Tuesday, September 30, 2008

~Fun Filled Tuesday~

I have a renewed sense of self after all the amazing comments and emails from my awesome online friends! I think I should scrap about my online second life!

Thank YOU ALL!

Well, I have NOTHING to show today believe it or not!
AND yesterday I did 2 Layouts , and altered ITEM actually 2
AND a Mini acrylic album...BUT guess what?
I cannot share anything until the 1st!

Also I find out today/tomorrow if I made the Tally Scrapper Design Team!
So this is an anxious day!
Fun stuff!
I am on pins and needles!
Oh and tomorrow I am going to go out for another GDT!

OK so what is going on today?
Well, Treasured Scrapbooking is having a CHAT with PINK PAISLEE tonight!

Online Chat with Rebecca Cross, Owner of Pink Paislee

Tuesday, September 30 - 8:00 pm EST

Bring your questions and join us for a fun night!

So if your a member then come by and check it out and if not then come register!
I will be there!
I am always there LOL


Monday, September 29, 2008

~Drum roll please~

OK it's been a harrowing week let me tell you!
All the hating on Pinky going on! LOL

I knwo its just 2 people Raising a ruckus but Jiminy Cricket....seems like they would have better things to do than hate on me for giving away a RAK! Should I quit? What do the people who count think? My faithful sweet blog viewers?

Now this is a SNEAK PEEK of a special event coming up on the 1st! YES I will be the reigning QUEEN of.....Oh wait , I will let you know on the FIRST! Bwhahahaha!

And these are just a FEW of the handmade flowers I gave away last week and finally finished them this weekend! I had a ball making them ands it was so FUN to see the great response to my being published on Fiskateers and having that great tutorial up! There were OVER 120 comments on that ONE Blog!!!!
WOOHOOO Thanks to YOU My friends and I do think of you all as friends!

Now for what you have been waiting for!

If you see your name here PLEASE contact me for your prize info!
The RIC RAC stamp WINNER is!

Blogger Lasting Memories Scrapbooking said...

me me me! and i am the first poster! way nice of you by the way:0)

September 28, 2008 7:21 PM

And the SECOND winner of the Paradise/vacation stamps is....

Blogger Jill said...

Yikes why would someone be that lame meaning scrap bitch? Anyway... thanks for the chance! They are so fun! I'm keeping my fingers crossed!

September 28, 2008 9:45 PM

Now don't be disheartened if you did not win I promise I will have another RAK soon! I love spreading the scrapbooking LOVE to me it is DEFINITELY about showing others how loving and caring crafters can be and that ART has a heart!

After the day I had and the doggin yesterday I had a wonderful call today!
My husband got a 300.00 bonus for being a great employee and he is taking momma to dinner! How fun and unexpected it made me cry!

Have a beautiful DAY

Sunday, September 28, 2008

~Ready for a new RAK?~

OK I just TODAY finished making flowers and getting them in the mail from last week's RAK so I am just a hair LATE! But here it is!
I have a new set of RIC RAC stamps.
Not the 1.00 stamps but a 7.49 set of stamps! I MIGHT throw in a second RAK of
Paradise & Vacation stamps worth 14.99! if I get more than 40 comments!!

So leave your comment here for a chance to win!
I will draw a name on Monday night or Tuesday morning?! Not sure yet! I have so much
scrapping to do for my Guest Designer Spot in Scrapbook Heaven and another spot in another blog To be announce on the 30th!
So we will see what kind of time I find!

Don't forget Treasured Scrapbooking is coming up with a new kit in a couple days and they have a wonderful Board full of fun challenges and nice peeps
INCLUDING ME! That is one of my main playgrounds!

Have a beautiful evening

Saturday, September 27, 2008

~It's Croppin' Time~

It's that time! Time to shake off all the stress and drama of the week and start SCRAPPIN' and HAVING fun like it's supposed to be!

