Monday, June 30, 2008

~REAL Love Notes~

I have challenges to complete and other Layouts to do, but I was switching purses yesterday and came across these little LOVE notes. From my son Justice. Every time we go to a restaurant or have a wait at the DMV or anywhere, he asks for pen and paper and writes me little ""Love Notes".
My heart us always touched by these but coming across so many in my purse even Ice Cream Cone papers! I was in love all over again!
So I put away all challenges and just scrapped my heart to tell you the truth.

And it felt wonderful and I showed him the page and we smiled and he showed me how he did not remember some of them and we talked about his old drawings....

Now THAT my friend is Scrapbooking 100%~

Saturday, June 28, 2008

~TeaBag Folding~

I am NOT a fan of teabag folding, I always feel like it is just not my style. So when I was presented with the challenge to make a card using teabag folding I nearly fell off my chair! LOL
Almost as bad as making me adhere to a sketch or traditional scrapbooking! I just have hard time doing it!
But I pulled my self off the floor and thought I would try it with some cool Cosmo Cricket Rustic paper and I am pretty happy with the way it turned out!! I might even *gasp* do it again sometime...not any time soon mind you but I might actually do it again! Hahaha

~Cosmo CRicket~

I have not been feeling well but I got a box of warehouse sale goodies yesterday from Cosmo Cricket and let me tell you I found some MOJO!
I had been wanting to do something with these PostCards Andrew got me on his trip to Nashville. So I finally scrapped them and these pictures from Texas in 2006!! I have wanted to scrap forever now!
The stars are all hand cut and I had fun with them!

Yea for new scrappy goodies and some inspiration! Now I should go in the garage and dig out pictures!

Friday, June 27, 2008

~Its the beginning of our 4 day CROP on Just Scrappin'~

Recognize some of these?? Cosmo Cricket Love Notes papers and Stamps too boot?! Well they are all prizes at our 4 days crop at Just Scrappin! The flourish stamps are gone and the Leave it to Weaver punch! But there are plenty of goodies left!
This is going to be fun!!

Oh and check out my latest find for MYSELF! LOL I got these Stamps for 5.00 at Hobby Lobby this week! I am so excited!

Thursday, June 26, 2008

~Hoo's Bird-Day is it?~

OK OK , it was yesterday and my poor husband had to work until almost midnight!
The kids were devastated and Andrew was sooo tired. He ate some Taco Bell and went to bed.
Let me tell you birthdays as an adult suck! LOL
You get socks and shorts and go to bed after work. It's not like a worldwide celebration like when your a kid!!
But I did have fun making this card. It could have been alot better but it turned out OK!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

~July is going to be Hoppin'~

Check out this amazing Kit Kelly Made for us @ Just Scrappin'!
OMG I am so excited! We will be having a cool Contest in July and you can win this whole kit!
It includes some Prima Paintables, some rocking Crate Paper, OWLS, and Cherries!! And oodles of other fun stuff!
This will be fun fun fun!
I am looking forward to July!

Tuesday, June 24, 2008

I challenged myself~

To make a SIMPLE layout, no layering and a bunch of embellishments just a simple Layout.
I think it was fun and simple. I doodled a bit as well and used some Rub-ONS from Kelly's FABULOUS kit I received yesterday!
It was from the BOY Embellishment pack.
I had fun just doing a simple cute Layout It felt fun and funky. I did have to resist the urge to add MORE MORE MORE!!! BWHAHA!
Oh and let's not forget the Beautiful Butterfly which I used as a journaling tag! Aymee sent that to me. IN fact almost everything was given to me the paper was given to me by Cherrie!
Its a beautiful day......

Saturday, June 21, 2008

~Croppin' Cherry is Gone~

I have never been to a crop! UNTIL NOW!
I went lastnight and it was a hoot!
It was super cool having real life people see my pages. I felt like a super star to be honest!
It was good to feel my work was adequate enough for people to see in real life!
I had fun and they are planning a monthly crop.
I really liked the girls. They were so much fun and very mellow like me.
I only made one page but I got these Glass round things as a RAK and they ROCK I wish I could put glass on every single page!!!!! OMG I about died over them!
~Good times, good friends, and good fun!~

Friday, June 20, 2008

~The Girls~

Sometimes it's good to get away with the girls only.
This is another page for my sister's album I am making. I am almost done too!
Not much to say today, not feeling really well! Off to a crop!...maybe?!

