Tuesday, June 30, 2009

~Tantalizing Tuesday~

It sure has been fun being able to scrap again.
I completed a couple Lo's this week and remember those fans I made?
Well....I had a request for one!
So, I made a special one for a special lady, Dorothy from
Tally Scrappers. I am going to meet her at the Tally Rally
in Texas and bring her this fan.

It was such a neat thing to be asked to make another one.I used the newer Kimberly Polson paper from Fiskars. So pretty.
I am sad they are discontinuing her lines, out of all their paper lines
that was always my favorite.

I am soooo excited about my trip coming up and my first class!
~Hope you have a beautiful day~!

Monday, June 29, 2009

~Cosmo Cricket DT Call~

It is that time of year again,
Cosmo Cricket is having their DT call,
now you tell me, what scrapbooker would not
LOVE or does not dream about being on the
Cosmo Cricket Team!
I started going through my Lo's to find my Cosmo Cricket work..
just the other day I made this altered fabric album and of course
the first thing I reached for was the new Early Bird line!

This one is older but I still love it.
I remember when I got the email that this one was put in the gallery
I was so proud. I loved the enter Oh Joy Line from CC!
and when I was digging I noticed that about 1 in every 5 pieces
I do, they have some Cosmo Cricket in them!
Not because I work for them or they published my LO in their gallery,
simply because I love the style and design of their products.You can definitely tell when I bought my new camera! LOL
I still love my older Lo's though with Cosmo.
And more importantly, so do my boys.
So, win or lose, going through my Cosmo Cricket Lo's has been such fun!
They definitely foster the memories in my household!
~Wish me luck~
~Thank for stopping by and reminiscing with me~
~Have a beautiful day~

Sunday, June 28, 2009

~Sunday....crafting for a greater good~

Good morning this bright hot morning in TN!
This weekend I have been working on 2 projects.
You all know how I LOVE my Fiskateers, not only
are the an amazing group of people, but they are
dedicated to many charities and helping others
along with crafting.
That to me is simply amazing and perfect!

So my project this weekend is PILLOWCASES!
That's right Pillowcases!
You want to help children with Cancer?
Here is your chance.
Not expensive, not hard, not even time consuming.
It is simply cutting and washing fabric and making Pillowcases!
As always I tell anyone who cannot sew or does not have a machine.
Contact me, send the washed and cut fabric to my house.
I will sew them and drop them off!
Here is the Fiskateer Link
And the Charity Link (Conkerr Cancer)
It is such a worthy cause!
If you are interested please do contact me, I am
happy to lend my hands and machines.

Now on to my scrappy work this morning,
I am working on 35 of these little ATC cards and frankly,
I am sick of looking at my mug! LOL
The cards look so much more detailed and fun in person.
But it was a fun project!

Oh and I chopped my hair off yesterday!
so I feel a picture ensuing!

~Have a beautiful Sunday~
I hope you find your place to do good in the crafty world
I bet you touch more lives with crafting then you know
~thank you for stopping by~

Friday, June 26, 2009

~Teeny weeny Friday blog~

I have been swamped today, so nothing much to share...
except... this is so fun!
I made a dress for a friend of mine, well she commissioned a dress
for her and her dauighter.
It is so darn cute!
Check it out right here!


I love her work and her photography puts my picture to shame LOL

Thursday, June 25, 2009

~Thirsty Thursday....when one door closes~

A few things today,
#1 Happy Birthday to my amazing supportive hubby!

Let me tell you ladies, this man of mine has been my rock for
so long. Without him I never would have found the strength
to face my abusers, my past and the pain.
He sat many nights and held me while I cried half the night away
with flashbacks, pain, and memories.
When he was diagnosed with MS he came home after work
to find me bawling uncontrollably in the shower.
FULLY clothed he stepped in and held me until the water ran cold
and there were no more tears left in me.
I am a blessed woman for sure.
Happy Birthday to a man who deserves more than I can ever give.

