Wednesday, August 31, 2011

~Fun New Goodies & Card & For Sale Signs!~

Good morning!
I was excited on Sunday at my class the Jenni Bowlin peeps
had delivered my September Tally Scrapper kit!
When I got home I tore into the boxes, and oh la la! :)
I am really excited that JB went to thicker papers, and the designs
this season are so fun! This is what the kit looks like.
It will be on Tally on sale for 24.00 in the next few days! WOOHOO!

I also grabbed the stamps and paint dabber and created this card real
quick in between all the other projects I am working on. :)
I love the calm and classic feel, nothing stressful.
I might have to make one more for my gf's birthday next week!

I also decided instead of letting all my crafts collect dust I would
start selling my hand made items. I have so much stuff I make
I cannot possibly place it all in my house.
On my Facebook I have a set of 12 cards, and here I have a custom
made 8.5X11 Scrapbook album (We R Memory Keepers) 3 ring binder
Halloween 3 Ring Scrapbook Album ready for your 8.5X11 pages.
Already hand designed on the front. Album in store is 16-20.00.
I designed this one. For sale 20.00

This album is sealed with glitter mod podge and it's a fun design!
Pinky original~

If you are interested just send me a message,
I am happy to send you a Paypal invoice.

Hope you don't mind if I post these once in a while.
I might as well try to make a little extra money for the boys birthday
coming up, and why not use my skills LOL

Happy Wednesday my friends,
I am off to create today, prepare for a crab coming home,
then a baseball game....oi vay~

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

~Photo Shoot Props!~

Good morning my crafty friends!

A couple weeks ago my girlfriend was chatting at the ball field about
her baby's first birthday photo shoot. She mentioned buying a cake
and it got me to thinking about making a paper cake!

So of course I volunteered and DOVE IN HEAD FIRST! haha
Caus' that's how I roll with the crafts.
She sent me a photo of the little bloomers and I tried to stay with it
and keep in the theme. I used polka dots and pearl strands...and more~
I plan on making a less whimsical one, with flowers...her bloomers were very
whimsical so I stuck with that theme. But I plan on making a
very serious one with flowers.
I might start making more photo props! :)
Why not?? I sold a banner last week to a photographer, why not
make more crafts for photo shoots....might be fun! :)

Anyways, this is 100% I mean 100% Momenta card stock, that
card stock just makes me so happy, the colors are fantastic
and the quality is awesome as well. I am so excited about Momenta! :)
Happy Tuesday, I am off to create today....
Love ya~

Monday, August 29, 2011

~Monday? Already??! Crafting For The Home~

Good morning my crafty friends!

I played with my McGill punches this weekend at my class in Mt. Juliet
and this is the inspiration for my next class.

An altered frame I made. It won't be exactly like this but
we will be making the sunflower and using a frame. :)

I made this using 100% Momenta goodies, I love the paper pads
they have and all the rich amazing card stock.
I admit it, I am ready for fall, bring on the boots babay!

*On a side note*
I don't usually watch MTV but last night I caught some of the
MTV Music wards Show
and it was so cool to see the "plus size" represented!
Dancers on the stage mixed in with everyone else. YEA thanks MTV.
That made me smile last night.

Happy Monday everyone, I am off to package up these new
September Tally Kits, brand new fresh from CHA Jenni Bowlin! :)

Sunday, August 28, 2011

~Sleepy Sunday Back To Blogging & Sharing Life, GIVEAWAYS~

Good morning crafty world....
Well it's pretty clear that for the first time in 2 years
I took a few days off.
It began with my back going out (more than usual) last weekend and
being stuck in bed for 2 days.
Then I promptly FELL in my scrap room and really landed hard
with a big old burn on my knee and hip aching,
thankfully I have amazing friends
who head over with lunch! :)

Which set me back another couple days, so I just gave up and gave myself
time to catch my breath between baseball games.

Today I am headed to Mt. Juliet for the class I am teaching *YA*

Here is a layout I created this week, I used Clear Scraps XL shapes and
Samantha Walker's new Kokeshi Line! :)
If you head over to Clear Scraps they are giving away a BIG prize
with Pink Paislee STAMPS and Clear Scraps!
I also used the ever amazing McGill punches! :)
Do you want to win McGill punches?
Go to my post and enter! I am extending it until this weekend
due to my being away :)
I also used the Samantha Walker UNITY Stamp for this layout!
Yes I did stamp again!!! :)
Now on to my country life...I wanted to share this with you because my
friend Lisa Mlt told me to LOL
This weekend I was feeling so cooped up so I asked hubby
if we could go for a walk in the neighborhood...he said ok and we
got my red wheelchair out, I met him at the driveway and
we started our walk. Gage who had earlier been playing with
his "jump rope" yes it's hand made! LOL
He wanted to "tow" by golly...I let all the boys try.
It was cracking me up!!!!!!!!!! We were all laughing except
hubby who thought I would be injured LOL
Amd he might have had the right to be worried, these boys about
pulled me into the ditch every 2 minutes.
But it was so cute I had to snap pictures all the way down the road!
Justice felt so bad he decided to "walk" tow me after a very
close call to the ditch and his bike....
We made it to the end of the road...a scene I have not seen in a year.
The amazing pasture at the end of our road...*sigh* loves it.
And this is the bouquet hubby picked me on the way there and back.
He picked every flower he spotted. It was a lovely evening.

