Sunday, February 28, 2010

~Sunday is here, and so is crop time~

Good morning my lovely friends,
I had such a nice day yesterday, we went to the library...
we spent the day as a family shopping, cooking, laughing.
It was a good day.

To top it all off Fiskateers is hosting a crop
so I went ahead and got out my tools and started playing along.
I made these recipe cards using October Afternoon and Cosmo Cricket.I love making recipe cards but in order to fit into my box I need them
one dimensional...but I added some dimension anyways LOL
Here are 2 cards I made for the crop.
They are the LUCY BIRD line from Imaginisce.Now I do not even come close to claiming I am a card maker
but I like them, they are fun and cute plus they were just for me
no DT work just for fun so no pressure :)

Hope your weekend is amazing and you spend it with
someone or someone(s) special.

TOMORROW!! I am so excited for tomorrow!
not only is the NEW Sketch challenge for Imaginisce going to be posted
BUT the new Kit for Scrapbooking From the Inside Out
and my reveals! They wore me out this time, very intense so I am
excited to share!
Back to the family for me :)

~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Saturday, February 27, 2010

~Thankful Saturday~

Good morning all you beautiful crafty people!
It is going to be a great day because finally my hubby has a day off!
He has been working 15-17 hour days all week which means
momma is working 16-18 hour days, I think we all need a day off!

Remember the MY MEMORIES Book? HERE
Well, I have had so much fun making those mini 5X7 pages!
Have you made any yet??
I want to see them. Here is one I made last night.
Yes...I know...I scrapped this picture, but I also wanted to be able to
go to my MY MEMORIES book and flip through and see this picture
and remember this moment, so I went ahead and scrapped a mini page of it.
I love this whole thing! I cannot wait to take it when I travel.

Are you wondering what these are??
Guess what?? They are called GIMMECLIPS
and I was sharing them with a gf in NY who called me this week
and said "Hey what are those hair clips called? I found them in Target!!"
She had bought them for her daughter.
I love them....they are from the same company that makes Imaginisce.
And what a great idea, none of the flowers go to waste! I love that!
Plus they are super cute!
And my thankful list for the week....

#1 BOOKS....I have recently began to read again
(I used to read so much before I had children but the time really slipped
away after they were born) I have found my love of reading once again.
I loved reading Shutter Island last week and Heart Shaped Box *happy*
#2 WORK, as much as hubby worked this week
and as tired as we feel how can I not be thankful
for his job especially in this economy.
#3 Bare Minerals Makeup
This stuff makes me happy, what else can I say?
After a huge scare this week with the school sending home
lice letters, and shaving the boys heads...we found out we are lice free!
WOOT! And my amazing cooperative boys who don't mind
shaving their heads and sporting the new cool bald look!
Last but not least we had a traumatic incident this week
Poor little Gage (seen above) who has been clinging on to
4 front teeth instead of two, well daddy popped out those 2
bottom teeth and it was a horrible mess, but thank heavens
for brave boys, brave daddies and rich tooth fairies!!!
when you lose 2 teeth at one time...and they are
your very first teeth, did you know the Tooth Fairy leaves you
One 5.00 bill
One 1.00 bill
One quarter
One Dime
One Nickel
One Penny
Many the Tooth Fairy has been investing well! LOL

That's it for me today, have a GREAT day!

~Thank YOU for stopping by I love ya for it!~

Friday, February 26, 2010

~FRIDAY!!!!! Time for some FUN~

Good morning all you lovely crafters!
Today is the Sassy Lil' Sketches, Dirty Scraps, ScrapFit Blog Hop!
So get to hopping! There is a GREAT challenge and
fun prizes as well!

Here is what I created for the Blog Hop,
you can also find it on Dirty Scraps
a long lost friend found me and sent me a picture
of myself many moons ago...Don't you love Sassafras Lass?! I know I do!
I always struggle with sketches, so I decided to just go with the flow
and if it was not perfectly matched to the sketch it was ok! :)
Of course I am in LOVE with my Helmar adhesive, I used the Scrap Dots
on this one for dimension and they rock! They do take a little bit
to dry, so I have found putting the dimension on last is best,
but they hold really well so it is worth the time.

