Tuesday, February 23, 2010

~My Memories Book & a Glue Giveaway!~

Good morning my friendly crafty buddies!
I was in the car this weekend with my son and he yelled
Of course I could not figure out what he meant,
finally he said "Bradley keeps making me madder and madder
and MADDER! Make him stop maddering me!!"

You know it was one of those hysterical personal funny family moments.
We all have them whether it be with friends, family, or the dog who dug up the garden.

So I got to thinking....why not make a MINI Book, a MY MEMORIES BOOK
but not your typical big book, because they are just fun moments,
that you might not always have a picture for, or you just want to
giggle about later on in the future.

I came up with this idea

a very simple 5X7 or 6X8 book
here is my cover...and the inside of the cover page
and my first page.
I will be punching holes and making rings or attaching with ribbon in the next week.

I made the cover 5.5"X7.5" and the pages will be 5X7
I would love if some of you would join me in making
your own MY MEMORIES books
You know when something happens that is cute or funny,
I might not want to sit down and spend an hour on a 12X12 page
but it only takes 5-20 minutes to kick out a cute memory page.
No pressure just fun and easy!
Like a colorful diary.
Now instead of JUST Facebooking it LOL
I will scrap it too!

Whatcha think? Who wants to join me?
If you make one PLEASE let me know and share with me, I will be
sharing at least a few pages a week I am sure, smattered in between
other projects :)

Oh and don't forget the HELMAR GLUE GIVEAWAY!
Right here!
At 250 they give away a BIG glue prize,
at 50 more they do it again and so on!
Now you have heard me brag up Helmar for a long time now
it really is the best glue I have used, you know I am a NO BS
girl and when I am fired up I am fired up! So check the Facebook page out
I would love a PINKY girl to win it!

OK that's it for me today!
~Thanks for stopping by~
~Have a fantastic Tuesday!~


Heather said...

Kids are so hilarious! Sounds like something my 10 year old would say! I might have to do this too!

Dayna said...

That is too cute!! Kids say the darnest things:) Very neat idea making a book about all the funny things they say. Love it!!

tallulah1 said...

well you KNOW I am in! lol

sarah said...

you inspire me to create a mini... i feel behind. :(

need to work on that this week. hehe.


A Sarasota said...

Love the story! Going to use that word on my dh, please tell him to stop maddering me! lol

Stephanie said...

I think I have the perfect little "book" thing you can use for these! It's something I was thinking about giving you anyway to see what you'd do with it. I'll bring it on our road trip. My feeling won't be hurt if you don't use it for this-but I think you'll like it. It already has 3 rings and I think 5x7 would fit nicely in it. You just gotta make it pretty!

sPaRkLiNg sCrApBoOkS said...

That is so cute, 'stop maddering me!' i love it! Maybe I'll try that book, I'm getting bored with 12 X 12 layouts lately!!!!!! I need to get me some of that glue too Pinky! I'm still using my glue gun to make fabric roses, lol!xOxO

Pinky said...

YEA Stephanie! That's great cannot wait!

Woohoo Sarah show me if you do!

GIRL you need Helmar! LOL

Southernbelle said...

This is so cute! I love this idea!! I wish we would of started one of these when Carter was younger. I definitely will do this for my own kids one day!

Love ya!

Ziggyeor said...

aww that's a great idea! I love your little book. Too bad the ferrets never say cute things like that LOL

Tona said...

Love, love, love the idea of this book. It will be so fun to read years from now & you will always have something to remember all of the sweet, funny things the boys say.. & of course your book is great.

Kray said...

That is so funny! I can totally hear Gage say that!

I also became a fan of the glue. I haven't used that brand before.

Janelle said...

Your story was too cute and too funny!!! Love your idea and I want to make one too as my lil two year old has already said some really great things!!! Thanks!!!

Jenrex4 said...

This is a great idea! My daughter has been saying the most off the wall things lately. would me a cute idea, kind've like contuinuing with the baby book after 5. I love all of ur porjects.