Wednesday, October 31, 2012

~Hello...I Love You- Happy Halloween- & New Class! ~

 Good morning & Happy Halloween!!! 
I am running behind this month but I wanted to share
another card I created- this is a fun one! :) 
Plus scroll down for two new classes! 

I used the Scraptastic Hall Pass Kit from October I figured I better hurry 
since it's almost November! Where does the time go?? OI!
I love this kit, the fun theme is very versatile. 
I love the little wood veneer shapes too. 
I inked this one with white then blue. 
 That's it for me today, it's a jam packed week, tonight
we head out with the boys and friends for what will be our very LAST 
Halloween as an entire family...yes my oldest will be 18 next year...

Sad Panda :( Kind of a nostalgic day today~

OH before I forget I want to share my next two ONLINE classes!
This Holiday Card class begins tomorrow! 8 CARDS!!!
Here is the link:

And a brand new class on the 14th for all you layout lovers! :) 
ONLY 20.00 and we will create 4 layouts step by step!
Here is the link:
Please spread the word, I will be giving away a seat to 
the layout class in the next couple days. 


Tuesday, October 30, 2012

**New Stamps!!** Shh...It's Not Christmas??!"

Good morning my amazingly talented crafty friends! :) 

I have a FUN new card to share today with a new stamp set from Avocado Arts!
SHHH...don't tell me it's Halloween tomorrow...I'm dreaming of Christmas. 

This stamp set is so warm and inviting, you are going to love it. 
I decided to just play with it and make a living-room scene, 
Now I didn't use my Cameo and digital cut files for this, but I wish I had! LOL

I was knee deep in creating the card and cutting when I decided to keep on 
creating with the stamps, and ended up with an entire living-room!
Oh well it was super fun. 
I even created a Christmas "painting" above the fireplace and
used a brown pearl pen to create the mantle to look like wood
and the little logs in the fireplace. 
 I wish I could show you all in person. sure to check out the rest of the crew!! :) 
Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends...MUAH!

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    Monday, October 29, 2012

    **GIFT IDEAS** Don't Sew?? Easy Couture Apron For You!

    Good morning my crafty friends, 
    I have a fun little project to share today, you know I craft with paper
    and everything else but I also sew...but this is for all my friends
    who don't sew! Or who don't sew very much. :) 

    These aprons make fantastic handmade gifts just in time for the holidays too!
    All you need is 1 yard of fabric, a pre-made apron, ribbon, and embellishments. 
    I used Blumenthal Lansing buttons, ribbons, and ric rac.

    I just went to Walmart and bought 3.00 a yard fabric. 
    Took my 2.99 apron. Take the apron and cut the ties off. 
    KEEP THEM and keep them sorted! LOL The neck and the two sides.

    Now lay the apron FACE DOWN onto the fabric. 
    Trimmer the fabric around the apron, leaving about 1" all the way around. 
    Then I folded the fabric over the edges- pinning it. Then just stitched around the apron. 
    You could also use an iron on adhesive if you really don't sew at all. 

    Then I drew a line in pencil where I wanted to ric rac to sit. 
    I pinned the ric rac into it. I stitched it down but you could easily adhere
     it with fabric adhesive, or just hand tack it down. 

    Take the ties you cut off earlier, cut ribbon to match the same lengths and
    sew/tack the ribbons back on in the same spots as the ties. 
    Add flowers or whatever embellishment your heart desires!
    That's it! A handmade apron, beautiful and perfect for any cook or crafter!

    I just thought it would be a fun project to share with you all in time
    for the holidays and just for kicks! MUAH!


    Friday, October 26, 2012

    ~THANK YOUS & Birthday Fun~

    Good morning my friends, 
    Ok this is a personal post today- no crafts... :)

    I had to share the lovely last few days with my crafty friends
    who are always so amazing! over 500 of you sent birthday wishes and
    I was overwhelmed and completely humbled. 
    (roses from hubs↑↑↑↑↑↑↑)

    Some of you know what a difficult time this has been for me and
    I cannot thank you all enough for all the support. 

    This was a birthday card I got from my In-Laws which is hysterical
    because the last time we spoke we had gone to "Dicks" in Nashville
    where they insult you while they throw food at you. 
    So my sweet in laws sent a card and a check for dinner. 
    But it all began Sunday when hubs invited a few people over for 
    his famous cheesecake and dinner. 
    While we were all chatting and having a good time
    the girls found my costume box (ok I got it out! LOL)
    and they started trying on costumes, they had us ALL laughing so hard!
     How adorbs are these girls?? OMG so sweet!
     Little monkey playing with her stinger, by this time we were all ROFL!
     That little surprise dinner meant alot and was so refreshing.
    I can't remember a birthday since we moved that meant more. 

    On my birthday I went to lunch with my girls- and got a pedi.
    It was FABULOUS! :) I love fall colors. 
     Then my birthday afternoon the boys walked in my room and handed me this card,
    I am infamously known for rounding my age up to 40, I figure
    I might as well get used to it, I mean it's right there anyways LOL
    My friends all laugh and make fun of me for it. 
    So my oldest boy Brad wrote in the card that in his Chemistry class 
    I'd be 30 because they round down LOL

    It was precious- not going to lie, cried a bit there. 
     Then to make it perfect the hubs arranged for us to meet some friends
    and we went out for Habachi where we had a
    sordid conversation that was frowned on by the chef (hahahaha) 
    they brought out ice cream and that wasnt awkward at all...looking
    down and turning red...LOL

    Then we decided to head to Dairy Queen. 
    Because we all felt like little piggies! LOL

    Can't lie to ya, I wolfed down dinner and the entire small blizzard!
    Honestly I haven't seen hubs laugh so hard like...EVAH
    and I haven't felt so loved by family and friends in a while.
    It truly was a blessing and the birthday wishes from you all
    absolutely made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!!

