Friday, April 30, 2010

~Looking back, looking forward and crafty fun~

Can you believe tomorrow is MAY 1st??
This month is quite a milestone for our family,
3 years ago in May we packed up half of our belongings, sold the other half
and moved all the away across the USA from Oregon to VA,
where we spent exactly 1 year and moved to beautiful Tennessee
where we will stay.
Since my desktop crashed I am subbing on my laptop and I came across all of our
travel/move pictures. We traveled 3300 miles with 3 boys in a minivan.
Best and scariest thing we have ever done!
Was it worth it? So far yes...but time will tell :)

Just a sneaky peek as to what I am working on for tomorrow
and yes acrylic is in the mix!
Also tomorrow Imaginisce is having a blog hop.
ANDDD I will began my monthly reveals.
So stay tuned tomorrow!

Today I am off to the school again and praying
that the computer guy actually comes to my house and works his magic!
I am missing my SVG's, photoshop and SCAL!
I had SVG's to share but I need my desktop
so be sure to check back, I wll have them done asap!

~Have a great Friday~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Thursday, April 29, 2010

~WOW 500 followers!! WINNER & New Video Tutorial~

Good morning!
I am so excited this morning, actually I woke up to 500 followers
yesterday. How fun is this? It just means more people to share the crafty
love with and more ideas and inspiration from all of you!

Before I post the winner of the HUGE box of goodies,
I wanted to share another video tutorial.
I made this for Helmar yesterday and it is on their blog as well.

I wanted to make my own flourish/crystal designs, so I
decided to experiment with my dew drops and just printed designs
from online or my photoshop.
This is what I came up with.
Hundreds of possibilities for crystals, dew drops, any bling you can find!
This is going to save me $$ too! I mean just one bling flourish is like 6.00!
Here is the video tutorial :)
Can you tell I was sick and tired?
I have a bad cold right now and it is dragging me down.

Ok now the part you all are waiting for, the HUGE BOX WINNER.
*Disclaimer* I wish I had one for every person who follows
my blog, I try to always give away anything extra I receive because
I am truly blessed. But since only one person can win,
I am going to have fun with it!

The randomly drawn number is #3
Blogger fivejensenboyz said...

I need some new stuff to get my mojo going....WOULD LOVE TO BE YOUR WINNER my any you much sistah! :) HUGS

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

So fivejensenboyz please email me your addy chick!

I have a quick story today for ya about the chickens.
Every morning I wake up and I find roosters in my yard now!
So I guess they are now flying and I will have to screen the top of the coop.
However, I remember my grandmother letting her rooster roam
the yard, so I am going to look into that today.
But the funny thing is, instead of chasing me every morning
he runs up checking for food! LOL He knows I am bringing food
and he cannot get to it in the pen, so he hops up for me to throw him over.
I have a feeling now my chickens are going to be weird chickens! LOL
They will fit in just fine!

~Happy Thursday, I am off to work at school today~
I showed up yesterday and it was not even my day! I am crazy
on this Sudafed I tell ya!!
~Have a great day~

Wednesday, April 28, 2010

~BIG prize posted and FREE SVG's!~

Good morning my crafty friends...just a few more to 500!
I have another picture of MORE goodies in the GIVEAWAY box!
WOOT I am so excited!

This box has
flowers, ribbon, die cut papers, core'dinations cardstock (vintage line)
chipboard board book, rub-ons, stamps, alphabets, Cosmo Cricket Paper pad,
bling, glue, chipboard, and design adhesives for glitter or flocking.

I have my eye on the 500 mark and I am excited!
Just leave a comment here, let me know you are interested in the prize!
I will draw a winner the day after I hit 500 Followers!!!

OK on to other fun
I have SEVERAL SVG's today for your Cri-Kit Pens!
You might have to fill in the black dots with your pens
but the rest of it draws perfectly! Love them!

Just click on name to download

Ok I am off to create now!
I have a class prep to do, and a check book cover to make.
I have an exclusive content article to finish for Scrapbooking From The Inside Out.

and of course some chickens to feed! hehehe

~Have a BEAUTIFUL day!~
~Thank YOU for stopping by to say HI~

Tuesday, April 27, 2010

~Funky Fun Card Making Tuesday w/ Paris Hilton Creativity Collection~

Good morning my beautiful crafty friends!
I am so excited because I finally got my hands on some of that
Paris Creativity paper and bling!
I wanted to get the paper and the albums for a long time now,
when they put them up for 50% off, I was so excited!
I decided to break into the packs and make cards first thing.
These are for a couple of my girlfriends who just made a DT!
I wanted to tell them they are superstars! hehehe

So fun and funky fresh!
After seeing the kit in person, I will definitely be
playing some more with the papers and bling!This is another card I made for another friend who made a DT.
She is in her late 20's and this will tickle her pink! :)
I used my Helmar Adhesive Runner for making the cards.
Perfect for a quick permanent stick!

