Thursday, June 30, 2011

~Goodies & Magazine GIVEAWAY!~

Good morning my friends! :)
*Below is my new haircut*

I have a fun little giveaway today....
Yesterday a truck pulled up with a BIG BOX of goodies from
Northridge Media Publishing with 6 copies of the Cricut magazine
that had my card on the cover!!
Plus 2 more Birthday Idea books with another card I made i
And a box of goodies to play with....

so instead of keeping it all, I thought I would GIVEAWAY!
of the magazines to a blog friend.
I don't want to sound obnoxious so I won't say "A signed cover" hehe
but these magazines are fun and totally chalked full of ideas.

Also I will send some of these goodies I received!
All you have to do to win is leave a comment right here!!! :)
Happy Thursday and thank you for sharing my scrap journey with me,
I am so appreciative of all of you and love blogging every day.

OHHH and more news!! Tomorrow the SASSY VINTAGE DREAMS
July Kit on Tally goes up for sale.
Especially designed by me with scrapbook items I lo

Plus a HUGE SALE on the site!!
ALL old kits are 21.00!! HUGE DEAL and everything in the store will
be 15% off with this code...
It begins July 1st at 9am Central time
Oh and I almost forgot my new haircut LOL

Old haircut here- not really cut just long and curled like I usually do
Fun but hot and hard to care for all the time.
Sassy new cut! :) I like it alot, it's fresh and I needed fresh.
It always looks healthier after a cut too! :)

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

~Using Paper Lines In Alternate Subjects~

Good morning!!!! It is already Wednesday can you believe it??

I love using "Themed" paper and embellishments for alternate ideas.
I used the fun Happy Harvest (very fall themed) line for this baseball layout.
I used the amazing Clear Scraps XL Deco shape for this one :)
Since baseball runs all spring/summer and this year we will try
fall ball, I thought it would be fun to put a fall season twist on it.
Who says you have to stick with your theme??!
Looking at these pictures I cannot believe how BIG my son
is getting! He is just 9 years old last month and he looks 12 or 13.
Amazing how fast they grow.
I might be crazy but in the end my kids will look at my work and smile
because it all says "I Love YOU and want to remember every moment".
That is what I love about scrapbooking!

*side notes* Well I did it, I went and had my hair cut short!
I will fix it up and post a picture tomorrow, very exciting LOL
I had moral support, my girlyfriend came with me (thank goodness)
because I really needed it. But it looks great and I can't wait to play
with it and take some fun pictures today.

Ok off to play with my hair and cook for my boys....
Happy Hump Day!


Tuesday, June 28, 2011

~Chicken Butts & More Fall Fun!~

Good morning!

I almost missed blogging due to a forgotten double header
baseball game last night with my teenager Bradley.

I have to say those games are LONG and drawn out and so's hard to keep my other 2 entertained for 4-5 hours with no
playground and 5000000 bugs! LOL But we made it through.
They won one game and lost the next and you would have thought
the whole world ended. Man teenagers are MOODY! LOL

Anyways...on to scrapbook fun :)
I made this layout with the new Happy Harvest line
they are having a big blog party release this week.
I had to scrap the chicken butts I love so much!!!
This was a fun line to work with for sure.
One of our poor hens decided to brood in a big way and she plucked all
her belly feathers, poor little thing. I am trying to break it because
there is no rooster to fertilize the eggs yet, but she is stubborn.
Anyways I hope you enjoyed the layout as much as I did.

I am off to chop my hair off today!!!!
Happy Tuesday!!!!!


Monday, June 27, 2011

~Hey Foxy~

Good morning!!!

I had a sweet weekend with hubby and friends, I spent alot of time
with my girlyfriend watching Mad Men, and alot of time with
hubby and the boys making/eating cake, how was your weekend??

Have you seen the Happy Harvest release from Imaginisce?
This week they are having a party celebrating their newest line.
I genuinely adore this line with the cute little fox in the mix!~
I actually gave this card to my hubby, I just could not resist!
It's funny how 6 months ago I never would have thought I
would ever love making cards so much.
But I really do!
Go check out the Imaginisce Blog, I am sure they are hosting giveaways!
Happy Monday everyone!!!

I am off to prepare for out 4th of July party,
Sunday we went and bought a shade canopy and screen room for
the food and this week I will start cooking and mowing.
It's going to be a great week! :)

Saturday, June 25, 2011

~Tales From The Hobbs Chicken Coop & I-rock Winner~

Good morning my friends!!
*first of all real quick*
Happy Birthday to my amazingly supportive and wonderful
husband who works so hard and doesn't mind coming home to
help with dinner and doing laundry with a smile.
I love you and can't wait for the rest of our life together.

