Sunday, August 30, 2009

~Pancakes and Sausages Sunday~

Morning my fine friends in blogger land!
This morning the boys requested PANCAKES and SAUSAGE!
And that is what I got up and made!

Lastnight I did sit down and scrap this page.

I still feel so wonky and off kilter this week, I know
it is not my best work but something is crazy LOL
Maybe I will feel it next week, I have deadline to meet!
I did have fun with this LO though and that is all that counts!

Off to spend the day with my beautiful boys!
~Thank you for caring~
~Thank you for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful Sunday~

Saturday, August 29, 2009

~Scrap Happy Saturday~

It has been the LONGEST week, but for some odd reason my
children went to bed at 8:30 lastnight and went straight to sleep!
So, guess who got to scrap?
I made some overdue cards!
Now, if you know me at all you know I ALWAYS
say "I am not a card maker"
But lastnight, I made the very first card I have ever loved!
This one right here!

Now the camera made the gold too bright, it is not as bright and it matches
a heck of a lot better, but I love the card! I was so pleased!
Maybe there is hope for this "NON-Card maker" hehehe

You know what prompted me to make cards?
Fiskateers, that's right! My beloved Fiskateers!
They are hosting a HUGE CROP!
So if you get a chance, stop by and play.
Tell them PINKY sent ya!

Hope you have an amazing weekend
Wish me luck on scrapbooking this weekend,
first off I have DR appointments for my boys...
~Thank YOU for stopping by~

Thursday, August 27, 2009

~Tilted Thursday~

I feel so off kilter today!~
I sat down to scrap and nothing seemed
to flow...I had to struggle.
Maybe it is because I was scrapping this page
for someone else? Maybe it is just an off day.
Do you have those days too?When I went to Texas I met an AMAZING couple.
Pam and her husband...(he looks just like Johnny Cash)
They were so sweet and just the most beautiful couple ever!
I love meeting people like that!
Beautiful inside and out,
she gave me these 2 pictures (because I forgot mine)
and I was supposed to scrap them,
here it is 1 month later and I finally did it!
I hope she likes it.
I threw down plenty of journaling tags so
she could journal the story any way she wanted.

OK back to cooking, I am making Strawberry Rice Krispy Treats!
With the new strawberry marshmallows.
I am going to set them out for the boys after school!

~Thank YOU for stopping by~
~Have a great Thursday~

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

~EEERRCH Wednesday? Really?~

I feel like I am skidding into my blog today...
I mean where the heck did this week go?
My kids are finally in school and every minute seems busier then the last!

Here is a little Sneaky Peeky as to what I worked on today!
Guess what? FULL instructions and pictures will be on
the Purple Cows blog in the next couple weeks!
So, if you want to know how to make one...
not to worry! hehe It is...coming!
So, this is the first time I have scrapped in 2 weeks.
I had been sewing and getting the kids settled into school.
I finally feel like my days are slowly becoming normal again.

Oh...and I think I have a little RAK to give away right??
I put everyone's name (all 32) into and
this is the first one that popped up!
Blogger Jenrex4 said...

Great pics of the kids headed to school. I missed that photo op as my camera is out of comission. But we can always pretend on another day soon. ;)

Hope you use you alone time wisely. You'll get used to it and it can be great.
I have to say I am really loving your blog. I am pretty new to blogging but love you tourtrials (spelling is not my best subject). I have printed out the 12x12 paper caddy and desk top basket to make. What cool ideas, and will make a great gift to someone I know.

Just want to let you know that connie from Fontana,CA and Storytellers, let me and everyone on the DB there know about you and you border punch video for the corners. Thanks for the how to.

So, Jen please email me your addy girl!!
And I thank you Connie for spreading the word.
I know I have been a slow blogger the last couple weeks,
but you know me, I always have something to say...
even if it is

Much Ado About Nothing! hahaa
~Thank you for stopping by~
~I hope your Wednesday was a great day!!!~

Monday, August 24, 2009

~Cherry-liscious Monday Morning~ *Rak*

Good morning, this was a monumental Monday in my house!
Not one, not two, but all 3 kids off to school today!
Whatever will I do with all this time?

