Tuesday, October 16, 2012

~Just Get A Little Crazy!~

 Good morning friends, 

I have a fun little post for you today!
You know I started designing with VLVS company and they are
full of sass and brash- kind of like me. I am super excited to be 
sharing my crazy projects with you. 

This was my first card- 
The Older I Get The More Everyone Can Kiss My Ass

I mean HELLO is that not just plain fun? I love it!

You can check out a step by step tutorial on their blog

I thought since it is technically my birthday month, this just fit. 
Maybe I should start selling these fun little cards?

Anyways, Happy Tuesday and I hope to see y'all tomorrow. 
I am working on 3 new projects and the Scraptastic Kit Club projects. 
In fact this is from the old Scraptastic Kit- Summer Picnic 
I love that kit, I bought it just for personal use and it's fun time.