Sunday, August 31, 2008

~"In my world everyone is a pony and they eat rainbows and poop butterflies~!

This Layout so reminds me of the Horton Hears a Who movie. Where the little girl says...
""In my world everyone is a pony and they eat rainbows and poop butterflies".
I have been so sick this weekend, I mean in bed...don't touch me!...fall down SICK.

So I took a bunch of little magic red pills....otherwise known as ILLEGAL in Oregon but not TN SUDAFED! And I rolled out of bed to see a Contest at MIDNIGHT on Creative Scrappers, Now I knew I was not up to the challenge and I knew I was loopy and crazy but I did it anyway! Gawd forbid I miss a contest!

So this is what I came up with at 12am all hopped up on legal crack and sick. lol Laugh with me!!!!

~September 1st in Just Scrappin'~

We have a FUN sponsor this month in Just Scrappin' Its Treasured Scrapbooking. I have been a member there forever now and she gave me a great deal on a KIT and donated another card kit!
This is the KIT You can win, OR you can come play for other prizes I have picked out!
Just Scrappin'

Either way make sure to check out Leslie and her Website! She hosts countless challenges and contests

Her shipping is MORE than reasonable and her customer service is A#1~

~Caution PG-13~

Yea, PG-13~ LOL BUt we are all grown ups. I can't share this on any boards for fear of offending peeps. But i did this for the Gutter Girlz Blog.
The theme was SEX yea SEX! I probably should have went more artsy. But I found this paper very ironic and sort of funny to use about sex.
I like scrapping the weird and hard stuff, so this is just another Lo to add to the personal album.
I don't think I was too extreme.
Maybe it was the sickness, sudafed, and 10pm scrapping that did it!
I also did another page (to be shown tomorrow) and You will laugh your butts off!

Lastnight I woke up and Creative Scrappers was having a midnight madness sketch challenge! Oh boy....
Let me tell you...
When I am really sick...and take 3 sudafed,and wake up at 12am to scrap....
EVERYTHING turns to rainbows and butterflies!!! LOL

Saturday, August 30, 2008

~Thank YOU Pink Cat Studio~

For sponsoring Just Scrappin' this month!
We all love your stamps and I think you made a few new fans!
I included a picture here of the latest releases from Pink Cat Studio!
Thank YOU Melissa and Thank You Just Scrappin' girls for playing along!
Without you we would be nothing!
If you get a chance stop by PINK Cat's Blog and say Hey for me!

Friday, August 29, 2008

~And the winners are.....~

The Border punch goes too.....

Sarah said...

I left comments on Chrisy's blog and on Kelly's blog...Now gimme some Thickers...j/k, but

The THICKERS GO TO...........

Blogger Carol A. said...

I went and posted on both blogs too and I just have to say "thanks" . These are both great places I have now in my faves and also thanks for making me so hungry right now, I have to head off to find some food...LOL!

The third PRIZE (off brand THICKERS) goes toooooo.....

Blogger Peg said...

I went to both sites and left comments. Those really are 2 great places. Thanks for sharing them, Pinky.

So I really need you guys to check in and PLEASE email me your info!

Thanks for coming by my blog! I try to have a fun giveaway every week!

~Sneak Peak & Adding a PRIZE!~

Here is a LITTLE Sneak Peak of the NEW sketch/LO in
Click ME

I finished up the LO lastnight! Its a super cute sketch!
The reveal will be on the 1st

Since there has been such a huge response to the RAK this week I am adding a third PRIZE!~
Remember at 8pm tonight I will be drawing names!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

~Wanna see the PUNCH?~

For the RAK that Runs through to Friday 8pm?
Make sure to enter!!


~Thursday RAK~

Yes, I am scrapping form the heart again, I try not to and to keep it light but it's just not me! I have to scrap what's in my head! Which is a scary place! LOL
Now that I have been booted out of the TS contest I am still finishing the challenges for a shot at the second chance. It doesn't matter how your Layout looks as long as you follow the requirements. Which were USE Polka Dots
Use Fabric
Journal using "It is time that I"
Use at least 1 B&W Photo.

I usually try to do a RAK on Friday's or the weekend BUT I thought I would mix it up and do the RAK today instead in celebration of being offered a DT in
Scrapbook Challenges
And I am happy about it!