I never imagined ever that I would not be
home schooling, let alone sending them off to school.
But, it's a good day

It just means more time to sew and clean! LOL
I already see some things that I need to address!

SOOOOO, this is the fun stuff I have to give away today!
Whatcha think?
How about some FUN Magic Mesh, (Oh Magic Mesh How I love thee!)
A supa cool Canvas border piece!
and of course some velvet alphas!!!

I will leave this open until Wednesday....
so send your friends and leave a comment here!
Because I have had 3 packages from Canada returned this week, this one
is USA only (budget man! LOL)
Icecheeks yours went BACK out in the mail.
Hope your Monday is Monumental too!

~Thanks for popping by~
~Have a beautiful day~

Saturday, August 22, 2009

~Making your own CLEAR or "ghost" embellishments!~

Good morning!
Trying to get back into the swing of things, but one thing
keeps holding me back....
all I want to do is play with
my new laminator!
So for a couple days, you are stuck with my Laminator VIDEOS! bwhahaha

This one is how to make your own CLEAR
or GHOST embellishments using the laminator and a
Purple Cows Hot Pockets (lamination pockets)

Hey if you get a chance, pass it on!
I have a new RAK sitting here, that I need to give away...
So I am thinking SUNDAY would be a perfect day to post it!
After the week I had, I need some cheering up!
Nothing cheers me more than giving away stuff! hehe
~Thank you for stopping by~
~Have a great Saturday~
~See you tomorrow!!!~

Friday, August 21, 2009

~Quick video Friday, Purple Cows Laminator~

Good morning!
My boys are officially all in school!
I was getting my youngest ready last night, and
got to thinking about him gettign on and off the right bus and in the right class,
so I decided to pull out my Purple Cows 13" Laminator
and make a Backpack TAG with all his info on it.

Not only will it help the teachers keep track of him,
but it also gives me peace of mind...
After I made it I was tickled pink
and decided to make a how-to video
so you could make one too if you wanted!

It's not my usual scrapbooking stuff but it's fun and
easy, and my son lovvvveedd it!

~Hope you find something useful in my videos~
~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful day~

Thursday, August 20, 2009

~Quick Tip Thursday and fun Purple Cows Project~

Good morning, obviously I still have sick children at home
so not crafting going on at my house, but I wanted to
share a few quick tips...I discovered this year...with my
PURPLE COWS Laminator!
I just received one and its so fun!~

A few things I am using my laminator for while traveling...

I don't always need the entire TRAVEL GUIDE book, so I take out the sheets that involve my travel area and laminate the few pages (where I am headed) Put them on a small ring and stuff them right in my suitcase.

Don't want to take your entire address book but want to send out postcards? Type up a small sheet ie...3X5...4X6. ..5X7...of the address's you know you will need, laminate it and put it in your wallet
This can be done emergency numbers/info as well.

Renting a car or going on a long road radio stations along the way and type the presets out on a little card, then laminate them and stick em on the dash per area/city.

Laminate those packing lists! RE-USE! Upcycle (new catch word for preventing the need for recycle by re-using) use a dry erase marker and clean it when your done packing!

Don't want to take your camera book with you but need your settings handy? 2X4 or 3X5 card with settings laminated in the camera bag or purse.
Laminating is so useful, I notice many teachers use it for Class/BUS info
too and it lasts and lasts on a students backpack!

Plus here is a link to a fun project Vicki just did on the Purple Cows blog
Purple Cows Blog

Guess what? I will be back up and running tomorrow,
because both boys go to school Friday!
Since my baby has a new teacher he is MORE than thrilled to
head out for his first full day of school! YEA!
So my crafty life should be returning along with pages and RAKS!

