Wednesday, December 31, 2008

~The Disturbed Scrapper~

************I will just warn you now, if you do not want to see an R rated Lo then please tune in tomorrow. This will be an R Rated post~**************

If you know me or have seen my work before, you know I scrap my life as is.
For some scrappers it is all about capturing those precious beautiful moments and having a happy loving album. For others it is about recording life.
For me, it is therapy and leaving my story behind for others to see.

Now this is the FIRST page ever, that I had to walk away from because I was so ANGRY making it I wanted to hit something. It is about how my EX husband broke my back several years ago.
Actually he knocked me unconscious in the bathroom and when I woke he was so angry I passed out, he said I was faking it so he threw me down and kicked me so many times, I do not remember, then he broke a chair over my back and beat me until I passed out again.

I spent 3 months in therapy and the hospital.
I have back pain every single day. Some days it is BAD some days it is bearable.
Lately it has been unbearable and I have been grumpy from it. I wake grumpy
and go to sleep grumpy.
My husband now is so understanding but it pisses me off.
The Guttergirlz Prompt got me thinking and I make this page.

IN case your curious the journaling says

I am so f*king tired of waking up every single day knowing I will be in pain all day long
and it will never change. Yet YOU walk free and upright.
I wish when you threw me down and kicked me until I passed out, I would have stood up and some sort of monster would have arisen in me and you would have been on the floor.
So I blame myself 2, How sick is that?
Well, you did it.
You broke me.
My back and body cannot be fixed.
But guess what asshole? I still have my mind and my spirit.
I might be pissed today but I can live with myself. So ROT IN HELL!

(second journaling spot)
Ya 11 years and it still F**king hurts!! It's hard to trust God knows what He is doing.
But he must or Bill would have killed me that night.

Oh and all of the supplies I used came from the #2 kit in Treasured Scrapbooking and items from the store. Can you believe I got the paint and 5 other bottles for 2.50?? Love TS stuff!

Monday, December 29, 2008

Every year I make my FIL a card and struggle with it more than any layout LOL
It's the whole card and masculine thing.
But I am happy with it. I used the Kit #2 from last month at Treasured Scrapbooking.

I will be mailing out prizes for Just Scrappin' and this blog tomorrow.
I have them packaged and ready to go.

I just cannot believe it is almost 2009.
I am ready scrap-wise but everything else...well I just need a few more days! LOL
I did start cleaning my scrap room which technically should be called my Pig Stye,
until last night
Hubby was a doll and took down all my decorations...woohoo...getting clean and ready for the New Year!

Thanks for stopping by

Sunday, December 28, 2008

~Spoiled Sunday~

Ever have one of those days where you just KNOW and FEEL how blessed you are?

OK I am officially spoiled from Leslie's kits! LOL
I went to scrap on my own and this is what I came up with, or maybe
it is because I am still in Christmas mode and not Thanksgiving.
Every Thanksgiving and Christmas, we get out our "red goblets"
or red "goblins" as my son calls them.
and our pretty snowman plates.
My son is just enamored by the red goblets, he freaks out...insisting they be filled with ice water immediately! I am so scared he will break them but for 2 years now....
they have managed to survive LOL
It is so cute and definitely one of our family traditions.
I think I will journal it all on the back of the LO.
This one was so minimal.

I found a super deal at Micheal's yesterday! Man, Oh man!
FaLaLa Tiny alphas for 1.50!
I am going back to buy more today so I can RAK them out!
So look for some fun tiny alphas next week! WOOHOO!

Ohhh....and a winner for those fun PINK Rain Dots!!
Blogger Marilyn said...

Woo Hoo Pinky!!!! Way to go! I can't imagine how excited you must be, I am excited for you!

December 27, 2008 4:09 PM

Marilyn PLEASE send me your address!

Thanks for coming by everyone else.

As always I wish I had 50 packages to give away.

Have a beautiful day


Saturday, December 27, 2008

~Very Exciting Saturday~

Well, did you miss me?
I know I missed a few days of blogging, due to the holidays and family time.
I always feel so bogged down the day after Christmas.
But today I woke up to a great surprise email!

Hello! We are emailing you to let you know that the following project(s) you submitted to Scrap n' Art have been picked up for publication in our January/February issue:
Good Wet Fun
Do you remember?
What You Stole
Big Boy
Please remove this/these project(s) from any online blogs, galleries, or forums until March 1st, 2009. You will be able to download the Jan/Feb issue of Scrap n' Art on January 1st at

PLEASE be sure to download Scrap'N'Art on the first!
It is FREE!
So not 1 or 2 but FOUR Lo's accepted for submission! WOOHOO! That makes me HAPPY!
And in the spirit of Giving and The New Year, I decided it was high time I did another RAK!
So how about some RAIN DOTS in my favorite color??!! PINK!