So this week I am giving away ONE BORDER PUNCH! Not sure if it will be Martha Stewart Or Fiskars yet? I will check with the winner to make sure they don't have the one I pick out. I will try my best to find the one you don't have or want!!
And a Package of Thickers for a SECOND winner!!!!!!

So here is what you do!

Either go in and say HI to Kelly for me, leave her a little message saying Pinky sent ya! Or go in and say His to Christy saying Pinky sent ya! And come back here and let me know!
Or heck go into both and give yourself TWO chances!
You have until 8pm Friday! I will be mailing the prizes off on SATURDAY if I receive address's and emails and all that!

Christy (click me)

Kelly (click me)

You do have to check back here to see who wins, I have a hard time tracking you down! (:

Have a beautiful Thursday Y'all and thanks for stopping by!

Wednesday, August 27, 2008


Well, I got booted out of my contest yesterday.
No more waking up Tuesday and scrapping I guess.
I am disappointed yes, not because I wanted the big prize, I would have just given it all away anyways. But just the feeling your work isn't good enough.
I still love that board and the people on it. I put alot of time and effort into it for almost a year now. Commenting on every Layout and staying active and chatting.
I did not even know about that contest until a month ago! I joined after it last year, I had no clue.
I always feel like I come up short.

I did join a NEW group this week and played in their ONE Hour Sketch contest and WON second place...OK technically there was no prize for second place BUT since the voting was 1 off they are giving me a prize anyways. So I guess my work is pretty good! I made this Dream Away Lo in one hour and the clouds are even heat embossed with Gold embossing powder! I am not sure what I was thinking when I decided to heat emboss and hand cut things on a one hour LO! hahahaha, the winner of the contest was a DT member, so they said next time the DT won't be able to play.

It was in Creative Scrappers! It seems to be a super fun drama free little board! If you get a chance come on by and tell them Pinky Sent ya!

Also I was approached about being on a Design Team yesterday which is pretty cool so I guess now I am officially a member of a DT.

Oh and tomorrow I will be having a BIG giveaway on my blog, you faithful readers know I have one every week! If all goes well it will involve THICKERS! BWHAHA! So stay tuned!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

~Our "Famous" Mascots!~

Just Scrappin' has had Mascots Thelma And Louise for a while now, they are traveling around the world to different scrappers and this is the first leg of their journey and already they are FAMOUS and have been photographed with the LEAD Fiskateer Rebecca!

How fun is that?!
Here is a link to the pre-blog.
Click here Fiskateers

Rebecca said int he thread she will be BLOGGING about our mascots and putting up new pictures! How fun!
Cherrie and Denise also Just Scrappin' Founders are in the picture with her!
Rebecca is in the black shirt with pink floral skirt and Denise is in the jeans.
Cherrie has the white pants on.
Rebeccs'a Gallery

I never imagines Just Scrappin' would be so well received and so many paths would cross, it has been an amazing, loving, beautiful experience!
We have over 100 members now and a great group of core members and support staff!
We have received amazing sponsors and have some very sweet beautiful souls in there!
I never dreamed it was possible to have such a great group of SUPPORTIVE kind women around with no bitterness or cattiness! I am impressed and thankful for sure.
I guess if you convey and good true supportive attitude it comes back to you in the end.

Thanks ladies for all you do...have a beautiful day.

Monday, August 25, 2008

~Oh What Fun~ Pic to follow

Oh what fun I had tonight on Creative Scrappers.
I participated in a ONE HOUR Sketch Layout contest! You have 1 hour to complete and upload a Layout from a sketch.
I was the ONLY one who turned the sketch on its side of course because that is just how I roll LOL
But it was exciting and super fun!

I will post a picture in the morning when I get some light!

~Sharin' the Giveaways~

OK Casey from Just Scrappin' sent me an email this weekend about a GIVEAWAY on a BLOG!
So I am sharing the love....this blog is having a giveaway every single day! Including a CRICUT!
Anyone who has one just ship it to me if you win ok?? hahahaha
I want one so bad!
Have a beautiful Monday folks and thank YOU for stopping by my blog!