Thursday, June 19, 2008

~Took a break from Scrapbooking!

To bake some Bread! I have not made bread in years not since I was younger. It was so nice and fulfilling to have it all turn out beautifully and do it all myself. It was a refreshing day to say the least.
I started at 6:45am and made French Toast for the kids, then I cleaned all the sheets in the house, then I cleaned the kitchen really well and made 6 dresses!
Then I baked Bread and make a huge BBQ chicken dinner with baked red potatoes!
Let me tell you i was exhausted at the end of the day but it was worth it all.

Wednesday, June 18, 2008


I did this Layout yesterday, but I don't think anyone understands it LOL
They keep asking me what i was trying to feed my boys. BUT In fact the kids were showing me just how much they LIKED Cake and Ice Cream!! Justice is on the top and he had a GREEN tongue and Gage is on the bottom and he was so slimy I had to change the pictures to B&W to lessen the gag factor LOL
Yes, its all Basic Grey, the new cupcake line. I am addicted to Basic Grey yes I am!
Its a beautiful week here and just 80 as a high. I am lovin' this weather.
Back to work I go.....

OH and one more note, we have EXCITING news on Just Scrappin'
We have a BRAND new card makers ONLY section!
Challenges, contests and card layouts! Now how fun is that??!
I wanted the card makers to have a place to play I mean not all of us do Layouts every day!

Tuesday, June 17, 2008

~Simple Beauty~

I scrapped this yesterday I wanted to break into my Crate Paper and see what i could do! And it was amazing I loved every second of it!
These pictures I took in VA when we first arrived. I know Virginia was crazy smelly and dirty and dangerous BUT there was some beauty, there is everywhere.

Oh I got a sneak peak at the Kit Kelly put together JUST for me and for Just Scrappin' and OMG its amazing, I am so excited! You have to check her kits out.
They are very detailed and have alot of little extras.

I am excited it's actually going to be cooler this week. It's only supposed to be 80 today so I might go out and hike my skirt up and get a tan! woohoo!
Its been so hot but beautiful and last night we had a KILLER Thunderstorm! Man the house was rocking!
I have now decided that when we buy a home I have 3 requirements....
#1 is....5 bedrooms~!
#2 is.... a VERY large porch so I can watch God's Sky Shows and not get struck by lightning or get too just flies int the house now.
#3 is....we are def. going green....either solar panel or wind turbines...have not figured it out yet but its going to happen.
I know its about 2 years away....but hey a girl can make plans anyways right?
Have a beautiful day y'all.

Monday, June 16, 2008

~Scrap Your Pet~

Oh I had a really hard challenge this week to scrap my pet.
Well for me this is the harest Layout I have ever done!
Right now I don't even have a pet....but when we moved to Virginia I had to give up My one true love Dog Pinky....she stole my heart and it still breaks for her. I miss her so much.
We bought this abandoned dog out of the back of a car and she was a mess.
She was a wonderful dog but my heart was not in it.
But she did comfort Justice so much, I will be forever grateful to her for that. So I just scrapped her. It was sad and lonely to scrap her. We had to give her up when we moved to TN this year.
We found a wonderful home for her.
Its nice to be finally settled and know I will NEVER have to get rid of another pet again! And I need some recovery time for sure. But sometimes life just happens with or without you.

Sunday, June 15, 2008

~Great Day!~


First of all Happy Father's Day, especially to all the single parents out there who do double duty!

Second of all you might be wondering about my picture today.
Well, we had a wonderful day yesterday and Just Scrappin' got it's FIRST Sponsor!!!!!!
It is Keep in Touch Kelly, the wonderful owner has agreed to make special kits just for us! And she will be offering an ENTIRE kit up for a prize! Woohoo!!'