#2 This LO I made...
as some of you may know I am on this little site called
Tally Scrappers.
I can honestly say it is the only site I feel comfortable posting
any work of mine on. Doesn't matter if the title has a dirty word
or if the LO is about being abused or beaten.
This place has always welcomed all forms of art and
the people there are 100% supportive.
The owner announced she is selling and moving on
to pursue her dreams,
This LO is a thank you to her for allowing us to
be who we are and grow every day,
fostering amazing friendships and finding new friends.
It is sad but exciting at the same time.

#3 IT IS ALMOST the weekend!!!!!!! LOL
I am happy~!
So today I go to bake a cake...
and celebrate at home with hubby, the way he likes it.
Maybe bring out the boots! LOL *wink*

~Have a great Thursday~
~Thank you for stopping by!~

Wednesday, June 24, 2009

~Altering Scrapbooks~

I had a dilemma this week.
I am making a Thank You album but
did not want the front to be just a plain
store bought album front,
So I worked on it last night.
For now I am happy with the results.
This is just a plain American Crafts D-ring Fabric album.

I might mess with it a little more, who knows? LOL
I will look at it again tomorrow and decide.
~Have a great day!~

Tuesday, June 23, 2009

~First time in over 4 weeks!~

That's right, I did it....
I finally SCRAPPED!
LOL, it has been over 4 weeks since I last
scrapped a page. I have missed it so much!
It felt great to sit down and make one yesterday.

First off, I laid in the little kiddie pool, see the tiny one in the picture?
I am trying to get a tan...now if i had that picture
you all would be on the floor laughing right now! LOL
But it is too hot to lay out so I laid in the kiddie pool while I tanned!
hehehe then I came in and took a nice cool shower...
and scrapped!
YEA for a little fun day for me.
~Thanks for stopping by to say Hello~
~Have a Beautiful Day~

Monday, June 22, 2009

~Misbehaving Monday!~

What a busy weekend it has been....
scrapping you say? OHH no I do not think so! LOL

All work and play this weekend, Father's Day went well
and to end the very HOT weekend we played a rousing game of
Badminton lastnight around 8:00pm.

I had such an overwhelming response for my basket video.
BUT not for the basket....because on the video I
said "There are a million flower tutorials on youtube"
and I assumed everyone had seen the lollipop
flower videos on youtube.

What do they say?? "ass-ume makes an ass...." hehehe

I was complaining to hubby about my videos being so wonky so he
went to buy me a TRI-POD!~ yea...
so here is MY version of lollipop flowers.
Just for YOU!
You know me...EASY is the name of the game!!

~Have a great Monday y'all~

Saturday, June 20, 2009

~Moo-licious Father's Day is right!

Hey hey hey everyone!

My FIRST Purple Cows Project is up and running!!!!
This is just ONE of 3 cards posted!

I would LOVE LOVE for you to go check it out here
And leave me some loving to let them know
you all like my work!
I am excited as it is my first paid gig and my first
REAL DT work for a manufacturer! YEA!

~Have a beautiful Saturday~
Give your Father a hug for the Pink one~

Friday, June 19, 2009

~Friday's Video Tutorial~

Hey everyone!
I am so far behind on tutorials and all that,
I thought I would try to catch up one at a time!

Remember this basket??
Well I finally made a quick tutorial for it!
And it is right here!

Thanks for always stopping by and saying hi.
Your comments make my busy life just a bit sweeter every day!

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

~Photoshop Tutorial- Making photos B&W with a POP of color~

I finally made a second Photoshop Tutorial Video.
Please remember these are BEGINNER videos and
it's just the way I do it!
This is how to make a photo B&W with one pop of color like this...

See the boys are B&W but their hats are RED?

I know I know there are many ways and mine are very basic, but they
are meant to help someone just starting who needs a hand or a place to start!
Thanks for looking!
Have a great day!

~Happiest Wednesday!

~Good morning fellow bloggers!
I had the most wonderful Fiskateer dinner lastnight,
and met the one and only Merlene!
I believe 2 Nifty Fifty's were there, Merlene AND our very own Patti Smith!
It was absolutely lovely...
and this was what we all braved to get there! haha
Yes, this is PINKY caught in yet another tornado warning.
This time I was driving and it hit pretty bad.
A car in front of me was hit by a road sign,
and a tree off away from me was hit by lightning.
Needless to say everything is fine but boy TN have some wicked cool weather!Now if i could just get some scrapbooking done today!!!
Or sewing is more like it.
So how is your hump day looking?
~Thank you as always for stopping by to see me~!
~Have a lovely Wednesday!~

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

~Exciting Tuesday~

Good morning!
This is a LO I did a couple weeks ago for
Treasured Scrapbooking with June Kit #1
I do not know what it is but I am addicted to making
my own shaped paper lately!

