Tuesday, March 12, 2013

~New Classes & Personal News~

Good morning my friends, 

I had a personal scare yesterday my uncle had a heart attack 
and underwent surgery, so you will excuse me if I am a bit off this week. 
He is expected to be fine now but it was quite a shake up. 
It hit me harder than I imagined, I have very few family ties but
really do love my uncle Dale, he is a good man. 
He is a very good and decent man with a family,
 so I ask for any prayers you might have.

Anyways on to crafting-
I created this Clear Scraps plaque for a Clear Scraps sponsored ONLINE class
I will be co-teaching at My Creative Classroom! :) 
 It's going to be a fun and beautiful Scrapbooking Class. 
All about making home decor using Scrapbooking! :) 
I am very excited about it and ask that you please spread the word 
and share the class with anyone who might want to take it. 
I have step by step live videos and printable PDF files. 
 You can find the class here:
The wonderful Shirley Pando, Jenifer Priest, and Catherine Scanlon
will be teaching along side. 

Don't forget about my week long class that is ONLY 14.00!!!
Using your supplies and Clear Scraps acrylic. 
Great techniques!

I hope you have a wonderful Tuesday and thanks for helping me spread the word.
And thank you for any and all prayers that go out. 


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Ziggyeor said...

I'm sorry to hear about your Uncle. I hope he recovers.

Love your wall hanging!