Sunday, January 31, 2010

~Sunday filled with snowy joy~

OK I will admit it,
I shoved the crafting aside this weekend for a couple of days
filled with family and snow!
I could not tear myself away from my camera, and baking
in the kitchen, also countless trips to the stove to make Hot Chocolate!

I am the first one to admit I am like a child when it comes to snow.
I look forward to it every year and pray right along side of the children.
This time was extra special because it was a weekend
even daddy got in on the fun, plus the beautiful, incredible ice we had.

Honestly it's like God's diamonds all over the land. I love it!
Next door the icy trees lined up ready for my camera!

Little Miss Daffodil did not miss one second in the snow with our family.
She stuck to the boys like glue all day and night!
I know this picture is awful, but the sleet was so heavy...
if you look close you know why I posted it...that HUGE grin from the baby
in the family says it all...
I wish I could capture the breathtaking beauty of the ice shimmering on the trees
I was memorized...I would love to have taken pictures all day!
Even daddy got in on the fun with his floppy pink hat!
(remember he requested I make it on Halloween?? he still wears it :))
A close up of the amazing ice and how stunning it really is...
We live on the end of a country road and the boys loved running up and
down sledding on it...they all held hands too keep the sleds together, it was
one of those precious moments a mother remembers forever.

So that's my snowy story and I am sticking to it!
Thank you for sharing a piece of my life this weekend,
I will be back to crafting tomorrow, until then

~Have a BEAUTIFUL blessed day~

Friday, January 29, 2010

~Some fun news today & 5 things I love~

Besides the 6" of snow that we all are happy about....

Helmar contacted me and let me know they used my videos on their blog!
Everyone asks me what adhesive I use and honestly
this is the glue I use, I just LOVE IT!
So I had fun sharing with my quirky videos.
here is the blog :)
I'd love it if a few friends stopped by to let them know
that I am spreading the word.

I thought I would list 5 things I live today
because Valentine's Day is coming up and my anniversary
is coming up right quick.

Beautiful weather, it always has been a fascination
and it always will be, this is the night before the big snow.
My children's curiosity.
This might look like a silly bowl in the snow to some but to me
it was so cute.
My youngest wanted to "Catch" snow for "snow cones" hehe
So we set bowls out and filled them with snow for snow cones.
You think I am going to say Coach! LOL but really I am going to say
my husband who every once in a while indulges me with a pretty
purse as a gift and is very talented at picking them out himself.
This was my anniversary gift a few days early.

Friends! Whether they be online or in person, they all
help keep me on the right path!
Especially the ones I have known for a long time...
Let's see...Aymee, Kelly, Denise, Eva, Liz, Shelly, Janelle, Melissa,
Dolores, LJ, Patti, Nicole, Kristina, Tina, Vicki, Sarah, just to name a FEW
and new friends who rock!!
Adrienne, Tracy, Karen, Karen, V, Tanisha, Sarah, Julie, and many more!
I am so blessed and I know I did not post all the names...How could I?
If you are my friend, I thank you for sticking by me.
You have to be a strong woman to be my friend and you are awesome!
This back scratcher is my new best friend! LOL
I love it and it is great for dry skin and short arms! I think I will be doing a list every week...just because I am
so very thankful and its a great reminder of the little things in our
every day lives.

OHHH and I almost forgot!!!
I am going to post a challenge tomorrow!!!!!
FOR A PRIZE!!!! So stay tuned! We are celebrating 300 followers!
I have not forgotten, just got busy with this school stuff and the snow...
~Have a great weekend~
~Thanks for popping by~

~Happy Friday....Paper pleating/ruffling made easy **Video Tutorial**~

Good morning from a beautiful snowy morning in TN!
We waited all night and all morning but finally at 11am it began.
It is snowing and looks like it won't be stopping, in fact
they are sending hubby home early today!

I always get questions about paper pleating and making ruffles
with ribbon or paper on my layouts.
So I took time this morning to make a video tutorial on it!
Hope it makes it a little easier for you to do too!

