Saturday, March 30, 2013

~Fluttering By In Color~

Good morning my friends, 

I have been obsessed with clean, simple, and a rainbow of colors lately! 
I saw this butterfly stamp in the Spring Medley stamp set from Avocado Arts
and had to use rainbow! LOL
This is a beautiful and versatile set!  I love it. 
 Here is a close up of my sherbet flavored butterfly trail. 
Now head out and see what the rest of the amazing team has designed! :) 

That's me⇓⇓⇓⇓


Wednesday, March 27, 2013


Good morning friends, 
I set my reminder to post a winner of the fun VLVS stamp I am giving
away from the All Things Altered Blog Hop!!

This fun stamp....

And the winner is...
Blogger macmomma said...
Love the cuff! It is screaming for me to make one for my wonderful neighbor Kathy! She loves stuff like this and since I will be making 1 why not make one more for me? I have to say that the stamp you are giving away is me to a tee! I have a bad habit of interrupting people because I have a tendency to lose a thought if I don't say it when I am thinking it! LOL If I don't win it I am going to have to buy one of them! Kathy (neighbor) will love a "just because" card with that saying on it from me! Thanks for sharing!

Just email or facebook me your address! 

Thank you all for coming by on the blog hop.... :) 

Also I wanted to let you know it is NOT too late to sign up for my acrylic card class!
ALL the lessons are posted and ready for you to see!

I love working with acrylic, it's my second nature :) 
Hope to see you in class. Each class has printable PDF files
that you keep and videos you will have access to for weeks 

All you need to do it sign up now!! :)
Ok stay tuned this week for a new Avocado Arts project on the 30th. 
And if I am feeling snappy then I will post my Creating Made Easy
Projects which I have been creating all week!

Happy Hump Day my friends- much love to ya!

Tuesday, March 26, 2013

~Big Girl Panties?? Nah...Commando!!~

Good morning my friends, 
I know right? Super catchy title LOL Probably scared away like 600 people already. 
Also probably grabbed 300 creepers who got here and thought..
what the heck? This isn't dirty! LOL 

ANYWAYS, Clearsnap and Viva Las VegaStamps is having a fun
cross promo week and I am up I think tomorrow...or the next day but I thought
I would provide a fun sample for ya...
 Seriously this week with my gf's has been a hoot and this card is 
perfect any one of them, not gonna lie to ya!

I mean I know you can think of someone who needs this card right?
You now all these VLVS girls will be making amazeballs projects
that rock your socks off. And well...I will be sticking to dirty funny stuff LOL

I love these sassy and naughty VLVS stamps, they rock my goofball world!
They have X Rated too so I expect a thank you for not posting a giant penis card!

Yes I am almost on vacation and I am acting a fool. 
Just having a little fun this week. Have a wonderful Tuesday~
See you tomorrow (or those who have blocked me no so much it's cool I 
don't mind). Love ya!


Sunday, March 24, 2013

Sneak Peeks for Easter Projects~

Morning my friends, 
After a very long weekend full of events, I thought I would
share a couple sneak peeks of the projects I am working on for April- 
with the Creating Made Easy Clear Scraps April kit! :) 

You are going to love the vintage style and feel of this one!

I am off to pack for my vacation coming so quickly! So stay tuned this week
for more projects but pardon my missing posts...this gal is headed for warmer weather!
Happy Monday- Love y'all and thanks for being amazing crafty friends. 

Friday, March 22, 2013

~**Giveaway** All Things Altered Spring Blog Hop~

Hey there, welcome to the 
All Things Altered Spring Blog Hop!
With **PRIZES!!**
I have a project to share but I also have a GIVEAWAY of my own. 
So keep on reading. :) 

For my project- I created this cuff bracelet, in fact I have made 2 this week!
One of them is being featured on today's Connie Crystal Blog right here:

And the second one is right here. 
They are both very different in subtle ways. 
If you head to Connie Crystal there will be a full tutorial 
and I changed a few things on this one. 

For this one I used Clear scraps Borders- Metallic StazOn in SILVER.
 And heat set crystals-
 With a coordinating ribbon for feminine flare. 

Anyways I love making them, they look like metal and glass combo. 

Oh and now for the giveaway of mine and the blog hop order!!!
Have fun with these talented ladies!!!

Your are HERE⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓⇓

Now I have a giveaway of my own to share.
I thought I would giveaway this fun stamp!
Isn't it a fun time?! I love it. 
Also if you want this acrylic cuff bracelet then
I will throw that in your box. :) 
All you need to do is leave a little comment and next week I will
post a winner- easy right? Love it! :) 

I hope you have fun hopping.
Happy Friday my friends. 

