Tuesday, March 30, 2010

~Crafty new adventures...SVG files! Yea...new Cricut fun!~

Good morning my lovely online friends,
I am so excited about my new Cricut and even more excited to begin
creating new cutting files!
Today I have a few things to share,
one being a new card I made with the Pens from Cri-Kit!
WOOHOO!~ They are so much fun.
So I cut this card using my Cricut, then I used the Metallic pens to write
the Happy Easter, then I glittered inside the letters.
Basically it's like having a very cool stamp in 100's of shapes!
Of course I used my Helmar 450 on the ruffle
and the Zapdots on the butterflies. I am all about dimension this week!I love these pens!
Stay tuned all this week and next, I have some pens to giveaway
and more Giveaways coming!

The next is my very first SVG files!
If you click on the picture you can download and use them.Later on I will make a separate page for SVG files, I am just sharing today.
Shaped Paper
Film Strip Frame
I hope you let people know I am now making SVG files! :)
I am going to have fun making them I am sure of it!

That's all for me today, I have to plan for the kids on Easter,
and plant some Hyacinths today (thanks to a friend).
I am going to line the front porch with them! YEA!

~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for stopping by to say hey~

Don't forget tomorrow I will have the paper pad WINNER
and hopefully a NEW giveaway on!
Tell your friends about the SVG files :)

~Happy Video Tutorial Tuesday & A RAK for fun!~

Morning my crafty crafters!
Just a quick note, I am on Helmar today.
Since my video has some Helmar in it, we posted it on their blog.
*psst...don't forget the DT call for Helmar!*

While I was in West Virginia this weekend I found some GREAT
deals and the first thought that came to my mind was...
"WHAT GREAT RAKS for my blog!~"
So I picked up a FEW goodies to give away!
Now here is the first goody, it is a brand new 8X8 paper pad from Cosmo Cricket
and look at the fantastic shape on the edge of the paper! HELLO!
Plus they have journaling cards inside too.

This is the first prize for this week and I have a few more from me
and one from a Manufacturer too!
But I am going to make you work for it LOL
Follow my blog *duh* and if you are not a Fan of Helmar,
go check out Helmar on Facebook! HERE
sign up and tell them Pinky or Cristal sent ya!
Or become a follower on their blog! HERE
The girls work so hard to bring you new ideas or inspiration on a daily basis,
I am proud to be a part of such an amazing product/group.
Don't worry if you are already a fan or follower, you have the same chance!

If we can get more than 20 crafters to sign up, I will give away
another great prize to top it off! :)
Let's have some fun this week!

Oh and enjoy the video guys! Let me know
if you try it, I want to see your project!

~Have a great day~
~Thanks for popping by and saying hey~

Monday, March 29, 2010

~Crafty Monday and Chickens too!~

Good morning my beautiful crafty friends!!!!
I am so excited this morning, I am AMPED up after
a great weekend in WV!

Are you ready to rock today??!
Might as well smile and have some fun
this morning right?

I came home to a fantastic surprise in the mail Cri-Kit
it was some new Cri-Kit PENS!!!!!!!They are PENS for your Cricut machine!
Check it out! HERE
I just did a sample on white cardstock, because I have not had time
to play more, but you can bet I will this week!
Can you see the Metallic Shimmer? *swoom* Love it!
Also soon I will be hosting a giveaway for them so stay tuned!
From what I see so far, they totally rock my world!

Also I learned a new technique at the crop from Bettye, so tomorrow....I will be making a VIDEO TUTORIAL on that!

Now...you all know how much I LOVE my Helmar glue...
I have been bragging about it for months.
Even before the Design team I told y'all how amazing it is
and let me tell ya it rocks!
Wellll....do you want to design for them??
Guess what?? They are having a DT CALL!
I KNOW so many of my friends are amazing crafters!
I would LOVE to see some of YOU on the team!