Now remember once again LOL
*DISCLAIMER* I am not a card maker! LOL

Ok on to life on the country road.
I had several Facebook requests to see the chickens,
I don't really know why except to watch them get fat! LOL
They are finally accepting the fact I am the food provider.
They have stopped freaking out when I come out in the morning,
now they just look at me like I am crazy and come running for food.
They LOVE baked potato leftovers!! LOL
The gren and orange chickens are nearly all white now,
and they are BOTH ROOSTERS! LOL
Slowly but surely we are weeding out the roosters and let me tell you
when they said 25% will be roosters, they lied!
I don't know what we are going to do with all these dang roosters!

We also have decided to order 2 hens that lay rare blue eggs.

Oh and a quick story....
Last night hubby drive in and came RUNNING into the house, he
yelled "Brad get out here!" I headed out with Brad and the chickens
were in my sunflower patch!!! LOL
Gage had apparently went into the coop and left the gate open,
so they were having a free for all pecking-fest.

We rounded them back up, thank heavens they always stay close.
It was funny and cute, I wish I had thought to snag my camera.

That's all for me today, I need to work on some dresses,
and a video I am hoping!
Oh and gathering up the BIG BOX of goodies for photographing.
I will give you a little preview of the giveaway...
All this card stock is Core'Dinations! You know how much they rock!

Glue, INK, Paper, Chipboard, TOOLS, and more!!!! I am trying
to figure out how much I can jam pack into a flat rate box!!!

~Have a great day~
~Thanks for stopping by!~

Monday, April 26, 2010

~Happy Happy Monday!~ *FREE SVG's*

Morning my crafty friends!
I am so excited today, finally I can share the news....
My contract was renewed with Helmar and here is your
new Design Team for Helmar!

Thank you everyone who applied for the Helmar USA Design Team. We were amazed at the talent and the selection process was a tough one!

HelmarblinkieDT copy

We are proud to announce our 2010 Helmar USA Design Team:

  • Tracy Weinzapfel
  • Becky Teichmiller
  • Laura Achilles
  • Marci Knecht
  • Cristal Hobbs (thats me!!)
  • Shelly Hein-Simmons
  • Erika Taylor
  • Aymee Gandy
  • Pamela Young
  • Eva Dobilas
  • Tanisha Long
  • Karen Maldonado
  • Tina McDonald
  • Cathy Le Hay
  • Gayle Martin
I am so excited!!!
I know some of the amazing designers and I am excited about the ones I don't know.
You can see the announcement and the guest DT list on their blog

I was so happy Aymee made her first Manufacturer DT!
That's my girl! She is amazing and so sweet.

This is going to be an amazingly fresh, upbeat, creative,
supportive, and kind team!

You know I noticed I am coming up on 500 followers,
I would LOVE to make it to 500!
SO I have decided to sit down and gather up a HUGE giveaway,
I will be posting it soon, and as soon as I hot 500 followers I will give it away!

Let me tell you it will be HUGE! I will be FILLING a BOX.
So stay tuned, and it is all because of you, my amazing friends who
follow me, my family, crafts, and my chickens LOL
You all keep me blogging and sane too.

OK on to Free SVG's for today.
Click NAME to download.
OK, that's it for me today.
~Have a great Monday~

Sunday, April 25, 2010

~Happy Sunday~

I am running late today.
We had company today for a BBQ, it was so much fun.
Yesterday we had not only storms and wind but a few warnings
for tornadoes, and quite a heavy downpour.
I did not get much done except make myself a new blog banner.

I had been having so much fun making those spring and summer doorhangers, I thought it would be fun to make myself a new blog banner.

I used the Clearscraps 12X12 acrylic sheets, Helmar 450 qick dry, and vaious papers.

That's about it for me today, busy day, ready for the week to begin!

~Have a great Sunday~

~Thanks for popping by~


Saturday, April 24, 2010

~Happy Saturday, NEW WINNERS, Summer Fun~

Good morning crafty peeps!
I am on the Helmar blog today if you get a chance to check it out :)

Sorry about the huge photo, I have a virus on my computer and
it has eliminated my Firefox, now I am using a new browser that is not Pinky friendly LOL
For this sign I used my amazing Clearscraps,
Helmar 450 quick dry, Helmar Zapdots, and Abbey Road paper from My Mind's Eye.

OK on to the new winners, SORRY everyone, but the winners did not come
forward for the Helmar Glue OR the Cri-Kit pens??!
So I am choosing 2 new winners!

Helmar V2 Vellum GLUE
Blogger kellyrose490 said...

Oh, I would love some of that Helmar Glue! Thanks for sharing Pinky!

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Cri-Kit Pens for your Cricut

Blogger Gloria said...

hehehehehehehe Pinky would buttering you up help that randomizer pick me.? cause I sure could tell you lots of things but ya know it wouldn't be buttering cause it would be the truth. Thanks for all you do and all the inspiration and by the way glad I didn't have to call the authorities for bathing our chicks. lol lol Got my card all ready just waiting on those pens. lol lol

Friday, April 16, 2010

Send me your addy's ladies!!