Sunday, August 24, 2008

~Went a little Crazy~

With the border punches and Cardstock lastnight! Haha
I had a challenge to ONLY use Rub-ons...(otherwise known as ruebons in my head)
And ONLY plain Cardstock on a LO....
BUT Scrap Your Crap also had a challenge to use 4 PUNCHES Yes FOUR on a Layout.
So I thought to myself..."why not try to kill yourself with a Layout?!" LOL
And I went to town.
Now its not my usual style but its funky and fun and I like it for fun purposes. I won't be winning any awards but hey its all good I mean its Scrapbooking for gawd's sake!
Its all about having FUN and being Creative and Creative this is! Hehehe

Oh and a little more about the crop.
I have decided to do it again!
I did not take the people not showing up personally. I knwo how hard it is to push yourself to get out and go somewhere new and meet new people. Life is crazy and difficult.
So even if only 1 person shows up next time its all good.
I will still bake my ass off and still buy too much candy! And get nervous and giggly.

It's worth it. I have made more friends scrapbooking then anything else in my life! I wish I scrapbooked a few years ago. It is such a great way to socialize and meet people with real big hearts! I mean crafters are all levels and all ages. But they all have one common bond, a love of friends and family and sharing their stories! What could be more amazing?
It's not about being perfect or being the best its about sharing the love.

I still am amazed at what crafting has brought to my life and thankful as well.
It,s been a good weekend. Friday night when all was said and done I went to bed with a smile on my face and love in my heart.

Saturday, August 23, 2008

~WOOHOO Making it happen!~

Well quite a few things happened between last night and NOW!
First of all PLEASE check this out!

Angela from Fiskaters asked me to GUEST BLOG!!!! OMG how fun is that??! I had so much fun!~ Go one down and leave a comment!!! Hooray!

Second of all I had my crop lastnight! was a hoot!
Only 2 women showed but i had so much FUN!
This is what I created.

Thanks to my butterfinger cake was a SMASH HIT and we cropped until almost 11pm! So 5 whole hours! we giggled and chatted and had SERIOUS FUN!
Even though hubby had to work late and I had to shoo the boys upstairs it was still worth it 100%
I will post more details later. I am bushed!

I did another Layout as well that i will post tomorrow

~Almost Forgot!~

IN all the commotion this weekend I almost forgot! The Thickers WINNER is~

AMY!!!!! PLease email me your address girl, i will message your blog!

Friday, August 22, 2008

~Doesn't this make you want to visit my house?~

Well I prepared and cleaned and even baked this DELISH Butterfinger cake .
But I still am not sure who is coming to the crop. Three have dropped out so far.
So wish me luck. I am still going to have a great attitude and have fun no mater who flakes.
Even if its just me and Trusty Melissa!
I will still host one again in a couple weeks! I will keep on trying!
Have a beautiful day! I will share pictures tonight and tomorrow and post some Layouts too!
I hope to get my scrap ON!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008 name is Pinky and I am a Thicker whore~

Yes, I love Thickers, I mean who doesn't LOVE Thickers!

So I have decided to give away a package of Black Root Beer Float Thickers! And some kick ass Ribbon with Cherries, Skulls and Barbed wire! I can think of about 20000 uses for this stuff!

SO here is YOUR chance to WIN

YOu can enter up to 3 times...
this week is giveaway on blogs week!
Check out this blog!
Tell her PINKY sent you for one chance

She is also giving away a crock pot so it will be worth it plus she has some kick butt recipes!
I will be making the butterfinger cake for my crop!
I have been her stalker for a long time now. I see people who stalk me now stalk her too! LOL She is THAT good!
Her biscuits and chocolate gravy is some yummy goodness!

And here is a second chance PLUS another GIVEAWAY!
Leave her a comment and tell her Pinky sent you and make a guess for the GIVEAWAY!

And third chance....yea you can put your name in the hat 3 times!
Leave a comment here with your favorite BLOG!
But you have to let me know whatcha did to get your name in the hat man!

I will be posting a WINNER on Friday NIGHT so you will need to check back in then!
A couple weeks ago I had a winner who never showed back up!

Much love to ya'll!

~I made it!~ Round 4 here I COME~

~Keep your fingers crossed this is good enough for ROUND 5~

Well yesterday I stalked the Treasured Scrapbooking board all morning waiting to find out the results and YES I made it!!!!!
So did My GF Cherrie!! Woohoo Congrats girl!
So I sat down and did this Layout for round 4 lastnight!!!
I hand cut the side to look like notebook paper! That was a real Beotch! But it was worth it. I might have to do a tutorial on that one!

Oh yes, and we have a WINNER from yesterdays RAK!!!
So please send me your address so I can mail this off!