Also a totally random thing happened to me yesterday


I got an email yesterday and a blogger found my stuff on Etsy,
and featured one of my swimdres tops!!!!!! I am so excited!

Please go by and comment for me! If you have a chance, it is for my sewing stuff!

Now check out this FABULOUS top I made yesterday I LOVE IT!
I am SO going back to get more fabric and making myself one for Texas!

Oh and one more fun thing...
I have a DINNER tonight with some Fiskateers!
SO if you are in or around Nashville...
we are having dinner about 30 minutes away
Holler before tonight and meet up with us!

~Have a great day~
~Will share photos tomorrow!~

Monday, June 15, 2009

~Good morning MONDAY! RAK winner and 15th Reveal~

Good morning all my fellow scrapbookers and blog readers!
I am excited this morning, remember
I told you about a project I was working on...well

My church fans!
In the south church is very popular,
I mean I do live in the Bible belt after all!
Not a bad thing at all, but I got to thinking..
how cool would it be to have a fancy handmade fan
to use in those hot southern churches.
So I started making one
with June Kit #1 from Treasured Scrapbooking!
Now let me tell you how excited my kids were!~
Justice my 7 yr old said "Mom can you wrap this for my birthday?"
Ohhh that boys melts his momma's heart!
I made him a special boy robot one.

Super cute, super fun and unique to boot! I love it!

I kept myself busy this weekend sewing.
I had 2 custom orders come in but
they were for friends so not alot of money, but
fun anyways.
This is a swimdress top I made
with a RUFFLE!
Hellooooo I love ruffles! LOL
And a cute light cotton summer dress...
I so envision this with cowboy boots! LOL
Love it!

And some of you have asked for my shop
I mostly sell on eBay or evilbay LOL

But I do custom work on Etsy


And the WINNER of the RAK!!!!!!

I used Random.org and #1 came up so COLLEEN You win.
Please send me your addy girl!

~Have a great Monday!~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Saturday, June 13, 2009

~Just a workin' Saturday *RAK*~

Saturday is made for working...
well it is when you have a weekend getaway planned!
I thought I might scrap yesterday but instead
I decided to work.

As you can see I did get alot done!

Do you know why?
Because in July...I am headed..

TO TEXAS!!!!!!!!
For the Tally Scrappers Tally Rally!!!!
WOOHOO! I am so excited
I do not have to do any planning or hosting,
just fly in and have a great time!

So I better keep my ass busy making some money,
so I have spending moolah!
If you know anyone who wants a cover-up or dress...send them my way!
Especially those plus sized I specialize in.
I am making babydoll swim tops too right now.
As you can see the hibiscus one above was a custom order.
Ok back to the grindstone..

OHHH OHH do not let me forget!
Dreamgirls ...it is the last day for the DT call!
Are you going to go for it??

Oh and one more thing...how about a RAK?!
I have a RAK that went unclaimed a couple weeks ago.
SO it is up again...
leave me a msg...spread the word.
For everyone who pops by I put your name in twice.
Because I love my blog readers!
~Have a great weekend~

Friday, June 12, 2009

~Happy Dancing Friday!

I thought today (since I have not scrapped LOL) I would share
a card my youngest son made.
He came in while the in laws took
the other 2 boys out for a fun day and left him home...
and he said "Momma, can I scrap with you and make daddy a card?"
So of course I jumped all over it!
He wanted "diamonds" and my leftover
piecings I had made this week.

I think he did good for a 5 yr old!

I am so happy today,
even though I had fun with the company
and in laws there was the ever present
negative remarks about my youngest boy and my husband.
So it is a nice feeling to have the house and home back to myself this week!
I slept in late since I was up at 3:30am seeing them off this morning.
Now I can get back to scrapping and enjoying my boys without
worrying how someone sees them or cares for them.
Now back to blogging and back to life! WOOHOO!

