Friday, June 28, 2013

~Hey There! Free Card Cut File!~

Good morning and happy Friday!!
Yep you read right, I have a FREE card cut file for use with your Silhouette. :) 

Ok crafters I am dragging out my beloved stash- my classic and
favorite Sassafras Lass for this one- I created this fun funky modern card
to share with all you Silhouette users and definitely pulled out my 
"DO NOT TOUCH" stash because my SL is long gone LOL
I think this is a fun card and easy to make!
Grab the file- one day you might just want to make a quickie card
this is your answer!
Here is the link to download the file
FREE and easy- enjoy! :) 
I am off to create today- getting ready for all these projects! :) 
Happy Friday friends~


Thursday, June 27, 2013

~Chunky Rose Brooch And How To Make A Tie Dye Cake~

Hey there friends,
Happy Thursday once again- before I dive into the tie dye cake I 
made yesterday I thought I would share the Connie Crystal Chunky Rose Brooch
TUTORIAL  that I created for CC! :) Full instructions! Just head to...
Here is a sneak's really fun!
Now I am by no means a  professional nor do I claim to be
and these photos are taken with  my phone because quite frankly
I was a hot mess yesterday and no time to get the real camera out
BUT so many have asked how I did this Tie Dye frosting I thought
I would put it out here because I could not find it online when
I went to find a how to:
This was my first attempt a few weeks ago...which I loved! :) 
Full Cake: (GIANT sheet cake LOL)
And this was my quick and simple one this 
can tell I was in a hurry on this one BUT if you take time it will be amazing!
 Tie Dye Frosting-
Make your regular stiff buttercream frosting in white- 
cover entire cake. 
Freeze cake- does not have to be perfect- my first try was but 
this one I was swamped LOL
With leftover buttercream frosting- thin slightly with water 
and I mean SLIGHTLY separate into 3 or 4 bowls and color. 
Put into piping bags with no tips- You can use tips but it didn't make a difference.
Freehand all 3/4 colors into swirl on cake- 
I started on outside edge and worked my way in. 
Now here is where you can go old school or use a fancy tool.
I used a butter-knife and a bowl to gently press 
frosting working my way from outside to inside. 
 Oops forgot to use the smooth side! Hey I am far from perfect! LOL
Just ask all the haters! :) 
Using a toothpick- or 2....
 Start in center and drag your way out.
I haven't figured out to keep the center perfect YET...
Mix a couple colors together lightly in bowl. Use spatula or knife
to apply to sides of the cake. 
 Decorate! :) 
Yes it probably belongs on Cake Wrecks but I mean
come on I have 3 kids and I only had an hour---it's not that bad
quit laughing! LOL
So go make it amazing and perfect! Then share with me! :) 

I am off to craft...have a beautiful day!


Wednesday, June 26, 2013

~TWO FREE SVG's- Card + Sneak Peek!~

Hey there,
Happy hump day! We had a lovely evening out to dinner
for hub's birthday and a friend dropped by yesterday asking me to help
with a card for her boss who is going away- but it had 3 requirements!

HUGE card so everyone could sign it,
Man with a microphone (an inside joke)
and it had to say Squeak Squeak Squeak...
Not to turn down a challenge of course I was ON IT! LOL
Anyways i could not find a little man so I ended up creating 
this man with a microphone SVG myself and using it. 

 No it's not my usual style but I think it's fun and it meets her needs
and after all that's what crafting is all about! :) 
I also started working on the amazing Creating Made Easy July kit!
WOOHOO You are going to LOVE it! Here is a tiny sneak peek!

And here is a FREE link to the man with a microphone SVG if you ever
need one- since I made it I think I might as well share it! LOL
You can download the link here for free-

I don't know if anyone will use it but here it is! LOL

And here is one more I created for good measure-
I needed this a couple weeks ago- it's a Rectangle Scalloped Border
great for cards or photos mattes! :) 
It is for Silhouette only because it is a Studio file. 

Anyways enjoy and have a wonderfully crafty day!
Love to all- appreciate your support. 


Tuesday, June 25, 2013

~Christmas In July Class~

Good morning my friends,
had a great little trip to Nashville yesterday and went to the Parthenon
while we were there. Todays hubby's birthday so I am baking my famous
Better Than S&^ Candy Cake! :) 
Upon special request! :) Happy Birthday hubs! :) 

Oh and I have the LINK for my July Class
Christmas Garland/Card Holder
Class is now OPEN for enrollment- WOOHOO! :) 
That's it for me today- I am working on the July Kit from Creating Made Easy 
and I just got a beautiful box of goodness from Connie Crystal
so stay tuned- projects to come this week!
Happy Tuesday!!