So much to catch up on from the weekend being gone...
y'all are going to get sick of reading my catch-up blogs LOL

BUUUTTTT, since so many have asked about the chicken coop and chickens
I HAD to update everyone about our dirty dozen and the coop.
This is how far hubby and the boys got on the chicken coop.
This is the back view (because our neighbors have garbage behind it
and no one needs to see that LOL
This hole will be the hatch for me to collect eggs! WOOT! I am excited
just thinking about all those fresh organic eggs!
And here are the Dirty Dozen...
oh how they have grown, I am ready to put them out soon!
They are still adorable to me. But I am ready for a quieter house LOL
So someone come and help hubby get the roof on the coop.
He ran out of wood and we have to go back to the store tonight.

That's all for me today my friends...
I have more to share and a GREAT RAK I need to photograph!
While on my trip I was thinking of you all and I picked up some
great giveaways for the blog, so stay tuned this week

~Thank you for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful Monday~
Go check out those pens and Helmar!!!!!!

Sunday, March 28, 2010

~The Snooky-Poo & Fiska-Peep SHOW!~

Evening my crazy fun crafty friends,
I am chuckling in my room tonight.

I just got back from an amazing weekend with some amazingly
generous and sweet crafters.

Many of you know that I drove to West Virginia this weekend in order to
attend a charity crop for Lupus.
What an amazing cause and what an amazing group of crafters I met
this weekend. I don't think that people who don't scrap really understand
how genuinely heartfelt and generous that the scrapbooking/crafting
community can be. Honestly this crop was a joint effort
of all the girls in West Virginia, and Fiskateers combined, from the home made food
to the handmade, bought, and all donated charity auctions.

I will be sharing through the week but tonight before I headed to bed
I wanted to share the "Great Chicken Run" story and introduce you to

Snooky-Poo and the Fiska-Peeps!Let me share the story behind the name (hehe)
Yesterday the sweetest Fiskateer JEANNIE came up to me
and she said "Pinky, I have something special for you!!" as she brought over
a white cardboard box. Here is sweet Jeannie and the famous Rebecca! :)
Hope you don't mind ladies, but your both my friends and I cannot resist!
And honest to gawd I had no idea what in the world
she had in the box (chicks were the furthest thing from my mind! LOL)
She opens that box and the CUTEST most adorable chicks were inside!!!

I want to introduce you to Fiska-Cheep and Fiska-Chirp
I was overwhelmed and it touched my heart so much, that #1 she knew
I was raising chicks and it was an exciting new venture, and #2 this woman
took the time and went to the trouble to get me chicks, FEED, and a watering
dish too! How sweet is that? I was just blown away!!!
But then it hit me..."what in the world will I do with the chicks tonight?
I am staying in a hotel!" LOL That is when the fun began!
We checked in to the hotel and I kept trying to figure out how
I was going to explain a cheeping box to the check-in chick
(she was so lovely I probably could have told her outright)
But we went REBEL on this trip because that's how PINKY ROLLS! bwhahaha

We checked in and she directs us to our room, and how lucky
are we?? We are by the back door WAAAYYY down the hall
perfect for the "Chicken Run", so I park at the second door
and start unloading and sneak those peepers in
saying "SHHHHH fiska-peeps" the whole time...
which BTW just so you know (in case you wondered) Shhh Shing chicks??
Yea, it does NOT work LOL They cheep louder I think.

I set them up in the bathroom with their food and a lamp.
Later that night we were chatting with Rebecca and looking at the
Fiskateer pictures from the crop and we ran across the picture above
(the chicks and I) I don't know if it was the exhaustion setting in
but we were DYING laughing about sneaking those chicks in and
how my hair looked...I told Rebecca "I look Snooky-fied!"
If you don't know what that means there was a silly reality show
called Jersey Shore and it was a big hit this is Snookie
She always wears her heair in a bufont style and the first picture
I saw of myself it reminded me of that...
so Rebecca said "It's Snooky-POO and her Fiska-Peeps!!" hehehe
and then we named the chicks Fiska-Cheep and Fiska-Chirp.
We were hysterically laughing and it was so much fun!

