Monday, October 29, 2012

**GIFT IDEAS** Don't Sew?? Easy Couture Apron For You!

Good morning my crafty friends, 
I have a fun little project to share today, you know I craft with paper
and everything else but I also sew...but this is for all my friends
who don't sew! Or who don't sew very much. :) 

These aprons make fantastic handmade gifts just in time for the holidays too!
All you need is 1 yard of fabric, a pre-made apron, ribbon, and embellishments. 
I used Blumenthal Lansing buttons, ribbons, and ric rac.

I just went to Walmart and bought 3.00 a yard fabric. 
Took my 2.99 apron. Take the apron and cut the ties off. 
KEEP THEM and keep them sorted! LOL The neck and the two sides.

Now lay the apron FACE DOWN onto the fabric. 
Trimmer the fabric around the apron, leaving about 1" all the way around. 
Then I folded the fabric over the edges- pinning it. Then just stitched around the apron. 
You could also use an iron on adhesive if you really don't sew at all. 

Then I drew a line in pencil where I wanted to ric rac to sit. 
I pinned the ric rac into it. I stitched it down but you could easily adhere
 it with fabric adhesive, or just hand tack it down. 

Take the ties you cut off earlier, cut ribbon to match the same lengths and
sew/tack the ribbons back on in the same spots as the ties. 
Add flowers or whatever embellishment your heart desires!
That's it! A handmade apron, beautiful and perfect for any cook or crafter!

I just thought it would be a fun project to share with you all in time
for the holidays and just for kicks! MUAH!