I seem to use this technique almost daily!
It's so fun to use spritz or spray on the paper before ruffling as well,
it almost makes it look like fabric :)

OK I am off to bake today and play with the boys since they are not in school
for the crazy snow we are expecting! I love snow days :)
Have a great Friday!
~Thank you for stopping by~

Thursday, January 28, 2010

~I am still hoping for a good strong snow!

And they say it is coming this weekend??
Starting tomorrow??!! So keep your fingers crossed for me!
Good morning all you lovely crafters!

I made this layout yesterday, I had a hard time finishing it
because I have done so many snow layouts lately
I am running out of snow embellishments!
So I improvised and used stickles as dots to sort of represent snow
and covered the title with snowy white stickles....I am really into lace lately, so I went down and bought like 20 yards
because my stash is very low. I am going to go
on a thrift store hunt if it's not too bad this weekend.
Also I will be working on a lace/ribbon/paper pleating tutorial.
Lots of fun stuff coming up in the next couple days!
A special surprise, my DT reveals for SFTIO,
a Brand NEW Sketch Challenge from Imaginisce with a PRIZE!
Be sure to stay tuned

Thank YOU for stopping by.
Every comment I received makes me smile,
I do read them all and I check out your blogs between running around
with the boys and crafting and sewing.
You all are so amazing and talented!

~Have a beautiful Thursday~

Wednesday, January 27, 2010

~Friends at CHA, I am a lucky girl~

Good morning!
I wanted to share pictures with you today.
I am so blessed....
I was not able to attend CHA California this year, but several of
my buddies are there having a blast!
I told them all where to look for my projects and they all know who I DT for.
Last night I received this email from Nancy Doren
She is on the DT with me for SFTIO!
She stopped but he Purple Cows booth to take a shot of my Box on display! :)
I love that she caught the note inside from my son on camera! :)My poor box has seen better days, I think all the traveling is wearing her down hehe
Isn't she adorable? I am so excited to see one of my CHA projects LIVE
and in her hot little hands!! I need to scrap this!
And she popped by the Imaginisce booth and said Hi to Madge...
I think between her pink hair and mine...well we might have a fetish!
And of course here is one of the new lines from Imaginisce.
Thanks Nancy for making my day!
I am really blessed to have friends who are willing to take the time to stop
and send pictures that they know are special to me!
I know Purple Cows rocked CHA because everyone
told me they were so nice and treated them like royalty
when they stopped at the booth.

OK thanks for sharing with me and all "my first projects in CHA" excitement!
Have a great Wednesday, I am off to have lunch with a new friend
VERY excited! I have known her for about 3 or 4 years now
and she just moved to TN!

Oh and one of my blog friends followed the "Lace Flower tutorial"
and sent me a note sharing hers!
They rock! Go check her out!

~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a great day~
More crafty goodness tomorrow

Tuesday, January 26, 2010

~Do you love Imaginisce? Do you love Giveaways?

Good morning with love from me and my family :)
I have the post for you today!
But first I wanted to share this picture that was sent to me
It is my good friend Liz who went to CHA
and stopped by the Purple Cows booth to say Hi!
The one in the red glasses is the awesome Vennita!
She is my Purple Cows Dt Coordinator and she is super fabulous.
She knew right away they were friends of mine LOL
The one in the red (the beautiful) is LIZ!
Fun connections to CHA, they assured me they took pictures
of my stuff at the Purple Cows booth and will be sending pictures.

ALSO I received a phone call yesterday from CHA
It was Vennita with RACHEL and NANCY from
Scrapbooking From The Inside Out!
Everyone has been so kind!

OK on to some news...
Guess who is going to have some of her work featured on the Imaginisce blog??
Me, yea me! hehehe And the ever talented Melinda!

Plus they are going to GIVEAWAY some goodies!
So head over and leave a comment and tell them PINKY said HI!
Just in case you forgot this is the Scooter's Vacation line of paper.I am working on another Layout right now with it, I just
adore this line from Imaginisce!

Oh and here is the blog link,
if you have not checked out their blog just do it!
GREAT ideas, great giveaways and GREAT people!

Oh and if you have not seen it check out this new tool from Imaginisce!
I cannot wait to get my hands on this babay!Nothing new to share today from my crazy head, I am going
down to the school and working for a bit.
Plus I am gearing up for HUGE reveals on the first!
So much fun stuff going on in February! I love the entire month!

