Friday, September 30, 2011

Sassy Farm Fresh Chickens!

Good morning my amazingly talented crafty friends!

Can you believe it is the last day of September?
Tomorrow is World Card Making Day and Momenta is hosting a
special blog hop (don't forget to stop by).

Have you been to Tally Scrapper lately?
I am playing in the Survivor challenge and this week's challenge
was to use the October Afternoon line names as the title.
I chose the name "Farm Fresh" because it fit perfectly with
my chickens....I wish I had more eggs photos I would have added them too!
It was so much fun I decided to also use the October Afternoon
5 & Dime line as well as some old Sassafras Lass I had in a box
I actually did alot of cutting on this one, I hand cut all the circles and
made the cardstock button on the side. Then I added the doilies
from an old Tally Scrapper Kit.
You know it felt so good to just sit down and play with paper
no pressure just play for a while and decompress.

Hopefully today my boys will go back to school?? But I am not
sure just won't really matter because Fall Break begins
tomorrow. A week of mommy fun! LOL

Oh and my 16 yr old (who turned 16 literally 1 day before)
asked me if he can start dating. I can't afford to date my own husband
let alone pay for his dating! LOL
Oh this should be an interesting road....I see a long path ahead! LOL

Ok I am off to get ready for the weekend...Happy Friday!!

Thursday, September 29, 2011


Good morning my friends,

I hope your day is going well so far! :)
BOTH of my boys have double ear infections and missed
baseball the last 2 games. We have been through the ringer,
I hope all the antibiotics work, looks like 1 or 2 more days home.
Thank goodness for a wonderful Dr.!!!

I love snapping photos on the baseball field but I REALLY love
taking photos of the siblings running around outside the field.
Plus I finally get to scrap little girls! LOL
I used the Momenta Page kit for this layout and
my Martha Stewart Monarch Butterfly Punch.
Unfortunately I will feel bad if I keep these pages LOL
So they will all go to the moms, thankfully they like scrap pages.
Have a beautiful Thursday my friends, I am off to
make something warm for my boys today. Poor kids...:)

OHHH hey October 1st there is a blog hop! So stay tuned!

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

~I Scrapped!! Survivor Is Full Swing!~

Good morning!!!

I am so excited that my life is finally calming down a little bit and
I was able to sit down and play with paper again! :)

Tally Scrapper is hosting their annual Survivor contest, this time
Christine is running it and I am always inspired by this challenge.
In fact some of my deepest and most creative layouts have come
from these Survivor challenges.

For this challenge we are challenged to create a MAP, on our page
and I came up with this page. I did not follow the example I sort of did
my own thing but it worked! I cannot wait to try it again!
I am so excited about how it turned out and I had to crackle the
photo to give it the whole affect.
I lived in Oregon my entire life, until I turned 30. Both my husband
and I have bad memories from living there and this was a perfect
outlet for me. It's funny because another Tally girl loves Oregon and
made the most creative polar opposite layout.
For me it was alot of pain and a childhood of abuse and adulthood
of nothing but pain. It's hard to not associate my abuse with where
I lived. Of course I cannot blame Oregon, but when I think
of being there I only feel and see pain now.
I hope that changes as I am farther away now.
Journaling: I spent my life in Oregon and it holds so many bad memories.
I can't blame the entire state but thinking of
Oregon really is a state of pain for me.

Happy Wednesday everyone!
I am home with sick boys today...poor kids...bring on fall sickies.


Tuesday, September 27, 2011

~WINNER & Back Online!~

Good morning my friends,
what a weekend I had!!!