I really have been learning that it is ok to let people help you and to
admit you can't do it anymore. It was a BIG deal for me to even get the wheel
chair and I am still embarrassed and feel like a burden 50% of the time.
BUT every day gets easier and the boys have totally adapted to
mom being pushed around, in fact they fight to push me! hehe

Now don't forget about my CRICUT GIVEAWAY!
I hope you entered!!!!!!!
The month is almost up!!!

Have a wonderful weekend....


Wednesday, August 24, 2011

~New Page & Interview!~

Good morning my friends....
I may or may not be blogging tomorrow.
Yesterday I fell in my house and really messed my hip/knee up.
Thankfully hubby came home early and was able to help me.

I am hoping to spend the day relaxing and maybe sewing! :)
I wanted to share my last Geek Is Chic project with you.
I used the Clear Scraps Acrylic page to start with then added
all the amazing Geek Is Chic goodies from Imaginisce! :)
And don't faint again but I stamped again! LOL
All those little U RULES, they are stamps from the line.
I also have an interview that was posted up on the Samantha Walker
blog yesterday. Go check it out! I mentioned some friends I love.

Ok back to relaxing I go...
Oh before I go here are a couple pictures of my sweet boys!!!!
Me and my boy before the game!
And I will have you know these boys volunteered for this picture!
WOOHOO made my night!!!!!!


Tuesday, August 23, 2011

~School Lunch Notes From Mom~

Good morning my friends,

I think almost everyone is headed back to school
in the next couple weeks.
I was trying to think of fun school projects with the
new Geek Is Chic line from Imaginisce, and I came up with
these little "Lunch Love Notes" for the lunch boxes.
Now don't pass out, I actually stamped LOL
Can you believe it??
I also pressed my hand into it and inked the white paper with
my palm like 6 times and re made them over and over LOL
I have figured out I need to use INSTANT dry ink or heat set every
in before I go on to the next because it gets messy! LOL

I stitched up the sides of the envelope for the notes.
I really had fun with this line.

Ok if you have not signed up...SUNDAY 2-4pm I have a class,
at The Scrap Room
141 Adams LnMt Juliet, TN 37122
(615) 758-9596

Still time to sign up!! :)
Ok I am off to get ready for tonight,
the FIRST Fall ball game is tonight! WOOT!

Monday, August 22, 2011

~Crafty Sad Mom Story & New School Project!~

Good morning all my crafty friends!

I have a story for you today to go along with my brand new project!

I created this "Chalkboard" composition notebook with the
Chalkboard paint, thinking it would be a fun project.

I never expected my boys to even glance at it, but I did show it to
my 9 year old and he smiled as I thought..."well mom that is as good as
it gets, your officially old, no one cares" LOL
But then he told my 15 yr old and my son came up and told me it was
so cool and asked if he could have it for school!
He said he loved it etc...etc....etc....
I should have known it was too good to be true.
I happily and foolishly gave it to him and a piece of chalk, thinking
he would use it at school or home for fun.
Hey I might not be so old after all right??
I was totally wrong...2 days later I asked him to bring it to me
because I wanted to take another photo before he used it for school.

Oh he brought it to me was torn to bits and everything was torn off,
except the chalkboard part of it. I was shocked, I honestly thought he
liked it. Dumb mom moment for sure!

He said "All that crap was stupid mom so I tore it off I
only wanted it for the chalkboard!"
Ok I admit it, I really hurt my feelings...
SO all my blog time I make a project PLEASE
remind me not to give it to my kids, give it to someone who
will love it and not tear it up! :/

I still love the project and the line though! :)
Just not really loving on my kid right now. haha


Friday, August 19, 2011


I am so sorry I forgot to post this yesterday,
my back went out and I am a little crazy in the head LOL

HURRY go enter to WIN the new tools from Imaginisce and
see my new VIDEO on the new tools with TOOL TIME!!

You are going to want these fun toys! :)
Have a great weekend, I am going to spend today
in bed trying to no blog for me today.
Just go enter before it ends! I will post this post
tonight so you still have time! :)

~Clear Cards w/ Video Tutorial, Make Your Own!!~

Good morning my friends and HAPPY FRIDAY!!!!