~Have a beautiful day~
~Thank you for popping by~

Sunday, January 24, 2010

~It's the 25th Dirty Scraps time!!~

Good morning all you amazing crafters!
Guess what?? This weekend we hit 300 followers!
Which means I have a special party planned!!!!!!
So be sure to stay tuned...

Guess what today is? the 25th! Which means a NEW Dirty Scraps challenge is up!

I can honestly say this is one of the hardest layouts I have ever
completed and it drained me last night.
But I am glad to have done it, no regrets.
You have to check out challenge #2 for Dirty Scraps!
The journaling is on the Dirty Scraps blog
for anyone interested.
I love this picture, I took it from my front door.

I am so excited and grateful for everyone who has followed
and for those who have been there from the beginning!
What an amazing journey scrapbooking has been in my life.

I started scrapping 2 years ago and I really feel like scrapbooking has
helped me to find my voice and a confidence and LOVE I never
would have known without it.
Of course there have been a few bumps int he road but all in all
I have met the most amazing people, and made some the the best friends.
Plus it has given me a reason to get out of the house and meet
people from all over the world. I mean how cool is that?!
Overall scrapbooking has been 99% positive and I am thankful for everyone who
have shared my journey and sticks with me through the good and the bad...
and basically REAL LIFE!

~Have a great Monday, I hope you find some craft happiness today!

Friday, January 22, 2010

~Oh Vintage Lace, how I love thee!~

Good morning my fellow crafters!

I had such a great response to the layout I did last week with the
big fat raindrop on it, I thought I would make a quick
video tutorial of the lace flower I made...they are so quick
and easy to make, plus they look fabulous! I love saving $$ and making
my own embellishments. I am thinking about making some hair clips too!
You can find yards and yards of vintage lace at Goodwill or on eBay!
It is so beautiful, I love it all!

If you have not signed up to be a part of Timeless Daydreams,
now is the time.
They are having an impromptu CROP!

Have a crafty-liscous day!

~Fabulous Friday is here with fun news and sneak peeks~

**Tune in tomorrow for a Lace Flower Video Tutorial**
For theseGood morning all my lovely crafty friends...
I was having a rough morning with a sick baby boy at home
when I checked my email and had a pleasant surprise!
My layout from yesterday is the #1 Viewed on TwoPeas!
HOW COOL is that?! When I scrap real it always surprises me
how many people come forward and say
"Hey I am so glad you did that! I went through the same thing!"
OK enough of the glowing smile :)

I never do CHA sneaks or anything but I found this newer company
called Scrap Within Reach. As a mom of 3 beautiful boys
I totally appreciate any pretty more masculine paper.
You can see the FULL Preview HERE!
Scrap Within Reach
I LOVE love LOVE the sticker alphas, and I also love how
they incorporated not only masculine colors but the softer colors
as well so you could use it for any scrap layout!LOVE the patches too! Wow so fun!
Cannot wait to see it available for purchase, I will be buying!
Ok, off to take care of my sicky...
have a great day!

~Happy Friday~

Thursday, January 21, 2010

~Scrap it all Thursday~

Good afternoon! I am late today...
It has been thundering and lightning all night & day!
I did have a rush of inspiration today and created this layout.
I made this for the Dirty Scraps Challenge Blog
Challenge #1
I am sure every single person out there has been used, this is
my way of releasing it all...I hope anyways! :)

Today I have been checking out sneak peeks from all
the retailers for CHA and OMG fun new stuff!
So much competition!
I am going to be in paper heaven when everything comes out!
I cannot believe we are almost to 300 followers!!!!
Time for a party...I am just waiting for that magic number!

OK off to do my motherly duties...
Hope you all have a beautiful day

Wednesday, January 20, 2010

~Happy Hump Day! New tutorial and layout too!~

I have been so BUSY!
This morning I got up and scrapped this layout....
Now, if you think that everyone else's work is perfect except yours,
let me share a funny story with you this morning!

