Friday, January 29, 2016

Phone Case Made New W/ Clear Scraps and Krylon!

Hey there friends, Happy FRIDAY bitches! LOL
 and I wanted to share a personal project I created before CHA 2016 but I keep this one for myself!
I LOVE Clear Scraps Mascils/Stencils and when I found some spray paint to cover all mediums I decided to personalize my phone case!
For this one I picked the best Spray Paint (MAXX) from Krylon and I took the case apart removing the rubber. Then I cleaned the plastic case with alcohol and no it was NOT vodka! haha 
I spray painted it in pastel blue, and allowed it to dry for about 4 hours. 
After that I placed the 6" Groovy Hearts Mascil (stencil) from Clear Scraps on it, and I used 3 Krylon MAXX Pastel colors to graduate them over the stencil. 
This stencil was so much fun. 

After that dried about 4 hours, I used Krylon Metallic Gold spray paint and painted the edges. 
Now I let that dry 24 hours, so yes this takes time! haha
Then I spray painted SEVERAL light coats of clear coat on it. 
Now after a couple months I found out you need several coats of clear coat and possibly a 24 hour drying time before adding the last coat, because the original I only coated twice and it eventually rubbed off. So lesson learned and passed to you!
ANY Clear Scraps Mascil will work, just choose your favorite!
What can you do with CS Stencils? They are amazing.
Until next time...


Tuesday, January 26, 2016

Tags, it's all about the TAGS!

Morning friends, Clear Scraps is starting a new TAG
program where we will be taking monthly tags, and yes instructions are included!

This is my January Tag
And I have instructions on the Clear Scraps blog:

The tags are from the new Tag Album & Tag Box Set.
I loved using all the Krylon, and glitter for this one. 
If you use spray adhesives to glitter the back it is easily
sealed by using either regular spray paint, or
a Clear Sealer. Either one seals in the glitter so it won't flake.  
Check out the post. Hope you enjoy your week! MUAH!
Thank you for stopping by!


Monday, January 18, 2016

Spring...It's Coming Right?

Hey there friends, I know it's the dead of winter, which
I enjoy all seasons but I had a lot of fun creating this Brand New Release
They have WINTER and SUMMER as well of course. 
For those one I used one of the new Mascil/Stencils and painted on the
front of it with Krylon. On the back I graduated the paint in several colors. 

I also added the Butterfly Mixers from Clear Scraps. I love spray painting shit!
Krylon is definitely my GO TO. 

I have fodun spray paint to be so versatile for crafting 
in the scrapbooking world. I am not sure why more people don't
try it? I mean it works great on scrapbook paper too, it
never been the papers, and you can do cool designs. 
Some of the mists and sprays end up drinking everything...not spray paint! 
This is the BOMB! LOL I am so on it. 

Happy Monday friends. 


Friday, January 15, 2016

Love And Laugh MINI Clipboard! NEW CHA 2016!

Hey there! Happy Friday friends, 
You know last year Clear Scraps came out with these amazing Acrylic Clipboards, 
well this year for CHA 2016 they came out with MINI Clipboards, and
of course a whole new slew of stencils as well!
Also the LAUGH is one of their new Chipboard Word Titles.
For this project I used one of the new Mascils/Stencils, and Krylon
Gold Metallic spray paint, then after I painted it gold and let it dry, 
I painted over it with a teal blue spray paint. 

When it was all dried I added mermaid rhinestones, and 
Pearl Dots. For the title I spray painted it the same blue, then
glittered it with gold while the paint was still wet. 

It was a fun project that was at CHA 2016 this year. 
Even if it's not a scrapbook page, I still love creating for home decor 
or even just personal style. 

Have a wonderful Friday friends!


Monday, January 11, 2016

Circle Mini Album Stenciled With Krylon

The newest Creating Made Easy January Kit is live and this is
a project I created using the Acrylic Circles that were included. 
Now I did use a NEW CHA 2016 Mascil/Stencil from my stash  but 
it's not up yet so I will share when it is!
I love the stencil. I simply sprayed with yellow Krylon spray paint
then glittered it before it dried!
 The blue and yellow colors in the kit have a vintage vibe, perfect
for pretty much any project from winter to fall!
There was a HOME Word Board included and a Chipboard Bannner
and these Circles PLUS MIXERS~ It was a huge kit. 
So grab yours, it's pretty fun!
Happy Monday friends, hope you can enjoy this frigid day! 
Love ya~


Wednesday, January 6, 2016

NEW Release! CHA 2016 Embossing Folder Acrylic Box!

Hey there friends, how cool is this Embossing Folder Acrylic Box that 
you can assemble and decorate from Clear Scraps?!
Actually it can hold anything but I made it for Embossing Folders.
 I used the 12" Chevron Mascil from Clear Scraps with graduated Krylon
Paint Colors to paint it, then used an underlay of gold. 
Then I spray painted the flowers to match, it was so much fun to make. 
If it makes the  CHA booth cut, you just might see it there this week!
Happy Hump Day my friends! :) 
Have fun at CHA this year, I am bummed to miss it, but these beautiful
boys of mine, they only have momma so stay home I will be doing! :) 
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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

January Kit Fun!

when I saw them I decided to make cards with them. 
It was too easy to do, I spray painted the Fence Mixers with yellow
Krylon paint then glittered them while wet.
 After that I took a tiny strip of paper that  have folded lengthwise, and I
adhered it to the card and fence...VIOLA, a gate on my cards!
Fun and beautiful kit- Go BUY ONE!

Monday, January 4, 2016

NEW CHA 2016 Release! Cell Phone Stand!

Hope you enjoyed your holidays! I had a little
break for Christmas to hit up Orlando. It was fun but so busy!

I have oodles of projects to share so stick around!
NEW Release for CA 2016, this cool Cell Phone Stand from Clear Scraps!
I used Blue and Gold Metallic paint from Krylon of course, and 
a new Mascil from CS as well. 
I love how it sits on my table or counter but I made it myself!
Check out all the new goodies!
Happy Monday friends.