Silly I know I know...thanks for bearing with me, I really am
exhausted tonight LOL Maybe you won't find it funny,
but you have to admit these chicks are so gosh darn cute, it was
wroth stopping by! LOL
I had a great time!
Maxine from Scrapbook Page in WV was amazing, she brought
tears to all of our eyes as she passionately spoke about Lupus.
They raised over 3400.00 to donate and it was WELL WORTH the drive
over and meeting people I had never met was wonderful!
Maxine and Rebecca

I hope to go back again and visit the girls, what a great group of
crafters, and what a welcoming bunch!
I will see y'all tomorrow, back to your regularly scheduled blogging.
(I might be a little late though)
Have a blessed evening,
~Thanks for sharing in my adventure~

Thursday, March 25, 2010

~1 more sleep until I head out the door!~

Good morning my amazing friends...
I am so excited this morning....just one more day until I head out...

I made my FIRST big Cricut project yesterday! I am tickled pink
Now I was not totally happy with it, but once again
not every project is a home run.
It will be published shortly on the Purple Cows Blog.

This is a little sneaky peek!
I used the amazing Clearscraps Acrylic, I am having so much fun with it!Let me tell you I found a new love for Helmar V2 Vellum adhesive,
I don't use Vellum much but I do use acrylic and man....I use the GLITTER!
If you spritz the V2 on anything and glitter it WOOHOO it is glitter heaven!!!!!
LOVE IT so much! I never have used spray adhesive before and to me
it was so much cleaner then other adhesive for glittering.

Not sure I will be posting the next couple days,
y'all know I try to post every day, but man
with sick kids, Spring Break, and this trip I need to start packing!
I never did figure out what to pack for my trip LOL
I think lots of smiles and Dr Pepper :O

Just go to have some fun!
~Thanks for stopping by, I so enjoy chatting with you all!~
~Have a beautiful Thursday~

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

~Wonderful Wednesday!~

Good morning fellow crafters!
I am so excited this morning, after a few tries
I finally found a drop off location for Conkerr Cancer!!!
It just made me smile so much this morning!
The new drop off location for this area is going to be

Quilt Connection

1011-A Memorial Blvd.

Murfreesboro, TN 37129

How amazing! She said yes right away! If you are in Middle TN and want to help Conkerr Cancer by making pillowcases then you can drop them off there.

This is the Conkerr Cancer website http://www.conkerrcancer.org/

This is a new top I made for myself :) I had some scraps left and wanted to make myself a top for this weekend, so I whipped one up.

And this is a VERY special Fiskateer Apron I made for the Lupus Crop in WV! If you are anywhere close by you could bi on it! :) It is going to be up for auction!

I am so excited to get away for the weekend with girlyfriends :)

That's about it for me today, I have been crazy busy with the boys
and today poor little J is sick. I tell you they run through sickness
always one after another....but that's ok, momma's here. :)

~Thanks for popping by~

~Have a beautiful Hump Day~


Tuesday, March 23, 2010

~Just peachy Tuesday, good morning!~

Good morning all you beautiful crafters!
No scrapbooking for me today, I have 3 boys at home
climbing the walls on this rainy spring break! hehehe
Just trying to keep them away fro my new Cricut
so I can play some more!!

Some of you asked for chicken updates, so here they are.
They have just about doubled in size and boy I am ready for the
chicken coop! They have discovered the joys of jumping out of their
pen and hopping on the couch, so we had to fashion a lid for the pen.
Daffodil *the dog* is still completely fascinated with them,
but not in a hunter way, she is scared of them so far.Last week one got out and I heard a bunch of peeping, she was whining
letting me know the chicken was out, it was too funny.
She will make a great chick watchdog!

Since it was cold and rainy, I spent the day baking.
I love cobblers and old fashioned puddings etc...but the kids...
not so much! I only had one taker on the peach cobbler.
One would not even look at it, one of them tried a bite and THREW
IT AWAY! I liked to die right there! What the heck?
So for now, no more peach cobbler (even though it was delish!)