And the WINNER IS!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 19, 2008


Well since things have FINALLY settled down at my house.
I am having a CROP
So if you near Nashville or Middle TN please give me a holler and come on by my house
FREE Crop FREE FOOD and FREE company!
It might be small but it will be fun...I will be there after all *snort laugh*

Friday Evening!
Oh and did I mention some FUN Fiskars goodies!
For each person attending!

And in celebration of the CROP I have a GIVEAWAY today!!

Just leave a comment here on your favorite Thing about a CROP! And I will randomly draw a name for some

BRAND NEW Queen and CO Chipboard Alphas!!

Sunday, August 17, 2008

~Much Butter~

Gage walked on his own this morning no help at all.
And when he woke up I said...."Gage how is you back today baby?"

He smiled and said "Much BUTTER Momma Much Butter!"

The Dr's said if he walked at all by MOnday it would be a miracle.
It's Sunday and he is walking on his own!
So I guess we have our own little Miracle on our hands!

Saturday, August 16, 2008

~A new attitude~

What a difference 24 hours can make.
Even from this morning until tonight has been a drastic one.
Cherrie a close friend mailed Gage a box of Thomas goodies and for 3 hours that child colored those pages! And I took a nap!
He sat up today for the first time and has been able to walk across the room.
You can clearly see how much his face has changed from yesterday and how much better he is feeling! It's almost like he is a new boy!
He is still wincing and taking it easy but by golly today has been a GOOD DAY!

~Blessings all around me~

I have to admit my faith was quite shaken this week.
In my life I have survived, abuse, molesting, rape, my back being broken, more abuse, and a few other things. And in all those years God held my hand and
I never doubted he was there with me all along.
But this week, I questioned and doubted God for the first time in a long time.
I felt angry and alone, and like this was unfair and unnecessary.
But every day I would wake up to countless emails and even more comments on the forums I am in. And every one of them was for prayer and love to my family.

And yesterday I received not one , not TWO but THREE meals from a local company who delivers hand cooked meals...from the Lead Fiskateers!
Nothing could have been more of a blessing. It was funny. Hubby was working late and I was exhausted and those meals came about 5 minutes before I was going to make PB sandwiches for my 3 boys.

When Gage was first admitted to the hospital they told me he had a broken back, the next morning at 3am they told me NO he has a broken bone in his back....

then they called and said "NO he has NO broken bones we can SEE"
We got home and he still could not walk or even crawl and they did more test and said..."we don't know he might have a broken hip"

So I went home again and the next morning he crawled.
Last night he took his first steps...
The above picture is right after his steps.
You can clearly see he was in an immense amount of pain.

This morning, he woke up and he was hurting but no tears and he walked across the room. Now I held him up and he did not bear down completely but he walked across the whole room and was able to stand up and PEE!
So this morning the Dr. called and said... They found nothing on his newest XRays or scans. And he should have trouble for a while but he should be ok.

He said it was nothing short of a miracle that he can walk and he is not paralyzed or broken.

Now it will be a week or even two before he is normal but Thank God above that he is OK and will be walking again hopefully 100% normal.

And thanks to everyone who has lifted my family up and supported us.
I felt so alone and devastated...and honestly the messages and emails...they held me together.
All the girls at Treasured Scrapbooking...nothing could have been more personal or caring.
Just Scrappin' came in and gave me love
Start a Scrapbook did the same
I can't even explain how much it helps!

Friday, August 15, 2008

~Another day arrives~

This week has been a rough one, as rough as I can remember but things are slowly but surely changing.
Gage woke up in pain but crawled about 3 feet this morning so I have alot of hope.
The X-Rayed him some more yesterday and thank the Lord that they found nothing.
No breaks, no compressions that they know of.
Now it is still a VERY real possibility that he has a fractured hip or leg.
But we won't know for a few days period.
I am amazed by the outpouring of love and support, even the neighbors have dropped by and given him small gifts. So sweet. Everyone has really come together to make sure we feel support!
I thank EVERY one for their prayers, I am sure they are helping.
Now if I could get someone to cook for me! HA!~
I suspect tonight I will be serving McDonald's ala DAD

I did this Lo the day he fell. Never got to post it but it was chosen for Member LO of the Day in Treasured Scrapbooking so that was cool.
It was my Round 3 reject. ( I rejected it not the contest LOL)

Have a beautiful day. ((((Cristal)))))

Thursday, August 14, 2008

~When things go badly they go BADLY~

Well, not such a fun scrappy day today.