It is all thanks to the wonderful caring group of ladies on Just Scrappin' , you are all so wonderful and kind and give 110%.

We have a special few, Jenny and Cee who send out Welcome cards to all new members.
We have Karen who helps keep it running and does alot of the hands on work.
And of course the great staff Cherrie, and Denise!

This is a BIG day for JS and a proud moment for me!

SO if you see Kelly's Link please add her to your blogs or signatures. At least go check out her kits, they really are unique and reasonably priced as well.

Happy Father's Day and until tomorrow.....have a beautiful day.

Saturday, June 14, 2008

~Beach Days Rock!~

Won't be seeing any of these soon in TN ~ Hahaha
Cherrie sent me some NEW fun Sassafras Lass last week and I finally got to get it out and start using it!
I used this on TS for the Sepia Photo Challenge....I love using sepia photos....
My favorite picture time is the boys in the water, we are supposed to go swimming today weather permitting, I hope to get some fun shots again!
Happy Saturday y'all.

Friday, June 13, 2008

~Blessed to be Blessed~

I am truly blessed to be blessed with good friends and GREAT scrapbooking friends.
As well as making and meeting people from my sewing. My path in life has taken so many different directions, all of them leading to a blessing of one sort or another.

I received this today from a handmade swap.

Isn't it just adorable! Earlier this week a friend who knew I was down sent me a sewing table mat. And also another friend sent me a package of scrapbooking goodness!
And to top off the week I had a great haircut and pedicure yesterday!

My spirits from this week's beginning to the end have drastically changed and all because I am ~Blessed to be Blessed~

Thursday, June 12, 2008

~Almost Caught up~

Well, this week has been a busy scrapbooking week!
And I still have 2 more Father's day cards to make! EEK~
I found out that I had forgotten about a card swap that is due this week 10 cards too~!
Plus I did the other card swap.
I have one more handmade swap to finish then I am done for this month, thank goodness!
I kept the cards super simple and just added my touches to them. I like them but they aren't my usual fancy self LOL

Time to get to work on those Father's day Cards! One has to go to Oregon and i have not even started, I think it will be LATE~! Sorry Father in law.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

In Honor of Father's Day

I scrapped one of my all time favorite "Father" moments.
It was a distressing challenge on Treasured Scrapbooking as well. So I just combined them.
The boys were so young and it was their first Farm visit. I remember Andrew bing so gentle and loving with the animals and the boys. Its' one of the many reasons I love him and he is a great dad! I wish every day was like that!~
Lots of Basic Grey. And some Daisy D's in there too! Oh and some Paint I am lovin' paint this week!

Tuesday, June 10, 2008

It's a Good thing TOO

I had fun with this Layout. I used about 100 pop dots LOL Seems to be my Thing lately.
And I spent hours hand cutting circles. I am circled out!
I love using Christmas Paper (the brown and blue polka dot and blue) for NON Christmas purposes.
Lots of Basic Grey paper here and handmade embellishments too. I made the flowers from hot glue and rik rak~
I love this picture it was a company picnic when we first moved to VA. I love the look of love in Andrew's eyes. Its a pure moment you don't catch often but he just looks like he loves me pure and simple. It my most fave picture of us EVER~

Monday, June 9, 2008

I will scrap anything! LOL

I recieved this card a while back and it truly made me laugh. It meant so much to me so I decided to save it and Scrap it! The card was from Melanie at Treasured Scrapbooking and it said on the cover.....If Drinks aren't involved, Neither am I!
Oh I just thought it was so offbeat and cute I could not resist keeping it in my memory book!
I used mostly Daisy D's Papers, even the bird was Daisy D and I cut it out and used foam dots to attach it. It was a very simple LO with lots of layers and glue! haha

Sunday, June 8, 2008

~Summertime is scrapping time~

With these 100% humidity and 99 degree days, I definitely will be hiding in my scrap room!
Here is a page I did for my sister's album. She sent me 20 pictures to scrap so I am trying to keep them 1 to a page to fill the album.
I wanted it to look like a ray of sunshine but I didn't quit achieve it, anyways I am still pleased overall. I like the American Crafts Papers, they are thick and hold paint well.

