Thursday, July 31, 2008

~Not much time for Scrappin~

Been way to busy getting my kids registered for school!
I spent 3 YES THREE and a HALF hours at the Health dept. Getting our Immunization records changed over here! WOW, that was a nightmare with 3 boys and an ansy hubby while sitting in the waiting room for almost 4 hours.
Plus 6 shots to boot!
BUt all was said and done and my precious homeschooled baby is going to 1st grade!
And my not so "precious" 12 yr old smart ass is going to 7th grade! LOL
Last year he decided he was smarter than me and I suddenly became the dumbest woman on the planet! So he went straight to school and found a whole bunch of other DUMB people who cal. themselves "teachers" so we will see how his attitude is this year!

I cannot wait until eh looks back at this age and sees the truth!
How does that song go?

Back when I knew It ALL
At the ripe old age of nineteen
i bought a short bed pick up chicks machine
life ran on beer and gasoline
a half a lap ahead of the law
i had a fake i d that got me into "tuffies"
love was a word i used to get lucky
was a big time spender with that plastic money
back when i knew it all

ch.....back when the world was flat and mama and daddy didn't have a clue
that was back......
back when a pitcher of beer and a couple shots made me bulletproof
back when god was a name i used in vain to get a point across when
i got ticked off
lord i'm learning so much more......than back when i knew it all

i found out credit cards don't mean you're rich
and beer and gasoline don't mix
yeah step side trucks can't jump a ditch
and those " big house" rooms sure are small
i've learned that love is a woman that will settle you down
a sunday sermon can turn life around
man i can't believe all the answers i've found
since ....back when i knew it all


br....i've done some growing up
and i'm still growing up
so i know i'll never be as smart as i once was
that was back.......

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

~Rain Dots and Stamps WINNER announcement!~

THANK you everyone for showing Kelly some LOVE!
She is a small business owner and I feel she is truly worthy of the support we give because she is very talented and has an eye for great kits! I cannot wait to share more of my Lo's from her kits with her site!

I entered all the names into and this is the FIRST One to come up! AND she is a Fiskateer so I will be sending TWO packages of Rain Dots out!

Thanks You for playing. I noticed you said please give the stamps to someone else and the second name that came up was

I decided to do a THIRD name for another set of Rain Dots and that name was.....


So get your names and address' to me ladies! And congrats!

Now check back to my blog I think these giveaways are so fun I will be doing a weekly giveaway!

Good luck ladies and I appreciate everyone's support I truly do!
And on to other business...Check out this amazing CUTE CARD KIT from Kelly!

And guess what? I have TWO YES TWO to giveaway in Just Scrappin' in the next week!
One is a Layout contest and one is a Card making contest!
So thank YOU to Kelly!
And have fun y'all


OK my focus in scrapping for the next few weeks is going to be in Treasured Scrapbooking!
I was accepted into their yearly contest! YEA
and the Grand Prize is 250.00 in Scrapbooking supplies and a 50.00 GC!
WOW huh??
I am pretty excited just to have made it INTO the contest! It was only supposed to be 25 girls but they ended up with 32 I believe. Still I consider that a pretty good accomplishment!
And this is my FIRST entry! It is a 1 page LO with only ONE photo plus Felt and Scallops.
Overall I am happy with it.
It does suck though because I think since I usually post first my Layout gets old to people.

I think I need to start holding onto the Layout until the middle or end when people are posting already. I just can;t help it I get so damn excited! I am like a little kid when it comes to scrapbooking! No stress just FUN!

I tried melting Hambly on this LO I am not in love with Hambly, I think Hambly could replace my husband at this point! I ADORE IT!

Here is what I used and the Journaling. Now wish me luck and hope my LO doesn't get old to people before they vote!

Jenni Bowlin Shaped Paper
Brown MOD Circles Hambly screen printed transparency
Heidi Grace Cardstock alpha stickers
Heidi Swapp Clear Clocks
Heidi Swapp Brown Felt Embellishment Flowers
Inique Botique Felt Squares Memoirs
Vintage Lace Ribbon *found in sewing stash*
Vintage buttons *thanks grandma*
Teresa Collins Bling Ring
Prima Crystal Flowers
American Crafts ribbon (both styles are AC
The journaling says
Today I feel FREE….Today I can FLY!….Today is MINE!…TODAY TODAY TODAY!

~Tuesday is upon ME~

Boy this week is already full and looking like a non-stop mess!
I was tied to my sewing machine all day yesterday but did manage to make this for Tish in Just Scrappin' It's for the Surprise a friend contest!
Usually puffy paint and my shaky hands don't mix but I am happy with it anyways
I cannot Believe August is already right around the corner!
I need to organize a new BINGO game, and a new challenge and 3 yes THREE new contest for Just Scrappin'!
We have THREE sets of PINK cat STUDIO Stamps to give away!! woohoO!
Have a scrappy day!