I have also been sewing of course.
I am making myself a top today and I finished this XL-2X dress
It is up for sale so if you know anyone who wants it let me know.
I have been scrapbooking, but it is all for DT work and not to be revealed
until the 1st. So this week I might be scarce due to Spring Break
and packing for West Virginia!
Can you believe it?? Only 3 more days until I head out!
I better get packing, any suggestions on what to pack for the crop?
I suck at that because I never go to crops! LOL
Give me ideas, help the pink crazy lady out LOL

~Thanks for stopping by to say hey~
I love hearing from my friends
~Have a beautiful Day~

Monday, March 22, 2010

~Happy Monday Winners!~

Good morning,
how is your Monday going so far?
We had a few kinks in the weekend....
such as a thunderstorm, my youngest one getting sick,
and the little chicks decided to go couch hopping! LOL

So here it is, we did get all the wood we needed for our chicken coop!
Granted we had to go about it differently since we no longer have a pickup,
but the van worked nicely and it gave the vehicle a lovely wood smell,
I think growing up with a logging family gave me a crazy love of wood smells!Now hubby said he was building the coop when I go away next weekend for
West Virginia, so remind me to leave him my extra camera, because
I NEED those pictures for all my friends online LOL

Now I have a short funny story.
This Hula girl is my most beloved souvenir from our trip to Hawaii
years and years ago, she reminds me that I am beautiful at any size
and to appreciate everyone in their unique shape and beauty.
you can understand I was heartbroken when she fell off my
dashboard last year even after I super glued it, so guess what I pulled out
today?? Yea, that's right this glue freak pulled out the good old Helmar 450! LOL
I will let you know how it goes??! So far so good!

OK on to the winners.....

Winner #1 from the HELMAR BLOG HOP
The bottle of Helmar 450 Quick Dry Glue
Blogger ellen s. said...

oh quick dry...that is right up my alley b/c i am so impatient! LOL! love your project!

Sunday, March 21, 2010

And the winner from Friday's blog
The mini album!!!!!
Blogger TeenaBugg38 said...

I love your posts......lol. I used to live VERY near cave City and you and I are in the same state. I have NEVER been to one of these things....EVER!!!! Sounds like it would be fun! Our break for the kids ain't for another week. I dread it.....locked in the house with 5 boys....I am praying for warm weather....LOL

Friday, March 19, 2010

Now Ellen you need to email Helmar
(tracyw@helmarusa. com) and she will send out your prize

and Teena please email me girl!
I will send your mini album and the last winner's out
this week before I head out to West Virginia!

This is the FIRST day of Spring Break at our house,
so it will be a busy week but a good one.
I am working on my DT work for SFTIO this week.
Very excited about this April Kit!

~Thanks for stopping by and thanks so much
for all the amazing comments last week! I was in tears
and laughing all on one day, you all inspire me!~
~Have a great Monday~

Sunday, March 21, 2010

~Super Sunday has arrived....~

Good morning my lovely crafty friends.....
Happy Sunday!
If you are still on the Helmar blog hop the post is right here

In the meantime, I have a new project up on Clearscraps!
My FIRST Clearscraps blog post so please check it out! :)
This is what I made and on the blog, I give a product list and
instructions, so you can make your own.
Of course you know I used my Helmar Glue, the ZAPDOTS
and the 450 quick dry, works great on acrylic BTW
which is key for me, love my acrylic!
We had a great Saturday with the kids.
Don't forget the giveaway yesterday AND the RAK from me the day before.
I will be choosing winners tomorrow morning!!!!!
So get those comments in.

Thanks for checking out the Clearscraps and always coming by
to say hello, I love hearing from you all.
I do individually read every single comment and it keeps me smiling.

~Have a great Sunday~

Saturday, March 20, 2010


Good morning my beautiful fellow crafters!

Welcome to the HELMAR BLOG HOP!
You know I am always bragging up Helmar Glue
but let me tell you why....
You know I don't talk about the products that don't work for me
but the Helmar 450 Quick dry Adhesive is by far my favorite from day 1!
They did not even know who I was when I began using it,
I had nothing to do with Helmar but I loved their glue so much
I went crazy!
On this project you can see I used
Paper, wood, paint,metal, and acrylic...
you know why I love 450? Because I could use it all over this project
not changing glues or worrying about stopping!
I used the 450 to glue the paper on, 450 to glue the metal on,
and 450 to glue the acrylic onto the back, and for the butterfly onto the
acrylic so it would appear to be floating!
SOOO...do you want to win a bottle of 450 Quick Dry??This bottle?? Well leave me a comment, if you have used Helmar tell me
why you love it! If you have not and have a question feel free to ask!
Don't forget there are giveaways all along this blog hop
and a HUGE giveaway at the last stop (which is next)
your next stop is the last stop HELMAR
http://www.helmarus a.typepad.com/