Saturday, June 7, 2008

Card Crazy!

Yea that's right I went a little card crazy. No actually I am doing a card swap and I have the "Sympathy or Here for you" cards. So I made 8 lastnight. They are all simple but it brought me some joy making them anyways. I was feeling a bit down about my friend's baby in the N ICU and she was having a hard time coping yesterday, so I locked my self into my scrap room and just started cutting. Something therapeutic about cutting and snipping and seeing some life in those cards.

Friday, June 6, 2008

Fabric and scrapbooking, my two passions

I LOVE using fabric in scrapbooking but I don't see many people doing it.
BUT this week I received this car from New Zealand of all places from a gal who joined my Just Scrappin' site. OMG how cool!~
She pop dotted fabric (on paper of course) onto a card and it turned out so fun I think!
Fabric has so many great prints, I love cutting out a piece and attaching it to cardstock then using it in layouts as an embellishment.

Oh and June has some prizes and some really fun chat going on. The girls at Just Scrappin' are so special. If your my friend and want to join in it's open for fun.
Come on in! We have a summer Layout contest going on with a border punch prize and a 10.00 Micheal's gift card!
Its a drama free fun caring chat forum.

Thursday, June 5, 2008

Snippet from Big Cute Beach Girl's Blog (crazy girl on my links)

I just took a snippet and filled in my own answers.
Thanks Tina, I adore you!

If you die tomorrow…
Who will speak at your funeral?--

No one, I just want my hubby and boys to fly to Hawaii and lay my ashes to rest there, No bull shit "I loved her" from my so called family. Heck I don't care if they even know I died, i would prefer them not to.

What would you like your eulogy to say?--

She was who she was 100% through and through. No bull shit there! She loved her boys 10,000%

How would you hope to leave this world?--

Something unexpected would be nice, with no pain or fear

Would you tell anyone you were going to die?--

Oh yes, I have seen what it does when people don't know. Its better to know.

If you wrote a final letter to be read at your funeral what would it say?--

Don't give my boys to anyone in my family and for God's sake please keep them away from Oregon forever! Don't worry about me, I am in God's arms now. I am finally at peace.
I don't regret anything that happened in my life the good or the bad, it all shaped me and prepared me for the best gift of all. My husband and children. So don't sorrow for me. I finally feel no pain.

Upon arriving at the pearly gates, what would God say to you?--

I know life sucked but here you will find peace. I loved you all along.

And finally, Your famous last words?--

THINK PINK! hahahaha No really....
LIVE FEARLESSLY! Be honest with yourself!

Monday, June 2, 2008

Nothing but work work work!

Since my suck ass van broke down and they only take cash (WTH is up with that? for all I know he is stripping the van and selling it for parts?! I hate mechanics) and we have a rental car, I have been doing nothing but sewing my ass off! I wish I had more fabric!
My favorite find is the white cherry fabric I found. I have sold 3 already! woohoo!
And some BUTTERFLY fabric which was mroe expensive but always sells for more too! I lov e when I find cherries and butterflies they always sell fast!
Now where the heck is the KNIT fabric everyone asks for??? I NEED cheap KNIT!

Hopefully I can go back to Franklin tomorrow and buy more (above fabric) in my rental CAR! UGH

My very favorite scrapbooking site crashed. I had a 10.00 gift card there and so many friends. I am utterly devastated. It doesn't even look like she will be able to get it running and if she does much will be lost. Its so depressing I loved those girls and that site.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

From Franklin to Franklin!~

Well nothing worse than taking a drive in the countryside (after working all day poor Andrew) and ending up in Franklin TN of all places, and breaking down! OMG!
I now hate my minivan! LOL
So from Franklin, VA to Franklin, TN I now realize that all places named Franklin have bad luck in store for me!

Those poor kids in the car while broke down. UGH what a bad day.

Oh and these are some bookmakrs I made for a swap I did. *bleh* to today!