~Thank you for bearing with me these last couple of weeks~

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

~Wacked out hot Wednesday!~

~Summer is definitely HERE~
Boy, it is hot this week, and muggy too!
92+ every day...and climbing.

OK today I still have no scrap photos, so I am posting a few more
stories and photos from our little "adventure"
This was Andrew with one of the Dinosaurs we found in the
Dino Park, yes ... we are rebels, he climbed BEHIND the rope! LOL

This is an owl we found right before the ferry,
my husband the ever ready bird enthusiast
spotted him while were driving 35 MPH and
screeched the brakes and back he went.
It was a fast shot so it is not as clear as I wanted it.

This was below our cabin while the boys fished,
too sweet, I loved watching them at night.

Evening shot I took at the lake playing with the manual settings on my
camera, I was happy with the picture, thought I would share.

How can you not take this picture?? ROFL!

Now this picture has a story to it...
we were driving back from the horrific cave spider experience
and moseying along the road and my MIL screamed
"STOP!!!!! STOP!!!! There are TWO BEARS!!!!! BABIES!!
Well, it scared the shit out of all of us, so we all slammed forward
and backed the car up to see these amazing "BEARS" bwhahaha

I mean BURLS! LOL Burls on the tree...too funny, we all
laughed for about 30 minutes!

So that was my KY trip.
I am going to try to scrap a bit now and get back
to my usual scrap blog!
Big thanks to you for popping by!

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

~Caves, Bats, and Bears OH MY!.....

WOW, it is Tuesday and I am just pooped!
I have been 4.5 days with no internet,
I think I might die if I have to do that again! LOL
We left for Kentucky and went to a cabin
in the woods, it was nice but I miss my online buds so bad!

So any guesses as to what we did in KY?
This is a clue...Let me just tell you, I am NOT a girly girl
I can camp/fish/drink, all that stuff.
But caving...Oh my...caving is NOT my friend.
I cannot explain it, but those tight spaces and bending and ducking through?
I was in tears.
Something snapped inside me and I almost
cried uncontrollably.
The only thing that saved me was someone shouting out
"it's OPEN up here!! Just a couple more feet!!"
And we took the kids/elderly tour! LOL
But as you can see I got a picture of a BAT (on accident)
you are not supposed to photograph them but I
accidentally got one and did not see it until I got home.Did I mention that a bat SHIT ON MY HEAD????
The ONLY one in the group who got shit on too!!
Did I also mention, that halfway through they told us to look up and
they shined a light on about 500 to 1000 Cave spiders and Cave crickets that
look like a spider and cricket had babies and freakishly
mutated?? OMG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Hello!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! That is plain WRONG!
Why did you not point those out BEFORE I had my hands on the cave
and they could jump down eating my children whole!!??
No, this pink haired princess is NOT a cave woman by any means!

Of course the boys loved the cave
and Andrew too, so I figure it is a GREAT father/son activity
and mom can always hit the gift shop and just feel the AC
coming out of the mouth of the cave, while the boys explore.

Sorry, no scrap stuff this week, I do have pictures to share,
hope y'all do not mind. We have been on the go for sure.
I have a couple more stories to share but I have gone on long enough.

~Hope you get a chance to drop by and say HI~
~Thanks for keeping up with me!~

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Just a few more shots from our trip to Pickwick Lake.
This was in Shiloh on the battlefield where the Hobbs
great great great grandfather and uncle fought for the
Confederate Army.

Now, you might think I am crazy but I have always loved
the story of Walking Tall (the movie too)
And the man who stood for justice and what was right.
It had always inspired me, and we drove through the
town where the true story took place.
I had to take a picture! I mean come on...
The ROCK did a remake of the movie!! LOL

This is a catfish we saw tied up while we were leaving the paddle boat.
And a duck we saw, isn't he beautiful?!

And this is a moth, a Luna Moth we found at the cabin
late in the evening, that is why the shot is horrible, but
the moth is beautiful!

Here is the back of the paddle boat in action,
the boys loved this part, they watched it for like 20 minutes!

So that was more of our trip.
Thanks for coming along with me!