Monday, November 30, 2009

~How excited am I?!! It is a new day and a fresh start!~

Hey all you beautiful bloggers/crafters!
Pinky is IN DA' HOUSE! hehe
I am offically MOVED and having a ball unpacking...
ok ok not really a ball per say LOL but I am muddling through ok.
We have an amazing Thanksgiving with a total of 13 people here.
Everyone was gracious and kind about the food, and it was so relaxed and fun!
Here are me and my girlyfriends on the front porch before they all
left with their children. It was a great day!I never realized just how much my life would change for the better
moving away from Oregon. The peace and relaxation of the holidays
is 100% worth it. I know it has been a rough move and a trying 2.5 years
but the reward is finally showing.
No worries about running into anyone who might hurt me,
no worries about the stress of drama and pain or facing my past
every single year, just me and those whom I love.

OK on to fun Scrappy news!
A really great friend of mine, in fact one of my biggest supporters!!
She is starting a brand new kit club and let me tell you, she is doing it RIGHT!
It is coming out with a BANG!
You have to check it out!
This is what I created with her DECEMBER kit...HEELLLOOO! Is this not the coolest kit ever??!!
I am so tickled PINK about it!
Now I got the Advent Calendar on my own (it was a gift) plus the ribbons and Stickles
but the rest is her amazing classy, beautiful kit!Oh and the Advent Calendar is the Kaiser Craft Advent Calendar.
In case you are wondering hehe :)

I know her taste and I knew her style,
and I can guarantee this will be one of those waiting list kit clubs!
I am so signing up!
is her kit! I LOVE IT! want to know where to find this hot kit and new forum?
Dolores and Michele started this place and trust me, it's going to be sweet,
kind, fun and very creative! They both have style and grace to say the least.
Check them out....
at least stop by and register or see what the kit looks like!

Alrighty then, back to unpacking my scrap stuff! YEA!'
Hopefully scrapbooking tomorrow, since I have a bunch of work due like
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for being patient with me while I got moved~

Tuesday, November 24, 2009

~Scrap Fit Blog Hop!!! Still moving *Update*~

Good morning all you beautiful crafty people!
This morning I am checking in because SCRAPFIT is having a BLOG HOP!
And I am one of their DT members.

So if you are hopping over to my blog because of them...

I was unable to complete the card challenge because I am
knee deep in boxes and my scrap stuff is nowhere to be seen.
I moved on Friday and am still unpacking....

But here is the info/challenge you are looking for

That's right another blog hop and this time you get to meet all the
talented and creative women that make up ScrapFIT!First - there is a challenge.
You must create a Christmas Card using the phrase
"Wishing you a Christmas full of sparkle and a New Year full of cheer".
Post your card to ScrapFIT's blog.
Second - you must stop at each member's blog and leave a comment. You will start the hop at ScrapFIT's blog and from there you will get the next stop -so on and so on. I am stop # 5 on your journey. From here you will go to see HEATHER.
Her blog is

For your efforts - you could win a prize! Actually prize(s)! So in order to be eligible, you must complete steps one and two above.
The ScrapFIT prize is sponsored by Quick Quotes -
an Enjoy Life Journey Mini book kit.

To get additional entries for the drawing you can do the following:
For each one of the blogs on the hop you can earn 1 entry each just by choosing to follow them from your own blog. And another entry by joining ScrapFIT's forum where you can chat with the design team and have a little fun. The link to the forum is
The hop ends on Tuesday, December 7th. I hope you join us and play along!

Ok I am back to unpacking, I will return to regular blogging
shortly! I am hoping by Wednesday to have my scrap stuff unpacked
but not sure yet as I have 8 guests coming for Thanksgiving! hehe

~Have a beautiful day~
~I hope you come back and say hi~
~There are tons of tutorials and goodies on the side of my blog!~

Friday, November 20, 2009

~Friday...moving right along to a new home Friday!~

Today is the day!!!!
We are moving today!!!!!!
I am just too excited to begin our new life in our new country home!
No internet or phone for me until AFTER Saturday!