Lastnight my 4 yr old son (the scrapping boy) fell from our 2 story window and landed very hard.

It happened around 7pm and I was in the hopsital/hospitals with him until 5am this morning.
The first hospital told me the bones in his back were broken and they transferred him 45 minutes away to a Children's Hospital, where they discovered in fac5t no bones were broken *thank you Jesus*

Frankly I am exhausted....they did 25 X-Rays and then 3 CT scans, then 4 more X Rays, and they cannot find anything broken, but bless his heart he screams bloody murder when he moves even one inch.

He begged them to "Stop hurting me PLEASE stop hurting me" as they missed his veins several if that does not rip a mother;s soul out and crush it I don't know what does?!

They even gave him morphine for the pain, I have never heard of a 4 yr old receiving morphine before.

They do not know what is wrong but he cannot walk today still.
I spoke with the orthopedic Surgeon and explained to him that my son needed to be home and feel safe so he could verbally explain what was wrong.

He is not a very developed speaker yet and the nurse was yelling at him to tell her where it hurt.
Well he can barely say a sentence let alone verbalize while hopped up on Morphine.

So at 5:00am we were allowed to take him home form the second hospital.
No one had any sleep. With only one car and 3 kids...well you get the idea...Daddy had to bring them to pick mommy and Gage up.

Everyone slept for 2 hours them shuttled of to school and work.
Tonight we are all exhausted and a bit grumpy/overwhelmed.

One thing I did NOT expect...was the amazing amount of emotion and outpouring of love I have received from the scrapbooking community.

I have received the MOST heartfelt message from Just Scrappin' and Treasured Scrapbooking. And the word spread from there....Fiskateers had over 50 responses of support and love, not to mention the emails.

Now if that does not lift you up and support you I don't know what will.

When I was crying and feeling completely isolated and alone, I would go into a forum and start reading. I would be bawling like a baby but leave feeling loved and comforted beyond words.

I have to admit my faith has been shaken for the first time in many years today.
Through all my life and the rape and molesting and abuse I did not waiver but standing in the hospital facing my son's broken body....sometimes you just feel like enough is enough! And I felt so angry.

Plus this week we were turned down for state insurance so we have NONE But i think between the 3 programs the hospital sent us through we should be covered??? I really HOPE!

This evening was another comfort, I have a small crop scheduled...I called to see if I could get some help with snacks and such because I am feeling a bit overwhelmed to say the least, and the girls were SO understanding and insisted I cancel until next week! Now thats good people right there.

So until tomorrow, please keep my son in your prayers, he is a good boy and i hope he is just severely bruised and nothing is permanently damaged. We won't know for a day or two but we will take whatever comes and deal with it.

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

~It was a toss up~~ROUND 3 ENTRY~

Oh man, I mentioned on Treasured Scrapbooking how it was a month long contest so at one time or another every one of us would be hating life with the curse! Well sure enough it's my turn and let me tell you I went rounds with myself deciding on this Layout!
In fact I made 2 and this was the final cut! It was so sad! LOL
Crazy I am this week! In the end I am happy.

I was so worried about using blurry pictures, BUT
I had a friend do my wedding photography and he took 200+ pictures and I am not lying/kidding when I say....every single one of them I mean EVERY SINGLE one looks like these! They are all horrible. So I have NO pictures of our ceremony and NOT ONE picture of our day that you can clearly see!

It was horrible, but I wanted to make a page anyways to remember the day even the bad photographer part!
So I took a risk and this is my Round 3 Entry! Wish me luck!

~I made it!~

To round 3 in the Treasured Scrapbooking biggest contest of the year!
There is some pretty tough competition out there so I am a happy girl!

On another note...Just Scrappin' has a specific Card making section and they host card challenges two times a month. It's great for people who only make card or are card crazy!
The first one this month was to use primary colors so I made this Card for it.
Of course it was at the VERY last minute! LOL But i got it done just in the nick of time!

Oh and more great news!! DENISE My friend Girlyfriend Denise is back form Camp and back home where she belongs! woohoo Welcome back Denise!

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

~School Days~

Yesterday was an extremely difficult day. It was my first born BABY's first day of school.
I have ALWAYS home schooled because Oregon schools were terrible. And we did NOT agree with the beliefs and morals taught in school there. Plus I don't think its such a bad thing to home school. We always took them to sports and did other activities.
But now that we feel the schools in this state are SAFE and we have the #1 school in the entire state at our disposal, we decided we would take advantage of it and be active parents in our children's education.
So yesterday I watched my baby boy hop on his bus and go to school...while the BABY 4 yr old slept....

