Monday, September 17, 2012

~Tutorial- Creating Your Custom SVG File~

Good morning my crafty friends, 

What an amazing weekend at the DEMO DERBY! :) 
Hope your weekend went well. 

Sunday we chilled all day and I sat down to make a card for 
my son's baseball coach and I could not find what I wanted to create, 
so I decided to just make my own SVG file and cut it on my 
awesome Silhouette Cameo machine!
Here is the finished card with our team logo, fun times right?
While I was creating it I thought I would just take photos and share
how to make your own SIMPLE SVG from a simple line drawing file. 
(This is not advanced just a beginners tutorial)

I began with the team logo (for personal use only) and opened it in 
INKSCAPE - a free program. 

I found the JPEG I planned on using (Clogo) and clicked it. 

Once it popped up on the Inkscape screen I clicked it (selected it)
and it created a box around it. 

I then clicked the toolbar "PATH".

Then clicked "TRACE BITMAP". This grabs the simple line image. 

After that I selected "UPDATE" this will actually create your cut lines 
for your SVG. If it is spotty or you have issues you will see it in the update preview. 

If you have too many spots can play with the OPTIONS and click UPDATE again. 

When you are satisfied drag the image away and you will 
see the BLACK cut file and beneath it is the original file. 
I just delete the original and keep the black one. 

Then click FILE in the toolbar and SAVE AS.

Save as PLAIN SVG then you can use it in your Silhouette software. 

And that's it! :) I cut my card and it's ready to go. 
Easy peasy right?

Ok I am off to create today and catch up from the fun weekend. 
The boys LOVED the Demo Derby and we had ice cream after,
I can't think of a more amazing time! :) 

Happy Monday my friends!


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