Friday, February 27, 2009

~RAK Winner Friday, Sheer madness..personal thoughts...

Last day to donate to Ellie's Family.
we have 165.00!! WOOHOO!!!! And I know one check is coming today to!
Thanks for all you donated, I am sending a check/cash tomorrow morning!

Yea, I know your like...
"What?? Another LO about that bitch? Does it ever end??!!" hehehe
Just kidding, I know I am sick of scrapping me too.
But I was feeling a little pissed off about some of the comments I get about my hair or my crazy hat. So I scrapped it. I think people figure if they make a snide comment to me, or at me, then they look better than me. But in reality they just look like a snit...well to me anyways.
I mean who am I hurting with my pink hair and kitty hat?

I am feeling nostalgic this week so I will let you in on my secret.
Now most people who ask me, I just shrug it off.
But today I thought I would share.
The reason Pinky has Pink hair.
Since I grew up being molested and abused for 15 years.
When I hit 17 I ran out and got married
to the first man who had money and showed me attention.
Well he was a very bad man.
he tried to hit me with his truck and ended up leaving me
in the hospital with a broken back and 3 months of therapy.
I left him, and met my husband now.
He is so supportive and we got pregnant, I was terrified to have children,
afraid I would beat them like my parents did.
So with his help, I decided to write my story of abuse and rape out.
He made 100 copies and I sent it to every person I knew.
I would finally be FREE of all the secrets and shame of abuse because
it was NOT my fault and now everyone would know,
When that happened the healing began, and I wanted to stand strong
especially for other women who were abused and
did not feel safe speaking out.

Pink always makes me smile and happy.
So I dyed my hair PINK so when I woke up in the morning, not only
would I smile, but it would be my way of being a brand new person
inside and out! FREE from secrets and abuse.
It reminds me every day, I am now happy and strong.
The old scared, shy, abused girl is gone.
Now stands a strong, bright, thankful survivor!
It might not be your way to deal with issues, but it is mine.
And I am good with that!
Besides that it has been an amazing tool to share my story with others
and brighten people's days!

Ok long rant over!!

Fingertip craft knife winners....

and TRACEY!!!

Send me your addy's girls, they will go out this weekend!!!!!!
Have a beautiful day

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

~Friendships and Scrapbooking~ Don't forget yesterday RAK~!

I thought I would post today about how much Scrapbooking has blessed my life.
Before I scrapped, I had friends, don't get me wrong.
But Scrapbooking has made finding new friends and making relationships
so easy. We already have something in common....crafting...but also
love of family/friends/pets and self exploration.This is one of the amazing people I have met through Fiskateers.
*disclaimer* I had knocked back a few drinks and de-iced my van.

It has also been a tremendous way to share my story of
abuse/survival with other survivors.
When I first opened up about being abused the response was overwhelmingly
negative. Many would ask me to be quiet, or lie about it.
They would tell me it made them uncomfortable.
Which made me feel even MORE ashamed than I already had my entire childhood.
But for some reason when I open up to other crafters,
they have always welcomed me with loving open arms.
Ok, not all but 95%
And that just tells me, crafters and scrappers have huge hearts.
Now those are the kind of friends I want in my life!

After the chat in Fiskateers with Erin Manning,
she challenged us to use some of her techniques and grab a picture.
This is mine. Overall I am pleased with the result.
5 yr olds do not cooperate LOL

And yes, I am scrapping. This is a sneak peek of my DT work for the 1st!

Have a beautiful day.
Don't forget about yesterday's RAK!

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

~Sweetest Bug Tuesday~**RAK**

Good morning to you all.
Just to show, the entire crop was not work and goofing around.
I will share the cards I did make.
Now I am NOT acard maker I say again and again.
I do not follow directions well at all! LOL
But they had pre-printed instructions and I just changed it up and made it my own.
I did enjoy using the border punches.
Notice the BRAND NEW Heidi Grace Sweetest Bug papers?
Yeah, that's right we all were given a few sheets!
SO cute, I need to go get some more for cards!
I notice while photographing them,
I placed most of my stuff upside all I have to say! hahaha
Can't take it too seriously.
I also dropped the ink on my WHITE card,
hence the funny inked flourish Bwhahaha

Oh and are you here to see if you won the RAK????