~Thank you for your patience~
~Thank you for stopping by your words mean the world to me~

Tuesday, August 18, 2009

~Terrible Tuesday~

You know I never begin a blog post negatively but
my boys are sick and momma has not slept in 48 hours! LOL
The good news is not the flu
the bad news is...
Double ear infections for both and bronchitis.
So, needless to say I am a little behind on blogging.
I know I promised a RAK and I will be posting it shortly.
Tomorrow is a very busy day with my baby's first day of Kindergarten (do-over)
because we have changed teachers.
I have found that some are not meant to teach Kindergarten and
I have a new found respect for the dedicated teachers who do!

Now on to fun things!
Do you receive the Treasured Scrapbooking Newsletter?
If you do not, you are missing out!
Guess what?
One of us usually does a "Lift" from the members gallery!
This is mine for the month...can you guess who I "lifted"?
Guess you will have to sign up to find out! hehehe
You can sign up by using this link and scrolling down
to the newsletter sign up link!
Hope you enjoyed the card,
I am NOT a card maker but lifting was so easy, I might have to do it again
I always try to do that because I know how it feels.

~Have a great day~
~Thank you for always stopping by and brightening my days~

Monday, August 17, 2009

~Just another Mundane Monday~

Oh boy it has been a struggle to get through the last week and
this week started out with a great big BANG!
Saturday our AC went out in the house,
so this morning was a barrage of phone calls with the landlord!
Thanks heavens it is fixed now, but it was
over 90 degrees in my house when the AC man left!

I have had no time for scrapbooking this weekend as
my son was very sick!
First week of school and he comes home with the flu
now the youngest is sick as well, and momma is feeling a little
under the weather too.
But, I did sew! :)
A couple more fun summer dresses before I break out
the Halloween costumes and Halloween fabric (which I am doing this week!)
I am working on a Purple Cows project this week though!
Hopefully it will be done tomorrow, now that I am cooled off!
Also my son has a new K-teacher so I am relieved!
Now if we can just get past the flu!

OHHH and while I was fabric shopping this weekend
I found a couple cute scrap goodies to share...tomorrow!
So stay tuned for a RAK soon!
~Thanks for stopping by and bearing with me~

Saturday, August 15, 2009

~Saturday Revealing Day!~

I don't have much to say today, it was a terrible day yesterday
not because I was lonely or did not want to drop my boy off
but because of other things combined with even more doo doo.
But on to other things, my reveals for Kit #1 on Treasured Scrapbooking.Here is a LO I did with the kit.
The reason it is called CRABS is because
we were at the lake and Gage kept hollering
"MOMMA look at the crabs! MOMMA CRABS!"
His brother kept making fun of him and telling him there were no CRABS
and kept badgering him...but sure enough, he was the ONLY ONE to see
the "CRABS" hehehe granted they were turtles
but in his mind they were named crabs.
It was adorable!
I love my boys and watching them grow.

This is a hair clip holder I made from a 1.00 clipboard.
I made it for my girlfriend's daughter Danielle.
I like it!
~Over and out~

Friday, August 14, 2009

~Friday of Firsts~

I am off this morning to take Gage to his first half day of Kindergarten,
then off to have breakfast with a neighbor friend.
I am nervous that he will be upset.
When I explained he would be alone at school he
begged me to stay home yesterday.
Hopefully today will go smoothly.
First for MOM and first for BABY too!Another first for me is this LO
I have never used the Border/Corner Punch on a LO before.
But I like it!
This is my Father in Law in Nashville by the giant guitars.
One of the many tours we took them on while they visited.
FIL and I have always shared a love of music and artists,
so it was so much fun to share our city (adopted city of course)with him.

BTW I love the old DENIM Thickers on this LO!
It added the perfect vintage manly touch.
OK wish me luck!
Off to take the baby to school!
~Thank you for checking in and saying hi~
~Have a beautiful day~

Thursday, August 13, 2009

~Using your Border Corner Punches~

Good morning!
I woke up and it was beautiful outside...
but I came back in after the bus stop and my allergies have gone HAYWIRE!
so I probably will stay in today!

OK a gf asked me about using the Border Corner punches...
so I of course made a youtube video
I hope someone finds it useful!
This punch is really fun

Anyways...back to my boy, he is home until his
half day tomorrow, then he heads to Kindergarten full time
next Friday.
I don't know what I will do with myself!

