Tuesday, March 19, 2013

~Best Day/Trip EVAH! W/ Jenny Lawson!~

Good morning my friends, 
What a day I had yesterday! No crafts today (ok a couple crafts LOL)
just photos and stories of our trip.

So if you haven't heard about Jenny Lawson- well I am sorry...because she
is pretty freakin incredible! My friend April introduced me to her book a
few months ago and she really is the most down to earth novelist I have read. 

Since it is April's birthday this month, our little "tribe" decided to plan
a HUGE surprise trip to Kentucky for April- who hates surprises. 
It took alot of work but we managed to get everyone's children taken care of, 
people took time off work, friends all lent  a hand. It was perfect!

This is Jenny Lawson-
We arrive at the apt. before hand and set up the signs. 
Yes that's a set of signs created with my sweet Cameo~ :) 
April pulls up - totally knew about our evil plans (party pooper). 
I should have known by the hair toss! LOL
 She walks over very cocky and hands me a note- that says
"let's do this bitches!" LOL Oh well...surprise not so much but still
Jenny Lawson!!
 This is the "ENOUGH photos" face LOL
We got on the road and survived a dinosaur attack! He tried to hop in the
van to go see Jenny but he couldn't reach the handles...haha
 Edward the T-Rex- maybe next time!
 Then we LITERALLY survived tornadic weather on the way- 
I am SO NOT KIDDING a tornado hit our neighborhood area while we were gone- 
not fun but everyone is safe. Umm...you are welcome Jenny! I mean
we are pretty much the best people ever for making it 5 hours in this mess! :) 
 I created cards for the birthday girl...yes it's Juanita - Jenny's passion. 
AND the best cake ever!! It was supposed to be a Pig In A Barrel cake
but no one knew how to make pigs- so we went with penises...it happens. 
It's the best we could do and much appreciated! LOL
 Here we are waiting 2 more hours for Jenny to arrive! :) 
Don;t worry she was worth it! :) 

Waiting for Jenny ....Gal Pals.

Our Jenny Buttons- love them!
The pink hair gone wrong...just sayin' not being mean but I mean seriously...
Now what? Aper's Say what face.
and the grand finale- my book signed!
To Cuddles: BEST NAME EVER! 
I did not ask for that, she just did it. Oh did I mention my nickname
in my tribe is Cuddles? Close friends call me that. I find it fun. 
And our tribe photo! Love it...You see how Jenny is extremely uncomfortable 
with my breast rubbing on her arm? You're totally welcome Jenny! 
Didn't apologize for that 23 times...(totally did). 
 So it was the best day EVER!
Trip successfully executed, Jenny Lawson successfully stalked, and thanked. 
Jenny tweeted and adored...Thanks Jenny! 
YOU were totally worth the wait and trip! And happy Birthday April!

Jenny said something in her talk yesterday she said 
that you might feel awkward and alone but eventually you will find your TRIBE.
I love that so much I almost cried. I mean I feel like I have found my tribe. 
It's true. It was the perfect analogy and she is just amazing. 
Oh totally check out Jenny-
Do yourself a huge favor~ :) 


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Ziggyeor said...

Glad you got to see Jenny even if you had to go through crappy weather. Happy Birthday to April, that cake is freakin hillarious.