One of the great perks of being on a DT for Purple Cows,
is their partnerships with other companies!
I am so lucky to get my scrappy hands on all sorts of papers, glues, and other
fun goodies that relate to scrapping!
They sent me this Wild Things line from Imaginisce a couple months ago
PERFECT for my boys LOLPlus you know how much I love acrylic and they sent me
some AWESOME Clear Scraps sheets! *DROOL*

If you want FULL instructions on how to make this Layout
just go to Purple Cows and check out my page.
Every Purple Cows project I have made is on there
with a full project sheet so you can make your own!

OK off I go to move, I will be back in just a few days!
~Thank YOU for your support and kindness~
~Have a beautiful Friday and a great weekend!~

Thursday, November 19, 2009

~Wow it's all coming together so fast!~

Good morning once again!
So many things happening this week!I watched TV the other day and they were getting personal with
a contestant on the Biggest Loser
Well, it really struck home with me.
Some very personal issues came out including why I gained weight and
what was that pivotal moment that really changed me and changed
my life. And I have to say it is NOT pretty, it's really horrible in fact.
So horrible I could not quite get it all out on paper, but I was able to get
some of it out on paper, and here it is.
I LOVE Collage Press and their papers just make me want to
scrap from AM to PM!
The journaling (in case you cannot read my scribble LOL) says:
I bake, I craft, I care, I try....but still I have those days where I totally
feel all the pain, guilt and shame of allowing myself to stay in an abusive relationship
allowing myself to get all messed up, messing my body up
changing my life forever because I was not strong enough to get
away from you to save me or my baby.

Do I feel better after scrapping that? NO LOL but I guess it is a step.

Now on to prettier things!
Take a peek at our new car, ok ok, it's not NEW
and it's in our budget, but it is our second car for the first time
in over 2 years! I am so happy.
This will be hubby's little gas saver for work, and I will have the van to run
the kids to and from school/sports/meetings...etc...
This is going to be a real time and frustration saver!

Now y'all know I will be offline this weekend for sure!
And unpacking next the blogging will be scarce for a couple days...
be sure to check out Purple Cows today!
I believe they are featuring a project I did and a how to sheet!
~Have a great Thursday!~

Wednesday, November 18, 2009

~Card Kit WINNER! Happy Hump Day~

Good morning to all you lovely crafters.
I finished up 2 Christmas Projects yesterday!
I am feeling the Christmas spirit creeping on in. LOL

I almost missed this but did you see the Imaginisce blog
featuring ME??! WEEE!!!!!

They will be posted on Purple Cows in the next couple weeks,
here is a little sneaky peek! I used the Cosmo Cricket Jolly by Golly line.
And for the card kit winner??
Miss Viji had so many referrals her name went in like 6 times LOL
Vijaya Siddharth
send me your mailing addy girl!
Thanks for the referrals to Purple Cows!

Remember crafty peeps
the HUGE Purple Cows Contest!
Be sure to get your entries in!
You can win 5000.00 in product!

Also the Imaginisce Facebook FACE OFF!
Right here!
You can win 300.00 in product!

OK back to packing! I changed our internet and cable
over this week so I will be without internet on Friday/Saturday! EEK!
~Have a great day!~

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

~Tuesday is here and so am I!~

Good morning you beautiful Crafty people!
A couple weeks ago I made these Place Cards and a tutorial
for the flowers on them, I used the TS Kit #2
Then for my reveal this week (Sunday) I made some more,
a little less casual Place Cards using Kit #2 from TS as well.
I just love all those Fall Colors!
My new DT gig Scrapbooking From the Inside Out
they are being featured here...
and here!
Guess what? You can WIN one of their amazing KITS!
You will LOVE these kits and the emotion based ideas around them.
Right up my alley, definitely what scrapbooking is for me.

~Have a beautiful day~
~Don't forget the above kit contest from ME!~

Monday, November 16, 2009

~Just another Manic Monday....Ohhh ooo...~

I wish it were Sunday Oooohhhh hehehe
Yesterday was the 15th Kit Reveal for Treasured Scrapbooking.
December will be my very last month at TS!
This was kit #2 in November and I LOVED it!
I am so going to frame this and use it in my scrap room.