Leave a comment here between now and Sunday at 12noon and I will choose a winner tomorrow.
IF by chance you want to leave a comment for someone else as well as yourself, then go right ahead. They will have a chance as well but you will need to be able to provide info for me to mail it!

Oh and I did scrap last night! WOOHOO!
So it's a good day.
Happy Holidays!

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

~Christmas Eve Day!

I just want to say to everyone who stops by here to visit me.
Thank YOU ALL!
And I wish you from the bottom of my heart....

Thank YOU for chatting with me throughout the year, and giving me
the encouragement to keep on crafting and spreading the crafty cheer.

~Love and well wishes~

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

~Terrifically festive Tuesday~

This is a series of Layouts I am working on. All have 8X10 photos and I will
be framing them for my wall. I think down the hallway would look nice.
They all have a more toned rustic look. Soft browns and subtle shadings.
So far I am pleased with the look.
I did not want to embellish much, I wanted ALL the focus to be on the photos.
I will share all of them when the DT stuff comes out in January and the last one is published.

Its just about time for Christmas Eve.
I have butterflies and am excited for my boys, every year I get the same giddy joy.
This is what I made yesterday
PB and Chocolate fudge. Event he husband eats it! And he is a picky B*** hehehe

Merry Christmas!

Monday, December 22, 2008


Well bless my socks, I had a fun surprise this morning!
I am FREAK OF THE WEEK on ScrapFreak!
One of my favorite sites to play on.
It's relaxed and fun.

I did an interview for it and posted a couple of my Fave Lo's.
Fun stuff! I love my online buddies!

Now today I plan on baking for Christmas Eve and spending some time with my boys.

I did scrap 3 pages and 3 altered items this weekend but it is all for the January DT at Treasured Scrapbooking.
So, no sharing just yet...
Ok maybe one sneak peeK??Or two??

Have a GREAT Day and Merry Christmas!

Saturday, December 20, 2008

~So proud Saturday~

I am so happy today!
For the FIRST TIME EVER, my 5 yr old son spoke to Santa.
I have never in his 5 years gotten a picture with him anywhere NEAR Santa.
Even last year he would NOT go near him, not his chair, his lap, his freakin gift bag!
This year, he said "NO" , but....when we got there, he shocked his momma.
He walked right up and sat down beside him and said
"I want a Thomas The Train Canyon Track set!"
He smiled and repeated....Santa did not understand so I said it clearly.
He stayed and smiled for pictures, then got up happy as can be!

YEA!!!!! This is a HAPPY Tired momma tonight!


Friday, December 19, 2008

~Frisky Friday~

Are my boys full of personality...or what??
I ADORE this picture.
Hubby did NOT understand why...Oh why?? Did I have to take 40 shots....I calmly explained...because inevitably only 1 or 2 out of the 40 will even be usable.
And sure enough...I had TWO shots that I could use!
And no we are not the Norman Rockwell painting family....or even the Cleavers, or the Harriets (yea getting old school on ya aren't I?! I mean who under 50 BUT me remembers Ozzie and Harriet??)
But we are happy, and my children are not the quiet timid boys, they are active, crazy, happy and these are the moments I TREASURE!

Oh and for Scrappy schtuff, I made this memory box from
Kit 2 for my DT work at Treasured Scrapbooking.
I do not know what to do with it. But it was fun to make!


Thursday, December 18, 2008

~A Happy Thursday~

Sunday we TRIED and TRIED to see Santa but to no avail.
So instead of making an "I saw Santa" LO I made this one. Hahaha

But I had fun making it and it had been quite a few days since I had last scrapped.
Scrapping really has become a therapy for me for sure!
It's like I NEED it to relax some days and I feel so happy when I am done.
Energized does that mean I am addicted??
Is Scrap my drug of choice??hehe
Well, it could be worse!

I also received my January Kit for TS today and WOW am I excited! It is beautiful!
I cannot wait to crack into this bad boy!
Well, I am off to spend the morning with my son at school and have breakfast.
He is so darn excited and honestly so am I.
I am nervous too because I am not sure where to go or what to do.
Having been home schooled, school always feels like jail to me.
Wish me luck!

Merry Christmas to everyone, oh and Adrienne your package was mailed yesterday!