First of all Friday I met my gf's for lunch and my hubby walked into
the restaurant with a new iphone! Then we had a big bowling
birthday party for both my boys (8 and 16) on Saturday...

then on Sunday my friend Tanya and her hubby came over
and all 4 of us cleaned and organized my scrap room!
It took 12 hours and 4 adults and I STILL have paper to
organize and boxes to unload!~ hahaha

But the majority is done and I am very excited about it.
Here is a sample of what my room looked like when we were
unloading boxes and clearing out (this is just one corner)
My room is actually about 4 times this size.
Here it is almost everything unpacked.
And here it is almost done.
Now I am waiting on hubby to put a bunch of our
storage items into the attic so I can make a sewing space,
and get it off of my diningroom table! :)
Oh then yesterday was my son's actual birthday which meant
going to the school and all that good stuff.

OHHH and today is my 16 yr old's
birthday, what a week!!! LOL

I am in a massive amount of pain but it was worth it.
I was able to sit down at my craft table and scrap last night.
Tally Scrapper is having a Survivor game so I made my page
for that challenge. I will share tomorrow! :)

I just wanted y'all to know I was alive! :)

Ok on to the winner of the Cuttlebug Kids!
I threw all the names into and this one came up first
Blogger Kelly Sas said...
I LOVE your Create sign - so you! As I have said before I would die to live near you to take your classes AND clean your craft room. I would love this die cutting machine for my goddaughter who I am teaching to paper craft and scrap.

Friday, September 23, 2011

Please email or Facebook me your address,
it might take me a couple days to ship it out.

By the way, my friend Tanya, who I have not known for a long time
did this 100% for free! Of course I gave her 3 HUGE boxes filled
with goodies but she never expected it.
That is what I love about the scrapbook community.
Honestly the most giving people I have ever met.
I think she saw I was in pain and it was impossible and she just
gave up her time and energy and did it all.
Thanks so much!

If you have a scrap friend like her, give them a hug for me.

Friday, September 23, 2011

~CREATE!!! I Hope So Anyways! **GIVEAWAY**

Good morning my friends,

I am going to clean out my scrap room Sunday (ok not me but my friend)
and I am going to try to give away goodies that are extras.

Today I found in my boxes a Cuttlebug Kids that the prize winner
never claimed so it goes up again for GIVEAWAY!!!!
I know someone would LOVE to win this for their kids/grandkids!
It would even work for an adult! :)
I have extra dies here to throw in the box as well....

Just leave a comment right here and follow my blog! :)
I am sure the next 2 weeks will have plenty of giveaways
because everything found goes right to my blog.

This is the project I created, photographed, then deleted LOL
I took it back outside and grabbed shots yesterday morning.
I used the beautiful XL Expressions by Clear Scraps,
Mod Podge, and Momenta Paper Pack, as well as Plaid Paints.
The chain was from my friend Bettye, who is always so nice to me.
I cannot wait to hang it in my craft room!
I am hoping it will inspire the creative animal that sleeps in my brain.
Happy FRIDAY everyone....

OHHHH and did I mention?? HEAD over to Clear Scraps, there is
HUGE prize package...I know at least 50% of my blog friends
have some amazing projects to share, why not try to win!


Thursday, September 22, 2011

~Upcoming Videos & Big Oops!~

Good morning my friends!
Last night we went to the ballfield and right before we left
I ran outside and took snapshots of my project for today....
then promptly FORMATTED my card right before the game! LOL

So it looks like I will be re-shooting today...hahaha
I used this...
And THIS! :) So stay tuned....
Also I have been asked by MANY people to make video tutorials
for the hand made flowers I have been making.
I have even designed a few myself, I have 3 new flowers I designed
I will be sharing videos in the next week.
And I have the regular flowers I will share how to's as well.
This is a Thistle I created, I will share step by step how to.
And another version I designed myself. No worries, I am working on it!
Have a wonderful Thursday and see you tomorrow with my new project.


Wednesday, September 21, 2011

~No, Those Are Memories....~

Good morning my friends and happy hump day!