OK I am off to get ready for this weekend!
~Have a great Friday~
~Thanks for popping by to say hey~

Thursday, February 25, 2010

~Thursday is here and another great challenge~

Good morning!
This morning Dirty Scraps is looking at their 4th challenge!

This is my layout for the challenge,
I scrapped about the way my husband sees me.
It always amazes me how he sees me with such
beautiful eyes, no judgment, nothing but love and trust.
I guess I am just more skeptical,
I mean I really respect him and love him but still
it comes so easily for him. I am very lucky...
I wanted to keep it light and bright and fun
because he is so light and bright in my life.
So you can clearly see that Dirty Scraps is not all negative
and sad, it is uplifting as well, it is whatever YOU need it to be :)

Don't forget tomorrow is the Sassy, Dirty, Fit Blog hop so be sure to
stop by the blogs to check it out!

~Have a great day~
~Thank you for popping by~

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

~Happy Hump Day, So many things coming up this week!~

Good morning to ya!
Today is a short day for school so I will be spending the day with my boys!
And I imagine their new best friend...BOOKS!
I am so happy my middle son is old enough to be involved in books now.
Every week we hit the library and he picks out 4 books, I swear
within 2 days he needs a refill heheh

I wanted to share this picture of him because
I fell in love with the candid shot...
So grown up...
Tally had a challenge to use 20 different manufacturers
on one layout, so I decided to play along for fun
I am not 100% happy, to me it looks a little discombobulated
but it's not for anything paid or a DT call, so I guess I will live LOL
Just kidding....see?... I do scrap for myself for fun some days! :)
I thought I would also share a sneaky peek of my layout for the
Get Sassy with the Dirty FITgirls Blog Hop
I am very excited to be a part of this on the Dirty Scraps Blog!
So look for the challenge and contest on FRIDAY!!!! On Dirty Scraps!
Also, tomorrow the new Dirty Scraps Challenge will be posted!
Another project I have been working on...
You know I cannot wait for March 1st,
I have so many layouts sitting here just waiting to share!

Have a great Wednesday, I am off to make eggs for the babies!
~Thank YOU for stopping by~

~My Memories Book & a Glue Giveaway!~

Good morning my friendly crafty buddies!
I was in the car this weekend with my son and he yelled
Of course I could not figure out what he meant,
finally he said "Bradley keeps making me madder and madder
and MADDER! Make him stop maddering me!!"

You know it was one of those hysterical personal funny family moments.
We all have them whether it be with friends, family, or the dog who dug up the garden.

So I got to thinking....why not make a MINI Book, a MY MEMORIES BOOK
but not your typical big book, because they are just fun moments,
that you might not always have a picture for, or you just want to
giggle about later on in the future.

I came up with this idea

a very simple 5X7 or 6X8 book
here is my cover...and the inside of the cover page
and my first page.
I will be punching holes and making rings or attaching with ribbon in the next week.

I made the cover 5.5"X7.5" and the pages will be 5X7
I would love if some of you would join me in making
your own MY MEMORIES books
You know when something happens that is cute or funny,
I might not want to sit down and spend an hour on a 12X12 page
but it only takes 5-20 minutes to kick out a cute memory page.
No pressure just fun and easy!
Like a colorful diary.
Now instead of JUST Facebooking it LOL
I will scrap it too!

Whatcha think? Who wants to join me?
If you make one PLEASE let me know and share with me, I will be
sharing at least a few pages a week I am sure, smattered in between
other projects :)

Oh and don't forget the HELMAR GLUE GIVEAWAY!
Right here!
At 250 they give away a BIG glue prize,
at 50 more they do it again and so on!
Now you have heard me brag up Helmar for a long time now
it really is the best glue I have used, you know I am a NO BS
girl and when I am fired up I am fired up! So check the Facebook page out
I would love a PINKY girl to win it!

