who had reached out to me in person from my scrap pages.
Such an honor to meet her for sure.
Just another perk of scrapbooking.

It is so beautiful today
The "mosquito hawks" are mating LOL
~Hope you have an amazing day~

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

~Wickedly Wacky Wednesday~

Still "udderly" blown away by the Purple Cows DT Spot!~
Cannot wait to be a part of the "Moo Crew"
I may need to find me a purple cowgirl hat! hehe

This is another one of my Survivor LO's I did with the Tally Kit this month.
I love how this kit had so many die cut papers in it!
When Rebecca sent the boys these cool Flame Scissors, of course I had
to have them pose because they were so excited to have them!

I am finally half unpacked and today looks like a scrappy day to me!
Are you scrapping?
~Have a beautiful Hump Day~

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

~BIG NEWS here! Yeehaw!~

Well, it took some finagling, and a couple of days...but I have some BIG news!
I am officially a part of the Purple Cows DT team!
Which means I will be compensated for my design and work and hopefully teaching!
They were so nice and worked with me on what I needed.
What an exciting new venture!!
Of course I had to photoshop some purple hair for the new Moo Crew! LOL

~Tempting and delicious Tuesday~

It is GOOD to be home. hubby babied me last night and tended to me being sick.
He brought me hot tea and honey, and rubbed my back.
I am so relieved to be HOME!!!!!!
Now I can focus on resting and getting well.
He even let me scrap last night with no complaints! HOORAY for hubby.

To be honest I am sick of scrapping myself...
BUT I am in the Survivor Contest at Tally,
so i dug out and older picture of myself and scrapped it.
The challenge was to scrap yourself and 5 positive qualities.

I used the Tally Scrappers April kit and I LOVE LOVE IT!
Super fun kit! this is my first design as a DT member
You have to check out Tally Scrappers!!

Thanks for all your well wishes and support!
I love my fellow scrappers!
~Have a beautiful Tuesday~

Monday, April 20, 2009

~Back at last~

So happy to be home!!!!! So tired!
I will be posting tomorrow.
~Have a beautiful day~

Thursday, April 16, 2009

~Happy Thursday!~

Well, it is time for me to leave! I AM gone, gone, gone!
This is scheduled to appear after I have left.
This is the fun Pink Paislee basket I made for my scrap room flowers.
I made it for the TS newsletter!

I will be posting pictures (I hope) from Gatlinburg,
so stay tuned!
~Have a beautiful day~

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

~April 15th DT Work Reveal~

It has been a mad house here! Fun days and beautiful friends.
Late lastnight we had a surprise early visitor!
Sweet as pie, her name is Cee, she is on several of the scrap boards I am on.
I think my hormones must be in high gear this week.
I am ready to head off away from the kids and to the cabin.

This is an altered box, I made into a sweet purse.
I actually made the box from a sheet of 12X12 cardstock and
folded it on the sides and used patterned paper for a flap.
Wait until you see the sweet basket I made for the Treasured Scrapbooking
newsletter! I will post a tutorial on my blog later this week.
Oh and this is Kit #2!!
And here is a LO I did of the boys with Kit #2.
I love this picture! I could scrap it 100 times
and still fall in love!
Aren't theses cards in kit #2 sweet?

~Have a beautiful day~

Sunday, April 12, 2009

~Happy Easter!~

From me to you, Thanks for always being such wonderful supportive friends!


Friday, April 10, 2009

~Good Friday Tornadoes~

Well, my first official LIVE tornado sighting.
Crazy!!!! Crazy I tell ya!
I hope you will be praying for Murfreesboro,
because alot of damage has been done and 2 deaths have been reported already,
which means likely more are to come.
Never have I seen a tornado, living in Oregon gives one a false
sense of safety, then moving to TN hits you like
a cold wet fish of reality!

~More Lutradur Work~

This is my last project with Lutradur.
I used it as a base on a LO.
I love this stuff!

OK off to get the house ready and bake a little bit before the company arrives.
Have a beautiful day~

Thursday, April 9, 2009

~The Journey~

I will be scarce the next few days, tomorrow I go and pick up my Great friend Aymee in Alabama

I was challenge to do a LO by writing a letter to myself 5 years ago, that happens to be the time I wrote my book out and faced my molesters and abusers, so I wrote a note of strength to myself. If I had only known how hard it would be and what I would face, I might not have done it. I might have given up and who knows.

I know you feel in your heart there are better things to come but right now you are just hanging on for dear life.
I am here to tell you that YES you CAN do it and there are better times ahead.
This next year will be hell, you will feel like dying, you will feel like you cannot face one more second of pain and anguish.
You will wonder why in the hell you ever chose to face your demons and why you chose to put it all out there.
But, I want you to know….It does get better and before it is all said and done you will help others.
Please stay open and please focus on the big picture.
Focus on the fact that you will be a better mother when this is over, focus on the fact that your life will change and you will feel whole.
Go ahead and change, don’t be afraid.
Don’t let those people drag you down and tell you to shut up.
Do not let your family make you feel guilty for exposing them as abusers, they deserve it and you need to be free and listen to me….YOU WILL BE FREE! It will take time but girl, you will be FREE!
Do what you have to do and keep your eye on the goal, take care of those boys.
It will change your life in the end and keep your family protected.
You are so worth it.
I Promise this journey will be worth it.