You know it really is true, I am Happily Domestic, I love
being a MOM and staying home to cook and clean.
I am SO hoping to raise chickens, and bees in our new home!
This will be the first picture to go up in my scrap room!
It has been a beautiful, amazing year with Leslie
she was an amazing store owner and a great person to work for.
Now Treasured in headed off into a new direction and
many new things are happening in my small scrap world.
I am so excited! Thanks Leslie for taking a chance on a newbie scrapper!

This is the very last week of my boys going to school on the bus!
From now on I will be driving them to school!~
Now, let's hope we find a car in the next 2 days LOL
Or the plan will be ruined! hehehe

Don't forget to turn in your Purple Cows Contest Entries!!!

~Thank you for popping by!~
~Have a great week, Happy Monday!!~

Sunday, November 15, 2009

~Scrap-worthy Sunday~

Happy Sunday morning!
We hunted all day for a used car yesterday and no luck.
Since we now reside in the south, everything is closed on Sunday,
looks like it will be after work this week when we get back to hunting.

The Dream Girls have a new challenge this week!

I made my list about December/Christmas/Holiday time.
I just LOVE LOVE the new Pink Paislee Christmas/Winter paper!
All my blogs will be short and sweet this week due to packing and the move.
I am limiting myself to just a short amount of time online every day LOL

~Thank YOU for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful weekend~

Saturday, November 14, 2009

~Saturday popped up quick! New challenges and contests!~

It's that time again
the next SCRAPFIT challenge is up and running!
'Here is my entry, I love me some Betty Crocker LOL
The challenge was to create a layout using recipes passed down from
someone to you, well I don't know/have anyone like that
so my homage is to my dear friend Betty! LOL
And another FUN announcement!
This one is close to my heart and I am SUPER EXCITED about it!
Remember that place I mentioned a couple weeks ago?
Scrapbooking From The Inside Out
Well...after seeing what they are about, I decided that was the place for ME,
and I took the plunge to be on the DT.
I got the call yesterday!
I am now a SFIO DT member! WOOHOO!!!

Have you seen the new Imaginisce contest? You can win 300.00 in product
just for signing up on Facebook! I am so excited, just click on the picture and it will
take you to the blog/contest and links!
That's about it on the scrappy side for me,
I am packing and buying a car today!
~Have a beautiful weekend~
~Thank you all for stopping by, I hope you enter the contest!~

Friday, November 13, 2009

~Fabulously creative Friday!~

Morning all you crafty people!
Yesterday was great! I went to my son's school and had Thanksgiving
"Lunch" with my Kindergartner, then stayed for my Second Grader.
It was fun and they were thrilled I was there, I love being a mom!
I also had a little scrappy time, I made this card lastnight
It's a Thank You Card for my in laws.
I love Stickles! This card has the copper color new favorite!

And I also FINISHED my special project! I am so darn excited
about this project! At first it was a gift from a friend, but then
someone special approached me about making it for her
SOOOOO.....I am only posting sneak peeks today, but the
new kit club reveal will be shortly.
Let me tell you, you will love it!
The kits are amazing and the people are amazing as well!
Whatcha think so far?
I am so happy with it! I wish I could do 5 more advent calendars!
I think I need to alter more items, they give me such a thrill.
The neat thing about this project is...not only do I get to keep it
but I get to use it for years to come for the boys!

Don't forget the KIT Contest/RAK on my blog.
Also one quick mention...if you have not entered the Purple Cows Contest
All you have to do is find someone who has a Purple Cows Product and
take a picture of you using it! I mean how easy can that be?
The contest is for all levels of scrapping and is a BLIND VOTE!
Get those submissions in!

~Ok back to normal life today~
~Thank YOU THANK YOU from the bottom of my heart for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful day~

Wednesday, November 11, 2009

~Whatcha workin' on Wednesday?!~

Morning my fellow crafters and beautiful peeps!
What are you working on today?
I have not had too much time to craft but I am working on just a couple projects...
Trying to get everything finished before I have to pack my craft room.
And you know the craft room will be packed LAST! hehehe

So this is my latest venture...
I was so inspired, I am in a frenzy to get it done!
Yes, it is for something/someone special...

My kids have been watching this project in great anticipation.
It's so fun when the family gets excited too!

~OK off to pack some more!~
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

~RAK WINNERS!!! new Rak coming right up!~

Morning lovely ladies and fellow crafters!
I am so excited today!!!