Just Scrappin'
Is having a CROP

FALL into Croppin' with Just Scrappin'!
Its starts tomorrow and runs all week! Fun, Games and Prizes! We already have a couple challenges up and had a pre-game with THICKERS.

Also next week at MY house on the 4TH I will be hosting a small FREE crop! So if y'all want to come by then come on by!

~Hooray for the weekend~

I use the new Jenni Bowlin Crepe Paper ribbon on this and i love it! (its is the white scallops) I actually love this LO it feels so fresh to me and happy.

This is a busy weekend at my house! Not ONE but TWO birthdays, My baby is turning 5 and my step son is turning 13! Awww the rebellious I know everything age! UGH
And it started off lastnight with a big fight too!
So I am up early decorating a birthday cake!
And I made a Cheesecake for the other one lastnight.

Now off to make a few more flowers!

FOR Those of you who won the FLOWER RAK, I will be mailing those on MONDAY!
It took me longer than I anticipated to make 25 flowers with 3 kids and 2 birthdays this week! LOL

Have a beautiful Day and thank you for stopping by...
OH and I want to thank YOU all for your support this week! this was a rough one but the outpouring of support has been amazing and I thank every one for that!
Not only the wonderful comments but just standing behind me and
keeping my stress level way down!

(((hugs))) and MUCH Aloha

Thursday, September 25, 2008

~Friday is just around the bend~

Man I am looking forward to the weekend!!
Hubby has been working 15 to 18 hours a day just me and the boys at home!
I am beat!

I want to take time to invite you all over to my playground I have been
at for a long time! A great Owner and a great site, I am going on almost a year now. There are weekly challenges which I LOVE and she has a great store too!
Come play with me!
Treasured Scrapbooking!
The owner has a great reputation and the girls there are warm and friendly!
I actually have 3 sites I am embedded in and feel like they are trustworthy great sites, I will post them all this week!

At 33 it still haunts me in my heart. Not every day but sometimes I wonder. Do you love me?
Or have you ever?
I think I know you never have and never will but instead of thinking it is me I choose to believe either...#1 You do not know how to love or your just to Fucked up to love.

I did not add a picture to this LO because its not really
about one person its about a couple people.

Ok off to the kids and dinner!
Have a beautiful day
BUT you loved the boys and beat the girls so what the hell do I know?

~Happy Fall ya'll &Putting me in a PINCH~

Yes a day late and a dollar short but HAPPY Fall Ya'll!
I am so happy it is cooling and fall is arriving! I love the change of seasons!

I have been in a few forums since I started scrapping 10 months ago and just a few of them really put me in a pinch!
The kind of pinch where you just have to stand up for yourself and stand up for principals and being forced resign.
I hate that I really do.

Yesterday I was in a contest and in the middle of the voting and the contest they erased ALL votes and changed the rules....RIGHT in the middle!
Now it is NOT about winning, I NEVER expect to "win" but its' about PRINCIPALS, you cannot change a contest mid stream and expect me to sit down quietly and say "OK no prob BOB!" It's not about my work I know my work is good! It's just about not being fair or right.
I should expect it I know, I should be used to it
but I always go into places with a clean slate and expect a fair balanced place.
I should have known better. *kick myself*

Now I am not against changing the way they vote but I AM against changing it in the MIDDLE of the contest!! That is not fair or even warranted!

I was in a private forum before where they did this often!
If they did not like how things were going they just changed it!
And voting was never based on work but who had the best buddy with the owner.

Now I know y'all have been through this time and it me again if you have been around on the boards! And even though it sucks I still resign standing on my principals and integrity. I look like like a whiny bitch. BUT how does that old saying go?

YOU'VE got to stand for something or You'll fall for anything!
You've got to be your own man, not a puppet on a string.