Wednesday, December 17, 2008

~Watery Wednesday~

Well, its raining again today but thank goodness, no ice like yesterday.
Still have a sick baby so I am running slightly behind.

Oh and I forgot to put up my reveal from my DT Kit on Treasured Scrapbooking,
so here is another page I did from that yummy kit. I do love me some Jenni Bowlin papers.

Did I mention I have a winner to the Bella BLVD paper pack??
And the winner is.....
*randomly drawn in*


So please email me your address so I can get this out in the mail asap!

Merry Christmas

Tuesday, December 16, 2008


Good morning to all, and Merry Christmas.
It has been a rough couple days filled with my baby being very sick
and breathing treatments, etc....

But I did promise to post instructions on how to make the ornament....I had so many here it is....and I have not forgotten tonight's drawing! So I will be back.

(on a quick side note...
Cosmo Cricket just placed one of my Lo's in their gallery!

Click here)

The first step is to CUT TEN 2" squares...or even 3" But let me tell you it will be HUGE
If you cut 3" or larger!. I did on this one as an experiment and it has ended up ON TOP of
my tree as a star!
Step two is to fold 5 squares in half corner to corner....
with one side showing and then the opposite on the other 5.
Next you lay them flat and fold one side in and then the other leaving a slight lip for glue.

Then you glue along this line BUT REMEMBER
***VERY IMPORTANT*** this is NOT a flat ornament so do not glue the flaps down.
It is a just glue the seams together and leave it popped up.
When that is all done you can start piecing the 10 pieces together.
It should look like this.
Now Glue the seams together..
do not overlap them just glue them right on the creases you made before

And of course you have seen the finished product.
One you cover the seams with ribbon or pearls and add a button you are good to go!
Merry Christmas to all and to all a good day!

Monday, December 15, 2008

~Monday Dreary Monday...let's Make it a RAK MONDAY!~

I have a special RAK today!
It is direct form Bella BLVD!
Now for those of you who have not been able to get Bella or want some more, this is the RAK for you!
They have sent me a special set of papers...
PLUS The great Family Journaling and accent stickers on a 12X12 sheet!
What I need you to do is once again visit the Bella BLVD blog, we need to show them
that I am indeed getting the word out about their products! So I need as many comments as possible...and if you refer a friend to BELLA and they comment on Bela's Blog you will receive
Not one but TWO entries! And one lucky winner will take home this great Package!
Thanks YOU Bella BLVD!
Since this is an extra special RAK it will be open until TUESDAY NIGHT at 8PM!

And in other news LOL
One of the girls on Treasured Scrapbooking is hosting a Perpetual Calendar Kit Class
so if you are interested here is a link.
Click here
It is 23.95

And I wanted to share a special ornament with my friends (you all) this morning.
When I was a child I never had any ornaments of my own, nor any traditions.
My husband knows this and he knows how important it is to me
to create those for my children now.
But he also knows how much it would mean to have something of my own.
So he went out the last couple years and bought me my own
special Hello Kitty (my favorite) ornaments.
He has always done so much for me especially to help me gain full control of my life
and bring back what he could for me.
This is one of my favorite ornaments.
No it is not expensive and it is not super fancy, but it holds the meaning of Christmas to me.
LOVE, Compassion, RESPECT and endearment.

So Merry Christmas to you and your family, wherever they may be and however you may celebrate!

Sunday, December 14, 2008

~Joyous Sunday~

Well, I have not scrapped much this weekend.
As the holiday approaches I find myself busier and busier.
Yesterday we finally started our shopping, usually I have it done but this year we are behind.
And today we will be visiting Santa.

It was so fun yesterday, I baked so much this week and I made little trays for all the neighbors...6 pieces of fudge...4 Rice Crispy Treats, 6 molasses cookies, 4 Chocolate chip cookies, 4 butterscotch oatmeal cookies, and last but not least...4 hand frosted sugar cookies, and of course all are home made.

I took all 3 boys and we went door to door delivering plates...simply saying MERRY CHRISTMAS and handing out the goodies...
The looks on their faces surprised me.
It was a mixture of shock and well....uncomfortable shock LOL
So I quickly said " I won't keep you just wanted to say Merry Christmas" and I stepped away.

I didn't mean to make anyone uncomfortable.
I mean it is Christmas...and I do bake for neighbors, I always have.
2 of those neighbors came over with a present for my son when he fell.
So I hope it spreads a little Christmas love.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Y'all! and to all a good Sunday!