Bethy (#34) and Connie(#39)

Your are the winners of Sunday's RAK!

And a special set of lips sent off to Shelly

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

34 39

Timestamp: 2009-02-24 01:48:15 UTC

So Bethy and Connie (I do not know which Connie it is so I hope you come back!)Please contact me with your information. I will mail these out right away! Most of the boards I am on are on my sidebar. ~Have a beautiful day~


OHHHH did I mention this? I have ANOTHER Fiskars Fingertip craft knife to RAK away today! SO if you want one, leave a comment and if you send a friend, I have not one but TWO and if you do not send a friend then I just have one and will RAK another later this week!

I just found this picture of Stephenie and I at the crop.
This was after a VERY long day! hehehe
But I had to share! I met a scrappy superstar! How fun!

Monday, February 23, 2009

~A Couple Crop Pictures~

The always energetic and fun pair.
Rebecca Peck (Lead Fiskateer) on the Left
and Stephenie Purl Hamen (Legend----wait for it----Dary Fiskateer)
And the infamous socks!
And here is Mindy...the trooper. Who helped all day long.
Thanks Mindy you rock girl!
I had a ball girl. Cannot wait for the next crop with ya!

Packed house!!!!
I swear there was not one seat left.
It was packed. 4 classes going on at once all day.

And one last picture I hate LOL Of Mindy and I.
Why do I always get those double chin angles?
I never have that in my mirror dammit!

Good times, good friends, good fun.
Have a great Monday

Sunday, February 22, 2009

~Back from Cropping! ~Great RAK day~

I'm baaaaacck~!
Back from a great crop/Fiskars Fun Day in Kentucky.
What a blast we had!!!
Rebecca and Stephenie and all the Fiskars people are just amazing.
Plus I got to finally meet the wonderful Mindy.
We had lunch together and played all day, she was awesome!
It was a day filled with learning, scrapping and friends.
This Sunday morning, I drove 2 hours home int he snow and beautiful sun,
and I could not help but think of how blessed I am.
How much crafting and sharing has opened up my life.
How blessed I am to meet so many people from all different walks of life!

So in the spirit of love and giving! Let's RAK!!!!!!!!

I have enough for 2 people here!~
2 packaged of Heidi Grace rub-ons And either a Fingertip craft knife
or micro topped Fiskars scissors to go with the 2 packs.
In the spirit of love and giving, if you already have these just pass them along!
Share your crafty LOVE with others.
It only takes a small token or a smile to make someone's week!

So leave a comment here to be entered and be sure to send a friend
over here as well to share in the crafty love.
There is enough room for everyone!
I might have some special extra goodies in my bag to share!
I will randomly choose winners on Tuesday!

Have a beautiful Sunday

Friday, February 20, 2009

~For the Willaerts

Anyone in Just Scrappin' or who has been following Angel Ellie's story...

you might know at Christmas we all donated pages and made her a scrap album of her journey.
And a few weeks ago many donated and we bought her a book of sign language for easier communication.

Well Ellie passed on last night and she is now in heaven.
It has been an honor to follow Ellie's story and pray with the family as they traveled this lonely path.

Just Scrappin' has decided to send handmade cards and a monetary donation directly too the family. I will be collecting donations through Friday the 27th. And sending a box of cards and a check (100% of the donations) to the family.
With a framed poem .
With paypal you will have a reciept.
my paypal is

I will be covering ALL paypal FEES so 100% of anything donated will go directly to the family and immediately as well.
The address to send cards or donations is..

448 Drexel CT
Murfreesboro TN

like I said 100% will go straight to Ellie's family.
I considered donating to Caring Bridge but none of that goes to the Willaert's it just goes to the Caring Bridge site.

Even if you only donate 1.00 it will add up.
I have a hard time soliciting money, I never have before EVER.
But this is an exceptional cause. I know the family can use it.
Pat had to stop working to help care for his terminal daughter.
She was just 5.

So if you would like to donate let me know.
I will be mailing off a check with donations and my own donation next week.

And most of all please...just pray for the family to find the strength they need to go on.
This touches my soul to the core, I have a 5 yr old son and I cannot even imagine what pain they must be in right now.
I wish we could do more.