Wednesday, March 20, 2013

~Class Begins Today!!~

Good morning friends, 

After a wicked travel hangover yesterday I decided I should post
about my week long ONLINE class that begins today! :) 

It's 1 week, 4 cards only 14.00! 
Acrylic cards are so much fun and you will be able
 to make them over and over again using these techniques!
 There is still time to sign up- you can totally attend in your jammies
I won't tell if you don't! 
I love working with acrylic, it's my second nature :) 
Hope to see you in class. Each class has printable PDF files
that you keep and videos you will have access to for weeks 

Have a great hump day my friends. 


Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~Best Day/Trip EVAH! W/ Jenny Lawson!~

Good morning my friends, 
What a day I had yesterday! No crafts today (ok a couple crafts LOL)
just photos and stories of our trip.

So if you haven't heard about Jenny Lawson- well I am sorry...because she
is pretty freakin incredible! My friend April introduced me to her book a
few months ago and she really is the most down to earth novelist I have read. 

Since it is April's birthday this month, our little "tribe" decided to plan
a HUGE surprise trip to Kentucky for April- who hates surprises. 
It took alot of work but we managed to get everyone's children taken care of, 
people took time off work, friends all lent  a hand. It was perfect!

This is Jenny Lawson-
We arrive at the apt. before hand and set up the signs. 
Yes that's a set of signs created with my sweet Cameo~ :) 
April pulls up - totally knew about our evil plans (party pooper). 
I should have known by the hair toss! LOL
 She walks over very cocky and hands me a note- that says
"let's do this bitches!" LOL Oh well...surprise not so much but still
Jenny Lawson!!
 This is the "ENOUGH photos" face LOL
We got on the road and survived a dinosaur attack! He tried to hop in the
van to go see Jenny but he couldn't reach the handles...haha
 Edward the T-Rex- maybe next time!
 Then we LITERALLY survived tornadic weather on the way- 
I am SO NOT KIDDING a tornado hit our neighborhood area while we were gone- 
not fun but everyone is safe. are welcome Jenny! I mean
we are pretty much the best people ever for making it 5 hours in this mess! :) 
 I created cards for the birthday girl...yes it's Juanita - Jenny's passion. 
AND the best cake ever!! It was supposed to be a Pig In A Barrel cake
but no one knew how to make pigs- so we went with happens. 
It's the best we could do and much appreciated! LOL
 Here we are waiting 2 more hours for Jenny to arrive! :) 
Don;t worry she was worth it! :) 

Waiting for Jenny ....Gal Pals.

Our Jenny Buttons- love them!
The pink hair gone wrong...just sayin' not being mean but I mean seriously...
Now what? Aper's Say what face.
and the grand finale- my book signed!
To Cuddles: BEST NAME EVER! 
I did not ask for that, she just did it. Oh did I mention my nickname
in my tribe is Cuddles? Close friends call me that. I find it fun. 
And our tribe photo! Love it...You see how Jenny is extremely uncomfortable 
with my breast rubbing on her arm? You're totally welcome Jenny! 
Didn't apologize for that 23 times...(totally did). 
 So it was the best day EVER!
Trip successfully executed, Jenny Lawson successfully stalked, and thanked. 
Jenny tweeted and adored...Thanks Jenny! 
YOU were totally worth the wait and trip! And happy Birthday April!

Jenny said something in her talk yesterday she said 
that you might feel awkward and alone but eventually you will find your TRIBE.
I love that so much I almost cried. I mean I feel like I have found my tribe. 
It's true. It was the perfect analogy and she is just amazing. 
Oh totally check out Jenny-
Do yourself a huge favor~ :) 


Monday, March 18, 2013

~Sassy Badge Time~

Good morning and happy Monday!

What a lovely weekend with the kids and friends, 
but it's time to get back to the grind....
I have a fun and SASSY badge up on the VLVS blog today!

Here is a sneak peek. I share step by step how to make
your own badges for you and your friends. 
I think they would be fantastic for those grumpy Mondays! LOL
Here is a link to the post
I just love these stamps! LOL


Friday, March 15, 2013

~Peep-Tastic Treats For All~

Hey there crafty peeps, 

Diving right in today with a FUN project from the

I made 3 of these and threw them out, but finally decided
on this one...OI! LOL But I had a fun time with it, minus the
windy day and glitter all over my face~ :) 
I knew when I saw this set I had to make a gift box to hold some candy
for Easter! How much fun is this?
Now the entire Pit Crew has some crazy awesome 
projects to share- be sure to check them out!

You are HERE⇓⇓⇓⇓

I can't wait for the next project! :)