Saturday, December 13, 2008

~ooooHHH Hear the sleigh bells ringing a ring ring ring-a-ling too

Come on it's LOVELY weather for a sleigh ride together with YOU!~

Ok OK I wish it was! hehehe
I am in a festive mood I tell you what!
I FINALLY Finished decorating my TREE! WOOHOO
...and here is another ornament I made!And in the middle of the crop this weekend, I am BAKING!
So far I have made...Chewy Molasses cookies, Rice Crispy Treats, Chocolate Chip Cookies, Butterscotch Oatmeal cookies, 3 pounds of fudge, Sugar Cookies,
and I have pumpkin butter cooking!
So I am on a roll and plan on taking large plates to all the neighbors!
FUN STUFF! I love Christmas! The holidays make me cheery and so full of love.
Nothing makes me happier then being able to give.
Last year we were in a cramped apt. and had no neighbors or friends...
this year is just so much better!
So have a beautiful day y'all and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Friday, December 12, 2008

~Cropping Weekend!~

OK, I know I said it before but this weekend is my crop weekend at Treasured Scrapbooking.
And this is the Just Add Scraps Make and Take I did over there.
And here it is on my tree.

I show step by step how to make it.
So if you want to learn how then stop on by!

Also my challenge is to make a Christmas Sign!

Oh and if your wondering about the papers I used?? ALL of them are Cloud 9. The wonderful Rebbecca sent them to me from a RAK on the Fiskateers! I am so tickled with them too!
Honestly this is the first Cloud 9 paper line I have fallen in love with! I WILL be buying more!

Have a GREAT weekend!
And I have a special RAK coming up from Bella BLVD next week as well, so stay tuned!

Thursday, December 11, 2008

~Running Late Thursday~

Well obviously I am running behind on my blogging this week!
I have sick boys at home and instead of fun scrappy gal, I get to be tired mommy. hehe
But I did wrangle my 13 yr old son into helping me make this video. Now mind you I know I sound like a crazy woman my words are all fubbled up. But you get the idea so it's good enough for me!

This is a quick tutorial on How to Use you USX or Fiskars Ultra ShapeXpress Shape Cutter.
I know so many people who have thrown them out or given them away or taken them back.
Well, I was blessed enough to have Wendy Jo show me how to use it, so I thought I would pay it forward to anyone who needs to learn how.

Have a beautiful day.
It is snowing here and chilly.

Oh and don't forget! The Crop at Treasured Scrapbooking begins TOMORROW!
Come join me for some fun!
I will be hosting a make and take Just Add Scraps
and a STEAL the RAK game too!
Plus BINGO by Lisa!
All of us have worked hard for some fun stuff!
Great prizes and great friends!

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

~Informative Tuesday~

Good morning to everyone this morning, hope your day is beautiful.
Today is WINDY here and cool, I am happy to be inside!

OK You know my sponsor for the month, Bella BLVD?
Well, they are on the HUNT for 6 Designers.
I know I will be trying out for it. Why not you??
Just click here.
Or on the picture.

And for other news....A friend of mine is doing an altered CLOCK class @
Scrapbook Heaven,
It has the new MIA Crate Paper. YUMMY!

And on a personal note...
Where I am on the Design Team with CHERRIE!
Well on December 12th to the 14th we are having a BIG Christmas CROP!
I personally will be hosting challenges and games with RAKs as well as the other girls!
I promise it will be fun! Come join us at least for the crop!
Tell them Pinky sent ya!
I have been working on 2 special projects with step by step instructions on one.
FREE of course and just for fun!
One of them is a Just Add Scraps Project.
So come play with me!

Now off to sew for me.
I am working on 3 Layouts but cannot share them because they are for publishing right now.
And the last 2 I made are for the crop. So I have nothing new today ):
Have a great day anyways!

Monday, December 8, 2008

~Good day today~

Today is a good day.
You might be wondering what this is....let, me explain.
It seems a couple places want to publish my Layouts!
SO I needed to make my first "Out for Publication" Picture to replace the Layout from other sites while it is being published, Pretty cool huh??
So far it has just been online magazines and places on the web,
but my goal for next year is to be in a real paper magazine.

I am excited today because my acrylic LO will be published next month...WOOHOO!
(more details later).
Well off to bake today and sew again.
Just thought I would share in the excitement.
Have a beautiful day and thank YOU for stopping by to see me!