I have no words today, I awoke to a message.
Our sweet Ellie passed away last night at 9:30pm.
This is the end of a long journey, where we have followed with sadness,
strength and perseverance.
Pray for Nikki and Pat please. They need it today.

~Ready to Crop Friday~

Well, I am spending the day baking a few extra goodies for the boys,
because I will be heading out about 5am tomorrow morning!

I did this LO for Tally Scrappers
They are having a Survivor Contest.
I am on Team Dwight (The Office characters)
And my team lost by almost 4000 points this week! EEK!

The challenge this week was to do a LO about Competition
and to use predominantly green and brown colors.
I had a hell of a time getting the pictures to come out right!
I am happy though. I wanted it to be a soft pretty LO
but to also show that I have real competitive streak in me.

The journaling says...
I Swear I was born with a set of balls.
When it comes to gaming and competition second best is a HUGE blow to my ego!
I find every way I can to master any game I play. Not so pretty sometimes.

So no blog tomorrow!
I will be in Kentucky at an all day CROP!
WOOHOO! I will be meeting Mindy, and Stephenie (Fiskateer Legend)
and my buddy Rebecca. I am so excited!
So Have a great weekend y'all!
I will definitely take pictures.

Thursday, February 19, 2009

~Creative Thursday~

I was excited to have won by 1 point with my Game box today.
My team still lost but I was proud of my little box.
Now you may be wondering....What in the world is she putting a
picture of this MESS on her blog for?

Well there are a couple reasons
#1 Fiskateers is having a sewing room makeover contest!
You can win a beautiful Desk for your sewing room.
#2 I tried to take the cleanest best picture possible. Because I thought it was only to post a picture of your sewing table LOL
#3 To remind you, we are all human and as my friend Roxann says..."Don't stress the mess!"
I have to take a step back and remind is OK to have a messy room! LOL

So have a great creative day!!!

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

~Wednesday ohhhh a tired Wednesday~

I had intended on drawing a number for the RAK lastnight but family life got in the way!
So I put the numbers in and number 14 came up!

Blogger Michelle said...

I had a "pinky" moment and created a pink layout of my son's Valentines Day party at school! It turned out pretty cute! I have not showed him yet though..LOL!
HAve a ~FABU~ Day!!

So Michelle, Send me your addy and I will get this PINK RAK off to ya girl! LOL
Your comment made me giggle!

I did manage one half pages yesterday but that was all.
I was busy working on an article for Treasured Scrapbooking newsletter (March)
and of course the ever present SEWING!


Tuesday, February 17, 2009

~Beautiful Quiet Tuesday Morning~

I went to bed early lastnight after working on this project.
It is a box for games/cards.
I am real pleased with how it turned out I must admit!

So how is your beautiful Tuesday?
I know many of you have asked about my toe.
It is feeling much better thank you.
Between the icing, taping and relaxing, I am able to walk around now.
I need it to be better for my crop in KY this weekend with MINDY and Rebecca!
WOOHOO! I am so excited!
Have a beautiful day

Monday, February 16, 2009

~Monday...oh Monday~**RAK ADDED**

Ok for that ADDED RAK for RAK day today!!! I have a Teresa Collins BLING RING Some Heidi Swapp Felt Butterflies and a Cloud 9 MINI Album! So leave a comment and send a friend over to say hi! Or not... Just have fun and tomorrow night I will pick a WINNER!

I woke up this morning LATE!
My son was crawling into bed with me singing about a video game.
So I rushed up and made some cream of wheat and toast for the kids,
went to my doorway, lo and behold there was a package with a
brand new rotary paper trimmer and a package of paper!
From Rebecca @ Fiskateers! I won it last week in a chat!
WOOHOO Monday!
So see, I might RAK alot away but I also get prizes here and there!
I am sure I can find a FUN RAK for this week in my stash too.
I am awake now!

Now you might wonder why in the world I have a Mosh Posh Blinkie on my blog today.
Ok technically it is NOT blinking. is because they are having a blog party!
So go on over and check it out and tell them Pinky sent ya!
You will get a chance at some goodies and so will I
I did it for a friend as well!
I do love Mosh Posh Kits.
No money to buy them but I love them from afar.
I like to window shop at Mosh Posh!
My gf loves them, she gets them every month.

So if your blog hopping today hop on over!
Have a great Monday!