OK that's it for me today!
~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a fantastic Tuesday!~

Monday, February 22, 2010

~Good morning Monday!~

Good morning all you amazing crafty people!
Here is what I have been working on all week,
I am pooped! LOL not really...but this did take some time.
I did it for the Helmar Blog HERE
So please go check it out today!I posted instructions and MORE pictures over there,
plus all the papers and glues I used.
I think this is so fun and cute!
however it does not match my kitchen at all LOL
So I have no clue what in the world I am going to do with it!
Maybe I will make another one in some matching colors
for my darker kitchen :)!
Don't forget to pop by the Helmar Blog! Support this pink one hehehe
Have a great day today!
~Thank you for stopping by!~

Sunday, February 21, 2010

~Happy SUNDAY! What a week!~

It has been a crazy busy week, I know I have been quiet
but this is why I have been so quiet.
I was working on a BIG project!I will be sharing it tomorrow not only here but on the
Helmar blog as well!
If I was not in love with Helmar adhesive before let me tell you!
I went CRAZAY on the glue with this one LOL

We had a good weekend here at home, praying hard for my
friend Aymee and her dad as he is just out of surgery.
Hope you all had a beautiful weekend.
I cannot believe we made snowmen on Monday and it is 65 degrees today!
Boy my head is spinning with this crazy weather!

~Have a great day, thanks for popping by~

Friday, February 19, 2010

~Happy Friday, RAK WINNER and fun news...~

Good morning, how is your Friday looking?
I have some fun news very FIRST Helmar Blog post today!
And the Imaginisce Springy RAK winner!

So please, even if you have seen the project, go check out the blog
post just for fun! :) It is altogether and step by step.

And the winner of the Imaginisce Lucy Bird SPRINGY RAK is #44
(I tried and tried to take a screen shot but I think my keyboard hates me LOL)
So the #44 comment is
Blogger scrappygal said...

Oh I love those! They are all so happy looking! Very nice RAK. Someone will be a very lucky gal. Hope it's me,but I do wish all of you luck ;0)

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Please get me your addy and Monday I will be taking these prizes to the
PO (both the Purple Cows and the SPRINGY Rak)
It's my school day, so I will have fun with my boys today.

~Have a beautiful day~
~Enjoy your Friday~

Thursday, February 18, 2010

~Purple Cows Freestyle mouse RAK WINNER~

Good morning friends :)

Everything has been so crazy these last few days I realized
OH NO I forgot to draw a winner for the Purple Cows Freestyle mouse!

So I put the comments numbers into
and out of 57 comments #57 came up first!

Blogger Karen AKA Soccerboyzmom said...


I love to craft since it is cheaper than therapy.

Saturday, February 06, 2010

Email me your addy Karen! I will ship it out to ya girl!

Have a GREAT Thursday everyone,

stay tuned for the fun Imaginisce goodies winner tomorrow!


Wednesday, February 17, 2010

~Happy Hump Day!~

Good morning,
I am sitting here at the time I usually take my kids to school!
Hubby is taking them, then we are meeting for lunch today,
so it should be a great day!

I finally sat down and did Challenge #3 for Dirty Scraps,
better late than never right??!

I used a NEW paper company (well pretty new)
Kiki Art, they are so fun and funky, I love it!
All the hearts and chipboard they have make it fun to play.
Thanks Sarah for the great RAK of Kiki Art paper!
If you want to read my journaling it will be posted on Dirty Scraps
OK I am off to do a quick sweep of the house and get ready for my date!
Have a beautiful Wednesday~!

~Thanks for stopping by~

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

~It's Another Snowy Tuesday & a SPRINGY RAK!~

Good morning all you wonderful crafty-licious people!
I had a great morning, a phone call from a good friend
I have not spoken with in a while.
Always puts a smile on my face.
The kids have another snow day so it's going to be a fun day!