Monday, July 28, 2008

~Got my Scrap ON this weekend!~

OK not really but I did scrap these pages! My favorite by far is the WHo Loves YOU! just love the way the Branches popped off the page and everything came together.
Rarely do I scrap a page LOVE but this was one,
Maybe it was the pictures maybe it was the FREAKIN AWESOME Sassafras Lass Papers??!!
At any rate I had a FULL and fun weekend!!
Hope y'all had the same and I am looking forward to August and this week!
Now off to make Christmas CD cards!

Sunday, July 27, 2008

~Wanna win some Alphabet Stamps?~

I am so HYPED up after seeing Mamma Mia!!

OK here is the dealio all you crafty scrappers out there!
Want to win these Rain Dots and Stamps??

Go here....
Check out her kits while you are there!

And check out Kelly's BLOG and Shop....leaver HER a comment telling her I sent you and you will get a chance at winning these stamps and Rain Dots!
Leave a comment on several posts of her blog and you will be entered that many times. Just come back here and let me know!!!


OH Yes I should post a deadline!!! LOL Tuesday at 3pm Eastern!!!! I will draw a name!

~Busy weekend, But FUN!~

Well, as you can see I already scrapped a page for our Chattanooga Train trip! And how fun it was! I loved riding on the old steam train and the boys LOVED IT!
I was so tired when we got home! It was a LONG day! Almost 2 hours each way.

Today I am going to see MAMMA MIA

And Treasured Scrapbooking is in the middle of a crop so I am missing half of that....but scrapping second...LIFE FIRST!
Don't want to miss life because I am scrapping LOL

Will post more Layouts tomorrow, I did some real fun ones Friday Night! I love Scrapbooking!

Friday, July 25, 2008

~Fun Lingerie Cards~

I sure had alot of fun with these cards today! A little Bra and Panty matching Card set! How cute are they and a great way to use lace!
I included a template, You will need to click on it then save then print from your computer to get it the right size! They are super simple and super fun!
The bra card was actually a challenge to make a shaker card for Just Scrappin' so I made the pendant a shaker pendant with pink glitter, I had so much fun making these!
Now off to get my Train Trip packed and ready to go! Have a beautiful Saturday!
Oh and thanks for stopping by I moderate every comment so I do see them all and I appreciate every one!! Thanks for looking at my stuff!


Well I am pretty excited. This weekend we are taking the boys on a little Train trip. IN Fact I myself have NEVER been on a train either!
We are going to leave early for Chattanooga on Saturday and head to the Train Station. And take a 1 hour ride through the Smokies. The boys are more than excited!

Also this weekend is the BEACH Crop @ Treasured Scrapbooking! So hopefully I will be around enough to play, I have already begun 2 Layouts for the Crop.
So it should be a fun busy weekend!

Round 3 of The BIG Contest at Just Scrappin' is coming to an end and a whole new contest begins August 1st!
Remember our Sponsor in August is PINK CAT STUDIO!
So Definitely come on in and check it out!
WE have 1 to 3 challenges for Layouts a MONTH
2 to 4 Card Making challenges a Month
And 1 BIG contest a MONTH
and a BINGO every month!
So there is something for everyone!

Thursday, July 24, 2008

~Today She is.....~

Erin at Treasured Scrapbooking and Just Scrappin' gave us a Self Portrait Challenge.
It's so funny I have been struggling this week with self image so this is just what I needed to
put things into perspective and sort of write it all out.
I find Scrapbooking so therapeutic sometimes.
Almost like writing in a diary.
So I did my inner chat that goes on when I see a picture of myself with other people.
I met all those girls in Alabama this weekend and when the pictures came out all i could think of was how much bigger I was then the rest.
It's funny I have fought to not have that loathing in my head for 7 years now. Some days I wonder if it will ever go away.
OK enough Debbie Downer (:
Have a beautiful Thursday and Thanks for the Challenge Erin!

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Well I didn't really scrap yesterday but I did chain myself to my sewing machine
and went to town! I got alot done too!
And it paid off, I sold 2 dresses immediately so that made me pretty happy!
Now, I did manage to get one crafty item made

And thought it would be fun to host a Surprise a friend, on Just Scrappin' So I made this for one of the board members and I will be making another one as well!
Plus we have a challenge/contest for everyone else to make a special surprise and send it to a friend on the board! Woot Woot~

At the end not only will we all have a new friend/goody but I will be drawing a name and sending one lucky girl these Paisley Stamps! Fun FUN!