The FIRST RAK winner for referring the most people to Facebook
and Blogger is....
*Drum roll please*
Colleen said...

I became a follower of the Purple Cow blog, wow. I also left a message on my facebook. Good luck, hope you win.

Thanks chicky! please email me your addy
for the FreeStyle Cutter (You better enter the contest now chicky!)
and the Corner punch etc....

Now for the Scrapbook Album Kits!

Randomly drawn from
MirandaK said...

I left a comment and I am now a follower of Purple Cows! It was a pleasure meeting you I cannot wait to see your next project. Miranda

Pick me Pick me!!!!


Micki L said...

I am a follower of Purple Cows and would like to enter the contest.

Ladies please email me your addys! I will get these in the mail right away!

So are you ready for the next CONTEST??!
How about an amazing kit from Treasured Scrapbooking?
This is the September Card Kit that Leslie designed
It comes with full instructions on how to make cards too from the famous
and amazing Eva Dobilas!!
Basic Grey border stickers
everything here to make layouts or cards!What do you need to do to win?
Get your friends and yourself over to this blog
FOLLOW and leave a comment saying
Or go to Facebook, find Purple Cows FAN PAGE
not the regular page but the FAN PAGE
and leave a comment letting them know PINKY SENT YOU!

Then leave a comment here letting me know you did it!
Don't worry if you dontt have any friends I won't count it against ya! :)
For every friend you send over,
I will add your name 2 times into the random drawing!

OK off to pack for me and work on an Advent Calendar
~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful day!~

Monday, November 9, 2009

~Working on getting back to the blog!~

You know I blog almost every day but this weekend I had a huge class and
today we closed on our home, so this week I am officially moving and it will be a 2 week process!
So bear with me!!
I will be calling out the prizes tomorrow! So check back in!
Thank you for all your beautiful sweet comments of support! I appreciate you all!

Friday, November 6, 2009

~WOW WOW and WOW again, I am sooooo EXCITED! HUGE NEWS for Pinky~

You cannot believe how excited I am today!
That;s right you are reading this correctly,
I was chosen to be on the NEW Imaginisce Design Team!!!!!!

I am tickled PINK!
I was almost crying yesterday!
What a fun step this will be for my crafting~!
You know I owe it all to you and my friends,
everyone who stops by to support me and my craft
and the love of sharing all things crafty!

And my biggest cheerleader Dolores! OMG that girl is a walking encouragement sign!

I appreciate you all stopping by and giving me support always!
I am so pleased today, did I also mention that at
9am Monday we will be getting the keys for our new home??
Yea it's going to be a rockin' week!

~Thanks for stopping by and sharing my excitement!~
~Have a great day~

Thursday, November 5, 2009

~The holidays are coming...and fast!~

Afternoon everyone!
This is the project I have been working on today,
Place cards for the holidays!
I will be hosting Thanksgiving at my house for the first time in 3 years!
I am SOOOOOO excited, I used to host every year in Oregon
but since we moved, #1 we did not know anyone
#2 we did not feel settled enough.
So this year is going to be a hoot!

This is part of my DT work for Treasured, if you are
not signed up for their newsletter, go sign up!
The full instructions for this make and take project including measurements
will be in the newsletter!
I love Fall and I love the holidays!
I hope your Thanksgiving looks to be good this year!

~Thanks for stopping by today~
We are closing on the home either Friday or Monday so
I am going to be scarce for the next couple weeks. Hopefully
I can get everything set up ahead of time to blog!
~Have a great day~

Wednesday, November 4, 2009

~A different kind of art for me!~

Good morning, I tried something new last night...a painting class!
To be fair I have never painted before in my life.
I am thinking about making paper lollipop flowers and placing them over the dots
I do not like LOL The dots are taunting me!! I was doing fine until I had to make
circles LOL Also I was thinking of putting some sort of CREATE wording
on it to hang in my craft room? We will see...I am happy with my first painting!~

Also I wanted to share a new site with you, well new to me!!
Let me tell you I fit perfectly there!
It is called
"Scrapbooking from the inside out"
Not only are their kits simply AMAZING,
but the entire concept is beautiful.
It is about scrapping all stages of life.
This month is "Generosity"
I hope you go check them out!!
When they say a kit community like no other, they mean it.
Everyone is kind, sweet and honest, there is not catty-ness.
My kind of people!
I just adore the place and check in every single day!I received a BLOG AWARD yesterday! Thanks Kelly~

