Monday, July 30, 2012

~Happy Thought Coming Your Way~

Good morning my crafty friends,
I am excited to share this fun card with y'all today! :) 

I had so much fun making it. 
 and some papers from Jessica at the Scraptastic Kit Club.
I tried to make it look like the card itself was "windy" LOL So I made the banner 
wave and used the flutter trail as wind gusts. What do you think? :) 
This was such an amazing and fun stamp set! Nuggets of fun!

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  • Had a great weekend with my friends, 
    so blessed with such amazing people in my life, I thought this card would be
    a great card for one of them. It's just nice to have such nice families 
    surrounding us here in TN.  
    Happy Monday my friends.


    Friday, July 27, 2012

    ~Fun "Fancy" Bookmarks~

    Good morning my crafty friends, 

    Today I wanted to share a project I created this week. 
    Fancy bookmarks any woman would love. 
    The crystals are REAL crystals from Connie Crystal (love them)!

    Laminator and wire. It was a fun little project. 
    I actually got the ribbon from Joanns for ....10 CENTS!!!! 
    I about fell over when I saw it, I am going back today to see if they have more. 
    Now, to decide who is going to get them! :) Have to find someone 
    who doesn't just read on their ereader now.
    Happy Friday, have a wonderful weekend!


    Thursday, July 26, 2012

    ~Sweet Sunshine Layout How To~

    Morning my crafty friends, 

    I have a fun sunshine layout to share today.....
    I made this for my friend Jennifer. I have been working on her
    beach photos for a while now. 

    Check out this fun- casual crinkly sun.
    I just hand cut the circle all wonky~
    And used Clearsnap Scentz embossing powder
    Then I crinkled it all up with my hands and stitched the rays on.
    I used journaling cards make the perfect "faux" Polaroid photo too!
    I hope you enjoyed my "sunny" layout today!
    Happy Thursday!!!! 

    Wednesday, July 25, 2012

    ~Courage Card With Handmade Stick Pins~

     Good morning my crafty friends, 

    I can hear the echoes out there this week LOL :) 
    I wanted to share this card I created using the Connie Crystal crystals.
    I lovemaking my own stick pins, and adding these crystals really makes it pop.
    The flower I made from vintage lace I had, it was an odd color
    but it went perfectly with this vintage style paper from the Scrapatastic July Kit.
    The little resin flower was from Scraptastic too, love those kits! :) 
    The stamps are some of my favorite sentiment stamps from Pink By Design. 
    Anything in typewriter font makes me happy! *clearly* LOL

    Ok off to car hunt some more...gotta get a used car at some point. 
    Wish me luck!


    Tuesday, July 24, 2012

    ~Courage- Not Alway Obvious~

     Good morning my perfectly lovely friends,

    I wanted to share this PIN I made, and it's all about courage today. 
    I guess when I think of courage I automatically think about that soldier
    who fights on another day or that fire fighter who rescues those in danger.

    But as I created this PIN I sat and thought about true courage,
    what courage really can mean. That really "hidden" courage of the mom
    who stays strong because her family needs her to be, because the children
    need to see her smile. Or that wife who is afraid is she isn't strong then
    her husband may not survive another year. 
    Or that Cancer survivor who faces one more Dr. visit, not wanting to go
    in the afraid to hear the results yet pushes through with COURAGE
    and lives to fight another day. 
    Or the parent who makes those tough decisions, not knowing is they
    are right or wrong, but deciding anyways- fingers crossed it is the right
    move for their child. Because no one can see the future. 
    That's courage. I guess really every day you can find courage. 
    To be perfectly honest I don't know many people who don't have 
    courage, the only difference between them and that hero is...
    no one really sees what happens day to day, but I see nothing
    less them hope and inspiration. 

    Yes it's been one of those weeks already, so yes
    I choose to see the courage today, because without courage I won't
    see the hope and what is life without a little hope. 

    I am known for my raw honest blog posts and today is one of those days
    to work out the kinks and emotion in my mind. 

    I made this pin with courage in can find the step by 
    step for it here. 
     I would encourage you to make one for someone
    who has amazing courage but doesn't get noticed. 
    I know you know that person....we all do. 

    Have a beautiful and courageous day~


    Monday, July 23, 2012

    ~Busy Sewing Purses!~

    Good morning my crafty friends, 
    I wanted to share with you what kept me extremely quiet last week. 
    I was busy hunkered down in my craft room SEWING!

     IF you think that there are not people who care in this world
    I have to say you are wrong. You may not know it, but there are people 
    who see things and randomly step up to make life a little more fun
    for others. If you don't think they exist then BE THAT PERSON! :) 

    Maybe you can't sew a purse but maybe you can pay for the fabric
    or stand up and use your craftiness for kindness. 
    Every kind act counts~

    I have never made a real purse before, 
    but I had a special reason, so I decided to make 3 purses for a friend. 
    I had to ask another friend to help me because I don't know
    her tastes very well, so we chose polka dots for this normal sized purse.