Sunday, February 15, 2009

~Sunny beautiful Sunday~

It is only 40 degrees this morning but it is simply beautiful outside.
I love waking up to days like this. I wake up and the sun just makes me feel happy.
This is the 15th so it is my second Reveal for Kit #2 & Treasured Scrapbooking.
On this page I added the red cardstock
BUT I took my machine to it and went crazy!
I actually made this page for Holly (Come barefoot blog)
So I just set a picture in it for reveal purposes.
But now that it is revealed I can mail it to her!

And this is just ONE of the mailboxes I did for the kids this year.
Never again I say! LOL Tin suck to alter!
But it was fun and I like it.
The others were much more child like to appeal to my 5 year old.
The thing that counts?
They LOVE them!
So that is all for me and kit #2~

Hope you have a beautiful Sunday

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Happy Valentine's Day!!!!!!!!!!

Well, yesterday I managed to break my toe LOL
So I have a huge swollen black and blue toe.
I am limping, but I did manage to climb the stairs and prop my foot up
and finish the mailboxes and the cards.
I made the pretty Pink Card for Andrew.

And these cute little postcard Valentines for the boys.

It was so cute too. My 6 yr old looked at me and said..."Mom ? You know my favorite things today?" I said "No what?" He said "This (grabbing the card I made) and these (the candy)."
Now tell me that doesn't melt a momma's heart!

SO My beautiful friends, Thank YOU for stopping by to say Happy Valentine's Day!
I appreciate every one of you!
And Happy Valentine's day to you all too!!!!!

Friday, February 13, 2009

~So many projects, so little time~

Well I never did like alcohol inks before now!
Now I am in LOVE!
I used leftovers from my kit class (which I could do 10 more) and took this transparency and painted it with the alcohol inks, let it dry. Turned it INK down and glued it on the page.
Then I used stickled to add dimension and more color.
WOW I was so pleased when I was done.
This is a book of Music, Minda from Tally Scrappers is sending it person to person, like a circle journal, for each scrapper to decorate a page.
This was my contribution.
I like alcohol inks but the tye dye look was not for me!
This method definitely is!
Now I just need to find more transparencies.

Well off to finishing my boys Valentine's Day cards and goodies.
Have a beautiful Friday and enjoy your weekend, I know I am looking forward to mine.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

~Thinking Thursday~

My heart lays heavy this week, in prayer and thought of little Ellie and the Willaert Family.
Now, I have never "met" Nikki or her family, but we have known each other online for a long time now.

I ask today that you pray with me, for the family to find some faith and comfort.
I have been making cards, I almost do not want to share, because I sat in tears making them and they feel so personal and private to me.
I enclosed scriptures in each card with very little message except the message of faith.

I would encourage you, if you do "know" the family or have followed their story to please send a card of faith to the family.
I know we cannot do anything to help from so far but we can pray and send a sense of community from near and far. So please, whatever your belief send thoughts and prayers their way.

This is Nikki's request of prayer
Many of you ask continually "what can we do for you?" My answer is to pray - just keep praising God for all He has given us and thanking Him for Ellie and her goodness. Pray for the healing of her body, a complete and total restoration, so that she will go on to glorify God with the story of her healing. Pray for Pat as he struggles to hold his family together. Pray for me that I find the right words at the right times when my children ask me difficult questions. Pray for our parents, brothers and sisters as they stand close by to us and strengthen us, even though they are struggling themselves. WE love all of you and so need you, thank you so very much for fighting with us.


On a sweeter love note, I wanted to thank LisaMarie for coming to my blog.
She won the stamps and privately messaged me to please send them to Jingle.
I just thought that was so sweet and that is what true love and friendship is all about!
Thanks for sharing your kindness Lisa!
I don't I can explain what that did to my spirit today!

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

~We have a stamp winner!~

  1. Lisamariemlt

Timestamp: 2009-02-11 13:58:23 UTC

Well as much as I had secretly hoped Jingle won for sending so many people over to my blog (thank YOU Jingle) To be 100% fair Lisamarie's name came up! Congrats girly!!!!!!Jingle if you send me your addy I will send you a little something!LisaMarie send me your address I will mail you some stamps!!!!!!!

