Wednesday, February 29, 2012

~ Authentique-No Love Layout~

Good morning my friends!!

I was in Joanns yesterday and found these stamps on sale, so I
picked up 2 sets, one for my blog friends and one for me.
Just leave a comment and on Friday I will post a winner.
And if you could please spread the love I would appreciate it! :)
This one was just for y'all.

I also have a layout to warned LOL

It's funny when I first began scrapbooking I was very in touch with my
emotions and scrapped so much good and BAD too. I was shocked
at how many people were upset with me about doing that.
Now I see it is much more accepted and common. Which is cool,
but now I hardly do it. SO yesterday while listening to Eminem
and driving into town and back I decided to make a personal layout again.
I was inspired. You know it's funny how in my life people have
tried to drag me down. My parents were so abusive, my ex husband
broke my back, it really has never ended. I finally feel I am
in a good place and healthy and healing from all the abuse and pain.
I am not going to fall now, I have worked too hard to let my demons
and past behavior of allowing abuse in my life to creep back in
and change my strength and love now.
It's funny I guess I always have to be on guard, make sure
I am aware and keep it in check kind of like an addiction.
My ex husband used to tell me how I MADE him hit me
because I provoked him or wore too much perfume, or pretty
much anything he felt annoyed him.
I am always so scared to make someone mad from those experiences.

My mom always told me no one would love me because I was
disgusting. Now I see it's easy to change the way a person thinks by
dragging them down because of insecurities.
Seems she always found something I was doing wrong and to pick
at me for but now I see it was just her own insecurities.
Doesn't mean I have to allow that in my life or accept being
constantly blamed and told I am wrong or offending someone.
Life is not meant to walk on eggshells, but to spread love and happiness,
and that's the example I choose to share with my boys.
At first I thought I might not share this layout but then I realized we
all have demons, whether it be physical abuse, mental abuse, or just
rough patches with family and friends. You have to consciously make the
effort to stay strong and not slide back into that place where
you are the victim, but stay in survivor mode.
It might sound ridiculous to someone who has never been
abused but it is true. I am so blessed with strong amazing
people in my life that really help me stay strong.

And of course...Eminem! LOL

Products Used: Scraptastic Kit Club- March Kit All Authentique papers! :) Love them~


Tuesday, February 28, 2012

~Birthday Card & Baseball Begins!~

Good morning my friends!!

Whew what a Monday!! :) I have this card to share today, I
had fun mail Saturday from the Scraptastic Club, and snuck in a few
moments of crafting in between Fed Ex, UPS, running errands and
not one but two baseball practices (the first ones)
How adorable is this kit?? I love it!
I am in love with the colors too! So fun. Right up my alley.
I love the twine and liquid pearls too.
I hand cut the flower from the paper, I love fussy cutting.
Baseball season has officially begun, I won't have any time except
kid time. I even missed dinner with a bunch of friends last night.
It was worth it to get the first practices done, but I forgot over the
winter how much time it takes.

Ok I am off to the store to grocery shop, then maybe tan these
pasty white legs a little before skirt season pops up.
HOPEFULLY I can come home and sneak in some crafty time
for my next class at The Scrap Room in Mt Juliet in a couple weeks!
Wish me luck my friends,
thanks for popping by~ See you next time.


Monday, February 27, 2012

~Hot Chicks, Bingo! & ACMoore FUN!~

Good morning my crafty friends!!

What a busy weekend, I had intended to blog but got lost
in baseball, Bingo, and Spades instead.

I created this layout with my WILD Momenta papers.
It's kind of sad because a predator got both of these
babies last week, and we have had them for so long.
I am happy I scrapped them, poor little things.
I also want to show you the new Momenta Banner/Poster to be shown
in all of the ACMoore stores...Now if you have a store PLEASE go take a photo!
That layout is mine and I have no ACMoore anywhere close. :(
I worked on projects all weekend but I cannot
share just yet because they will also be at a national store soon!
I am so excited about this ACMoore ad though, so fun.

I also had to share this silly picture from Saturday night.
Friday we went to friends and played Spades, it was a hoot!! LOL
SO many laughs...I think I chatted everyone's ear off.
You know when you have one of those nights that everyone needs to
hear your life story...well that was Friday,
hubs was dragging me home at midnight LOL

Saturday we went to see our sweet friend Lindy, and I went
with the girls Hayley, and *shhh* incognito Jenn LOL
We ended up at the Waffle House and home at 1am.
I wore myself out but it was so much fun, I needed a great girls
& family weekend to let loose! Cannot wait to scrap today though.
AND today is the first official baseball practice, so the schedule
gets crazy from here on out.
I scheduled myself a pedi, lunch, and tan this week though, just
to keep me sane and get ready for this sunshine I am hoping for!

