Friday, October 26, 2012

~THANK YOUS & Birthday Fun~

Good morning my friends, 
Ok this is a personal post today- no crafts... :)

I had to share the lovely last few days with my crafty friends
who are always so amazing! over 500 of you sent birthday wishes and
I was overwhelmed and completely humbled. 
(roses from hubs↑↑↑↑↑↑↑)

Some of you know what a difficult time this has been for me and
I cannot thank you all enough for all the support. 

This was a birthday card I got from my In-Laws which is hysterical
because the last time we spoke we had gone to "Dicks" in Nashville
where they insult you while they throw food at you. 
So my sweet in laws sent a card and a check for dinner. 
But it all began Sunday when hubs invited a few people over for 
his famous cheesecake and dinner. 
While we were all chatting and having a good time
the girls found my costume box (ok I got it out! LOL)
and they started trying on costumes, they had us ALL laughing so hard!
 How adorbs are these girls?? OMG so sweet!
 Little monkey playing with her stinger, by this time we were all ROFL!
 That little surprise dinner meant alot and was so refreshing.
I can't remember a birthday since we moved that meant more. 

On my birthday I went to lunch with my girls- and got a pedi.
It was FABULOUS! :) I love fall colors. 
 Then my birthday afternoon the boys walked in my room and handed me this card,
I am infamously known for rounding my age up to 40, I figure
I might as well get used to it, I mean it's right there anyways LOL
My friends all laugh and make fun of me for it. 
So my oldest boy Brad wrote in the card that in his Chemistry class 
I'd be 30 because they round down LOL

It was precious- not going to lie, cried a bit there. 
 Then to make it perfect the hubs arranged for us to meet some friends
and we went out for Habachi where we had a
sordid conversation that was frowned on by the chef (hahahaha) 
they brought out ice cream and that wasnt awkward at all...looking
down and turning red...LOL

Then we decided to head to Dairy Queen. 
Because we all felt like little piggies! LOL

Can't lie to ya, I wolfed down dinner and the entire small blizzard!
Honestly I haven't seen hubs laugh so hard like...EVAH
and I haven't felt so loved by family and friends in a while.
It truly was a blessing and the birthday wishes from you all
absolutely made me feel like the luckiest girl in the world!!!

I can't express how amazing you all are and how much I appreciate you all!!
Sometimes life gets rough and it's hard to hold yourself up but
I am so blessed to have genuine friends and online buddies that
reach out from all over the world to hold me up when I am at my lowest. 
Much love to you!! MUAH~

Oh and love ya babe! :) 



Kray said...

Glad you had a great birthday! You deserve it! :)

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

Sounds like you had a the BEST birthday ever!! That's perfect:) Psalm 118:24 CELEBRATE:)

Nanabells said...

Well, I've been out of touch and I'm sorry I missed your birthday, but it sounds like it was wonderful, and you deserve it!! Blessings, Diane