I am off to make another acrylic sign for a local class.
This one was a sample :)

~Have a great weekend!~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Friday, April 23, 2010

~Thank heaven for Fridays, Free SVG's, prepping for Kentucky~

I have NOT had the winners come for the Helmar
or Cri-Kit pen giveaways come by.
IF you won please email me. If not, on Saturday I will choose
2 more winners!

Good morning my friends,
You might be wondering "why in the heck is Pinky posting pictures
of boxes on her blog today??"
Let me tell y'all why. These are just a smidgen of the goodies
I am packing up and bringing to Ketucky on May 22nd!
Right now I am knee deep in boxes to kit up, and so many goodies
it's not even funny how many goodies!
When I say Imaginisce is generous and amazing I mean it!I am just so excited about the whole thing. The Scrapbook Village
called me yesterday and we set it all up and I am going to stay
Friday night and Saturday night in town, so I will have time to
visit with y'all and have some fun with ya, even after the classes.
*update on the boys*
My youngest is feeling better but the older one is still struggling with
a bad cough and up all night. Momma is tired but worse yet I feel
so bad for him. He is plum exhausted!

OK here are some SVG files for today.
The first 2 swirls are for your Cri-Kit Pens!
*just click the picture to download*

2 swirls

Single swirlsThese stars are for cutting

Star 1
Star in a star

That's it for me today, I am working on a coupe projects
hopefully I will have time to finish them tonight.
Today I have a couple more dresses to sew and
not one but TWO baseball games with the boys, assuming
they make it through the day without any sick incidents.

Once again, I cannot express how much I appreciate you dropping by
I always sit down at the end of the day and sift through comments.
Leaves a giant smile on my face to know that you find some sort
of scrap fun here. You inspire me every day!

~Have a great Friday~

Thursday, April 22, 2010

~Happy Scrappy Thursday~

Good morning all you amazing crafty ones! :)
I had a halfway decent nights sleep last night and boy
it sure makes a difference in your morning doesn't it?!I sat down and worked on this while waiting for the boys to fall asleep last night.
It is Clearscraps Clear N Chip Abbie's Love I made into a mini-album
and the new Imaginisce papers Splash Dance OMG I love it too!!!!

Oh and of course my handy dandy Helmar 450 quick dry
which works FANTASTIC for the albums and my paper
NEVER warps or's perfect.
I also used clear Zapdots for the first time and I love them!

Oh and I wanted to share with y'all.
Everyone asks me where to buy Helmar...
well, a friend of mine has a store online called Timeless Daydreams
and she fell in love with Helmar too, so now she carries it in her store.
Just one more great place to buy the glue and I trust her completely.

Sorry for the poor photo quality, I wanted to get it up today
and there is nothing but rain out there! Now tell me how fun this paper line is! I am so excited, it looks even better
in person too. I will try to get better photographs this weekend :)

Ok I am off to the fabric shop and the local scrap store.
I will have more SVG's tomorrow.

~Have a beautiful Thursday~
~Thank YOU for stopping by~

Wednesday, April 21, 2010

~Hump day excitement....another free SVG & chicken NEWS!~

Good morning my crafty friends,
I had to take a quick break from blogging yesterday as my children
are sick and Dr. apps, all that not so fun "mom" stuff going on.

If I babble I am just tired this morning.
Ok what is going on with these chickens and what am I up to? they are...growing so fast...

It is official
We have FIVE yes FIVE roosters! LOL
Crazy huh? And yes Jeannie, one was a rooster and one was a hen out
of the orange and green chicks you gave us :)

We managed to get the chicken door on last week
And the chicken coop hatch,
we are debating on how to roof it still, tin or shingles?
Also we need to place the nesting boxes and perches inside, which will hopefully
be this weekend. Not sure yet, we have baseball, and company coming.
Next we will cover the outside with something (undecided just yet)
and paint it a blue color. I decided on this creamy blue OR yellow.
We did dig a sunflower patch in front for our neighbors , so they won't have to
see the chicken coop, BUT surprisingly....they came over and have
decided to raise chickens too!

I did find time to bake a fresh strawberry cake
It was a HUGE hit in the house! *yea*

And in between Dr appointments, I sat down
and chained myself to my sewing machine.
I found this summery blue animal print and people went crazy, so I
imagine I will spend today sewing :)
I finished this swimdress top
And this pretty red top from fabric sent to me by a customer.
It has been a BUSY week but a good one.
Sorry no scrap goodness to share.
I have been scrapbooking with the May SFTIO kit!
HELLOOOOO beautiful kit!~

OK one more thing before a go this morning
a FREE SVG file for you Cricut babies! :)
And I wanted to point out something to you SVG users.
ALL of my files are HIGH quality, not the lower quality files that shake.
So they work well with pens and all that.

Click on butterfly to download

~Alrighty then, I am off to the Dr~
~Thank you for popping by~
~Have a great Wednesday~