Tuesday, July 22, 2008

~Good Tuesday Morning!~

Yes, when you have 3 boys and a husband and even a
BOY live with a bunch of Pyros! LOL
So I finally got around to scrapping some of our 4th of July pictures and all I could think of when I looked at them was....DAD+FIRE=FUN.
You know in Tennessee is legal to have loads of fireworks. I even had little remnants fall on my head in our neighborhood. It was crazy and FUN!
Believe it or not that star paper int he background came off a Christmas SLAB of paper!
So you never know where you will find Paper for any season!
Maybe I will actually use some of that 300 pound slab I made the mistake of buying! hahaha

OHHH and I got a sneak peak from CHA of the newest MUST have item for me!
I showed hubby and he said "Who is getting your other Sizzix?" Hahaha
He just knew I wanted it.
IN fact he asked me why I did not order it yet.
But I am trying to be good right now because I want to take the boys on that Chattanooga Train trip this weekend.
But when it comes out to the public I am sure I will be hunting it out!
Yea for fun Hello Kitty Scrappy Supplies! Made my week!

Monday, July 21, 2008

~Christmas in July?~

So many boards host Christmas in July Contests, well Just Scrappin' is hosting a Christmas in July Card Contest so I made these 4 gift card holders.
While I would LOVE to take the credit for these patterns....alas , I cannot. So here is the link for the patterns to the stockings~ Fun stuff ladies and the perfect length and size for a gift card or money card. I think they would make great cards as well!

Stocking Pattern here *Click Me*

Sunday, July 20, 2008

~Fun Girly Day!~

What a FUN girly Day! First off Ziggy came over to my house at 9:00am! And we drove to Alabama and man it was so hot there. Let me tell you it was hotter than a witches ***.
We met up with Aymee and Carol at Michaels and did a little shopping. That Micheal's was fair to middling. Not much going on,But I did find some goodies for Cherrie and some Fun RAK'sfor Just Scrappin'.
So off to Target we went, I found some fun things for my boys then we met Kelly and Ann over there.
Then we found ourselves at OCharley's and we had a Picture fest! LOL Plus we shared Layouts and chatted about life, online friends, and good times.
I think Aymee and I wanted to run back to her house and spend two days chatting LOL She was a real peach I think she and Carol are so adorable!
Kelly and Ann had to leave so we drove over to a Scrapbook shop that was closed and we sadly said goodbye. Aymee said she didn't want to go home, neither did I LOL BUt on a Sunday what is a girl to do?? LOL
It was fun and we are DEF. meeting in Chattanooga for the EXPO! And in April for the scrap getaway in Gatlinburg! woot woot!
Here's to good days and good friends and good times!

Saturday, July 19, 2008

~Contest WINNER~

Heidi Grace Contest WINNER~

OK I took all the entries names and made a list and drew a name, and the winner is......


Thanks for playing ladies, I wish I had 10 sets to give out! Bonnie please message me your name and address. Have a beautiful Day ladies! I am off to clean out the van for my Alabama trip and meeting some other Fiskateers and Just Scrappin' girls! woot wot!

Friday, July 18, 2008

~Alabama Here I come~

~Create Like no one is LOOKING!~
I saw that one someone's blog today and BOY isn't that the TRUTH! Just do it for You and your family!! Make it REALLY COUNT!

Well, I am pretty excited today! #1 The Heidi Grace Stamps Contest is on it's last day and tomorrow I draw a WINNER!!! woot woot! How exciting! There have been so many entries!

And #2 I am going ot ALABAMA on Sunday to meet some of the ONLINE Scrappin buddies I have been chatting with for so long!

And this time I promise to bring my camera!

I sort of had a weird day gf was feeling blue and people get so petty and jealous it's not even this pick me up was just what I needed!
Meeting some awesome KIND Scrapbookers who are super cool! And having some fun lunchtime chatting and sharing the love of crafting! If your going to be near or around Huntsville/Athens, give a girl a holla!

Some of the Just Scrappin' Girls will be there! Plus some super cool Fiskateers! AND some of the SAS girls! It will be a scrappin' Parrrrtttaaayyy!!! woot woot!

Thursday, July 17, 2008

~August is looking HOT~

See these SUPER hot, cute stamps??

I have been at work behind the scenes in Just Scrappin' and let me tell you August looks HOT!

I am PLEASED and HONORED to announce that Pink Cat Studios Has made me a great deal so I can offer up 3 sets of her stamps in a SPONSORED contest IN August!

I have always has Pink Cat on my blog and been a HUGE fan of her wonderful stamps!