Boy it was a late night last night at the ball field until 10:30pm,
and I am ready for my pool day today so I will make this post
short and SWEETTTT! :)

Remember that cute clear card I made a week or so ago?
Well I made another one, AND a video tutorial for it, so you can
make your own clear cards!
For these I used Momenta paper and supplies, and...what else?? Clear Scraps!
So check out the video and go make your own!!!!! :)

Happy Crafty Friday!!!

Thursday, August 18, 2011

~Special GIVEAWAY & Class!~

Good morning from TN!!!

It's me again...getting ready for my next local class
and I have a FUN GIVEAWAY today too! :)

This is the LILY Hair clip I will be teaching on August 28th
at the Scrap Room in Mt. Juliet.
You can see it is a hair clip OR a pin.
And here is the card we will be making....based on a previous design.
Call to sign up today! It is only 15.00. You will need to have the McGill
tool kit and mat on hand for this class.
The Scrap Room
141 Adams Lane, Suite 21
Mt. Juliet, TN 37122
Ok on to the giveaway, you know I made all these PINE CONES
for the Archiver's all over the USA, and I have an extra punch sitting here.
You could win your own punch by going to Facebook and "LIKING" the

2 chances to win, a winner will be chosen next Friday!
You will be able to make your own pine Cones and MANY
other flowers *including a Begonia* with this punch! :)

If you are nice I might include instructions too! haha
OK off to get ready for hubby's first softball game tonight.
Have a GREAT Thursday!

Wednesday, August 17, 2011

~New Videos & Sneak Peeks!~

Good morning my friends!

Today I am working on a special card for my
class next Sunday at the Scrap Room in Mt Juliet! It is only
15.00 sign up before it is full! :)

Also Clear Scraps has been working on some new goodies...
A brand new YOUTUBE channel.
With new videos and a new series called "Did You Know".
Here is the first video about stamping,
I am going to work on more today.

Tomorrow is hubby & oldest son's first softball game,
I am hoping the concession stands are open, I need some nachos! LOL
Happy Hump Day!!!!


Tuesday, August 16, 2011

~Nothing Fun Just Sad~

Good morning my friends!

I have nothing fun to share today, I apologize but my family
life has taken over for the day. I will be making videos and such today
but for right now it's just my REAL LIFE seeping into my blog.
You know I have to throw in the nuggets of life every once in a while!

We spent the weekend full of baseball and all the usual family stuff,
BUT Sunday night my son removed his shirt and this is what I saw
My son who is VERY GENTILE, I mean VERY. He is a gentle giant
and would not hurt a fly. Someone had been bruising him since the
first day of school. Needless to say I was shocked and very upset,
I drove to the baseball field where hubby was practicing and I began
bawling in hysterics showing him his arms that were covered in bruises.

I went home and calmed down, and first thing yesterday morning
I was at the school at 7:15am speaking with the principal.
They immediately took action. Asking my son when, where etc...

He had been poked all 5 days of school by a schoolmate who was
sitting beside him, he poked him so hard with a pencil and so many times
that both arms were covered in deep dark bruises.
It went on for 5 full days.

After the meeting my son was so shaken I had to take him home.
The principal asked him if he did anything in retaliation and my son
said "No I just asked him to stop and he kept doing it"

So he took it for 5 days before I saw the bruises. I felt awful.
I still feel awful. My son did not want to get in trouble, or
get his "friend" in trouble.

Come to find out this boy was not being mean but he KNEW it was
totally wrong and he knew he was hurting Justice but he was just "playing".
I don't believe it was malicious, but it was 100% wrong and mean
nonetheless, I mean the proof is on my son's arms.

It really took me back to my ex husband who used to "play" and
laugh by throwing ice cubes at my head and leaving bruises all
over my face/neck and kept telling me he was just "playing".

I have to say I struggled to keep composed.

After I got home the school called and told me she was shocked
that this happened because the student was a good kid.
They took care of it and his parents were very apologetic.

I spent the day with my son, he slept alot and stayed pretty quiet.

In the evening we went to the school orientation and the parents
(separated) came to apologize, the dad said
"I am sorry but boys will be boys, he didn't mean nothing by it".

But the mom came over separately and was very kind and
apologized again and again. They had their child go to my son and
tell him he would never do it again. The teacher also moved
him across the room so they won't be sitting together again.

We chatted with his teacher and she said my son is very quiet and
a very good boy and she was proud he did not lose his temper.
I explained it was a good lesson for all of us, that he now knows
to tell the teacher before it gets this bad.

I am very proud of my son for being so gentle, and frankly I am proud
of myself for not losing control and being able to deal with this in an
appropriate manner. Given my history of abuse I really feel like
I have come so far and this is a sign of being well and healed.

Enjoy your Tuesday, I know I will....Much love to ya,