Now i live my life in truth and integrity and it sucks sometimes I tell you what!
So I resigned from the bogus contest and the site that does not have integrity.
And I will not be recommending them on the side of my blog either.
**EDIT** **Update**
I did in fact receive a comment yesterday on my blog from them saying they were sorry I was offended that they changed the rules in the middle of the game.
"Creative Scrappers

I am sorry to see you are offended that the voting procedure was changed. You're layout was beautiful Pinky and I don't think you should be worried!!"

Well its not about worrying about my LO or my work it's about integrity and the lack of it.

And since they have a store how can I shop at a store where the person who runs it has a huge lack of honesty? That to me is a dangerous combination!'

You only have your honesty....specially in a business!

Now I do apologize if I mislead anyone to join there.
I usually check out a place before recommending
but you never know what will happen these days.

Have a beautiful day...
this is me stepping off my soap box! LOL

Wednesday, September 24, 2008

~Hump day is Happenin'!!~

Well it was a GREAT day yesterday, I found a sponsor for Just Scrappin' for October! wooohoo!

This is a LO I did for SUMMER Camp at Scrapbook Heaven yesterday. I am not thrilled with it but it was fun anyways.

OK now on to our sponsor for October!!
It is the cutest little shop form a GREAT talented designer!

Dream Designs
I always love discovering new shops! And small business is my friend!

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

~Scrappin' Tuesday~

I have really been using lace for that vintage feel in my Layouts Lately. I love old vintage lace and other items. This lace I used was from my husband's Grandmother, she left me all her sewing supplies when she passed on and I cannot let it go, but it makes GREAT scraping embellishments especially for those pages I want to add extra love on. This is my step mom or EX step mom...she has been a phenomenal influence in my life.

So how do we feel about pink on BOY Layouts?? WELL, since I scrap with NO RULES I love it!
This is a LO from a mother's heart anyways so its all good!

All my boys not only love pink but wear it!
Which in Oregon wasn't really thought about but apparently in Tennessee, it's a whole nother story LOL I even had a man tell me last week...
"I guess I am not a secure man because I won't be wearing no girly PINK"
I told him..."Well I guess you are not secure as a man, better think about that!"
Just drives me nuts men get so worked up over the color PINK, I mean for gosh sakes their tongue ain't BLUE! BWHAHA!

Thank YOU for stopping by and have a beautiful day..
OH and I will be mailing all those flowers out tomorrow

Monday, September 22, 2008

~Just another Manic Monday!~

I love sock puppet monkeys don't you? I found them in the K&Company Berry sweet Line and I am in love, I might go back and buy another pack just for those pages LOL
I spent the weekend sewing and scrapping, just the usual.
PLus shopping for my 2 son's birthdays this coming weekend!

I cannot believe my baby will be 5 and my oldest will be 13!!

Who knew that 10 years ago when I walked into Bradley's life
I would be a mom from the second we met and now he is a smart mouthed teenager! LOL

I guess you never know how your life will change in one moment.

When I look at this LO from when we lived in Oregon I realize just how much our lives have changed in the last 2 years from Oregon to VA to TN....I miss the comfortable feeling of having a place I grew up in and know but I love the new feeling of not running into my abusers or my family who abused me and knowing during Christmas and Thanksgiving time I will never have to see them again! So its a give I guess (:

This is one of the dresses I made this weekend! I love Halloween!


If your plus sized and want to see more you can check out my link!

Thank YOU for stopping by and have a beautiful day!

Sunday, September 21, 2008


OK seriosuly? That was alot of comments! So what I am going to do is give away 2 sets of 6 and 3 sets of 2 to FIVE winners!

BUT It's YOUR responsibility to get your address and info to me please~!

So the first winner of the original 6 is....

Blogger momma_lizzie said...

OMG!!! those are gorgeous... I want them! how much would you charge??

The second winner of 6 is

Blogger Noel said...

Um, seriously, 63 comments!!! Are you serious!?! :) Dude, those flowers are HAWT!

The third winner of TWO flowers

Blogger Scrappy Doo 2 u said...

Those little flowers.
BTW.... great tutorial!