Well come about 10am Gage realized....OH NO my brothers are GONE!!
So I took him upstairs and I gt out all my old supplies I will never use and we "SCRAPPED"!!
He had a great time and was surprisingly coordinated at it!
This first page he did ALL by himself I walked upstairs and he had everyone's name on there I just helped with MINE and Hubby's ages! LOL
And the second one he also did by himself. But I glued down the pieces after he placed them.
Its not a miracle by any means but it was a great way to connect and make him feel special for the day...well that and a BIG chocolate cake I baked him!

Monday, August 11, 2008

~You knew I was gonna scrap it~

When I posted the pictures LOL
So I printed them up this morning after running out of ink and Made a page.
The cool part is...
This morning I sent my baby off to his first day of school, and I was feeling a little nostalgic and a little Low to be honest. Whem y youngest son woke up he cried and cried so I took him upstairs and gave him my Christmas slab of paper and some Thomas stickers and said..."OK Gage...
Now you scrapbook one page and so will I!" So my 4 yr old and I SCRAPPED together!
He was thrilled and happy once again and I got to cry over a layout in peace....
I think he might be the next Scrappy star! I will have to take pictures later.

I never thought I would be happy I saved all my unused old supplies i thought of tossing 100 times, BUT they do make great kids supplies, i think i will just hang on and let them have at it whenever they like!
Have a beautiful Monday y'all and come back to see me soon!
***hugs*** Pinky!

Sunday, August 10, 2008

~Fun Techniques~

Not only have i learned how to make Blinkies this week but I also played with my Photoshop and some girls form Treasured Scrapbooking *Thanks Holly* taught me how to make a Picture B&W with one pop of color! Oh I have wanted to do this for SOOOO long now! I am so happy! This is my first try and I love it!

I went swimming with the kids today at my gf's house....OMG it was a hoot. Its always fun I wish I could go 3 times week LOL I almost wet myself laughing every time I go!
The kids love it too.
Anyways we got to talking cause my roots are in some serious need of pinkin' and I told her I would post an old picture of me. This is me...bout 8 months preggers with My baby Gage.
It is sunned out a bit but you get the idea...pre-pink.
It always grew out dark in the roots then lightened up alot with the sun, it used to be a shade or two darker but you get the idea....a blast form the past man!

Saturday, August 9, 2008

~Ever Scrap the bad or the hard stuff?~

I do, its almost therapeutic in a way.
I foudn these pictures today and right away instead of pondering the sorrow in my heart I decided to scrap them.
I mean what the hell right?
Gosh 6 years with a man who beat me and broke my back and bought me everything I could ever want in exchange for non stop abuse and pain.
Was it worth it?NO But I sure learned alot.
And you can bet your ass I sleep sound at night.
And in the end it was a lesson I would not change.
It taught me to be STRONG and a little mean and brutally aware of real life.
I can spot an abuser miles away now and I protect my boys like no other.
Yes, I have moved on and life is almost "normal" if you will.
But forgetting completely, well i think i would lose some of my lesson.

Same thing with my abusive childhood. If I forget completely, I won't remember what i was supposed to learn and SHARE with others. It keeps me open to seeing how everyone is human and there is pain everywhere and to have compassion to the utmost degree possible.
It makes being kind a little more important, being open to listen a lot more valuable.

So yes, I scrap the hard stuff. It keeps me real. Its my life after all! And someone will look back and say...

"WOW and she MADE IT! Maybe I can TOO!"

Friday, August 8, 2008

~Banned from Scrappin~

OK OK I have not been a faithful blogger this week have I?!

I have officially banned myself from SCRAPPING! until I get my room cleaned! I am ashamed and embarrassed to say I have not cleaned it since the crop I went to over 6 weeks ago!

I will share a LO I did in July for the Sketchabilities challenge though! I was hoping it might win but they have not posted a winner yet so I guess it's ok to post here on my blog now.
Have a beautiful Friday! Thanks for stopping BY!
Now off to clean my room, I am having GLUE withdrawals *snicker*

This one was made with 100% Kelly's Kits! Link on the side of my blog!
Doesn't she ROCK?!