I scrapped this page and I like it, so of course I wanted to get the perfect picture.
But it's winter, so there are not always sunny "natural light" days happening
at my house. Well, I got my photo studio out, but honestly I still need natural light
because it does not have enough on these dark day.
I saw a snip of bright light outside and RAN out to take a quick picture in between
rain clouds...I was not fast enough!
I was going to photoshop and edit the picture to make it perfect for you
all and I probably will for Timeless Daydreams, but for my blog
I got to thinking..."You know what? Not every moment or LO is perfect!
I am just going to show everyone what happens when a HUGE raindrop hits your page!" LOL
So here it is hehehe
This is the BEAUTIFUL January Kit from Timeless Daydreams,
another site I just love and am a Guest DT this month.Now the lace and big snowflakes are mine
but the rest is the kit...
I hand made these lace flowers....
do you think I need to make a tutorial??
Also this morning I made a quick tutorial on using the
FREESTYLE MOUSE cutter from Purple Cows.
I forgot to mention on the video it also cuts fabric...and pretty much anything else!

Hope it works for you. if you have questions let me know!

Yesterday I scrapped THREE layouts,
let me tell you why...
I broke into the February kit for Scrapbooking From The Inside Out
and it totally inspired me to scrap! You know how you get
a kit and you know it's special because you cannot think about
anything BUT scrapping with it!! OMG that is SO the SFTIO February kit!
AND...I was told..that SFTIO is going to have a HUGE crop in February!
So JOIN and tell them I sent ya...
Guess who is HOSTING the crop??
ME! That's right MZZZZ PINKY!
So you know it will be fun :)

OK back to creating and cleaning, I need to get a
hot dinner ready for these hungry boys coming home!

Have a GREAT Wednesday!
~Thank YOU for stopping by~

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

~Tuesday is back and so is the RAK!~

Good morning all you lovely crafters!
The kids are back to school and I am on a roll this morning!
I wanted you to see what I got a couple weeks ago from a relative
it made me chuckle and I thought maybe you could use a chuckle too!
It is a PINK HAIRED Scrub Brush LOL!
How fun is this?
And while I was googling for the image I ran across a Pink Haired Mom Blog
Now mind you she is not as PINK HAIRED as I am, and I have more kids.
But it was funny to run across it anyways.
The pink hair is alot newer than mine it's fun watching her
explore the pink life LOL
Here is a quote from her profile
Hello I sport Hot Pink Hair! I tend to have a lot of white trashy type moments, even got the "white Trash" bumper sticker, on my fridge of course.
Funny right?

Ok, enough silly talk...getting down to business!
The RAK...I gotz some fun flowers waiting for a new home!
And the winner is #4 which is...
Blogger Jen Adkins said...

Very sweet! I had been thinking about buying one of the old school badge makers before, this makes so much more sense.
Also, love the plain white flowers, I can color them any way I want with the copic airbrush. Saturday, January 16, 2010

Jen, please email me your address and I will mail them out next week!
I also wanted to share with you guys that Imaginisce has some fun
surprises coming up, which will include a MONTHLY prize!
So stay tuned for that!
If you are going to CHA don't forget to stop by the Purple Cows
Booth and say Hi and take a picture of my stuff LOL
I wish I was going...I wish I wish...BUT I will be going to Chicago
it's planned and I am ready to go!

Also if you are anywhere near Kentucky...
Scrapbook Village have the Cave City Convention Center and will
be hosting an ALL day crop and classes.
In May...I will be there teaching so be sure to sign up!

~Have a great Tuesday everyone~
~Thanks for popping by~
See y'all tomorrow with actual crafting! LOL

Monday, January 18, 2010

~Hi! It's Monday...

Morning all you amazing crafty peeps!
I am late this morning, this weekend has been particularly difficult.
My back has been really bad which lead to a severe migraine
which is not quite 100% gone yet, plus the kids are home for MLK Day.
But I cannot complain, I am alive and smiling this morning.