~Thank YOU for stopping by~
~Please let your friends know about my blog & videos
you never know who might find them useful~
~Have a great Thursday~

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

~Fresh and Happy Hump Day!~

Good morning!
I have been meaning to change my blog banner for a long
time now, but never had the chance!
Well....I finally did it yesterday!
What do ya think?
I think I like it!
It was fun to make, I mixed
Sassafras Lass, Jenni Bowlin, K&Comapany,
Cosmo Cricket, just a bit of everything!

I have the RAK WINNER!
Crystal please email me your addy!

Blogger Crystal said...

girl you crack me up! i love this layout! it is awesome and you are right that the colors suit it perfectly! and that rak is super cute too! you are so sweet! how was your weekend? are you finished with the school shopping yet? ugh, i haven't even started and I only have 9 & 1/3 days left. yes, i am countin' down! hehehe! hugs!

~Have a great Hump Day~

~Thank you for stopping by~


Tuesday, August 11, 2009

~Crazy Busy Tuesday!~

Wow it has been one busy day!
I had a fun day babysitting the neighbor's children
a little girl and a little boy!
Now the little boy was enthralled by my boys and they
of course stayed busy 100% every second he was here!
It was a madhouse LOL
But the girl I felt bad for so I showed her how to scrapbook,
and she made a card, a layout (I printed pictures from an email her mommy sent me)
and a sign for her daddy when he gets back from a work trip.

Sorry, I did not photograph her, even though I wanted to
I wanted to respect her privacy.
But I will just say she was sweet and it was cute!

And here are my 3 monkeys! LOL
Yesterday right before SCHOOL!
Tomorrow the older 2 start FULL days!
And the youngest begins next Friday...
so I will be a busy momma until then...
I am excited...I know everyone says I am going to be
sad and lonely, but I am happy.
We sacrificed alot for me to stay home with the kids until now
and now it comes full circle and I am so happy and proud!

Now I did scrap a bit today but it was too dark to photograph...
I feel a new blog header coming on!!
~Have a beautiful day~
~Thanks for stopping by to peek in on my life~

Monday, August 10, 2009

~ARGH...Monday be here! Let's RAK!~

smiley Pictures, Images and Photos
In celebration of the X-MARKS THE CROP
at Treasured Scrapbooking this week
(beginning today)
I will be GIVING AWAY a small scrap RAK! ARRRGH! hehe
I would LOVE for you to join us and play along!
At the very least it will get your scrap mojo going!
If you do join please tell them I sent ya!

OK this is the RAK!. I know it's small but fun right?!
Leave a comment here and I will randomly choose a winner on
This is a LO I did, to sort of match the summer LO I did.
This was one of our stops on that vacation with the Grandparents.
Not my usual style but I like it anyways LOL
It's bright and cheery just like that day with the Dinosaurs.

~Alrighty then...I be off to set up my challenge for the crop~!
~Hope you have a beautiful Monday~
~Tell your friends to stop on by!!~

Sunday, August 9, 2009

~Sunday's Rak WINNER & Purple Cows Video~

I made this video the other day for a friend,
who had asked me how to use the angle bar
on the Purple Cows Smart Trimmer
(Model 1060)
which I am fortunate enough to work with every day!~
It is their portable trimmer and the only trimmer
I know of that does the angle cut.
So here is a quick demo of the angle blade.

First of all, thank YOU all for stopping by to comment....

I had 54 comments this morning for the RAK and SandyH sent 2 people over
so I put her name in 3 times...and of course the last name came up which was...

Blogger sandyh50 said...

Hi Pinky, I read your blog yesterday so I knew you were having a giveaway today! I would love to win some journaling stamps! Thanks for the chance!

But guess what? I have another little RAK for the next random winner...
Blogger The Stone Family said...

hey sandyh50 said for me to mention that she told me about your give away. thanks for the chance to win!

Please email me your addy.