Monday, June 24, 2013

~Farm Life- Chickens...and More!~

 Good morning and happy Monday my friends, 
I spent the weekend with friends and working on my new classes plus
setting these boys to work on new NESTING BOXES! :) 

Before I share that I thought I would share a couple of garden photos
I know many of you have emailed and asked me about it.
It's coming along fine- late but very well due to the more normal temps
instead of scathingly hot like usual.
Great zucchini coming in. I personally cannot wait. 

 We have had two dinner with green beans and everything else is getting ready. 
 Here are the girls- a little miffed hubby is putting in new nesting boxes- 

And rogue loner chicken who hates being in the super huge massive
coop area- I mean seriously what is this chickens deal?? 
Our chicken have a MASSIVE green yard! LOL 
 And the new 5 gallon bucket nests not quite done but getting there. 
 This is supposed to prevent the eggs form being pooped on constantly. 
I am tired of them pooping in their nests at night so I hope this resolves it a little.
Anyways that and Monsters University at the drive in with friends
makes for a lovely weekend. I am so blessed with beautiful people in my life! 

Anyways this is what I was working on this weekend- the finishing touches to
my Stamp and Scrap class but also this new Christmas In July class
Christmas Garland/Card Hanger class! :) 
Coming shortly so stay tuned!!!!
And just in case you missed it- here is the Stamp and Scrap link-

Well that's it for me today- we have another 
"Autism" appointment today so I am off like a bee!
Happy Monday and thanks for stopping by!!!


Friday, June 21, 2013

~Losing Mobility And Making It Happen- In PINK!~

Ok a personal story today my friends! :) 

Most of you all know I use a wheelchair 50% of the time
probably closer to 75% now...I mean I can get around but anything
beyond the basic short walk is to unbearable to handle. 
The pain I rarely talk about is sometimes so overwhelming I cannot
face the day or night knowing it just isn't going to end anytime soon. 

We have been wanting an electric wheelchair for a long time now
but just can't afford it. I am blessed enough to have incredible 
boys who don't mind pushing mom around in her regular wheelchair,
so it wasn't a top priority, but I long to be able to be more independent
and free spirited as I was for so long. 

About a month ago a friend who inherited this sweet little ride
offered it up to me for a mere 50.00! I felt bad so I offered 100.00
and took it still feeling guilty.
But the batteries were dead so it was a deal for both of us
I suppose. I mean seriously I have amazing friends!!

After a hunt for batteries and waiting until payday to get them
it runs like a charm minus one electrical hiccup  it has been a godsend.
I still don't have a lift for my truck but the boys hoist it in and out...
as long as I have two of them with me for now I am good. 
BUT we will be hunting a lift soon- waiting for payday of course and
to find one that just snaps into my hitch and is manual.

Anyways yesterday I went into town and rode into Walmart- which
of course I can't go alone but I took my strong boys.
We picked up some paint! :)  

 That's right- pretty PINK Paint to paint the red away! TOO cool right?
I cannot wait for it to set and dry- I feel like a coat of glitter is going to happen
in the very near future!!

You know these last couple years have been hard ones.
While I am incredibly blessed with AMAZING friends and family
it's hard to ignore the loss of mobility and the lack of independence. 
It takes a toll on me mostly mentally, while I have become accustomed to 
daily pain and limited activities, I have not quite adjusted to 
my loss of independence. 
I think I tried to regain some of it with surrounding myself 
with people, but that clearly wasn't me. I found I needed those
close friends I could trust and who honored me as much as I 
honored them. I realized it was more about changing my way 
of thinking and counting my blessings and respecting myself
and my family.
Accepting my disability and gathering those who appreciate
that a person can be broken and a very different idea of amazing. 

I definitely take joy in the little my friends Felicia and Daniel 
who gave me this chair, and my pretty can of PINK paint,
and all the girls who get giddy along side me at the thought of my 
new PINK wheels! 

So this weekend I appreciate my amazing pink blessings
and realize life is a roller coaster but I am so very VERY 
blessed to have my favorite people raising their hands and 
screaming with me all the way until the ride stops!

Have a beautifully PINK day! I will be sharing the end project very soon!

Thursday, June 20, 2013

~Hi...I'm Here For You~

Hey there happy Thursday my friends,

Oh I am in love with the Avocado Arts stamp set this month
especially the "I'm Here For You" sentiment- such a great sentiment for
this time of year and any time your friends need you. 
 Sometimes I think I am the luckiest gal in the world with such
amazing friends who are so genuine and loving.
I have such great kids in my life too- such a blessing.
I took a little time out this week for the family.
In the midst of Gage's Autism appointments and testing 
we took some park time and swimming time. 
This has been such a hard week with hubby in the ER- Gage in 
his testing and so much anxiety. It's nice to reflect on how amazingly
blessed our family is to have those who care and support us!

Have a wonderful day  my friends~ :)