Remember that Badge Daddies Pin I shared? I decided to make a card to put it in...
I used the Lucy Bird line from Imaginisce since it matched perfectly!
I have been on the hunt for the Lucy Bird line in stores but have
only found it at TwoPeas and A Cherry On Top
but it's coming! I love this line...I think if I had 4 packs I could
use it all just because of that yummy brown and pink polka dot paper LOL

On a side note, did you catch the Golden Globes last night?
I never watch award shows, not even the Oscars but hubby clicked it on
for a bit and I caught Monique winning and her beautiful glory!
Monique inspires me to stop stressing on self loathing and my weight
and look at all the good I can accomplish, and focus on being happy and fulfilled.
Every time I see her I see her beauty and wish I had those eyes for myself!
A little jolt back to my normal self is just what I needed! Thanks Monique!
Thanks for reminding me I am beautiful no matter what size and
I need to remember I can do anything!
Thanks for the PSA today! LOL

OK off to spend the day with my crazy boys...
I baked home made cinnamon rolls last night and they are begging for more!
~Have a great Monday~
~Stay tuned for the flower winner tomorrow~

Saturday, January 16, 2010

~Fun new releases from Imaginisce!!~

Good morning, I am so thankful it has been sunny
the last few days! It perks me right up and gives
me hope for Spring! LOL
I love me some winter, don't get me wrong
but I also look forward to spring.
We have a busy weekend with my beautiful boys planned,
lots of unpacking and lots of mommy time! :)

Have you seen the new sneak peek from Imaginisce?
I have been so excited to share these!
Hot off their blog! Click on picture for the blog.
We impressed you last winter CHA with one of the best selling tools released in 2009 and we won't disappoint you this year. BUT, this product is so TOP SECRET that we can't officially announce it until CHA, but here's a sneak peek (literally) of the "hottest" new scrapbook & crafting tool being released in 2010.

(plus do you see this HOT Pink haired chick?
I love her! I knew I was meant for Imaginisce LOL)Magnets, buttons, brads, AND BADGES/PINS!!!!! OMG
I can make my own badges/pins no hassle with one tool! I love it!
This is a FUN pin I made with the new Lucy Bird line
and the itop using the Badge Daddies!So I was thinking yesterday that it had been a while since I had
a fun RAK and shared some crafty goodness with my friends online.
I don't mean to neglect you, I have just been swamped lately
and a little but of the winter blues have set in.
Nothing like sharing and caring to cheer me up!

So I have some fun flowers to give away!!!!These are beautiful Petaloo Flowers who partners with
Purple Cows and we are lucky enough to play with them.And brand NEW release Scooter's Vacation Petal Pups Paper Flowers
You won't even find these except on PRE ORDER! :)
I would love to share with one lucky winner!

Just leave a comment here and on Tuesday I will randomly choose a winner
~Have a great weekend!~
~Thanks for stopping by and letting me know you are here~

Friday, January 15, 2010

~Friday! Finally precious Friday! hehe

Morning all you beautiful crafters, another
beautiful day in Middle Tennessee.
Yesterday's burst of sun really rejuvenated me.
Today the new Challenge for ScrapFit is up and running!

Since this was our last workout as the current DT
Challenge #12 was
Weight Lifting
Pick a LO that another DT member has done in Workouts 1-11 and lift it.
Here is the Layout I "lifted" by the beautiful HeatherI did not want to stray too much from it
so here is my version...I used the January KIT from Timeless Daydreams
I LOVE this kit!
I wish I had been able to photograph this better,
I need tips on photographing blue in the winter with no sun LOL
OK that's it for me today, I need to get to work
it has been a long and productive week! Time to get ready
for some good old fashioned relaxing LOL!

Thanks ScrapFit for having me as a DT, I loved
doing it and am excited to see where you go because I know
it is going to be BIG!

~Have a great Friday y'all!~
~Thanks to every one who stopped by and said hi~

Thursday, January 14, 2010

~Bring on the weekend and scrappy goodness too!~

Imaginisce has been such a fun company to design for!
The new lines are awesome I am so blessed.
Here is a page I made this morning from the Scooter's Vacation line
it has so many fun embellishments...from chipboard to flowers!
I hand cut this design from a template...I love the whirly
twirly feel to it :)
I used my handy dandy Tombow to hold it altogether.
Oh and the clouds were a freehand from the PACKAGING
behind the stickers and rub-ons! How fun is that?
I love the rub-ons they have...they go so well on photos!
OK off to clean some more, the kids have me running the last few days!
~Thank YOU for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful Thursday, bring on the weekend!~