Thursday, February 4, 2010

~Passion 4 Paper, what are you passionate about?~

Good morning all you crafty crafters!

Today I reflect on my passion 4 paper...
I realize I alienate some people with my honest and real
pages, but no one can deny I have passion! TRUE passion for paper!
Since I scrap pretty much everything, I decided to scrap my passion
for scrapbooking and I printed up 6 of my most passionate
layouts and used them on my newest creation.
I always keep my pages in the appropriate forum.
I never place a layout with a swear word on a faith forum, or gallery
I always keep the real and dirty layouts in the appropriate places.
I try to be considerate of others...but even if it costs me a little
I cant stop scrapping my life the way it is and the way I see it :)
This is my passion and passion has a cost I suppose.

~Have a beautiful Thursday~
~Thank you for stopping by~

Oh and if you wanted a laminator but have not been able to find one...
guess what?? I found this ad on Purple Cows Blog!

The Cow Has Gone to Joanns!!!

Ring the cowbells and round all of your friends up, because everyone is going to want to hear this udderly fantastic news!
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So make sure you get into your local Joann and get your hands on the “hottest” crafting tool out there. With this 13” wide format laminator you will be able to laminate items you never dreamed possible! 3 mil, 5 mil laminating pouches are available, and speaking of pouches, we have a huge 100 assorted size Hot Pocket pack for only $29.95, to go with this “Kool” new tool!

Go to your local Joanns and get yours before they stampede off of the shelves! They will be in stock ANYTIME between now and the end of Febuary!


XXOO AMY said...

AMEN! Best advice I ever got from my dad was "never be anybody but yourself"

Niki_Ray said...

What a great idea putting them all on the same page. Lookin' good :)

Liz said...

Wow Joannes that's huge

TeenaBugg38 said...

Well my 2 cents worth (some people say it's not even worth

You scrap to please YOU!! Not anyone else. We should all live that was as well.....You can't please everyone so why even bother. Stay true to yourself and everything will fall into it's place :)

I think your work is nothing short of stunning. So's the question. Inquiring minds wanna know where the "dirty forums" are.....LOL. Ummmmm....asking for a......ummm....friend! yeah that's it!! (wipes sweat from brow)

Anonymous said...

I love this, you are definitely passionate, and its why we love coming to your blog!!!

Adore your work, adn the Inspiration you bestow!

Tona said...

I love your idea for this layout using your other layouts. What a great way to show your love of paper!

nancy said...

I love layouts about layouts! I need to do one.

Amy aka: ropergirl3 said...

boy this is just gorgeous!

Brenda said...

Pinky we love you for WHO you are and you are sooo strong and a very beautiful lady!!!