Happy Monday my friends, thanks for stopping by
and sharing a little bit of my life today.
I promise, back to crafting tomorrow!!!! :)


Friday, February 24, 2012

~Surprise From Friends & Welcome Spring Acrylic Card~

Good morning my crafty friends!

You know yesterday was crazy at 70 degrees, it made me want to
start spring early and plant a garden but unfortunately it is supposed
to freeze tonight. LOL I thought I would share my latest Send It Clear
acrylic card with y'all today.
I embossed the acrylic then coated with purple alcohol ink,
then I added some purple's rare for me to use purple
BUT I like it! :)
I added the pink tulle bow for fun.
I sure do love these Send It Clear Cards from Clear Scraps!
I spent yesterday with the boys at the Dr. office, and found out that
my son has Fifth Disease which is a common virus in children.
Some sort of Human Parvo...JOY! LOL It was a crazy day,
my poor little men, sick and surgery all in 2 weeks.
I will be so happy to see spring, then roll into summer.

Oh I wanted to share real quick what a sweet friend did for me.
My girlfriend knew I was having a heck of a day, she texted and
said "Can I come by real quick?" She came by with a fresh pan
of home made cinnamon rolls she had just made!

I tell you what, I about broke down and cried. I really needed it
yesterday and it was so sweet. Then I had the sweetest call from
Lindy, just making sure my boy was all right, simply checking in on me.

After that we went to Bible study and had a wonderful evening.
Some days are not easy but it's those people who lift you up
that really make life worth living.
I am very blessed and VERY appreciative to some amazing friends!
Looking forward to some casual social time with the family and friends
tonight too! :) I hope you have or do something small today
that makes a BIG difference in someone's life!♡♡♡♡
Love YOU and thank you for stopping by. :)

Thursday, February 23, 2012

~Birthday Cards- Layering It Up~

Good morning my friends,

I actually sat down to make cards yesterday and try my new Spellbinders
dies by Samantha Walker. I also tried my hand at the rubber mat and embossing.
I did not do it right the first time but I am confident I will be able
to master it. I think I might need to grab an actual
Spellbinders machine this year!
For these two cards I used the Scraptastic Club - Boy's Life Feb Kit,
I tried out my new rubber mats for embossing, but shortly after
I tried it I realized I need to cut first them emboss on the next roll through.
I embossed first not realizing it would not cut.
In the end I am happy with it all, and I have 2 cute cards
for the boys. They always love getting cards from mom.

Off to prep for tomorrow and this weekend, going out with
the girls on Saturday, had Bunco on Tuesday...BUSY fun week!! :)
Happy Thursday my friends...have a beautiful day~
THANK you for stopping by.


Wednesday, February 22, 2012

~Scrapping Those Crafty Pictures~

Good morning my crafty friends,

Today I have a digital layout to share. I actually
scrapped a picture of my crafts in this layout. Is that weird?? LOL
I took a photo of my pin cushion jar, and used it in this layout.
You know I am even tempted to scrap my scrapbook pages! LOL
I am so not kidding~
For this page I used the Honey Sunset Blush Paper Pack **On sale today only!*
and the Inky-ness Perfume Labels 1. You might also notice in the photos my
Vintage Jar Pin Cushion I made from the Samantha Walker fabrics.
I think it all flowed nicely and I can't wait to print this page for my album.

I might even print it, then add some scrappy embellishments!
Ok off to the is looking a hot mess~
Have a wonderful Hump Day my friends,
thank YOU for taking the time to come by and say hello.


Tuesday, February 21, 2012

~Fun Layout & Tattoo Update~

Good morning my friends,

Can you believe it? First time in 10 days that all 3 of my boys
are back to school and well!! WOOHOO!
Time to have a party right? Well technically we will because it's
BUNCO night in the house!!! :)

Remember I told you about scrapping my friends photos for trade?
Well here is another layout I created. And no such luck getting this
Bo Bunny Baseball paper, apparently it is really old LOL
But I had fun creating a layout with it anyways, and I am really
revved up to create my kids baseball pages now! :)
These gold alpha are Momenta, I think the rest is Bo Bunny though.
Oh and I wanted to share real quick that my tattoo is finally 100%
healed and I took a cute picture to take down to the shop.
Hey she might not want to put this in her book, seeing as most of
her work is skulls and such, but I am going to take it anyways LOL

OK I am off to prepare for tonight! It's girls night!!!! :)
So excited, not only a quiet day but girl's night...perfect!
Have a wonderful Tuesday my friends♡♡♡


Monday, February 20, 2012

~Busy Weekend Fun+Photos From My Craft Room!~

Good morning my friends, what a fantastic and busy
weekend in the Hobbs home! :)

Hubs had to work on Sunday, so we knew it would be crazy.
Started out on Friday getting the house clean and taking care of sick kids,
then Saturday a couple of my close girly friends came over.
Melissa & Jennifer. Melissa came to scrap with me, and Jennifer came
to organize and clean my scrap room!