I did scrap last night, FOUR Layouts even, from 6pm to about 11pm
I was watching the Olympics and making dinner in between.
Sadly I cannot share any of them until March 1st!
How about a RAK instead?

How about these fun embellishments from Imaginisce?
Now that should put some "spring" in your step right?!
I know it puts a smile on my face!
Just leave me a comment and let me know you are alive and kicking!
I will draw a random winner on Thursday, so check back!

Oh and don't forget the SKETCH CHALLENGE at Imaginisce!
They have a 75.00 PRIZE!!!!

~Thank you for stopping by!~
~Have a beautiful Tuesday~

Monday, February 15, 2010

~Just for the kids this Monday~

Good morning!! How are you today??!
It is President's Day so no school, plus we have
beautiful white flakes on the ground...SNOW DAY!

I did not scrap this weekend, I spent the entire weekend
with company at my house, hosting a crop st SFTIO,
and with the family playing games, baking, and reading.

But I did want to share with you a kids craft today.
Don't you LOVE those no pressure
to be perfect, no pressure to be "adult", those...
you know every child will see magic and
you will see sparkles in their eyes projects!?!Well I had the pleasure and blessing of hosting
a Valentine's Day party in my son's 2nd Grade class
and this is the craft I brought for them to make.
I left the paper plain white so they could draw and decorate
any way they wanted, they did a great job too!
I wish I had time to take pictures of the amazing cards they made!
I grabbed my Fiskars Squeeze punches and my Imaginisce punches
and let them make peek-a-boo cards.
The favorite punch was the Imaginisce I-Top Paper Punch
they used that thing again and again, one girl even
drew a cheerleader and used the punch as pom poms!
So much fun!
Even the moms jumped in to play hehehe
I hope you all had an amazing Valentine's Day!
I just adore ya!

I am off to play with the boys and hopefully play with paper today!
~Have a great day~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Saturday, February 13, 2010

~Super Croppin' Saturday!~

Good morning lovelies!
You know what I am doing this morning?
That's right getting ready to Cyber Crop at SFTIO!

I did get time to sit down and scrap last night during the Olympics
Ceremony, while I was preparing challenges and such for the crop.

This is a Graphic 45 Layout that
is a 2 pager. When I am done I will have 4
matching pages of all the boys
I was so happy to see my local scrapbook shop carried new Prima!
It is my weakness, I try to resist but I always end up sneaking 3 or 4.00
out and buying one goody for the next 2 weeks, then I hoard it
in my scrap room, so I finally broke down and used it!
Also I broke out the sewing machine again, I have been
sewing on 90% of my layouts lately....
Seems to add those tiny details that maybe no one else will
notice but I will look back and see the stitching.

I have some FUN NEW news!
Guess who is now carrying Purple Cows??
Not only Joann's but ARCHIVERS! I just heard it through the grapevine!
I am so excited, now I don't have one right here, but I think up
in KY there is one, I will have to check on it :)

Also a toot for my fellow DT member Michelle
She was filmed at CHA by Creativity Knocks
Here is her video if you want to take a sneak peek!
Creativity Knocks

I am off to host a crop and have company today!
My son is so excited it is his FIRST time having a friend over.
Woohoo the joys of being a mom, I will be baking
cookies and making corndogs hehehe Every kids dream!

~Have a beautiful Saturday~
~Thank you for stopping by~

~Check it out!~

A new contest I found...hey who doesn't want an amazing sewing machine, y'all know I am the sewing guru, and Janome has always been my favorite machine...*fingers crossed!*

Friday, February 12, 2010

~The weekend is almost here!~

Good morning! I am headed off for a fun day with my boys
at school for Valentine's parties!
I sat down and cut 40 cards last night and
found all my punches to take into school for some crafty fun.