    I can't express how amazing you all are and how much I appreciate you all!!
    Sometimes life gets rough and it's hard to hold yourself up but
    I am so blessed to have genuine friends and online buddies that
    reach out from all over the world to hold me up when I am at my lowest. 
    Much love to you!! MUAH~

    Oh and love ya babe! :) 


    Tuesday, October 23, 2012

    ~**New Release** Friends Recipe Stand Album~


    I'm excited to share the brand new release from Clear Scraps today-
    (the Friends) I coated the "friends" with Vive Decor Glass Effects
    and used Viva Decor Pearl pen to outline it. 
    The pages are all from the Jinger Adams Collection. 
     The bugs and bits are all Momenta Metals. 
     You can see I inked the edges of the papers with a pretty Clearsnap
    Chalk inks. 
    I love the design!
    It was a fun album to play with and embellish.
    Oh and I sprinkled a little bit of glitter on the Glass Effects for 
    a fun little nugget of glitter. :)

    Go check them out- FUN STUFF! Great for the holidays. 


    Monday, October 22, 2012

    ~Stress- HUMOR- Card & First Copic Experience~

    Good morning my crafty-licious friends!! :) 

    I have a fun little card today. I am so excited to be working with 
    VLVS company and they have some awesomely humorous stamps- not
    for the faint of heart thats for sure. And let's face it, I am not faint of heart! LOL

    How fun is this stamp- "I'm one day away from being on the rooftop with a rifle"
    OMG that is so my week LOL 
    I thought I would make it into a "How are you doing?" card. 
    And how much fun are these "Vice Mice"? OH I LOVE THEM!
    Oh and this is my first Copic (PUBLIC) coloring experience 
    (shhh don't tell anyone) LOL
    I have played alot with Copics but I rarely share those LOL
    But I had to because I mean hello...these mice, they needed attention. 
    If you know Jenny Lawson at all (The Bloggess) then you totally get the 
    Vice Mice, and if not then they are just hysterical anyways! LOL
    I think they go hand in hand-
    Anyways HAPPY MONDAY My friends! 
    I LOVE YA~


    Saturday, October 20, 2012

    ~Scrapping The Everyday Moments~

    Good morning to you all!

    I have a layout to share today, yes a REAL live paper layout!
    Big shock I have made 2 in the last week. 

    I have been playing with my new camera and took some photos
    of sweet Bella at her gymnastics I go watch every week. 
    It really is one of the precious highlights of my week, 
    so I decided to scrapbook it (of course).
    I really played around with the add-on and Mister Huey mist. 
    This is a fun little kit to play with for sure. 
    I love the colors and the style of it!
    I love the little numbered paper clips too. It's all a fun time!

    Ok I am off to sew today and get these kids ready for a party and
    Halloween is fast approaching and I have nothing done!
    Until next time my friends~


    Friday, October 19, 2012

    ~.10 Cent Home Decor Project!~

    Good morning crafters!

    I totally scored a couple months ago at Hobby Lobby, I bought this damaged 
    wall hanging for .10 cents...LITERALLY! :) 
    See it is here ⇓⇓⇓
    It had a big chip off the corner.
    So I decided to take it home and make it mine...all mine! haha
    I took a wire brush and hammer and knocked off all the edges. 
    Then I used Enamel Embossing Powder to distress the edges
    and make the DREAM pop up. 
    I LOVE it now, isn't she beautiful? 

    Tuesday, October 16, 2012

    ~Just Get A Little Crazy!~

     Good morning friends, 

    I have a fun little post for you today!
    You know I started designing with VLVS company and they are
    full of sass and brash- kind of like me. I am super excited to be 
    sharing my crazy projects with you. 

    This was my first card- 
    The Older I Get The More Everyone Can Kiss My Ass

    I mean HELLO is that not just plain fun? I love it!

    You can check out a step by step tutorial on their blog

    I thought since it is technically my birthday month, this just fit. 
    Maybe I should start selling these fun little cards?

    Anyways, Happy Tuesday and I hope to see y'all tomorrow. 
    I am working on 3 new projects and the Scraptastic Kit Club projects. 
    In fact this is from the old Scraptastic Kit- Summer Picnic 
    I love that kit, I bought it just for personal use and it's fun time. 


    Monday, October 15, 2012

    ~AA Stamp GIVEAWAY & Project!~

    Good morning my crafty friends!!!

    Not only do I have a project to share today but also a GIVEAWAY! :) 
    I used the Gobble Till You Wobble October set, 
    and a sneak peek of the November set!

    Avocado Arts has a very FUN random giveaway today...they will
    go to each of our blogs and pick random winners from the 
    COMMENTS on our blogs! 
    You have a chance to win if you comment and even more
    chances to win if you comment on every blog! 
    These are awesome stamp sets!

    Now the ENTIRE Pit Crew has their own projects, go check em out!
    I love these ladies, and you will too! :)