Sunday, December 7, 2008

~It's beginning to look alot like Christmas SUNDAY~

Well, I finally decided on a Christmas card for our family this year, and well, this is IT. hehe
I used black felt for the belt and my XL Fiskars "You Bracket, You Bought It" Squeeze Punch for the belt buckle. And of course lots of gold stickles.
Now honestly I never thought I would get much use out of this punch, but I won it so I kept it (which is rare usually I give away what I win). But lastnight at midnight, I was damn happy I kept that punch.
I like the card overall. I do need some darker red cardstock to finish it all up.
And here is what I spent yesterday doing.
Now I am from OREGON and used to big old beautiful trees.
The one thing I cannot get used to in the south is the bushy lightweight bare trees they have.
It was 20 degrees here in TN and a windy ass cold day!
But we donned out coats and went tree hunting.
Now granted this is a pretty tree but by golly it took us OVER 1 hour to find this thing LOL
And I am afraid to put ornaments on it!
Those branches are so flimsy and soft...its like a weak tree.
So for now we only have lights until I get the courage to try and put ornaments on it.
Now don't get me wrong I am happy with the tree, and I will get used to this...but it will take me a couple years I think.
The boys had fun chopping it down and that's what counts!

Well, off to my family today! There are pictures to take and groceries to buy.
Have a beautiful Sunday

Saturday, December 6, 2008

~We have a winner~

I didn't really scrap yesterday at all, BUT I did sew. I have one of these for ME and i get it out every Christmas. IN fact I am due to make myself a new one this year I think! hehe
I love making these, in fact Christmas is my favorite time of year to sew. It's so fun and creative.
Oh and if you look below I did pick a winner from

We have a WINNER! and here is the list in random order from
Oh and for the second name...I will be sending another PRIZE OUT! WOOHOO!

There were 45 items in your list. Here they are in random order:

  1. Dolores
  2. joan
  3. connie
  4. Tracy
  5. jennyb
  6. peperpotts
  7. colleen
  8. robin
  9. aymee
  10. pattiB
  11. polinka
  12. justjess
  13. Jillene
  14. Georgina
  15. bonniewoman
  16. illyse
  17. adrienne
  18. browyn
  19. letsscrapDT
  20. Liz
  21. marla
  22. barb
  23. kristi
  24. scrappinmom3
  25. kray
  26. Jocelyn
  27. roxann
  28. Jingle
  29. kimmie
  30. michele
  31. ariel
  32. casie
  33. deann
  34. Mandyannie
  35. nikki
  36. tona
  37. tracey
  38. karin
  39. scrappydoo
  40. jennmom
  41. cee
  42. abby
  43. scrapthatpaper
  44. marie
  45. Alyssa

Timestamp: 2008-12-06 15:29:23 UTC

Have a beautiful weekend!

Dolores and Joan, please email me your address's!!!!!


Friday, December 5, 2008

~RAK'N Friday Away~

OK I have a SUPER FUN big old RAK today for one lucky winner!
This RAK is valued over 15.00
and has everything to get you started on your Christmas Projects,
SILVER Christmas Cosmo Cricket Rub-ons
Blackboard Alphas (over 50 pieces)
33 adhesive backed Cosmo Cricket Alphas and some CUTE fabric tags from Making Memories
And I will ONLY be drawing ONE name!

Of course I need you to do a small thing for me.
I want to show BELLA BLVD that we are supporting them this month
since they are sponsoring Just Scrappin'
So please go by their blog right here
And leave a message saying PINKY or Cristal From Just Scrappin' sent you
And let them know what you think of their products too!
They are a new company and I LOVE their papers!

Then come right back here and leave me a note letting me know.
Once you are verified you are in the drawing!
And who knows?? I might just have one more goody up my sleeve for a second
participant *wink wink*
You have until midnight tonight!

Have a beautiful day and thank you for stopping by

Thursday, December 4, 2008

~Thankful Thursday~

This is definitely a "THANKFUL" Thursday, I had so many great comments yesterday I just went for the kids and had them point one out!
So here is the winner
Blogger Jillene said...

LOVE this stuff!! PICK ME PICK ME!!

December 3, 2008 10:03 AM

Tally Scrappers had a challenge this week to ONLY use 6 words and just describe your life/feelings/etc.... So I did this Layout lastnight.

My scrap pages are always very therapeutic and it amazes me what comes into my head things I do not think of daily, when I am scrapping.

It almost feels like I go straight down deep into my soul and instantly start reflecting.

The embellishments and everything, I just feel like I am speaking through them. And I always feel so complete and satisfied when I am done. I guess that is just another perk to scrapping! Like there aren't enough already! hehe

Oh and I used the Noel Mignon Home Sweet Home kit for this LO

OK Jillene, make sure to email me your addy and I will mail this RAK off to ya girl!
Have a beautiful strong Thursday