How is your Friday looking? Ready for the weekend? I know I am!
I made this Layout last night with Graphic 45 paper.
I broke out the sewing machine and it must be time to change the needle
because it nearly tore the paper clean through.

This is the ONLY picture I have of "great" Grandpa holding
Justice before he passed a few years ago, he was so
happy to meet my son, the picture brings me to tears I think
I could scrap it 100 times over.
I love using the scallop stitch and generally I place a piece of fabric
behind the paper to ensure a more even stitch with the
fancier stitches, but I forgot last night, I thought the paper
was goign to be thick enough with 2 sheets, I was totally wrong.
So a tip for anyone wanting to use fancy stitching, a piece of backing
or scrap fabric goes a long ways when sewing on a layout.

Wish me luck today, I still have a cold but I feel tons better!
Hopefully next week I will be back into full PINK again!

~Thank you for stopping by, I am trying to be better about
responding to comments, many I respond to on Facebook~
~Have a beautiful friday!~
For those of you snowed in, I hope it melts soon :)

Thursday, February 11, 2010

~I am back, sick...but back! This is how I spent my week~

Morning all you lovelies in blog/craft land.
Did you miss me??
I know I generally blog daily but this week has been a crazy week
First hubby has been sick, then I was at school working and yes
those cute little innocent Kindergartners sent me home with the gift of GERMS!
hehehe, so I have not felt up to crafting or blogging much.

This is my week
Little Gage in class this week, he is such a joy to watch,
It's Valentine's week so we sat down and made a Valentine's Day box
He was so tickled to have one,
sometimes it is fun to craft with no pressure from
the adult world, I know whatever I make my children will LOVE
such a blessing...

Here is a layout I made lastnight, I realized I had
not scrapped my home yet and I was in the scrap store (Sassy Scrapper)
and found some fun MLS paper so I snatched it up and scrapped a page.

And one more fun thing...
IF you have not joined Scrapbooking From The Inside Out yet...
DO IT! We are having a crop and I am hosting!
I need more BINGO know it's going to be fun..

Also I have a NEW article up in the Exclusive Content Section
You do not want to miss that one!
And it is exclusive to SFTIO so I cannot share here! :)
Come play with me Feb 13th...prizes and games and challenges too!

OK I am off to rest a little more
as I have 2 Valentine's Day parties at school tomorrow
and 36 cards to cut out for an art project for the 2nd grade class!
It's going to be a great weekend!

~Have a beautiful day~
~THANK YOU for stopping by~

Monday, February 8, 2010

~Are you ready for a crop?? I know I am!

Couple of fun thing this morning, first of all I woke up to this!

I WON!!!! I love the bright fun cheery paper of Kiki Art they are a new company

but I am excited to work with their paper!!


Just received this email from Scrapbooking From the Inside Out Newsletter!

I hope you are planning on joining me! I have some fun games in mind as well.

Come join us for our first ever Cybercrop!

We're celebrating a new holiday...all about you!

The awesome and inspiring Christine Arylo has created a special celebration of women and self-care. And what better day to celebrate than Feb 13...because if YOU don't put YOU first, who will?

This is a great time to give yourself permission to scrapbook about your heart, your mind and your feelings. You're worth it!

Make sure to join us for games, challenges, prizes and, of course, deep and meaningful creating, all about you. Our event will be hosted by our lovely Design Team member Cristal Hobbs, AKA Pinky...go check her out!

Just log in to our Message Board to play along, from 8 AM to 7 PM Pacific. Click here for an easy time conversion. We can't wait to 'see' you there!

I hope you all join SFTIO board and come play with me!
I am really excited and will be having fun!!!
I really do love the people at SFTIO because they are genuinely
supportive and kind.

That's it for me today, poor hubby is having problems this week
seems like my scrap mojo goes away when his MS hits and feels
like it is always lurking around the corner.
It's going to be a long week....

~Have a great Tuesday!!~
~Thank you for popping by!~
~Don't forget to register and crop with me this weekend~