Friday, February 29, 2008

Making a Paper Basket Tutorial

I found many tutorials online but just decided to make one so I would not have to decide which one to post.

STEP 1 Cut 3 strips of heavy paper or card stock double sides preferable.
1 ONE INCH Strip and 2 FOUR INCH strips.
I like this size because it hold cookies and wider items.

Step 2
Fold over edges of 4" strips 1" each edge.

Now fold over each side 3" You can see it is aligned on my Fiskars cutting mat for easy measuring.

Your pieces should look like this.

Step 4
Now you DO NOT Have to GLUE But I like to for just a bit sturdier base.
But it is NOT necessary at all.

You place the pieces together and have a Basket emerging!

Punch holes evenly on each side of the 1" folded pieces all the way through to thread the ribbon.

Now thread ribbon through.
Bows, Knots, anything, its all pretty CUTE!

This is fully threaded and ready for the handle.

Now attach the 1 inch handle strip with glue or BRAD or buttons. I have sewn mine or just stapled them Whatever is more aesthetically pleasing to you.

Thursday, February 28, 2008

Baby Crazy

One of Andrew's Co-workers just had a baby girl. I don't know them well but he loves my banana bread and she does not cook, so I figured I would bake some goodies and send them over. I used the altered basket technique I learned this weekend. I changed it a lot though. I don't like the original pattern much. I like this one alot.

Here is the basket alone. I love this one! Its Stampin Up paper. I really like it and some MM ribbon I bought on clearance. Perfect for a new baby!

And my favorite Pink Cat Studio Stamp on another card, made pink this time!

Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Collateral Damage

Once again I am sort of surprised by Scrap booking and how it affects one emotionally.
I have always felt as if I did not have a family....not a real family anyways.

I mean I have 5 siblings and we were all abused together and cannot even speak or sit in the same room now. Abuse takes such a hard affect on a family.
We were raised in a dog eat dog environment. Where ONLY the strongest got attention and food for that matter! Forced to abuse our siblings as well. So no one gets along now. We all disagree on how to raise kids, how we feel about the abuse, who abused us and who is better than the other. I don't think that so many people who are marred can expect to get along and I have come to terms with that.
It's ok, it is sort of the Collateral Damage of abuse.
And I understand and deal with that.

But one person has always stood out in my life....Julie, she came into my life when I was out of the house, she was my dad's second wife. She treated me better than anyone I had ever met and her daughters have come to be my real family. Currently I am working on an album for them and I was scrapping lastnight thinking of my journaling, and I was comforted by the fact that yes in fact i do have a family.
No I am not next door and No we do not have the same mother, but maybe where it counts in love and spirit, it is better than blood.
So thank you Scrapbooking for giving me comfort by facing my reality.

Monday, February 25, 2008

Exploding Heart Picture Tutorial

Cut the right size paper....a little bigger than your picture because you will only have the center to focus on or use.
Find a light colored pencil to work with the back of the paper and flip your paper over....any color pencil will work if you are going to ink and or emboss the curls. Then you don't have to worry about the pencil color.

Align the center and make a light line to use as a guide....then use a stencil or freehand a nice wide heart.

Take your cutter or Exacto knife and cut right down the middle (leaves less tension to work with)

Pay attention to where you will have to roll the paper and turn the paper with you....and cut triangles in the direction you will be curling.

Not worrying about the excess left. Just don't leave the outside lines when you cut. It should look similar to this. Took me about 2 tries to get a heart cut right.
But once you understand it, its very easy.
This is the end of cutting, should be many different angled triangles to fold/roll. But make sure to cut to the very edge if the drawing.
And in extra curvy areas cut a little thinner strip so the folds will stay with curves.

Turn paper over to right side and fold very edge of cut over two times then roll all the way back to the wide part cut lines and tamp down a bit.

This is how it looks when you roll all sides.
Now gluing is NOT necessary! It will stay on its own.
But I like to glue if I am going to distress or ink a lot just for stability.

I embossed in black and covered with brown ink.

And here it is ready fro my picture or LO or even a card!

Exploding hearts

I have seen curled paper before but I wanted to frame a picture on my LO so I set myself to make an exploding heart with curled paper.
It took em 3 tries but by the time I was done, I really understood the process and liked it quite a bit! I plan on trying more shapes as I have time.
Now I just free handed the heart and flipped it and started cutting away.
I think in the next 2 days I will make a picture tutorial because I have already had about 4 people ask how to make it.

In this one, I took it a step further and use Tim Holtz Embossing powder...the antique distressing powder and embossed the edges. I like embossing them MUCH better than inking because it covers any lines you might have to draw.
I made this LO with no picture for Holly one of the Lead Fiskateers who just had a beautiful baby boy! She can insert the picture later one. I was really worried about it at first but I think I am comfortable with it now, I have had a couple opinions on it.