~Have a great Friday!~

~Fiskateers and the real story~

I did not post this on the Fiskateer video Blog because I cried when I tried too,
but this is how and why I love being a Fiskateer.
When I became a Fiskateer I had no idea what it was or why,
I just knew I wanted to have supportive people around me wit my crafts and
I had found some real nasty people form the beginning,
but Fiskateers seemed nice.
So I joined up and right away I met nice online friends.
But the real feel of Fiskateers came when I went to my CFD
training in Virginia.
I was so scared, I was so shy then and really so nervous
I almost backed out a couple times but I forced myself to go anyways.
I did not have any idea what to being, I had
never been to a crop much less a class.
So I grabbed my .99 glue stick and took off.
When I arrived the Fiskateers greeted me with open welcome arms
they hugged me and were so kind.
It was amazing.
Wendy Jo did my CFD training and when they
went person to person introducing themselves,
I wanted to sink down and die.
I was so embarrassed.
But I stood up and began, and I was interrupted.
One of the girls said "I have to ask!! WHY is your hair PINK?"
This was the first time I had stood in front of a crowd of strangers and explained.
I explained that I was abused and molested and why I changed my hair
and what it meant to me. I was honest and I cried.
Let, me tell you, those women were so supportive and amazing,
I knew from that second on I was a lifetime Fiskateer!

I know being a Fiskateer mean WAY More than crafting, it was
all about the love and support of your fellow man.
Now that was the craft place for me!
I don't waste time on sites that are negative now.
I stay positive and I share my goals and my scrapping with others.
I stay in positive groups like Treasured, Tally Scrappers, and ScrapFreak.
I will always go to Fiskateer events!
It has honestly changed the way I saw people.

When you grow up being abused and then you are married to a very
bad man who beats you.
I think you have a jaded view of people, but Scrapbooking and Fiskateers
have definitely changed my view on people and it
has made me an outgoing happier person!

That is what I did not get to say in my video.

~Have a beautiful Day~

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

~What is Lutradur?!~

OK OK , I should have explained but honestly it is all new to me too!
To me it is like a very cool fibrous canvas,
would make great embellishments like grungeboard but in a fabric form.
This is the official information.

Lutradur is a non-woven polyester fabric that is well suited as an art medium. It's lightweight, delicate, and flexible, yet very strong. Lutradur has an open structure and accepts paint, ink, and other media and is delicate enough to filter light.

Due to the random structure of the spun bond fibers, you can create interesting surface textures. Lutradur can be heat set at 300 degrees F.

It can be laminated and lends itself as a sculptural medium due to the simplicity of its structure, color, and presentation.

Decorate it with paint or dye and use it as wrapping paper or to wrap bunches of fresh flowers. Run it through an inkjet printer. Use it as an alternative to canvas. Silk screen on it. Glue it. Cut it--it won't fray. Also used in quilting and other fiber and textile art. It has almost limitless applications.

Definitely check out the book I posted yesterday and the Fiskars chat!
The neat thing about Lutradur is the fabric like quality...for me anyways.
I always love incorporating fabric into my scrapbooking
but it is crinkly and unmanageable at times.
Lutradur is stiffer and easy to use.
Plus you can feel like an artist even without being a painter!
It is about 5.00 a yard but comes in over 70" wide.
Thanks Rebecca for turning me on to a new fun medium!
~Have a great day~

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

~Working with Lutradur~

This is a project I did with Lutradur that Rebecca(from Fiskateers) sent me
Man, I was so intimidated at first BUT now I LOVE it!
It was so cool to paint and to embellish.
I used my Fiskars punches on it, I painted it, I printed on it, I used Rub-ons on it.
This cover I printed with my photoshop program and regular printer,
then I trimmed it with my Fiskars rotary trimmer,
then I stitched it on with my sewing machine.

This page, I placed cardstock thickness paper on the back of the cover to make it stiff.
and added pages. The flower is made from painted Lutradur as well.
I used my two Fiskars Squeeze punches and a simple brad.

Now this page is from Lutradur as well.
I used 3 colors to paint it.
Champagne, brown, and gold.
I used the Fiskars Border punch (scalloped) for the edges throughout the album.

And this back page is Lutradur with a Rub-on, very simple,
I used my Fiskars corner rounder squeeze punch for the corners
Way out of my comfort zone but LOVED how it turned out.
I do with I had more ribbon though for the rings, I will tinker with that later.
OHHH and Fiskateers is havign a chat with...

Mark your calendars for April 8th, Fiskateers!
We’re going to have an online chat with the wonderful Lesley Riley!
Lesley is an incredible artist and the author of Fabulous Fabric Art With Lutradur.

I am so looking forward to it! Be sure to stop by and check it out!
~Have a beautiful Day~

Monday, April 6, 2009

~Mundane Monday!~

Boy is it mundane today!
COOOOLLLLD in fact Freezing, and the forecast calls
for snow! SNOW! I can do nothing but laugh after the
75 degree weekend we had!

OK here it is my Team Jim LO
The challenge was to scrap pictures in the right hand corner
Paint over the title
cover chipboard with newspaper
and use numbers
I felt pretty boxed in but I did it!

This paper is the Prima paper and I LOVE IT! I added all the stickles.

Now back to cleaning for me!
And I need to do 2 more Lo's and an altered item today.
How is your week looking?
~Have a beautiful day~

Sunday, April 5, 2009

~Happy Weekend!~

I almost forgot to post this!! haha j/k Laurajean.
This is my good friend Laurajean.
Remember how I told you I did TWO Friend LO's? Well this is the other one.
LJ almost killed me when she said use BRIGHT colors! LOL
Laurajean is this crazy talented beautiful friend of mine.
We have never met but she is amazing.
I have not been scrapping this weekend because it is beautiful outside.
So I have been spending all my time with my boys outside.
And of course cleaning because I have cpmpany coming.
Just 6 more days until Aymee and Karen arrive!
And ONLY 11 more days until the other ladies arrive
and we head to Pigeon Forge/ Gatlinburg!
WOOHOO I am so excited~!
~Have a beautiful weekend~