Monday, September 30, 2013

Fall Table Decor

Hello friends and hello Monday,
I was featured on the Connie Crystal blog and thought you
might like to see the project since I created a full step by step tutorial!
I used the amazing gold CutCardStock to create them with the Connie Crystal bling.
I created these fall themed napkin rings that are perfect for Thanksgiving. 
Be sure to check out the tutorial on the CC blog! :)

Friday, September 27, 2013

Baseball Fun With Xyron And DCVW

Hey my friends, HAPPY FRIDAY!
First of all wanted to take just a second to thank you all for the supportive
emails from those special moms out there. They held me high! :) 

Anyways onto the you know I am designing with Xyron and they are 
doing a wonderful cross promo with DCVW this week!!
I was the lucky recipient of the DCVW Ultimate Sports Stack.

So I decided to create a baseball layout and card combo!

Perfect for my boys and their baseball. 
I used the NEW Xyron 3" Sticker Maker, and of course the Xyron® Mega Runner .
These pennants ran through the Sticker Maker perfectly!

I also used a sheet of Clear Scraps acrylic as the base- and painted the edges black. 

EVERYTHING you see is DCVW and Xyron! The perfect pairing for sure. 

DCVW Ultimate Sports Stack, Clear Scraps Acrylic Sheet, Acrylic Paint.  

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Welcome Fall In Style!

Hello friends and hello Thursday!
Happy birthday to my sweet boy today he is 10!!!

I have a fun CutCardStock project over on their blog this week. 
If you want to make this project I have a step by step photo tutorial.
I would love for you to stop by and comment- let me know what you think! 
These flowers I made and mixed them with Petaloo flowers. 
It was a fun project. 

Don't forget about my latest online class!!
 The class is over at My Creative Classroom.
 THESE are the two chalkboards we will be making BUT
you can customize yours with ANY frame or plaque and any color you choose!
I have my own proven and tested Chalkboard Recipe and wonderful ideas.
 The class is ONLY 15.00! Sign up now!!

That's it for me. Happy Birthday to my boy!

Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Autism- Searching For Answers....Rubbing And Self Harm

Good morning friends, 

We have struggled this week and every time I am struggling
I tell myself..."Cristal, when you were a little girl NO ONE cared
about you, nor did they care what happened to you. You are NOT
going to be those people. You DO care and you WILL go on no matter how hard".
So I do...I go on...

This week has been busy and that is why I have not posted daily as usual. 
After my first "Autism" post we have attended a conference, 
we have gone to the school board, found a liaison, studied, switched schools
and so much more!!
I could not have done it without my friends for sure!!
They have cared, stood by me and held me up while I was down. 
Now I am the first person to admit I do not want my life to be
revolved around Autism now that we have a diagnosis, 
but I am also the FIRST person to tell you that we have always
had the boys involved in causes because it is healthy to be aware. 
From children who have been raped and abused in Oregon to
pillowcases for Conkerr Cancer here in TN- to Special Needs baseball.
And clearly this is just another avenue in our life to raise 3 boys
who love and understand this world is FULL of beautiful souls. 

So yes, you might get tired of my "Autism" posts. And no I won't
stop posting them, because we embrace this as much as anything else that comes
into my life. 
When I first begin speaking about about being raped and abused
I found my voice and it has helped others. 
Being kept silent for all those year taught me to shout it out everywhere
I go. And this diagnosis will be the same.

After finding no help with the school we decided to move my son.
As difficult as change is for my son- it was more difficult staying where
he felt the need to rub himself until he bled. 
I did not understand fully why- he kept telling me just because
and we searched for an answer, but in the end it was simply
such overwhelming anxiety from the class he was in.

I am HAPPY to report that since changing school the rubbing, burning, and
self harm has stopped completely. As much as I was afraid of the change
for him- the comfort took over in his mind. 
So it was a fantastic step for us as a family! 