Here are 5 friends I pass this award on to..
#1 Jocelyn, because she is so sweet and wonderful I wish she
was my neighbor, I love her form afar!
It shows too because she always has like 40 comments on every post!
#2 Jona- Jona is one of those quiet sweet amazing people, I pop in
on and check out as much as possible, her work is amazing!
#3 Elena- Sweet of course, kind and creative what more can I say?
#4 Deb- who rocks the pink hair! My Armenian Princess friend!
#5 Dee- ever faithful, ever crafting Dee!

So that is all for today...
we heard from the bank and it looks like we should close very soon
and get the heck out of this crazy neighborhood!
~Have a beautiful day~
~THANK YOU for stopping by~

Tuesday, November 3, 2009

~Making your own Paper Lace Flowers (Doily Flowers)~

Tuesday has just flown in!
Should be a pretty good day,
I woke up to sunshine and that's always a good thing!
I decided since it was sunny and light I would make a quick video today:
Making Paper Lace Flowers (or Doily Flowers)
They are so pretty for fall and embellishments
You know I love making my own embellishments!
Here they are on place cards,
these are some place cards I am making for Thanksgiving.

They are very simple, and timeless.
Hope you enjoy the video today.

Don't forget in a couple days I will be drawing WINNERS for these prize packages!
You can find the information If you click on the PICTURE! :)

OK off to get ready for my painting class tonight,
my best friend broke her ankle and talked me into going!
Wish me luck!

~THANK YOU for stopping by my blog!~
~Have a beautiful day~

Monday, November 2, 2009

~Panic Manic Monday & RAK winner!~

What a Monday it has been!
One thing after another already.

This is a sketch I made last week for the Just Add Scraps contest
LJ & I hosted, can you believe that I forgot to do the LO?
This weekend was so busy and full of fun I never had time
to go upstairs and scrap a page!
Oh well, it's my last few weeks....not only at my home but at TS
Time to change it up and head in a new exciting direction!

The contest above is coming to an end...I have over 90.00 in prizes available,
so don't forget to check it out and send your friends on over!
As for the alphabet RAK
The randomly drawn winner is....
Blogger Ann said...

Those costumes are so adorable and practical.

Saturday, October 31, 2009

Send me your addy and I will ship it out girl!

Alrighty then, back to a very real Monday! :) Have a great day!

Thanks for stopping by and saying hi


Sunday, November 1, 2009

~Sleep-in Sunday,Reveal day! Halloween Pictures 2~

Good morning fellow bloggers and crafters!
Does anyone have a candy hangover this morning?
I woke up to my son very loudly letting me know it was NOVEMBER FIRST!
and I need to change the calendar! hehehe

I have some good news, I have been meaning to share
but with all the packing, moving and Halloween, I sort of lost it!
My friend from Alabama...Kelly, started a new challenge blog called
Scrap Fit
The challenges are called Workouts
It is fun!
You have to check it out, I am on the Design Team now!
I made this Layout using the November Kit from Treasured
For one of the challenges:
Here is a sketch that I made to match it!
Here is one more Layout I made with the November Kit
from Treasured Scrapbooking, for my DT work!
I love Fall and Fall Layouts.
I took some FUN shots last night after the kids were all dresses up and
makeup was applied!
This is my favorite shot of the night....
you know every time I TRY to get that perfect little boy shot
but these boys NEVER stand innocent and to be perfectly honest,
I would not have it any other way! I LOVE these pictures!
I don't care if I am 80 and they are grown, this is still going to crack me up!

I know I am nowhere near a professional but I am really pleased with my
pictures lately. I think I am getting clear and pleasing shots.
Not they are not pro I know, but to this amateur, they make me happy!

This is my and hubster....we were the PUPPY parents hehe
Hubby really wanted LONG pink ears, I had cut black ones but
he insisted on LONG pink ears to support his PINK wife...

We had a great night overall!
So happy November 1st my friends!~
Thank YOU ALL for stopping by!

~Have a great Sunday~