FOURTH winner of 2 flowers!

Blogger Robin said...

Those are SO pretty! They would be perfect on all my girlie LO's!! :)

And the final winner of 2 flowers is....

Blogger Mardi said...

Love em'Pinky and you are getting close to 40 comments!

Thank YOU for coming by and all the compliments!!!
Now get to giving me your information!

Friday, September 19, 2008

~RAK~ You know I LOVE RAKS~

OK I have a SPECIAL RAK this week in
celebration of my first Published Tutorial!
See these flowers?

I will be giving a set of 6 away!
And if i get over 40 comments I will give away 2 SETS!

So if you want a chance to win these Fabric Scrapbooking embellishment Flowers just leave a comment here and I will draw a name on Sunday Morning!

~Scrapping from the heart~

I changed it to Saturday this week so be sure to check back!

OK I know your all wanting the Link for those FLOWERS that got published so here it is!!!! WOOHOOO! IF You comment she will pick random winner for a free pair of skull scissors!


I try and try to scrap only light good fun things but it always come back to scrapping from the heart for me.
I was challenged in Treasured Scrapbooking to scrap an old school pictures this week. Well to be quite Frank, I don't have any. I was raised in sort of a commune like environment and not put in school let alone having school pictures taken. Plus my parents decided they did not want to keep our pictures so my dad bagged them up and got rid of them all. Passing them on to siblings they did not belong to and I did not get mine. So I literally have like 4 or 5 pictures that I stole from my "mom" and scanned.
So when people ask me to scrap my childhood or school picture I nearly faint LOL
I pulled out this picture (the only one I could find that was not a baby) And I got to thinking....You know what? I don't even remember this picture or the event even. Clearly it is a birthday or Christmas party but I have no clue...so that brought me to this.

Journaling says...
When your abused your entire childhood all the good moments are erased one by one. I can see this is a good moment. A birthday perhaps or Christmas? But honestly I can not remember this day OR any other birthday before I was 20. Do you remember??
Then You are BLESSED~

I don't think I sound bitter or angry, it's just a mystery to me. And if your blessed with a childhood than don't take it for granted because some of us have none.
So once again I feel scrapping is a great way to think through problems and use it as therapy! LOL

OH and its my FIRST Cardboard LO! woohoo!

This is another LO I did yesterday....my boys first FARM visit.

Scrapbook Heaven is havign a crop right now and in October they will be hosting an ONLINE Class. If you want to check it out here is a link.
Online Class
It is being taught by one of the most amazing scrappers Jennifer French
It is limited to 8 people.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

~Fun exciting News!~

I am playing in a CROP in Scrapbook Heaven this week and it's a FUN ONE!
I love week long crops!
I also have some VERY exciting news.....

I got a PM from Holly today letting me know....
IN October I was chosen to be GUEST Design Team MEMBER!!!!

So come over and say HI!
I am sooo excited!!!

OH AND from September 28th Until October 8th we will be having a
Fall into Croppin' w/ Just Scrappin'

That will be loads of fun! So be sure to check it out.
Just Scrappin' is my baby
It's a not so small anymore site with personal caring members that respect all scrap styles
We are not a big group so most prizes are donated or month to month sponsors. BUT who said you have to have a store to have fun! It's about the quality right?!
So come by if you like and check us out!
If you know anyone who wants to sponsor for a month my door is always OPEN!

Have a beautiful day

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

~So much FUN~

Ok I know I won't win the Bad Girls Top Designer Contest they are having BUT I am having fun playing anyways. The challenge this week was to MIX Patterned Papers. Well, Y'all know I am the queen of that! I don't care what paper it is I will mix it up!

And when I saw this picture of Ashley's PUG ON
Just Scrappin' I knew I had to use it right away!
So I decided to use it in the contest and give it to her!
Just for kicks! Because she is cool and I love her dog!
So you won't see this again....its off in the mail and in the contest!