Thanks everyone for stopping by and saying hey all the time.I have no scrapped anything but a couple of personal cards the last 2 days.And of course SEWING! Just a quick heads up....Rebecca informed me that my sewing tutorial for the caddy and the GIVEAWAY of the PINK caddy will be up I think tomorrow on the blog! So make sure to check!

Happy Valentine's Day Pictures, Images and Photos

~Have a beautiful day~


Monday, February 9, 2009

~These Stamps ROCK~RAK~

Yes, I have been waiting to put up a RAK because I am a broke ass fool! LOL
But I found these on clearance and may I just say they ROCK!
So I picked them up thinking they would make a great RAK.
This is a LARGE set of Acrylic Stamps from Making Memories, the Fa La La line.
Calendar stamps.
So leave a comment here and if you refer a friend to my blog then you will get 2 entries!
Have fun! I will choose a name on Wednesday!
Happy Valentine's Day to all my Blog friends. You all are the reason I keep posting!
Thank you!

~Productive weekend??~

Was it a productive weekend?
Well, not so much scrap wise.
But family and sewing wise YES!
As always family comes first in my house,
well more like children come first!
We had a lovely weekend.
Hubby and I got up on Saturday and cooked a BIG family breakfast.
Then we all played a bit and he took them
to the park so I could sew/work.
Then back and we made supper.
On Sunday I hopped out of bed and made pancakes.
So no I did not get much scrap time in.
But scrapping is definitely not as important as that
time with my boys I loved every second and it was a great weekend!
I did eek out this LO
Along with 6 dresses, so not too bad!
And this morning was a BALMY 50 at the bus stop! HOORAY!
So back to the last little one, he needs to eat.
Have a beautiful Monday!

Sunday, February 8, 2009

~It's no secret I LOVE horror~

I thought it was about time I made a LO about my love of Horror novels/movies.
I also love Jack Nicholson movies.
When I was only 10 or 12 I snuck in the living room in the middle of the night
and watched the movie Carrie and Stephen King had me HOOKED!
The last scene when her hand came out of the ground,
I was in pure terror heaven!

Well back to sewing and the boys!
Have a beautiful Sunday

Thursday, February 5, 2009

~Simple and QUICK Candy covers~

I had a few of you ask how my candy wrappers were made.
I feel silly posting because they are so simple.
But here we go!

Step #1 Cut a strip of 3" by about 9" or 10"
It really depends on how long you want your flap.
If you want to make an extra fancy one or one on each end.

Now fold your flap over. No real measurements here, I just placed
the M&M wrapped inside to make sure it fit is all.
Then fold a 3/4" crease in the middle and match up the other end
trimming where necessary.
It should look like this when your done.
Now you have a couple options, and I used both options.
I stuck a little strip of glue inside and placed the candy OR you can
staple the tip of the candy bag to the top of the flap (not where you will glue it down)
But right at the crease.
I did this one most and stapled the flower in as well.
Now you can play with these and get fancier.
With this one I made the flap and extra 1.5" and I used my Fiskars Border punch,
then I folded it up and glued it in place.
On this one, I left it 12" and folded DOWN, scalloped,
and glued making the inside a longer flap

Then on the folded flap I scalloped again.

Hope you have fun and make some of your own! I would LOVE to see them!
Have a beautiful Day

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

~Crafty Valentine's Treat~

No this is not the most creative thing I have done,
but no project has ever brought me so much joy.

My son is doing his class Valentine's and I bought him the ones from the
store because he loves choosing them.
BUT I wanted to do something special so I started making little candy matchbook covers with flowers on little M&M's bags.

He walked into my scrap room and I showed him what i was doing...

he gasped in delight and said "Its a good thing you know how to scrap MOM!, now my gifts will be even more special than anyone else's!"

He even agreed to graciously give me one more day to finish 20 of them! LOL And told me I could go to bed last night instead of staying up all night finishing them! ROFL!

He said "IF you get tired, you CAN go to bed, I can wait one more day"

I love my kids, I love my life today~
Have a beautiful day

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

~Tuesday is my PINK DAY!~

I know I know you are saying...Pinky...PINKY why all the PINK! LOL
Well my DT kit was pink so by golly I am making PINK pages!

The white embellishments are actually clear stickers I placed on cardstock and cut out.
Tomorrow I need to work on making some fabric embellishments as well!

Hope y'all have a great week!
Here's to crafting!