This morning I wanted to share a couple of photos and a quick
story before I share my project for the day.
As you know because I craft alot I am constantly painting
whether it be in the house or outside the house.
On our back cement patio is where I lay my special outdoor painting
projects and I was looking last week at the last year's worth of
paint on the husband was standing there looking with me
I turned to him and said "Does this make you mad? I mean I messed up
our patio for a few years, it won't be washing off any time soon".
He looked at me and said "Honey, it's not messed's memories"
I thought that was very neat and it gave me the idea to take pictures
of those "Memories"...I feel a scrapbook page coming on! :)
Each one of these marks I totally remember what I made and when...

Ok on to my last Imaginisce Bon Voyage project...this card
I really wanted to think outside the box and thought
that the sticker that says "You've Arrived" really reminded me of what
I say when I congratulate someone, so I just went with it.
It was a fun line to work with and I love the colors~

Happy Hump Day everyone!! :)

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

~Clear Vacation Mini Album~

Good morning my friends,
the Dr. appointment went very well yesterday and they cleared
my son to play softball again(with a mask!), they also suggested
he massages his nose daily because it is still to the side of his face.
So all went well and I am excited to play today.

Here is the second Imaginisce Bon Voyage project I made.
I used the Clear Scraps Mini Card Album and the Bon Voyage papers.
Now to find a vacation to fill my little album with mini photos! :) hehe
Don't you love the direction Imaginisce went with these papers?
It's so fun and vintage, very different then the usual lines.
I am proud to say all of the 2010 DT had a hand in it, we made
suggestions and Imaginisce was very cool to listen.
I added the extra jute because it was a fun touch.
This would be perfect for a purse or keychain!
That's it for me today, I am sitting in my craft room coming up
with a wild project next! :) AND working on birthday
ideas because I am throwing a birthday party this weekend for my
2 boys, turning 8 and 16!

Happy Tuesday everyone~


Monday, September 19, 2011

~Bon Voyage Layout On Acrylic~

Good morning my friends!

Today is our last day of Dr. apps and surgical goodness!
Thank heavens~~~

'If all goes well we will take the cast off and resume semi-normal life.
Yesterday's class at the Scrap Room was amazing, we ad so much fun
making Sunflowers & Poinsettias. I cannot wait for next month's
class we will be making more flowers for Christmas! :)

This week is the official Imaginisce Bon Voyage Release party!
Here is my first layout using Clear Scraps 12X12 acrylic sheets
cut down to 8.5X11 and made into a layout.
If you stay tuned this week I will have some videos for
sewing on acrylic and making some paper flowers!
It just feels so good to get back in the scrap room with my paper and glue!
And guess what? I will be even more creative after Sunday!!!
I have an amazing friend name Tanya, who graciously volunteered to
not judge me, and clean out my scrap room! LOL
It's going to be a CREATIVE WEEK!
I need to get my regular life back! hehehe
Happy Monday everyone, wish me luck today at the Dr.


Friday, September 16, 2011

~Bradley Update & Fun Surprise~

Good morning my friends,

I am so happy to blog today because the last week was a fog
for me and very stressful. I finally feel like we are coming out
of the fog into the light again.

Happy to report Bradley is back to school and feeling much better
now, he is even able to walk around and help around the house.

We went to watch the softball game last night, it was so
cold, but the team that had played when he was hit came over
and they all said "I am so sorry" it was very comforting.
He was very disappointed not playing but it is what it is.
Thanks for all the well wishes and prayers.

I have had migraines all week, I have not had this happen
since my grandmother passed away. They said it was due to stress
and I suspect it is once again. It was very stressful to see my son
go through so much in one week. I will be tickled pink to on Monday
for the next visit, then I will feel like it is going to be over.

Here is my fun surprise.
I received a box from Purple Cows with their new goodies
(tools) so I went to the website to post the photos, and
I saw this!!!!!! My card! :) Right on the front page!!!
What a fun the fun tools I get to use now!
I cannot wait to open this bad boy and play with it. :)
I am thinking about all the altered art I can make. :)
So excited....hoping to get crafty next week for sure.

Thanks again for all the well wishes, I will keep you updated.