I have a cute item to show you today from our Chicken Coop....
a tiny itty bitty little blue/green egg.
You can see it's the size of this button, which is NOT big! :)
Here is the funny part....they call them "WIND Eggs" or....wait for it...
"FART EGGS" bwhahaha Imagine the excited giggles from 3 boys.
I was dying to crack it because many times there are no yolks, but
I made them wait so I could grab photos.
And yes it had a teeny tiny yolk, I should have cooked it.

It's not unusual for your chickens to randomly lay double
yolk eggs, super huge eggs or even "fart" eggs.
Oh the things you learn on my blog *wink* hehehe

Ok on to the WINNERS from the i-rock post...

Blogger Carol said...

Great video Pinky! I am a follower of both blogs, thank you for the chance to win!

Monday, June 20, 2011

this winner is from MY BLOG draw! :)
Now for the giveaway on the Imaginisce blog you have to check with them. :)


Friday, June 24, 2011

~Cracked Ceramic Floral Rose Tutorial~

Good morning my friends ♡♡♡
**Tomorrow I will announce the i-rock WINNER from Monday**

I love all things vintage and when I made this Floral Rose with
the McGill punches, I knew I wanted to take it one step further
and play with the idea of making it a "Ceramic" looking rose.
I won't give you step by step on the making of the rose,
every McGill punch has that, but I will tell you know I made this.
I will be making videos later on as I go one with McGill.
In the photo I forgot the snowflake punch for the base but everything else
you will need is right here.
I used pink card stock, and green card stock, I actually used a very light pink.
First I created the rose from the LIGHT pink card stock,
I used my Imaginisce i-bond to make it stiff and stand tall.

Then I colored the entire rose with my copic marker and allowed it to dry.
Coloring the rose with the copics will allow the crackle draw some of the colors
out and it will make the rose multi colored later on when the crackle dries.

After about an hour I took my Crackle Effects from Ranger, and I carefully
coated the entire rose, making sure to get it underneath every petal.
I also punched green leaves and did not color them.
I let it dry for 24 hours. After that I double check for spots I missed.
When it is completely dry it looks like a cracked ceramic rose.

Then with my i-bond and the badge/pin combo from Imaginisce
I adhered the rose to the badge/pin and that was it!
I don't think I can capture the true "ceramic" look that you see
in person. It really does look like I took it off of a plate from the 1920's.

I am excited, and I know it will last for years! :)
I think I might even give it to my girlyfriend who loves all thing vintage too!


Thursday, June 23, 2011

~Camping Season Layouts & Kit Reveal~

Good morning!!!
What a day yesterday, my poor hubby worked a 22 hour shift
and yesterday he had the entire day off to sleep, I don't know if it's
more exhausting entertaining 3 boys all day or keeping them quiet all day!

Camping season is upon us and the Hobbs family, well we LOVE camping,
I miss it so much, we have not been since we moved from Oregon.
This year we are planning one camping trip, to test the waters on
camping in the south, which is MUCH different then in Oregon.
In Oregon you plop a tent down in a primitive campground by a
stream with fresh clear water, or on the coast with the beach across the walkway.

Here it seems to be filled with olympic sized swimming pools
and muddy waterways full of snakes and fish. It will take some getting used to.
Anyways back to the crafting right? haha

I used my Momenta products to make this layout, I love that they have
It's the same line I used for the clock!

Ok on to more fun, this is the July TALLY KIT!
Sassy Vintage Dreams, you can see it is alot of Sassafras Lass.
It goes up for sale on the 1st and for subscribers it is already up.
I cannot wait to play with it!

Ok I am off to plan a picnic for these boys,
after yesterday's silent day, they deserve it!!!
Have a great Wednesday! Don't forget about the giveaways earlier this week! :)

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

~Punch Happy News w/ GIVEAWAY~

Good morning my crafty friends!

It's been a good week for crafting, full of glue and paper time.
You might have seen this yesterday but in case you missed it
McGill punches asked me to come and help design for them,
after checking with my other design work, I decided to give it a go!
Here is my first card using the realistic Paper Blossoms punches.
I think this is going to be alot of fun!
It's funny over the last year I have really gotten into my Cricut and now
I get to play with punches! Fun journey full of craftiness.
I love experimenting and making crafts my own, I am hoping
to do this with McGill as well :)

Oh and hey guess what?? They are GIVING away FREE PUNCHES
to create this ROSE!
Go check it out and comment on the blog!!

Hey, the more giveaways the better right??! :) MUAH!
Thanks to you all following along and being my friend,
Thank you so much!!!


Tuesday, June 21, 2011

~Manly Man Clock w/ Momenta!~

Good morning all my amazing friends,
Did you happen to see the post on Momenta on the 18th?