So this is wayyyyy exciting

You will never regret looking into Pink Cat Studio Stamps! Let me tell you!

They are having a new release in August as well and I am so proud to announce I will be giving away one of her NEW release stamp sets! which will be shown on the release date!


Wednesday, July 16, 2008

~Hat Card Template~

I so enjoyed making that hat card yesterday, so I thought I would post a template so y'all could share in the FUN!
What a great and EASY card it was to make!

You can print the template one of two ways!
NUmber one just click this link and print, make sire to print it in landscape form!

Or number two...just click on the picture here and print!

Tuesday, July 15, 2008

~Hat Card~

Well, I have not been able to Scrap much lately but I did bang out this hat card today and you know what? I am HAPPY with it! Makes me smile in fact!
So To all my readers, whom I shamefully neglect (I have a hard time getting to blogs every day) I say to you, have a beautiful Day!

The new Card Challenge is up at Just Scrappin' and its for shaker cards! Too much fun!

Kelly is working on a great Card Kit for us as well so we will be hosting a card making contest very soon!

If you have not stopped by Just Scrappin' please do! We now have 70 members!! And very sweet staff and people chatting in there!

It honestly is the sweetest most supportive group I have ever been in!
We have nice contests with great prizes and a wonderful staff of.....7 I think? LOL I lose count some days!

Monday, July 14, 2008

~Look MOM I have Hair Too~

After a long week of being sick, I am feeling better but the keikis are all very ill still!
So I snuck away from the wheezing and sniffling this morning and made this Layout.
Last week my 4 yr old put a rag on his head and kept saying "LOOK MOM HAIR" I think he is jealous of my hair since we shave their heads most of the summer due to heat and their sweating.
I am sorry but 4 men in the house....You just shave them heads! Maybe when they are older they will want long hair but for convenience sake....CLIPPER time as long as I am able to run things!
Have a happy Monday~ Cristal~

Oh I will be working on my blog today, I was ready for a change so my links will be half gone today until I fix it all! Don't worry I saved it, its just getting it all back that will take a day or two!

Sunday, July 13, 2008

~Happy Scrappy Sunday~

I thought it would be fun to have a contest on my blog this week! Sunday through Friday!
Here is what's up for GRABS! A Brand new package of Heidi Grace Border Stamps!

You have 6 days to create a FUN Flowery/tropical Themed Layout!
Post a link here and I will narrow it down to the top 5 and draw a name from them!
ONe of you will be the lucky owner of some new stamps!
BTW these are not the tiny 1.00 stamps but the full size package of Heidi Grace Stamps.
Have fun and tell your FRIENDS!!

Happy Scrappy Sunday to you!
~Cristal aka Pinky~

Saturday, July 12, 2008

~Puppy Kisses~

I was feeling pretty down yesterday on myself and my work. Just having a bad day altogether in fact but really disappointed in myself and my work in particular.
So I didn't really scrap yesterday. But I did lastnight.

I am still very ill and the kids are all sick now. I won't be able to go to the Uncle Dave Macon Days (click me) here in town, darn it. I love bluegrass and I think the banjo and fiddle playing contests would rock my world. My uncle used to play the banjo for us and the family I lived with used to play Guitar and piano. I loved that. It was all by ear then. I can play the accordian by ear and a couple other instruments.

I am pretty disappointed about not being able to go. BUt I am pleased with my new Layout.
So things even out??

Friday, July 11, 2008

Congrats to Cherrie!

Well My good friend Cherrie won the Guest Designer Contest @ Treasured Scrapbooking! I know she has had a hard time last month and this is just the proof she needed that she is an A#1 Scrapper!
Of course I called her right away! She had a dream the other night that I called her at 5am and told her she won, so I could not resist!
It was fun being the one to tell her.

Treasured Scrapbooking is having their Annual Treasure Hunt Contest!~
So check them out!
Not sure if I will make it in to play, I doubt I will make the cut but it will be fun watching others compete anyhow. And its a nice place to play. There are only 25 players allowed and everyone comes out to play!

And tonight, My baby boy Justice....Lost his FIRST tooth! He was so thrilled, it was a good night.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

~Just One Touch....means so much~

Well, I think this is my last page of the baby book. I had 15 donated blank pages!! YEA thank you Fiskateer friends and Treasured Scrapbooking friends, and Cherrie too!
I am still pretty sick so not much going on for me. I am planning on 2 tutorials though.
One on tea bag folding....hopefully up tomorrow. And one on a pop-up card with a bird!

Oh and some other fun stuffs happening!
Treasured Scrapbooking is having their yearly contest! Will post more tomorrow~