She organized and I scrapped her pages...SUPER trade right?! LOL
This layout is her son throwing out the first pitch for the Sounds,
and I was so excited to scrap baseball photos. I love me some baseball.
I found the perfect stamp from Pink By Design to combine with
The perfect flat back buttons from Buttons Galore & More.
The paper is Bo Bunny and when I saw it I died a little bit...I need to find
some even if it is no longer produced....SO if anyone knows where I
can get it PLEASE let me know! :)
It felt so good to scrap pages for fun. I actually finished 7 in one day.
Not elaborate but pretty anyways.

Now I have to share photos of just how my room is coming together.
I knew Jennifer would organize but I never expected it to be color coordinated
and just BEAUTIFUL too!
She found em these jars for .69 and I sent hubby to buy like 15 more! LOL
And she found me these baskets in different shapes and sizes
at the Dollar Store for 1.00! I had hubby buy 25 more! haha
Then hubby went to a friend's house and made shelves....
I am going to paint the shelves or cover then in Hello Kitty fabric,
then label all the baskets. The jars will all have a Hello Kitty bow on them.
I am dying to get it all done! Can't you see it now?
I have a huge craft room, I am excited! :)
I have the most amazing friends who just jump in and help
whenever it is needed. I am just sooooooo excited!

Happy Monday my friends!! ♡♡


Sunday, February 19, 2012

~Bridal Shower Invites~

Good morning my friends,

I had such an exciting day yesterday, I cannot wait to share!
My friend Jennifer came over and is completely re-doing my craft room
from the top to the bottom in PINK baskets and pretty jars! :)
I will totally take photos when it is done. in the mean time....

I have these Bridal Shower invites to share.
You know I made those teacup invites, well after that I had an order! :)
This is my second design. What do you think?
I used the Buttons Galore & More blank craft frames, hearts,
and rosettes. Plus the Beacon Glitter It glue from the same Buttons Galore store.
I had never used that glue but it worked perfectly! :)
I need to try it in a Christmas bulb because it had the perfect consistency.
I also threw on from vintage lace, and the base is Momenta Cardstock
I like the end product, very wedding chic~ Oh la la LOL

Ok I am off to fend for the boys, hubs is working 6-7 days a week
and it's just me and the boys, time to cook...AGAIN! LOL
Happy Sunday my friends. Love ya~


Saturday, February 18, 2012


Good morning my friends,
I wanted to share a special project with you today.
I have finally taken the leap into ONLINE CLASSES!

For the last year I have had maybe 100 emails asking
about classes and if I ever did them online, or if I planned to
travel to other areas. Well traveling is always fun but
with 3 boys and a wheelchair it is not always feasible.
When My Creative Classroom approached me about teaching
in their classrooms I thought it was about time I jumped in both feet.
My first class is one of my first loves...ACRYLIC mini albums.
Clear Scraps sponsored this class and it will be sharing alot of
my secret (not so secret) techniques and how to's.
This is gong to be fun, you can log in day or not.
For those of you who craft at midnight while the kids are asleep, or those who
wake up at 5am and craft, this is perfect.
Plus there is a forum to ask questions in, there will be at least 35 minutes
of step by step videos- plus downloadable PDF files WITH
photos in each file step by step. It is all VERY clear and I worked
very hard on it. Each individual segment took em at least 6 hours
to prepare, so it is well thought out for sure.
Plus I share tips along the way.
Here is the link to the classroom
I have more classes planned already! But I hope this first one
is a success. There is no way I could teach this class in person
with all the supplies for this price, so it's cool that you can use your own
stash and I can actually do heavy technique driven classes
at this price point. I am very excited and put my heart into it!

Now that my boys are finally well, I am baking this morning
for the baseball peeps, then off to spend the day with my boys.
Hubs is working again this weekend, so I hope the boys don't get too crazy LOL
Thank YOU for popping by LOVE YA! ♡♡


Friday, February 17, 2012

~New Hello Kitty Fun + Project!~

Good morning my friends,

I missed yesterday because I have a HOUSE FULL of sick
little men, fevers and all. BUT in the middle of the chaos this arrived! :)
My new Hello Kitty wallet with pretty red stitching and all.
I had to share real quick.
It's a cute denim spring treat.
And even though we don't really do alot for Valentine's Day,
hubs did come home with a sweet sweet card and 2 boxes of candy.
Hey you have to count the blessings on sick weeks LOL

Ok I have this project to share's from my work with
Buttons Galore & More...I woud LOVE for you to comment on their blog.
This would make the perfect wedding gift addition.
There is a full tutorial on the Buttons Galore & More blog,
so you can make your own anniversary/wedding plaque! :)
Now back to my sick boys, and hopefully finishing a class.

You know I have been working on doing online classes, and I have one
almost finished. Stay tuned and I will give out all the details very soon.
Happy Friday my friends, thank you for stopping by♡♡♡♡♡