I hope you stop by again...
I hope you find some inspiration or a technique you can use on my blog
The entire reason I blog is to share found techniques and pages
because when I started scrapbooking, I met some
terribly mean people who did not share and were
so mean about my work.
I decided then that I woudl always share the LOVE of crafting!
And keep it beautiful and fun for everyone I meet!
So keep on crafting...
Keep on sharing...
~Have a beautiful Sunday~

Saturday, August 8, 2009

~Scrappin' Saturday~

I was able to sit down and scrap for a bit yesterday,
I have an upcoming crop and wanted to try something totally
new for me, which happens to be
#1 8.5X11 (I never do)
#2 Lots of White Space and one tiny photo!
WOW it was so hard for me.
I kept wanting to add and put it on a 12X12 sheet LOL
I was totally inspired by Staci Compher, I love her style
and pages but am never brave enough to try them
I did not copy her but she did inspire me to make the page
way out of my comfort zone! LOL

Last night we decided to join the madmen and go school shopping,
since it is a tax free weekend and TN has a 9.75% TAX!
(Which BTW is insane after coming from Oregon with NO sales tax)
OMG I will never venture out on tax free weekend again! LOL
I think today we will stay home or hit the library and park.
But it is exciting to see the boys all excited about their new school
gear and shoes...they are just so happy today!

~Have a great weekend!~
Don't forget about yesterdays RAK (HERE)
& I have one more coming up on Monday.
~Thank you for popping by~

Friday, August 7, 2009

~Happy Friday....Stamping RAK day...~*Edited w/Picture*

Boy it has been a BUSY week...
I know I could use some joy and FUN in my life today...
so how about a fun RAK...
some Basic Grey Journaling stamps!
(they run about 15.00 or so)
And one of my favorite flourish stamps.
Just leave a comment here, and be sure to check back in by Sunday!
Sounds liked a FUN weekend...winning a cute prize!
And guess what?
You send people get an extra chance...
and MONDAY I have another RAK specially for people who follow my blog.
I am in a great mood,
I had a heck of a week and I am thankful it is Friday!

The reason I am so happy today?
a VERY Special Fiskateer, knew I could not go to Florida for the Big
Party, so she sent me a little after party care package!
Thanks so much M! I love ya girl!
This is why I LOVE My Fiskateers!
*end of edit*

Yesterday I got to chat it up with a couple neighbors.
It's nice to know someone has your back.
I hope you enjoy your weekend as much as I do...
I want to thank you for stopping by and
if you feel inspired or my blog makes you happy,
please do pass the word along.
~Have a great weekend~

Thursday, August 6, 2009

~Thursday....I see it running by! RAK tomorrow~

I think I saw Wednesday and Thursday sneak past my house
this week! Of course it was just a quick glimpse so who knows?? haha!
This week has just flown by,
I stopped this morning to scrapbook
because my sweet hubby took the boys in for their immunizations
so I had time in the house alone and quiet.
Just imagine in another week every day will be
like that, and my last baby will be in Kindergarten!

Since people always ask me about my hair, I decided
to scrap a page about it, of course I need a 12X12 sheet alone
for the journaling, but I managed to sum it up on one
piece of paper! LOL
It's the question I get all the time, WHY?
Well, it's not what you think, it's not about attention or craziness.
It's about survival and truth.
After a childhood of pain, abuse, and neglect I stood at 28.
Lost and in dire need of change
I needed to ensure I would be a good mother and grow.
So I did it, I faced my past, my abusers, my parents.
I faced it all.
I worked hard & I wanted a big change in my appearance to match tmy refreshed spirit.
The truth's my badge of honor, it is my own way to wake up every day and say "You did it!! It did not beat you or kill you so you WIN"
It's my way to tell the world I am open and I understand because I am different just like you.
It is a way for people to approach me and it opens the door to speak about surviving and staying strong.

I will be sharing a RAK tomorrow,
so tell your friends because it is coming!
~Have a great Thursday~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

~Ahoy, me hearties!....X Marks the CROP!~

What makes Scrapbooking more fun then to
play and have themed CROPS!
I am having a ball making everyone's avatar (Treasured Scrapbooking)
PIRATE Themed for our upcoming crop
X Marks The CROP!
Some days it is fun to be silly and goofy and just throw caution to the wind.
Here is my Avatar for the crop...