Now onto this weekend. I don't' feel like typing it all in but I went shopping for a few new items! NEW JEANS! From Lame Bryant. Lately I have really disliked Lame Bryant because they cut off anyone over a size 28 and they used to do 32. But what can you do? I needed some good jeans. So I went in for the sure fit jeans! Man they rock! Online it said I was a 10 in their size chart but I actually was a 7! AND the tops I got were a size 22/24??? WTF?? I always wear a 26?? I don't know what happened there? I don't know if they changed their sizing or what.

I felt terrible for this woman in there. she was obviously in peril. her husband kept picking out her clothing and she was almost crying. She kept saying...."I LOOK FRUMPY! It's too long! UGH" I just wanted to take her hand and say, its ok......your fine the way you are just breathe, let me help you.

But I did not want to overstep my bounds and make her feel more uncomfortable. She had her children with her. My kids were being holy terrors! I think someone slipped them some crack before we walked in! Holy MOLY!

I was trying to participate in a cyber crop but I failed LOL I only got like 3 things done. You know I have a life on the weekend with my kids and hubby so its so hard to scrap, plus Andrew only had one day off this week, Sunday! I am thrilled he was working. But still. Makes hard to scrap at all.
When he is gone all week everything gets backed up with the kids and I get so tired and when he has only one day off we have to grocery shop and get everything done!
OK well off to the salt mines, the kids are at my knees!

Sunday, February 24, 2008

To Crop or not to Crop

I am always torn when doing an online crop.
So many projects do not fit my life or needs but I find myself doing them anyways *just in case* I might win a prize, but I have useless junk hanging around afterwards.
I either need to find something to do with the "junk" or quit making the items I am not interested in. Damn My competitive nature! hahahaha It's all good though.
This paper basket for instance was fun and all to make, but I have NO ONE to give it to. And nothing to do with it. I have no company and no friends nearby to give it to. But it is cute.

I did find a use for this purse card which I started making thinking it was a Candy basket as well LOL I don't quite know why I thought that. But I think its a pretty cute card and I might make more since I am a purse fanatic!

One cool thing did happen yesterday. After all the Crazy forum action a few weeks ago, I left feeling pretty yucky, but chin up and move on....well yesterday another foundation member was booted off and came to me to explain her story. I found out that no one knew what to think when I was booted off, in fact they all wondered. So its pretty cool. Makes me feel better about the whole thing.
I think for all the people who defect or get the Frankie AXE, good things will come. Live and learn I say, live and learn...Oh and for Miss F...Live and TAKE YOUR MEDS! hahaha

Friday, February 22, 2008

Ala Mode Simple Card

I bought this really great American Crafts Paper called Ala Mode and was getting ready to stamp and change it, but I thought....gee it's so pretty, why not just utilize the paper itself!
So I made this simple card. I actually LOVE it. It was a last minute card for one of my myspace buddies.

Thursday, February 21, 2008

Beat Beat Beat it Just Beat it

I am BEAT today just plain beat!

I talked to Denise yesterday and Cherrie for the first time today, That was weird and cool.

I don't know I never talk to anyone on the phone its rare.

Andrew and I laugh if one of us asks who called because our phone only rings when there is an emergency LOL Maybe 1 time every 2 weeks.

But I had fun and it was cool,maybe I shall utilize thins new fangled thing called TELEPHONE!

I bought some small goodies for RAK's on 8up. Some of them came today YAY! I actually got my SS stuff in the mail for I am on top of it.

I talked to my Dr. again in Oregon , she said I need to get a check up. She thinks I have pernicious anemia? (sp?) It means shots every few weeks and something else I don't know, but it might be why I am so exhausted.
I feel really sad and depressed lately. Andrew is not helping much and I find we are fighting most days. Sometimes I get tired of being the only one who is motivated and yearns for something better in our lives.

Oh well, thats life...*sniff* kick myself in the butt and shut the hell up! Just feeling that real isolated lonely feeling again and I need to just get over it and realize I won't ever have someone right here to be my friend and I need to learn to be my own friend. Hey Cristal how ya doing today? Pretty good lame as how about you? :P

Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Stamping Crazy!

Here are more of the Pink Cat Studio Bird Stamps (Tweet) I am in LOVE with them!. I just finished my myspace cards for my friends and I am pretty happy with them all!
I love using brown ink for stamping now!
I was feeling springy so I broke out pinks and greens....and paired them with aging and browns. I like the non traditional effect it has. The beautiful card was for a gf from Hawaii. You know my heart's true home.
I don't think I will get tired of these stamps anytime soon! Now off to make a CD card. And maybe take it easy tonight. My back is really acting up a lot lately.
My stress level is high too I have this weird feeling people are upset with me.
I just feel it. So I think its time for a break.

Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Small Milestones

Amidst the terrible eBay mess and strike this week....I made a small milestone.
I just sold my 1000th dress! Not only on eBay of course, I mean I have done a lot of outside orders and Etsy and 2 private weddings etc....but it was pretty cool to hit the 1000 mark. Especially considering this was not even a career move.
It just fell into my lap sort of.
I stopped working when I was 6 months pregnant. My pregnancies were just terrible.
And I figured I would not work again. But then Andrew got Multiple Sclerosis and we needed extra income for the medications. I started making my own clothes...and so many people asked me about them, and asked me to make the same thing for them! So there the whole baby doll revolution began!
At the time there were no Torrids in Eugene, Oregon. And finding plus sized clothing was hard.
Its still really hard to fin 4X - 7X babydolls. Heck half the time its hard to find 1X - 4X babydolls.
Since babydolls were easiest for me to whip out and they sold, here I am almost 3 years later (I checked the dates on my ebay feedback)...still making them!
And most of my customers have been back for more!
In that time I managed to pay for Andrew's monthly medications and pay for us to fly to Oregon and back. And help with bills. Plus some fun spending money! So overall it has been a great experience.
It introduced me to alot of cool women online and made me realize how important it is for a woman to feel beautiful at any size! And it did introduce me to my best friend EVER! Tasha which is really cool. I never knew I could find such good friends online...I tell you though, I have so many friends now....And I really care for them and respect them. I think that is really cool.
And for them to be able to find fun hip styles at an size.

I wish I had more time and resources to be able to make more than just babydolls. I have so many ideas in this pink head. But I feel blessed by God that he has given me a way to use my sewing to not only help my family but to help others feel good too.

I have gained, self confidence in running my own business, I have gained a new respect for the plight of the plus sized woman. I truly believe that it is the revolution of women everywhere.
And it starts at home by feeling and looking beautiful and portraying that to the outside world!

Wearing my own clothing made me walk a little taller and carry a bigger smile. That feeling is contagious! When I see a beautiful plus sized confident woman. It makes me think...."THAT is beauty!",
So I give myself a little kudos today! and toot my own horn for a moment and stop to thank God for his blessings in my life.

Sunday, February 17, 2008

And YOUR looking at ME???

We went to the train show yesterday and I honestly try not to judge a book by its cover so to speak because I am plus sized and have pink hair....But I have to say!

I had so many whispers and comment from the craziest mullet wearing comb over leather jacket with choo choo trains on them and conductor hat wearing 900 year olds!!!

Holy shit are you kidding me??

Really?? Your going to point and whisper about me????

Maybe you should try to clip that 12 inch comb over first! and get rid of the party in the back and business in the front....THEN we can talk about how crazy I look!

Don't get me wrong the kids loved the trains...but man oh man.

It was hard not to bust out laughing when I am the one getting pointed at and laughed at.

Sorry I just had to chuckle to myself and think...."dude, take off the special 200.00 conductor hat with the brass and REAL 24Kt gold plates on it, then we'll talk ok?".

Whatever floats your boat is cool with me, but don't come a judging when you haven't earned your way into 2008. hehehehe

Saturday, February 16, 2008

Scalloped edge using corner rounder

I love scalloped edges! But I scrap on a tight budget and cannot always afford pre scalloped paper. And I have heard the scalloped scissors are hard to cut a straight edge. So here is how I do it.
I know you have probably seen this before but I wanted to take close in tight shots so you understand how it is done. This card is a finished product using my corner rounder for scalloping. I do love my scallops! Once again the card stamp is from Pink Cat Studios. Man they rock!

This corner rounder was 4.99 at Target it is EK is size medium.
First remove the plastic piecing that holds your paper in place. You cannot scallop with it on. It snaps on and off very easily.

Then place the corner rounder Upside down against the very edge of the paper. You will be able to see on the edge of the inside cutter. Light paper cuts much easier because it is much easier to spot where it ends and begins against the metal.

Then you find where you cut the first scallop and edge it up close again leaving a tiny hole to place it just right. You can see in the picture is easy to spot if your looking for the connection. Make sure to leave a tiny cut space so it looks pretty, otherwise it might have a little bird beak or V sticking out the side.

This is how it looks when you have done a few.
Hope it helps someone!! If not, well I had fun doing it Anyways so :P hehehehe

Tweet Card and Ribbon technique

I am lovin' me some Tweety Stamps! SO I made yet another card from my stamp set. I am planning on buying more soon I am sure! I used the ribbon technique I have used before so I could make a pic tutorial on it. I have had some requests for it.
This is the one with glue, but I use staples too and love the affect!

Firts you tack down the base piece so nothing shifts around.
Then you fold the ribbon and glue it, then fold over on the glue

And continue folding in a random pattern back and forth trying to break it up once in a while gluing the ribbon going down every 5 or 6 folds
The trim the edges and you see above the finished product!