    My gf April stepped up and paid for most of it too, which was so sweet.

    We also found 2 VERY big patterns for 2 more awesome purses!
    When I set my mind to a project I just have to hunker down and get it done. 
    These are all 100% cotton washed in pure soap, so they would be very
    safe and non-allergenic to use. 

    We found this fun "postcard" print in green. 
     And I had the most amazing vintage wood button to use. 
    And yes this is an INSIDE zipper pocket! LOL
    I was so proud!
     I made coordinating cosmetic bags for each one.
     I was really tickled how they turned out so professionally.
     It was an amazingly fun project with alot of heart and soul put into it. 
    I found this fabric and thought it would make a cute third purse :) 
    This one was more basic but every girl needs a basic hug bag, you know...
    to tote those kids toys, Pokemon cards, snacks or whatever else the kids
    come and say "Can you hold this?" LOL 
     Anyways it was a fun project and I am sure it was worth it. 
    I handed them off to be given to her this weekend. 
    And that's what kept me quiet last week :) Oh and baseball of course LOL
    We played last weekend and lost, but it was a FULL weekend
    of baseball tournament games. 
    This week we began fall ball...OH to be a mother of 3 boys! I LOVE IT!
    Have a wonderful Monday my friends...
    Step up today and be that person who makes a difference!!


    Sunday, July 22, 2012

    ~Vintage Layout & Video Tutorial~

    Good morning and here's to hoping you have a beautiful Sunday!~

    Today I have a very vintage "distressed" layout to share. 
    This is a layout I created using the "Nostalgic Summer" 
    I love these photos of Gage's team winning the Gold Championship
    and really wanted to scrapbook it as a vintage style page.
    This might be his last year playing and I wanted to remember every moment.
    So I really took some extra time, I stitched each page around the edges. 
    Then before I layered them I used my Distrezz-It-All to "rough" them up. 
    It's a fun little machine, I LOVE it! :) 
    I cannot wait to use it on chipboard. 
    This kit was more than amazing! :) It was like making a little quilt. 
    I love the colors and it's perfect for that vintage vibe. 
    I also made a quick video on using the Distrezz-It-All, pretty handy dandy.
    Anyways, it was a great memory and I canmot wait to get the rest
    of these photos know after I get done sewing, being a baseball
    mom, getting the kids back in school, school shopping, cooking, baking...etc...LOL
    I imagine it will take me a year easy~

    Have a beautiful day my friends,
    I am off for a special evening, will tell you all about it tomorrow~


    Friday, July 20, 2012

    ~WINNER + Mini Fresh Baking Layout~

    Good morning and happy Friday my friends, 

    I wanted to share a mini layout I created a couple weeks ago. 
    It is not my normal 12X12 size but a 6X6 size...I 
    have to admit I love these mini sizes though! :) 

    I used the Piccolo Enamel and intricate chipboard. 
     you can find a step by step tutorial on this layout
    on the Globecraft Memories Blog
    I used some old Bo Bunny papers and I love the vintage feel. 
    Perfect for my vintage life of baking for the boys :) 
    These photos were from the blueberries we picked this year. 

    Now for the winner of the Art Set
    Blogger Sue D said...
    Favorite summer activity is gardening and then cooling off in the pool.

    Sue please email or Facebook me your address. You can see
    the result on the actual giveaway too, I did not pick the winner. :) 
    Happy Friday!

    Thursday, July 19, 2012

    ~Bella's Banner, DOUBLE Banner~

    Good morning crafty friends, 
    I wanted to share a special project with you today....

    This is a banner design I created using my Zutter Bind-It-All
    and beautiful Momenta papers. But this is not your average banner!
    The banner has layers, so it's a beautiful PARTY banner or
    if you flip it to the next page it is the perfect bedroom banner! 
    I thought it would be so cool to create layered banners-
    very multi purpose. Not just a party banner I would use once
    but one I could use for many season/reasons. 
    Just think you could create a winter/summer banner. 
    Any theme and put them all together using the Bind-It-All! :)
    You can check out the step by step instructions including
    step out photos on the Bind-It-All Blog! :) 
    The Momenta paper and embellishments were perfect for this fun
    girly banner, I love all the colors! :)

    Happy Thursday my friends,
    I know I am behind, this week just blew me out of the water.
    I will be back in full swing next week I promise.
    I also have some prizes to announce, so stay tuned!
    MUAH, thanks for your friendship.


    Monday, July 16, 2012

    ~Many Thanks!~

    Good morning my friends,

    What a weekend full of baseball and HEAT! I tell you what.
    I crafted all weekend but most of it was sewing, I will share photos
    of my latest projects in a week or so.
    In the mean time I wanted to share this card that was featured
    on the Momenta Blog yesterday.

    I punched clouds from the card stock and painted it with a paint pen. 
    I used SRM stickers on the clouds.
    I love those sentiment stickers! :) 

    It was a fun little project, I can't wait to give it to my gf! :) 
    Happy Monday my friends.