Those who are close to us know how much of a struggle that was.
I guess keeping my Autistic son feeling safe in his mind was the skeleton 
key that took us a couple months to find. 
I think that is the most difficult part of Autism-
finding the key to what is a problem. Without the language 
skills to communicate it's like a giant guessing game. 
That's the hardest part for me, because I am one of those moms- 
find the problem FIX messing around just fix it. 
Now I get to play "Find the problem"....which takes far longer than
the fix it most days. 

As I am NEW to this world and I freely admit to knowing NOTHING
I will say I an not new to life and it's struggles, so I say to any Autism mom
Fight fight fight and fight outside offices like I did. 
Cry, cry and cry more, do what you have to do because NO ONE ELSE WILL!

It was not easy getting to change schools, I fought, I literally camped outside offices
and went to every single liaison I could find. 
Now I am on the hunt to EDUCATE myself...yes educate while being
a mom, teacher, wife and taxi driver. Nothing will push me harder than
knowing that if I give up my son loses and frankly- that's just not going to happen. 

I go back to myself and say.....
"NO ONE fought for me. No one cared." 
I will not let that happen to my son, he will KNOW that someone cared. 

When he told me this week he knows I have his back I knew
everything was going to be alright. 

Monday, September 23, 2013

Graphics 45 And Petaloo Fun With Xyron!

Good morning friends and welcome to the Xyron, Graphic 45, Petaloo blog hop!

I have a fun project today and I hope you enjoy my tutorial. 
I turned this Clear Scraps Chipboard banner into a fun Halloween Mini Album!
How beautiful are all of the G-45 & Petaloo goodness?

Let me share how I created this mini album. 
 First of all you know my most favorite Xyron thing is to run the chipboard
through the Creative Station! I mean EASY is my objective.
 Run the chipboard banner pieces through the Xyron® 5" Creative Station™.
Lay sticky side onto Graphics 45 paper. 
Trim off excess paper. 
File edges.
Flip banner pieces over and repeat!
 When all the pieces are together the fun can begin!
Choose your Petaloo Fancy Trims to apply to the cover. 
Use youXyron® Mega Runner   to apply on cover, then adhere trims. 

 For the little punch outs- take the NEW Xyron 3" Sticker Maker
run them through the sticker maker (super duper easy!).

Adhere them to the cover as shown. 
 For the items I popped up on the cover- I used the NEW Xyron 3" Sticker Maker 
and a sheet of foam to create my own pop dots!
With those I applied the flowers and the other die cuts. 
Use the Xyron® Mega Runner to apply the other die cuts and flowers into 
the album. 
Below I am sharing the other pages so you can follow along with the pictures!
 Such a fun paper line!

I hope you enjoyed my project and I cannot wait to see 
your version!! Thanks for stopping by and saying hello.
I would love to hear from you. 

Have a happy Monday friends. 


Friday, September 20, 2013

You BLOW ME Away...

Happy Friday friends,

It's been one of those weeks and I hope it ends on a high note. 
So much happening from IEP meetings to Dr app. I am ready for
some crafty fun.
I wanted to share these projects I created over at Avocado Arts
with the new "Stuck On You" Stamp set.
I did use my wonderful Xyron products too!
I used the Xyron Adhesive Dots 3/8" for the pinwheels.

Fall is so amazing I love the fall colors. 
PLEASE be sure to stop by the AA blog and leave some loving- tell them
Pinky sent ya! :) 
Have a wonderful weekend!!

Thursday, September 19, 2013

As Seem On T.V. Class! So Excited!

Good morning my friends, 

Remember this fun chalkboard that aired on HSN? 
The one I created and sent in for the big craft show? Well I decided to
make a class out of it!
 The class is over at My Creative Classroom.
 THESE are the two chalkboards we will be making BUT
you can customize yours with ANY frame or plaque and any color you choose!
I have my own proven and tested Chalkboard Recipe and wonderful ideas.
 The class is ONLY 15.00! Sign up now!!
I am super excited!! 
It's ONLINE so you can attend in your pajamz!