If you want to play along, let me know
and I can assist you with LOOTING your avatar! hehehe

Yesterday I spent the entire day on the phone with
every rude people from the Health Department to
Dr.s Offices, I was so upset I was in tears...
finally the 3rd office I called was actually kind and sweet.
I do not know what is going on with Health Care these days
but being polite and kind is a thing of the past, and it is not
only sad but stressful for the
Who knew trying to get my boys immunized would involve 7 phone calls
and being yelled at by the Rutherford County (TN) Health Dept
I am happy yesterday is over!

So enough of my boring life LOL
Back to fun scrapbooking right?
~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a beautiful day~

Monday, August 3, 2009

~Another Scrap-happy Monday~

I managed to finally finish this page...
Took me a few days for some reason, I still feel "off" about it.
This page I did for the DREAMGIRLS Challenge Blog
if you have not been is a HOOT!
They have an amazing DT!
The challenge this week was to use
So I used glitter paint markers as accent,
and gold paint on the sides, the wings are in the
vintage butterfly fabric I stitched on the LO.
When my MIL and i saw this couple painting at the lake,
we both yelled...STOP!
We need a PICTURE! LOL

Ok back to making calls and registering kids for school.
It is going to be a busy 2 weeks but productive!
~Have a beautiful Day~

Sunday, August 2, 2009

~What a weekend! & Rak winner of course!~

Ohhhh, I am late blogging today,
this weekend was so busy!

Friday night I had my Purple Cows Demo at the local Scrapbook Store (Sassy Scrapper)
and Saturday I hosted 2 classes at a Scrapbook Store in Kentucky(Scrapbook Village)
I had a BALL!!!!! But it was exhausting as the same time.

I think I have found my calling in life,
I LOVE LOVE demoing and teaching, I must say
It was a hoot, and everyone was sweet as cherry pie!
I have also been sewing this weekend as well...
Plus the kids are going back to school next week
so we have been running getting them set.
I wanted to share this picture from Thursday though.
My boys have been stuck inside for about a week now
due to rain and bad weather,
but Thursday it was quite warm and it started to rain really hard
they were just watching with that bored sad face,
so I said "Just in the rain"
OHHHH the joy!!!!!
It was absolutely precious! they ran and ran!!
It was definitely a MOM moment! :)
OK...OK I know you are saying...
Pinky...shut the heck up and give the RAK away!!! LOL
So here is the WINNER!

Random Integer Generator

Here are your random numbers:

and the 4th comment was...
Karee Sue said...

Such a pretty LO, thanks for sharing the RAK looks great,

Friday, July 31, 2009

Please send me your addy!

I wish I had 51 to give away,

I try to be very fair and always use the site to pick a winner

Thanks for always coming by to visit even though I don't get to all of you

~Have a beautiful Sunday~



Saturday, August 1, 2009

~Saturday, the 1st! Reveal day!

Yep, you guessed it! It's the 1st again!
My favorite day!
Time for my Treasured Scrapbooking Reveals!
This month I worked with August Kit #1
I knwo I showed you this one yesterday but
I really wanted to share how versatile this kit is!

Look at how different these Lo's are
and all with the same kit!

I always love the kits from TS but this one made me really happy!

And of course the sketch to go with it.
When you order one of these kits, the sketch and LO's
come printed with it for inspiration!
I love that too!

My Purple Cows Demo went great lastnight!
I was so happy to get my first one done!
And a very special thing happened....
Bettye a Fiskateer, she showed up just for moral support!
It was a surprise and I almost cried because it was so darn sweet!
You know she is a wonderful Fiskateer and that is what I love
about supportive no matter what I am doing!

And this is what I made yesterday...another
top and a few other dresses for the store in town MESH!
I am so excited to have my stuff in a real store.
Online I only sell to plus sized but in the store I get to expand more
to the Medium to 2X crowd!
OK off to Kentucky I go for my classes at Scrapbook Village!
~Thank you for bearing with my LONG post today!~
~Have a beautiful day~