Hope you felt inspired, hope you had fun with me today!
~Thanks for popping by I love y'all for being my friend~
~Have a beautiful day~

Friday, March 19, 2010

~Happy Friday RAK! Upcoming news~

Good morning my favorite crafters!
I have been crafting but I cannot start sharing until tomorrow,
so until then I have a fun RAK
and a couple of upcoming events...
#1 I almost missed it again...
Imaginisce featured some of my work yesterday!
Along with the other amazing DT work

#2 I mis-spoke yesterday and the Helmar Blog hop starts tomorrow
I was crazed with Cricut excitement and crazy LOL
So be sure to stop by tomorrow, I will be giving away a bottle of 450 Quick Dry! My favorite adhesive by far!#3 May 22nd! Mark it on your calendars, if you are anywhere near Kentucky
you have to come and play with me!!! Scrapbook Village has rented out the entire Cave City, KY Convention Center and I will be doing a class all day long, It is an all day crop, and I have some special surprises to give away....*hint* Imaginisce fun?? *hint*
It is my first HUGE class and I am very excited to have this opportunity.

#4 Sunday I have my first project up on Clearscraps, so stay tuned, I am very excited about my first blog post for them. I have a cute Spring Project lined up.

#5 Don't laugh LOL, I will be sharing pictures of us building the chicken coop, not sure if you are interested but I am posting them anyways LOL
We made the plans together and are buying the wood tomorrow!

OK that's it for me this week...how is your Friday going?
leave me a comment and let me know, I really am interested in your lives too! :)
I have a little RAK here to give away to one lucky commenter,
it is a Cosmo Cricket Black Chipboard Album! Brand new in the package even

OK off to school I go. Tomorrow begins SPRING BREAK for the boys!
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for stopping by and an extra thanks for the amazing
comments you all left me yesterday,I was crying the day away~

Thursday, March 18, 2010

~Once Upon A Time Thursday~

Good morning my amazing friends!
I have been so blessed the last couple of years beginning with
the Fiskateers and the wonderful group that welcomed me in
on to today with so many people who have blessed my life,
from the daily notes, to the amazing friendships I have gained.
I am one lucky girl for sure...
and yesterday was no different, in fact it was EXTRA special
and I wanted to share with y'all right away!

Once upon a time there was a pink haired crafty chick who wished
upon a star for a Cricut, but never expected to have one for herself.
After some good deeds around Christmas, and some amazing people
who took the time to find out who this pink haired chick really was
and loved her despite her faults and quirkiness, one special friend at CHA
went to Cricut and explained the pink haired girl's story to them.
Cricut was so kind and sweet they decided to send the pink haired crafter
a special gift. For weeks this crafter stalked the country road she lived on looking for
a Fed Ex truck, then one day, one rainy dismal day she heard a knock on the door!
So she grabbed her camera (so her crafty friends would share her moment!)
and snapped a picture of the Fed Ex truck as it left, she went outside to find....
A beautiful BOX! with the words CRICUT on the side,
When she tore into the box, it was her surprise!
A Cricut Expression and 2 brand new cartridges to boot!
Then she cried...tears of joy.
It was a very good day in the pink haired crafters house!

I have to tell you, those of you who think those good deeds go unnoticed,
those of you who keep kindness in your heart and keep giving even
though you get hurt all the time and people push you hard.
KEEP THAT KINDNESS, and keep the faith because one day
something big will happen to you and you will be so blown away
by the amount of kindness that is out there.

Thanks to Vennita who arranged for this to happen,
for believing in me, and taking the time to know me personally
and know that I really am a kind person, always standing up for me.
Thanks Cricut for listening to V tell my story and sharing the love!

Thanks to my blog followers who share my life,
who see the good the bad and the ugly,
whom I know will be excited for me and share in my joy today!

Oh it is a sappy blog day I know...but it's a CRICUT!!!!!! hehehe
(Don't forget tomorrow's blog hop for Helmar!!)