NOW for some more FUN news
You know those nifty Fabric flowers I posted yesterday?
OK let me refresh your memory if you missed me yesterday!
*gasp* I am sure you are here every day right?? LOL


You kept asking how to make these.....Well, guess what? I submitted a special one to Fiskars/Fiskateers as a sewing project and YES it ACCEPTED and there will be a FULL color tutorial BY ME published shortly, I will post a link when they publish it!
How exciting is that? It made my DAY!!!! WOOHOO!

Next sewing project? I think a No pattern Tote bag! For the scrapper in all of us!

Have a beautiful Day!~ Thanks for stopping by~

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

~Tempting Tuesday~

How is your Tempting Tuesday? Its a beautiful crisp cool morning! I love fall mornings, just enough cool to consider a light jacket, but enough sun to make me smile! What could be better?!

Plus I woke up and I WON a contest in Tally Scrapper with my Do you feel Pretty LO!
Now that made my morning!
I hope your having a beautiful day!


I went fishing yesterday and dug out these old Snorkeling pictures form Hawaii! I used a sketch and a Sports challenge to make the LO, I like the overall appeal to it and the waves were fun!

Now these flowers I worked on yesterday and as the day went on
I got better and better at them!
They are made from Scraps of fabric which I have OODLES of LOL
I love them and plan on using them on some Layouts when I get a chance! But first back to sewing Halloween dresses and tops!~

~Have a beautiful Day and thank YOU for stopping by!~

Monday, September 15, 2008

~Scrapping the weekend away~

I scrapped these three Layouts this weekend for the Tally Scrappers DT call.
I am so pleased with how they turned out.
I felt my mojo flowing this weekend I guess.

This is Justice's Great Grandfather who has passed on. He wont remember these pictures but it meant SO much for Grandpa to hold him, he loved him so much!
Great Grandma passed on right after these picture was taken.
She left me this lace and the sewing machine so this LO means so much to me.

This picture I took on our train weekend and I love it so much, I just love watching the boys in their "thinking" Moments.
I used glass tiles Cherrie sent me! Thanks Cherrie.
And check out the NEW Dream street papers! LOVEEEEEE them!!!!!!!!

This Layout is about our visit to Hawaii This picture I took in Haunama Bay.
Hawaii changed my life forever, or the people did anyways. So I love scrapping about it.

OK and for a more serious moment.
Some of you may know a Scrapping buddy of some friends is mine passed away tragically last week. It is terrible and sad. And Greta Adams is putting together a book of her work for her children from her blog.
This is the info.

Aleida was a big part of the scrappin community and on Sept 12, 2008 she was taken from her family and children and us suddenly. I cannot express how much i am shocked and hurt.. I cannot stop thinking about her husband and her 2 small children (bella and Josuha)

I had what i think is a brilliant idea to have her blog published into a hard back book for her children. My goal is to have 2 of them published. Any left over money will be sent directly to Brandon for any expenses he see's fit to use it for...

...More info on her blog


Sunday, September 14, 2008

~Back to the Basics~

I made this LO for the Scrapbooking Heaven CROP!
IF You feel like cropping this week with SUPER nice laid back people PLEASE stop by and tell them I sent you and if you crop 2 challenges I get a badge! LOL

Crop with PINKY!


I was feeling a little chip-boardy today LOL!

I just felt like doing a real basic LO so damned if I didn't! It's not my usual style and not my usual tear/layer/embellish/tear. But it was fun and I LIKE IT! So thats what counts!
Plus its a cute story!

We were in Norfolk VA and mind you this is the FIRST big Battleship I had seen close up so we drove around twice but with traffic I could not get a shot, I missed 3! So finally my batteries gave out on me and NO PICTURE! I was so upset!

But I knew I had one shot left if I flipped the batteries so I did and Andrew grabbed the camera and I will be damned if he did not get the "PERFECT" shot off!
My hero! *sigh* hehehehe

Have a beautiful Day and thanks for coming by!