You just might have spied a new project from me using the Momenta
products...right here BLOG POST
I made this clock using their Camping Theme Page Kit
and some twine I had in my stash, I am addicted to twine lately!
Anyways I just wanted to share real quick today, I am off to bake a
cake for hubby's surprise visit to work *shhh* don't tell anyone LOL
It's his birthday this week and I am going to surprise him at work with
the boys, a bunch of balloons, and a cake!
They always forget his birthday at work, for years now everyone
has forgotten at every job, so I am going to do this and make him blush! :)
Happy Tuesday!!


Monday, June 20, 2011

~DOUBLE Tool GIVEAWAY & Feature~

Good morning my crafty friends!

You know I love my tools and today I am happy to share a new video
all about the i-rock. Imaginisce asked me to host the "Tool Time"
segment today on their blog, so in celebration of this, I will be
giving away an i-rock & Glam rocks on MY BLOG right now!
PLUS, Imaginisce is giving away an i-rock package!!

Just go check out the video and blog at Imaginisce

leave a comment on their blog, follow my blog and on Friday
I will announce a WINNER of the i-rock and Glam Rocks!


Sunday, June 19, 2011

~Last Baseball Post For A While!~

Good morning my friends!!!

You are looking at the #3 Champions of our league! :)
I could not be more proud of our kids!!!

Yep, you guessed it, no crafting today, so sorry. :)
We came from the bottom with no chance of even being in the tournament,
to the #2 spot and we beat out ALL the local teams on our level.
The teams that won were out of towners.
It was a great day yesterday. In Fall my boy moves to kid pitch
and its a whole 'nother game then, so I am happy he got a chance
to experience a winning team and season.

Here is Justice with the trophy :)
Here is my boy Gage with the trophy!
And the boys headed to the field for the trophy pictures.
My men-minus one.
The goofy trophy shot! :) hehehe I love our bad news bear team!
We don't begin fall ball until school begins, no more baseball posts
and back to crafting for me. :)

Hubby will be working alot more now also, so I expect to be
back in full swing this week!

Thanks for sharing this season with me, I know it's hard to listen to a
bragging mother, but it was a great experience and a life changing event
for me personally. I grew up never having seen any sports being played
or knowing they even had little league and activities like it.
So it's very interesting to me to see the community come together and
make new friends from these activities. I love it!
Happy Sunday & Happy Father's Day....

Friday, June 17, 2011

~Trip Down Memory Lane & Kit Deals~

Good morning!!
I worked on projects yesterday but they are all top secret and
I also got caught up mowing the lawn! haha

Quick story...I love mowing my lawn on my riding mower,
I have so few good childhood memories, but one very strong one is going
to see my grandmother (who has passed) and watched her drive her
riding lawn mower. I always wanted to ride with her.

I have to admit every time I take the seat of my mower,
I smile and think of her, I guess it's my little connection
to the good memories I have of her, sweet fond memories of
the silliest thing like a lawn mower.
Always makes me happy, I miss you grandma Ginger ♡

Hey did you notice the ad above??
I wanted to take a minute to mention
EVERY KIT is 15.00! For those on a budget like me
it's a fantastic deal!
Thanks for sponsoring my blog Paper Lovelies!
Go visit them and check out the deals!! :)

Now wish me luck tonight, the boys have a huge game!!
Last games tonight and tomorrow, I am VERY excited!!!!! :)
We have a chance of making 1st or second place if we keep it up,
let's hope my little man is well enough to play, he has been
sick for a few days now.

*Don't worry, baseball talk will be over soon* haha
Thanks for popping by, I love ya for it!

Thursday, June 16, 2011

~More Card Making Plus Stamp & Clear Scrap Package Winners!!~

Good morning my crafty friends,
today we have the Stamp Box set WINNERS,
and the Clear Scraps/American Craft set winners...

And a Father's Day card....
for some reason I was stumped yesterday.
You know I knocked out five projects the day before but the
Father's Day card kicked me LOL

Finally I went with my old reliable Cricut Imagine.
And I also used my new Cuttlebug Folder! They have these border strips
now, that I have fallen in love with! :)
Pretty much everything is printed from the Cricut Imagine
except the little button on the flower.
My friend in GA, Becky...she sent me the flower, we did a jar swap.
I love little jar swaps...I find the coolest items in her swaps!! :)
Thanks Becky!!!

Ok on to the winners...

And the Clear Scraps album and Thickers/Brad winner is...
Blogger {VICKI} said...

Thanks for the chance
I'm a follower

ps---didn't have a chance to pop in on your blog yesterday but OMG!
Love the cards from yesterday!

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Please email or Facebook me your address

And the Stamp Box set of stamps goes to...

Blogger Stephanie said...

What a neat giveaway. You are so generous!! Thanks for the chance to win. I well remember those hectic days of baseball games. I miss them now that my son is grown & has a family of his own.

Friday, June 10, 2011

Please email or Facebook me your address and I will get these out this week!