Friday, March 27, 2015

No Blogs And Scrap n' Art News!

Hey friends, I know it's Friday and I have not blogged this week
which is so rare but honestly it's been so busy and I worked all week this week,
between that and the State Tournament for Archery coming up.
Plus some personal issues I haven't been up to creating extra, however I wanted
to share this:
I have joined Scrap n' Art magazine as an author (designer). 

And also due to circumstances out of my control, mostly
someone breaking my laptop and then the computer repair shop not
being able to fix it properly...I have a GoFundMe account set up.
Now please don't's been topsy turvy this year
and I NEVER ask for help. I am so blessed that I had friends and a great boss
who helped me get the first money but now it's not really repairable.

So I am left to this...THANKFULLY no one has taunted me.

I also wanted to share a cool article on Facebook they posted about me...
It is on Dreamcatchers For Abused Children:

Check it out if you have time...thanks for always following
and sharing your lives!
Love, Pinky~

Friday, March 20, 2015

Some Bunny Special...Of Course He Is!

Hey there friends, Happy Friday! 
I wanted to make something different this go round with my
Avocado Arts stamps so I created a Desk Page Frame from Clear Scraps
and added the stamping as a part of the title. 
 On these frames the photo board can be exchanged or changed, 
it's so fun and unique and easy too!
Loving these stamps this month!

Wednesday, March 18, 2015

Thanks For Hopping Over....Handmade Card! :)

Morning friends, I have another AA card to share today! :)
 For this card I trimmed out two sweet bunnies 
and colored the ears and noses with my Copics, 
then added the stamp set on a grungy paper. 
This stamp set is so amazing I just love it. 
Happy Hump Day friends! :) 


Monday, March 16, 2015

Favorite Chick Handmade Card!

Hey there friends, I have so many projects happening lately
I wanted to take a moment to share my latest Avocado Arts
stamping project with you.  
I love the quote "You're one of my favorite Chicks" how cute
is it on this very PINK card?
I decided to keep it classy and simple, I was going 
to ass a little stamped chick to the but this was so pretty. 
Have you ever done that? Added less to a card? :)
Hit up AA!


Thursday, March 12, 2015

My Two Hearts

Good morning friends, it's already Thursday and this has been a hard
week so why not focus on my sweet boys?!

I made this (Heart) You Album from Clear Scraps of course
one of their Mini Word Albums along with their Mascils and
some Krylon paint. 
I coated the cover with Krylon paint on the back then used a
Clear Scraps Mascil on the front with turquoise paint. 
 Every page I spritzed with Krylon paint on the edges. 

With my new diagnosis and battles this week, it's nice to just
focus on my loves, my hearts...the only reason I stand strong!
Have a beautiful and KIND day my friends. 

Monday, March 9, 2015

Bring On Spring

After doing a photoshoot in nearly 70 degrees yesterday and
reflecting on the ice photos I took, I decided to scrapbook a
page about how I feel about ice in March! hahaha
Honestly the bad weather doesn't bother me 
but it really felt amazing to put on shorts again!

Happy Monday friends :) 
This is a digital page FYI in case you wondered or it wasn't obvious. 

Friday, March 6, 2015

Nothing But Love Friday...

I don't really have words today about this sweet face...
My little AUsome son...I used the new March kit to create this 
Desk Page Frame and the inside is easily taken out and changed. 
Love  my two sweet boys....I am a blessed mom...
Happy Friday friends. 

Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Memories Display Plate

Well it's already Tuesday and I have 2 sick boys...
I had a feeling with how much we were gone this weekend...

For the March Kit it came with a beautiful Acrylic Circle Album 
which I took one page off to make a "Display Plate" 
I was going through old photos and found these of my boys...
 It was when they were TINY babies and I wanted to display 
them in my living room so I created a plate. 
This kit was incredible!


Monday, March 2, 2015

Celebrate A Mother's Love

Hey friends, it's time for SPRING to happen and a NEW KIT!
This ones for the mom's whose best was never good enough, and
those who have no family but cling to every ounce of heart they have. 

and amazing Clear Scraps goodness. Everyone always says they
can;t put pink on a boy project....COUGH I beg to differ!!
I love this album full of PINK with my two sweet boys
who are so kind hearted and loving. I am so blessed. 
It was all about celebrating so I decided I would celebrate my love 
and gratefulness for having them in my life. 
I am so blessed to have such sweet boys who love me and
make sure I know they love me and stand by me. 
I can only pray they grow up as sweet as they are now
and helpful to others without anger. 
My heart always hurts thinking of those I have lost and the
family who choose to let their anger lead them away from love.
Beyond my control, I have to focus on the love I have and let
the rest slip away. I have never been happy with the fact I have
no family and I was so abused, I did the best I could my whole
life but sometimes the nest will never be good enough.

Thank you all for supporting me...