~Thanks for stopping by~
~Thank you for sharing in my excitement today!~
~Have a beautiful day~

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

~Top of the mornin' to ya~

Happy St. Patty's Day to all those who celebrate,
and for those who don't let's hope you don't get pinched!

I thought I was going to school with St Patty's day goodies
for a party, but I was crazy and got my days mixed up LOL
No party today! Hey I think I might take a nap!

I did bake snickerdoodles last night and added some green food coloring
for the kids class, so they would have a fun green snack to share :)
I know, I know...GREEN snickerdoodles?? But the family favorite cookie
it Snickerdoodles...the way I figure it?
If people can drink GREEN Beer they can eat a green cookie. heheheI have extra! Anyone wanna come visit?

For anyone who does not know, on the 27th I am taking a little
trip to the Scrapbook Page Store for a charity crop for Lupus.
I am making aprons for the auction and here is a butterfly apron
I made this week for it. I am hoping to get one more done, but we shall see. So far I am happy, I found some fun fabric, that always makes me giddy!
That's all for me today, I am working on a ClearScraps Project today!
Plus we have more baseball practice tonight!

OHHH and some big news...
I think just MAYBE Fed Ex will deliver a VERY special package today...
IF they do I will be sharing pictures and the story tomorrow!!!!! WOOHOO!!!

~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a great St. Patty's Day~

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

~Hi...it's Tuesday, so close to St. Patty's Day & The RAK Winner too!*~

Good morning all my amazing crafty friends
I have a new project on the Helmar blog, go check it out!
It is this FABRIC mini album I made myself with fabric stiffener and stitching.
So easy and I love the look it has, I was thinking of making one with that
batik type fabric and some stamping?? Maybe some cardboard
pages too...whatcha think??
Go check it out :)
Don't forget the BLOG HOP from Helmar on March 20th!
I am going to fill it up with pictures from my son's St Patty's Day Class party
since I wont be doing any green shots tomorrow LOL
I had to share this quick story,
my son came home from class yesterday and said
"MOM, there were no GIRL bookmarks, and we have more girls than boys
in our class, what are you going to do about that?"
LOL I had to chuckle....
So I grabbed the Lucy Bird line and whipped out some bookmarks
that were more "girly" for the girls in class.
I think I am officially bookmarked-out! Finished for this year! LOL
I sure had fun, even though it was a simple project, it was great for my kids
and it made them so dang happy. It was totally worth it!

Oh and the RAK WINNER!

The Random Number Generator said #11 and that is
Blogger Jenn K said...

I LOVE this idea!! And the bookmarks are rockin'!!

Sunday, March 14, 2010

So send me your addy JenK and I will send you the album!

~Thanks for stopping by and saying hi, I love hearing from
my crafty friends :)
~Have a beautiful Tuesday~

Monday, March 15, 2010

~Purple Cows BLOG HOP right here!~

Good morning crafty peeps!
It is officially the Purple Cows St Patty's Day Blog Hop
Are you ready for some hopping?
It begins here
GREAT PRIZES along the way!!

I have been on a handmade for kids craft kick lately
and if you have been here, you know I have been making bookmarks.
I made them again, now before you sigh and move on...just wait :)
These bookmarks are FABRICRemember that you don't have to limit yourself to paper only,
the Purple Cows Laminator works on fabric just as well as paper!
Also I keep a separate set of Click Blades to cut fabric.
I thought these would be EASY, and a great gift for kids, that is not all sugary
and candy (not that I mind some sugar too!) for St Patty's Day,
but when I went through my paper stash I did not have any shamrock paper!
I got to thinking, I have oodles of fabric scraps, why not use that!

Oh and I told you yesterday I would talk more about our newest venture
Here they are, aren't they cute?! :)
Even Daffodil thinks so, she is as fascinated as our boys LOL
We ended up with 12 and are going to begin the coop building next weekend
I am so stoked, this is going to be a great adventure with the boys!

Thanks for stopping by and sharing in my crafty fun.
Here is your next BLOG STOP!
The beautiful JING JING

Hope you find some great inspiration, and win a prize!
~Have a great Monday~